Monday 3/19/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 3/19/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Adam, as well as, Krystal lets Tad know that he (Tad) is the father of Krystal’s unborn child, Charlotte.  Everyone leaves the room so that Krystal and Tad can talk.  Tad becomes furious with Krystal for acting as though Dixie were crazy when she tried to tell Tad the secret.  Adam goes upstairs to the bedroom, and begins to empty out the drawers.  Babe finds Colby, and lets her know that she got her wish that the big secret was out.  Colby gets up off of the floor and hugs her.  Cleaning out Krystal’s dresser drawers, he finds a pink nightie.  He remembers them kissing when she had it on.  Adam and J.R. argue over the women in their lives.  J.R. tries to talk some sense into Adam’s head.  Adam orders J.R. out.  Tad tells Krystal that he will never be able to apologize to Dixie for doubting her word.  Adam picks up the drawer with the clothes in it, takes it outside, and starts to burn all of Krystal’s things.  He looks at the blanket that was monogrammed “CCC.”  He throws it into the fire, and begins to cry.  Tad lets Krystal know that Adam took one of his children and she took the other one. 

Winifred brings some shopping bags out to Adam.  He also throws the baby gifts that he bought onto the fire.  Colby rushes out and tries to stop Adam.  He pushes her to the ground.  Inside, Babe questions Krystal as to why she told Adam everything.  Krystal walks over to the window, and sees Adam with the fire built up.  She is reminded of a dream that she had had.  She thought that it would be J.R. or David that would burn the family to the ground, but Krystal realizes that it was she.  Krystal begins to have a panic attack.  Josh walks in and watches the goings on.  Babe blames Josh for Krystal ruining her life.  Babe thanks Josh for saving her life then orders him to stay out of it.  Stuart visits Adam.  They hug as Adam cries into his shoulder.  Adam fills Stuart in on what Krystal did to him.  Josh and J.R. have a confrontation over what he had just caused in this household.  Adam comes into the living room and pours himself a drink.  J.R. comes in, and Adam asks him to join him for a drink.  J.R. tells Adam that he loves him.  Adam refuses to go back to Krystal.  Adam orders Tad out of his house.  Krystal and Babe, upon hearing their conversation, come into the living room.  Krystal lets Adam know that she is not giving up on this situation.  J.R. and Colby come into the living room.  Adam orders her to go to her bedroom.  Colby refuses to go.  She lets him know that she wants to do anything to help fix this situation.  Adam threatens Tad that he will kill him if he names the baby, Charlotte.  Babe tries to comfort Krystal, but Krystal lets her know that this is between her and Adam.  Adam orders Krystal out of his house.  As Adam steps toward Krystal, J.R. steps in between them.  He threatens Adam that if he touches her (Krystal) then he will drop him.  Adam tells J.R. to take them because they deserve each other and that’s all he has left.  J.R. promises Krystal and Babe that he will protect them both.  Adam throws his wedding ring into the fire.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Faith admits to Lily that Paul took Ethan. Paul frantically calls Meg for help with Ethan. Maddie feels that she has to break up with Casey with not too much of an explanation… for his own good thanks to what she did to Adam. Jade confronts Will about what he is willing to do for Gwen. Gwen finds Iris in her home, as they play a game of cat and mouse. Gwen deduces Iris was the one taunting and terrorizing her regarding Adam. Lily frantically calls the police. Henry can’t locate Maddie after Vienna suggests he ask her to join them for lunch. Henry is somewhat worried thinking her absence is due to her dealing with Casey. Craig tries to convince Meg not to help Paul, but Paul interrupts them when he shows up with Ethan. Meg is shocked, but it turns to worry when she realizes Ethan really is sick. Craig calls Lily and tells her to meet them at the hospital. Jade agrees to stall calling the police because of Will. Iris tries to convince Gwen that if she did move any body, then she did it to help her because she needs her. Vienna asks a surprised Henry to move in with her. After initially thinking it isn’t a good idea, Henry throws caution to the wind and agrees. The doctor doesn’t know what is wrong with Ethan, but it is good that they got him to the hospital when he did considering how high his temperature was. Lily arrives furious and alarmed. Paul tries to explain what he did, but Lily doesn’t want to hear it. Ethan is sick because of him, but then as she watches her ill baby through the window, she worries about how she missed what was wrong with him. Maddie and Will show up to pick up Gwen and head out of town because Jade knows. They are shocked when Iris walks out at Gwen’s side. She and Gwen have been chatting and she has some questions, so their road trip may need to be delayed.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge is loathe to leave Phoebe and Rick together alone in the office, but they keep assuring him they will be okay. Jackie and Donna conspire to make it happen, though Donna hates to play her sister like a ping-pong ball. But if they have to get their hands dirty, so be it! Taylor shows up at Nick’s unexpectedly and he apologizes for the interruption in last night’s plans when Jackie brought Hope by. They are soon going at it in the office and decide they need to send their ex’s a thank you card for dumping them so they could get together. Then she goes to Forrester’s to see if Phoebe wants to go to lunch. Speaks with Ridge instead who takes one look at her and guesses she just rolled out of bed – someone’s bed…..or office as the case may be she says.

