Tuesday 3/20/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 3/20/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

As Ryan busily moves his things out of his Cambias office,  Zack and Kendall come in.  Kendall tells Ryan to keep his things right where they are.  Kendall and Zack ask Ryan to keep his position at Cambias to help them out. Ryan refuses to keep his job at Cambias.  Babe lies in a bed, asleep.  J.R. slips into Babeís room, looks at her for a few seconds, and then kisses her on the cheek.  Krystal, along with a tray filled with breakfast food, comes into Adamís room.  She finds him, sprawled on top of the cover, sound asleep.  She coughs a little to wake him up.  He sits up in bed, and she places the tray across his lap.  She tells him that they need to talk.  He becomes angry and throws the tray with the food onto the floor.  Tad visits Julia and Jaime at Wildwind.  He tells them that he has a daughter that Krystal had been keeping from him.  Jaime becomes upset that J.R. kept the secret from him, and he leaves to go confront J.R.  Babe makes it understood to J.R. that he is never to kiss or touch her again.  She also lets him know that she is only there for her Mama.  Ryan gets a phone call from Annie for him to meet her at Wildwind.  Ryan leaves immediately.  Upon reaching Wildwind, Annie lets Ryan know that Jonathan was wrong about her loving Ryan.  Adam orders Krystal out of his house, but she refuses to leave. Jaime confronts J.R. as to why he kept the secret from him about Krystalís baby being Tadís.  Krystal encourages Babe to leave the Chandler house for her own safety, but Babe flatly refuses.  Visiting with Babe and Krystal, Stuart hugs Babe.  Stuart lets Krystal know that Adam is so hurt this time that he may never recover from the news.  Adam has Krystal and Babe arrested.  Julia encourages Tad to fight for this child. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Emily begs Dusty not to sell the Intruder and give her a chance to prove to him the paper is a good investment. Dust tells Emily she must choose between working for the newspaper and being a hooker. Emily makes an appointment with a client after Susan tells her Daniel isn't coming home for spring break. A worried Susan asks Dusty to tell her why Emily is acting so strangely. Katie bails Brad out of jail after she discovers he was defending Luke to a teacher who refused to give him an award because he is gay. Brad and Katie discover that they can relate to each other because they keep making mistakes for the right reasons. Will signs over control of his trust fund to Iris in return for her not telling the police what Maddie and Gwen did to Adam. Maddie wants to call Casey before she leaves town but decides not to do so because she thinks he will hate her. Gwen, Maddie and Will pack their bags and leave Oakdale.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge is livid as he and Taylor catch Phoebe a little too close with Rick in Eric’s office, but she doesn’t see anything wrong as it was only a haircut. Both Taylor and Ridge tell her it was inappropriate and Ridge wants to fire her. He was originally willing to give her some space but if this is the way she is going to act, then they will do it his way. He and Rick lock horns again when Rick advises Phoebe she has nothing to fear, she is an integral part of the new launch, so she is safe for now. Ridge tells Phoebe that it’s been nothing but negative from the first day Rick came back to town. Taylor advises if she wants to be treated like an adult, then they will talk to her like one. Stephanie is delighted that Ashley has officially joined the company and will be developing new fragrances for their launch. She confides in her that she is worried about Rick and Phoebe; any woman involved with him would have to know what she was doing. Ashley thinks Stephanie has nothing to worry about; young girls change their minds all the time and this too could pass. Tracey calls her sister, Ashley, and they both vow to be there for each other. Ashley critiques Rick’s haircut and tells him he looks handsome but she preferred it long. They hug when she says she told his dad she was taking the new position, and she is excited about working with Phoebe on the new line. He confides in her that he and Phoebe aren’t having sex and it’s pure torture for him. She knows he’s a passionate person; she only hopes Phoebe understands his restraint. And she advises him to be very careful.

Taylor gets Ridge to see that the more he pushes, the more attractive Rick will become and Phoebe will never stop seeing him. Ridge agrees to keep Phoebe on, but makes Stephanie promise to watch out for the kids while he goes to Sydney. If Rick doesn’t stay clear of Phoebe, he’ll tear him apart. Phoebe manages to spirit Rick away to a secluded spot and tells him her dad may never come around, so why should they bother? She wants to see him tonight while her dad is leaving for Australia. Rick hesitates, but finally gives in and they seal it with a kiss.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Belle wants to switch to a room with two separate beds. They argue because Shawn feels that Belle can’t sleep in the same room with him. Gabby questions Belle about marrying Shawn. Belle is honest about her strained relationship with Shawn and Gabby offers to switch them to a room with two beds. Duck questions Shawn about his nervous demeanor. Chelsea and Willow argue about Nick so Willow chides Chelsea about being the suspected arsonist. Willow mentions how Bo’s house not only burned but also robbed and Chelsea catches how no one else knew about the robbery. Willow explains it by referring to herself as the daughter Bo and Hope wish they had.