Nick wants his mom to butt out and try not to sabotage his relationship with Taylor, and leave Brooke out of it. Impatiently, Ridge and Taylor tap their fingers and exchange glances, wondering what the hell is going on behind closed doors with Rick and Phoebe, it’s been too long. Phoebe convinces Rick she doesn’t need sex to have memories of him, but she does need something. She strips him of his shirt and then wants to cut his hair. Tired of waiting, Ridge and Taylor open the locked door and what do they see?

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Sami advises Chelsea to make up with Billie and Nick. Lucas brings Kate a color sample to match her dress to and threatens to withdraw from her life should Kate not oblige Sami’s request. EJ visits Sami to inquire about her welfare and accuses her of being involved in a tryst. Kate, at EJ’s prodding, calls Lucas and offers to plan Sami a surprise wedding shower. Nick consoles Willow when he finds her crying over the new baby. He offers to help her find housing. Chelsea comes to talk to Nick and finds Willow and Nick together. Chelsea refuses to listen to Nick’s attempts to reconcile and declares them to be over. Chelsea threatens Willow if she doesn’t stay away from Nick.

Billie uses gestures to let EJ know that Steve is at the apartment with her. EJ calls Kayla with the news. Kayla negates Marlena’s desire to call Roman to get Steve and they head to Billie’s apartment on their own. Chelsea comes home to talk to Billie but Steve won’t let Billie open the door. Kayla picks the lock on Billie’s door and she finds the map Billie purposefully left behind. Kayla convinces Marlena to help her follow the mapped route before calling the police. Steve realizes Billie left the map on purpose and fights for the steering wheel when she refuses to pull over.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jax takes Amelia on a date to the same place where Sonny has taken Carly. She agrees to help him make Carly jealous in exchange for information on Sam. Sam accepts a package for "Angela Monroe" then refuses to watch her televised interview. Carly calls Jason to come rescue her when Sonny applies pressure and seduction. He tells the guys to back off and Carly to make up her mind. Then, before he drives Carly home, Sonny agrees to let her have the marble. Epiphany forces Ric to come give Alexis a ride home from the chemo. Lulu struggles with the decision on whether or not to tell Lucky the truth about Liz's baby. Then, Scott shows up and tells her to stop what she's doing or people, her in particular, will get hurt. Logan intercedes, then tells Cooper and Maxie to leave Lulu out of their scheme. Sam burns papers that relate to "Angela". Stan is able to reroute a shipment, thus preventing Ric from busting Sonny. Then, each brother plots to plant a mole in the other's organization. Craig tells Nikolas that the price of his life is a new life for Craig. When Liz visits, Nikolas claims to have the flu. Carly shows up when Jax is bringing his "date" home. Lulu goes to see Jason, but finds Sam instead, and as Jason arrives home, he hears Sam thanking the girl for the "truth."

GL Recap Written by Beth

Marina and Mallet talk. Susan aka Daisy going at it again with Harley. Vanessa and Matt and Dinah having it out about money. Josh giving Cassie an engagement ring. And Cyrus saying Vanessa is self righteous. Daisy is at the hospital. Josh and Cassie talking about the deal with police and DA on sentencing. RJ comes running in to the room hugging Josh and calling Josh "Dad"! Surprising both Cassie and Josh. Josh tries to talk to RJ about what will happen. Josh tells RJ to look at Josh's pocket watch at 8 a.m and p.m. every day. Rick talks to Harley about Beth. Harley gets a call from Gus, who has taken a look at Alan's chart. Seems Rick has been medicating Alan to prevent him from waking up. Marina catches a Jewel thief. Mallet tries to cheer up Dinah. Daisy has some good new to share that makes Harley happy. Rick secretly enters Alan's ICU room. Josh tries to cheer up RJ.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Rex begins to awaken, and finds Tate’s arm across Adriana. Very slowly, Rex removes Tate’s arm. Adriana awakens. Adriana tells him that she had the best dream. Tate tells her that he will tell her his dream if she will tell him hers. Blair and Christian begin to awaken. Blair states matter-of-factly that if she didn’t have this hangover, she wouldn’t have a care. Todd slips back into bed with Evangeline. Evangeline awakens with a start. Todd lets her know that he had ordered breakfast, and it would be there soon. Star and Cole awaken in each other’s arms. They kiss. Miles finds out from the manager of the lodge that the roads are clear so everyone can go home. Miles tells Marty that he wished that they could stay here forever. Two of Star’s girlfriends get into a fight out in the snow over the one’s telling that Star and Cole had spent the night there.