Kayla insists on following the route highlighted on the map even though Marlena cautions that it could be purposefully misleading. Marlena tries to convince Kayla to let the police chase after Steve but Kayla is determined to stand up to the DiMeras if it’ll get Steve back. Steve brings an unconscious Billie to a deserted cabin. Billie wakes up alone but Steve chooses to return and make sure Billie is okay before taking off. Billie offers to talk to the authorities and convince them not to make Steve go back to the hospital but Steve decides to bail. He opens the door to leave but finds Marlena and Kayla standing there. Kayla tries to convince Steve to come back with them but Steve doesn’t want to be locked up again. Marlena blocks Steve from leaving.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Emily, Elizabeth and Lucky are unaware of Nikolas' predicament with Mr. Craig. Wanting to protect them, Nikolas feigns anger with Lucky, Emily and Elizabeth. Nikolas makes the noble sacrifice of pushing Emily away for her own safety, claiming he needs his space. Sonny reaches out to Alexis, who is suffering from the effects of the chemo.

Lulu wonders how Jason can agree not to be a part of his child's life. Jason confesses that he thinks about the baby all the time but feels he's made the decision that works out best for everyone. Not wanting to see her brother hurt, Lulu resolves to keep the truth to herself. Sam confronts Tracy, who denies sending her the newspaper clipping of Angela.

Alan's ghost warns Tracy that he will haunt her until she does the right thing. Edward and Monica inform an irate Tracy that they are going to contest Alan's will as they are certain she and Luke forged it. Tracy and Luke know that Alan had intended to leave everything to any child Jason might have.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Reva is on the phone talking about Josh and the deal he made. She sorta faints and Daisy is there to catch her. Daisy/Susan asks if she can help. Reva hugs her. Gus and Harley are talking about Daisy/Susan in Alan's Hospital room. Marina aims a gun at Cyrus. They finally find out each others names. He says he likes the name Marina. Remy and Dinah have a little chat. Mallet interrupts and then Mallet and Dinah leave. Reva and Daisy/Susan talk. Reva gives Daisy/Susan a small album of pictures of the family. Gus and Harley are still in Alan's room talking about Daisy, Olivia, and the case. Harley and Gus run into Daisy/Susan at the hospital. Looks like Daisy/Susan has a job as a candy-striper. She starts to tell Gus and Harley something and stops and says its nothing. Mallet and Dinah's moment together gets interrupted by Marina and Cyrus. Marina formerly introduces Cyrus to Mallet. Harley and Reva have a nice chat concerning Daisy/Susan. Remy doesn't want Frank to give him his job back. That he's on Josh's side and Josh deserves a medal. Frank tells Remy in other words don't come back. This is after Remy doesn't take a deal Frank offered. Cyrus tells Dinah she looks fantastic and tells Mallet he's tall. Reva reminds Harley how Dylan came into town years ago, Hell on Wheels. Gus and Daisy/Susan are together and she takes out a cigarette and he goes ballistic taking it out of her mouth and tossing it on the floor. Daisy says it's because Harley won't let him smoke. He says no. That someone her age shouldn't smoke. Cyrus starts working in the police station as janitor. He thought it would be as an informant. Mallet and Dinah get into an argument over Cyrus and Dinah's history with him. She says its over. She went to the feds, Cyrus went to jail. Cyrus eyes a bracelet while at the police station. Put it on. Gus hugs Daisy/Susan and gives her another nice talk. Saying nice things about Harley and Daisy/Susan. Harley goes at Reva again for giving her the album. Then Harley asks Reva if she ever forgave her for getting pregnant with Daisy/Susan. Reva can't believe what she is saying then they go separate ways.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Natalie bangs some files down onto her desk. Bo asks her if she has everything under control. Bo lets her know that he is not going to ask for her resignation. Natalie lets him know that doing the filing for a police station wasn’t her idea of a life long career. Bo tells her to take as long as she needs. Bo leaves her desk. Natalie picks up the pic of her and John. She mumbles to herself that she already knows what she wants, but she doubted that she would ever get it. John just looks at Natalie. Jessica brings Antonio home from the hospital. Antonio apologizes to Jessica for suspecting her and Nash .Vincent comes into Capricorn, and doesn’t see anyone there. Nash comes out of the back with a case of wine. Nash lets him know that the arsonist had burned down a lot of other things to the ground. Clint visits Viki. Viki notices that Clint is all dressed up. Clint informs her that he has plans with Dorian. Nora visits Bo in his office. Nora fills him in that the insurance company will not pay up on her claim until they can determine for sure that she hadn’t set fire to her house herself. Michael join Marcie at the beauty shop. Marcie encourages him to do a quiz with her. Dorian gets a manicure from Roxie. Two armed robbers come in and robs Roxie’s beauty salon. The robbers ask for all their jewelry, but Marcie objects. Michael tries to protect Marcie, but the robber hits him in the head with his gun. Clint asks Viki if she is jealous because he is going out with Dorian Lord. John tries to have a civilized conversation with Natalie .John suggests that they put an end to all their fighting. Natalie wonders how they can do that. John suggests that they have dinner together that night .

Nora visits Viki and encourages her to fight for Clint if she wants him back .John and other officers arrive to question Roxie and Dorian about the robbers. The officer brings in some vital information in the arsonist case. John decides to take Dorian and Roxie down to the police station for further questioning. Dorian objects that she other plans for the evening. Vincent encourages Nash to go after Jessica. The officer calls Vincent and tells him to come down to the police station. When Vincent arrives, the officer tells him that he has become one of the suspects in the arsonist. Natalie stands by, and overhears their conversation. Michael gives John some sound advice concerning Natalie and their relationship.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Ethan wants to know what the blackmailer has on Theresa. She won't say anything about what it is that the blackmailer has on her. Miguel is in the closet listening to Kay as she talks to Fox in their bedroom…Fox is feeling nauseous and lays on the bed to feel better. When he takes off his hat, she sees that Fox's hair is falling out. Kay was about to tell Fox that she was leaving him but the fact that Fox is so sick makes her stop what she is saying and sit on the bed with him… Miguel is in the closet and he hopes and prays that Kay will not lose her nerve again and miss this opportunity to get free of Fox. He hopes that Kay will be strong and tell Fox that it is finally over between them. Theresa can't take it. The pressure is too much for her. Ethan won't let up for a minute. Theresa finally gives in and blurts out what she has been hiding. She tells Ethan that that blackmailer is doing this because he wants him all to himself. Ethan is confused. The blackmailer is a homosexual? Theresa isn't really sure what is up with the guy, but from what he says, it sounds like he is gay. Ethan doesn't care. He is glad that Theresa opened up to him, even though she still holds back some other secrets from him. Because she trusted him, he loves her more at that moment than ever before. They kiss falling on the bed. Endora sees an interesting jar on the shelf. It has something in it that moves around like bees, only there are no bees in the jar. Tabitha sees her and warns her that she isn't to touch that jar…NOT EVER. Endora tells her mummy telepathically that she will do as she is told. The second that Tabby's back is turned, Endora ZAPS! the jar and it starts floating through the air and rests finally on a nearby table. By the time that Tabby notices what her little witchlett is up to, it is too late. The lid is off and the yellow swarm is out and about…hovering near the ceiling. Tabitha shouts at the swarm to come down and get back into the jar, but it doesn't listen. "Now you've really done it!" Tabitha shouts at the tiny tot. She has let 'Happiness' out to wreak havoc. Tabitha has had 'Happiness' locked up and under control for years now, and Endora has ruined everything. The swarm heads to the fireplace and escapes the house through the chimney. It goes to Sam and Ivy where they are fighting over a letter opener that she wants to use to kill herself, and soon they are making love on Alistair's desk…Next 'Happiness' goes to the log cabin where Fancy has busted in the door and holds her gun on Luis and Sheridan. "Freeze! You're under arrest!"

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Kevin can't stop thinking about how he was head over heels for Jana. Michael tells Kevin that JT isn't going to be prosecuted after all. Will sees JT at the Club and gives him the news, warning him to stay out of trouble. JT orders a real drink from Rocky to celebrate and then has to sit through watching Colleen flirt with Rocky in front of him. They went out together the night before and Colleen says that she loved every minute of it and is looking forward to going out with the bartender again real soon. It is at that moment that Adrian enters the Athletic Club and his eyes lock with Colleen. Colleen ignores the two men and gets back to work. She serves Will next. When Will is finished his drink, he gets up to leave and finds Michael and a very angry Kevin before him. Kevin tells that man that he heard that JT was let off the hook for his crime. Will says that the attacked was provoked since everyone thought that Kevin had been responsible for what happened to Colleen. Michael reminds him that the attack wasn't provoked and it happened in front of witnesses. Kevin turns his head and sees that JT is in the bar, with his back to the trio. He figures that what is good for the gander is good enough for him. He walks purposefully over to JT who still has his back to Kevin, and on the way to JT's barstool, Kevin picks up a beer bottle and raises his hand quickly over the back of JT's head. People see Kevin about to hit JT in the back of the head and they all rush forward to prevent the attack. Rocky and Gina come over and they watch as Kevin vents. Soon, Michael is dragging his brother out of there when Gina threatens to call the police. Cane is bent on going to Australia. It is going to cost $4,000 more for them to get Amber on a plane with him that night. She says that’s she wants to stay and will come to be with him in a couple of weeks. He sells the car and gets the money. She is furious. She texts Daniel right away and he advises that she is either going to Australia, or she will have to tell Cane the truth. Katherine and Jill get a package from Cane's father. He sent some things from Cane's upbringing that he figures the Chancellors would like to see. Kay starts to help with the box, but Jill doesn't want to touch the box. It is like an invasion of Cane's privacy. Adrian wrangles a date from Colleen while at the club. Actually, they are only going to his place later. Lily wants to get something special for Daniel at the Athletic Club. Gina will get it, but makes Lily promise that she and Daniel will come for dinner at the club real soon!

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