Evangeline finds out from Layla that she and Christian had made love. Todd is there to comfort her. Marty finds Cole and Star alone together in one of the hotel room along with a condom on the bedside table. Marty brings both of them downstairs where Blair finds out that Star had lied to her and had been there the whole time . Marty vows to Cole that she will enroll him in a boarding school. Todd goes totally berserk when he finds out that Cole and Star were together.

Passions Recap Written by Glynis

Luis and Sheridan are at the Crane log cabin and she has been hurting. She started crying in the room when alone. She had nothing on but a sheet. Luis heard her and came in to see what was the matter. She has been thinking of Marty while in her bed and it has been hurting her deeply that everything in their lives has changed. She and Luis could have had everything they ever dreamed of, but Sheridan feels that she let it all slip away by being too hard on him. Luis has come in to console her and now they sit partially nude, with foreheads touching. Sam thinks that if he accesses Alistair's files, he might be able to find a safe house that Alistair used from time to time. Luis could be there. He, Fancy and Ethan are in Alistair's study and they go to his desk where his computer is. Everything still works, but no one has used it since his death. They hope that there will be something there on the computer that they can use to find Luis and bring him in. They will have to find the password, but it is worth a try. Ethan sits at the computer and types… Spike brings Jessica home and she immediately covers her nose. It stinks in there. "Home sweet home!" he chirps. There is a big dead rat in the corner that was half-eaten by his friends. He tells her that she can clean up later. He kicks over some garbage on the floor and sits her down. He is going to make her some tea. She is surprised by that gesture. He rushes to the kitchenette. Sam and Ethan talk in the living room of the mansion. Sam wants to know how this relates to Ethan marrying Theresa. Ethan tells how someone is forcing Theresa to marry Jared, and if that doesn't happen, this person who is threatening Theresa will make her somehow lose her money and power. If that happens, then Luis and Miguel will not be able to get up from under these charges. Sam doesn't get it. "What could the blackmailer possibly have on her?" Ethan has no idea. It has to do with a secret of some sort. It has to be huge. Luis reminds Sheridan that she is married when she starts talking about he and she as a couple again. she knows that. She feels like she is on some sort of reality show. Luis has to agree that it must seem like that. Sheridan knows that her grandfather must have watch their private moments…even at the cabin where they are now. Sheridan suddenly looks up and sees the camera. She says nothing about it to Luis. They are sitting back on the bed. He has his shirt off and she has the robe off again and the sheet is wrapped around her chest. "Fancy…Are you watching this?" Sheridan wonders to herself.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Jack and Sharon plan to go out and have dinner together. Phyllis finds out and invites herself. At dinner, Phyllis tells how she has been working on the website for Jack's campaign. Sharon suggests that he do a webcast as well as have a website. Gloria, Jill and Mr. Kim are at the Club and Jill and Gloria show off their skills at critiquing fashion. Ji Min is very impressed. Gloria soon realizes that Jill and Ji Min seem a little warm to each other. There is an attraction there. Phyllis uses every opportunity to jab at Sharon with her secret. When Brad and the Newmans arrive for dinner, Phyllis chimes in that the whole family looks happy…"Even Brad!" Jack leaves the table and Sharon tells Phyllis that she is going to have that smug smile wiped off her face when Jack finds out that she blackmailed to get her way. Sharon wonders how Jack will take the truth about Sharon having an affair. Sharon is sure that Jack will be fine with what she did when he realizes how upset she was over the breakup of her marriage. Brad isn't happy that he has to have dinner with his in-laws. He really wanted to work on changing Victoria's mind about Clear Springs so that she won't flip out when he votes differently from how he was initially going to. Amber and Daniel scamper to hide the monitor to the computer so that Lily doesn’t see. Amber says that she was sad because Cane wants them to move to Australia. She says that she and Daniel were just on the computer checking Australia out. Lily accepts this explanation and invites Amber to dinner. She calls Cane and it is a date. Cane is unhappy to find that Amber has been telling their secrets when Daniel and Lily talk about the return trip to Australia. The kids also find out about Cane's search for his mother. Later, Cane tells Amber that some things in their lives should be left private. She apologizes and promises not to do that again. Jack makes up a story about he and Sharon having to leave when he realizes that Phyllis is upsetting Sharon for some reason. Jack takes Sharon home to his place and as they talk, he realizes that she and he have such a good time together and that when he is with her things are fabulous and it feels right. He asks her to marry him. She smiles thinking that he is joking but he isn't. She revisits the terrible moments in her marriage to Nick and doesn't think that she should do that again. He tells her that the reason that her marriage to Nick didn't work was because she was the only one trying. He doesn't want a final answer now. He tells her to go and think about it for a while.

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