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All CBS Soaps are pre-empted in the U.S. today due to basketball!

AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ryan pulls Annie into his arms and gives her a big hug. Tad is on the computer. He remembers the things that had been said between him and Josh, and also between him and J.R. concerning Babe. There is a knock on the door, and it is Julia. J.R. hurries into Babe’s room to let her know that Crystal is about to ruin her life by telling Adam that Charlotte really belongs to Tad. Babe can’t hardly believe that Crystal would ruin her life like this. Babe asks J.R. if he had said anything. J.R. denies telling Adam anything about the baby. Adam confronts Crystal as to Charlotte and if she is Tad’s. Crystal affirms that she is Tad’s. Adam can’t believe his ears. J.R. and Babe rush out to try to stop Crystal from telling Adam the truth. Adam questions Crystal as to how Dixie had found out about the baby. Colby listens outside the door (unbeknownst) to Adam and Crystal. Crystal tells Adam that she never wanted him to find out that Charlotte wasn’t really his. Julia asks Tad a favor. Kathy wants Tad to go with her to the parents dinner at the school. Ryan and Annie cuddle in front of the fire. They kiss. Annie lets Ryan know that she is happy. Ryan wants to know about Annie’s dreams. Babe and J.R. rush in to stop Crystal, but it is too late, Crystal has already told Adam about Charlotte. Bianca and Zoe share a drink and a piece of chocolate cake. Zoe questions her if she had heard from Maggie . Bianca tells Zoe, “no.” Zoe lets Bianca know that she doesn’t have to stay here on her account. Adam confronts J.R. about his knowing that Charlotte wasn’t his.

Bianca and Zoe start to share a kiss when Josh rushes in, and interrupts them. Josh fills Bianca in on what had been going on between J.R. and Babe. Babe begs Adam to give Crystal another chance. Adam refuses to answer and walks out. Crystal starts to go after him, but stops. Ryan and Annie kiss while lying on the floor. Jonathan comes in, and interrupts them .Ryan and Annie jump up. Ryan tells Jonathan that he was just leaving, but Jonathan could plainly see what had been going on. Ryan leaves after giving Annie a kiss, good-bye. Jonathan is thrilled at how things had progressed between them and told Annie that he had told Ryan. Annie is shocked that Jonathan would talk about their personal conversation to Ryan. Tad gets a phone call to come to the Carrington mansion. When Tad arrives, everyone is surprised to see him. Tad wants to know what this is all about . Adam comes downstairs, and informs Tad to take his woman (Crystal) and his child, and to get them out of his house.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Sami and Chelsea have lunch together and Sami convinces Chelsea to be her bridesmaid. Billie lies to EJ about being with Chelsea when he asks her out. Celeste, after consulting with Benji, requests a secret meeting with Sami in the ladies’ room and EJ questions Chelsea about Sami’s sudden departure. EJ spots Celeste leaving the restaurant.

Kayla calls Roman for help finding Steve but Steve makes Billie lie when they call her looking for him. Roman and Kayla confront EJ but he is genuinely surprised to hear of Steve’s escape. Finding no evidence in Steve’s hospital room, Kayla has Roman call Marlena for help. Steve forces Billie to get him different clothes to wear and supplies for a road trip out of town. Before they can leave, EJ comes back to confront Billie once he realizes she had been lying about Chelsea.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Craig arrives and informs Nikolas that he has poisoned the prince and that Nikolas will die unless he cooperates. Scotty tells Lucky that he thinks Lulu should know that Luke raped Laura. Lulu confronts Jason with the truth about Liz's baby. He is able to give her his reasons for keeping silent and defuse the situation somewhat. However, Lulu still says she will tell Lucky the truth. Yet, when she sees how much he loves Liz and the baby, she pauses. Jason finds out how she knew that truth and asks Spinelli to remove all evidence that he is the father. Jax accuses Carly of kissing him just to upset Sonny. She and Sonny go on their date. Georgie stops Maxie from snooping in Spinelli's computer files. Alcazar is released from the hospital. Ric suggests to Skye that perhaps Lorenzo is faking how badly injured he is, and Ric is right.

GL Recap Written by Beth

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Cole and Star agree to keep the room so they can be together .Evangeline, Layla, Marty and Blair all share a room. All of the women would rather be somewhere else. Miles, Tate, Todd and Christian all share a room. They are not getting along much better than the women. Adriana and Rex share a room in which Adriana tells Rex she is in love with him. Miles and Tate take a swing at each other. Christian has to separate them. Evangeline insists that she doesn‘t want Todd. Miles leaves the room. Tate dangles the diamond necklace in front of Todd’s face. Evangeline goads Blair by telling her that she is madly in love with Todd. Layla notices that Blair wouldn’t think that something was going on between Evangeline and Todd if she didn’t spend so much time with Todd. Evangeline leaves. Layla goes to take a shower. Marty and Blair discuss Miles. Marty threatens to tell Miles exactly what kind of person that Blair really is. Evangeline comes downstairs, and asks the receptionist which room is Todd’s. Cole and Star share a kiss. Star suddenly pulls away. Star changes into Cole’s shirt. They get on the bed and start kissing. Star, once again, pulls away. Miles watches Adriana and Rex kissing outside their hotel room door. Evangeline visits Todd in his hotel room. Evangeline goes into the bathroom to change clothes. Todd pays Tate off to leave him and Evangeline alone. When Evangeline comes out of the bathroom, she sees Todd there alone. Evangeline gets into the bed while Todd lays on the sofa. Todd asks her for a pillow. Evangeline reconsiders and asks Todd to sleep in the bed with her .She complains about being cold, so he hugs her up. They begin to kiss. Evangeline, suddenly, pulls away from him. They share some talk about just being friends. She cuddles up close to Todd again, and he kisses her on the cheek.

Cole and Star get up on the bed while kissing. Suddenly, Star pulls away from him. They decide to just wait on making love. Tate comes downstairs to the lobby, and lets Christian know that Evangeline and Todd are upstairs making love. Christian can’t believe his ears. Christian goes upstairs to tell Layla that he is leaving, but he runs into Blair instead. He lets her know that Todd and Evangeline are right now making love. Blair can’t believe that Todd would do this to her. She starts to leave the room, but she stops, pulls her blouse off, and tells Christian that they should pay Evangeline and Todd back .They begin to kiss.

Passions Recap Written by Glynis

Whitney thinks that she understands why Chad is so short. He must feel jealous thinking that Vincent is after her. "We both know who Vincent really loves. It's Valerie." She makes Chad apologize to Vincent, and then Vincent leaves the restaurant with his head down. Chad apologizes to Whitney for his behavior when Vincent was with them. He has nothing to worry about from Vincent as far as she is concerned. Noah and Paloma are kissing on the couch at his home, when Noah suddenly jumps up, looking around strangely, like he expects to see someone at the door, or at the stairs, behind them. He thinks that he hears someone coming into the house. Paloma heard nothing and wants to get back to the important stuff…KISSING! No one is there and so he and Paloma start kissing again and things get passionate. He stops himself again and worries but about something else. He tells Paloma that he really cares for her. She doesn't want to hear this. Tonight…there will be no 'buts'…They start kissing again. Ethan is on Theresa and will not let her get away this time. He knows that he can help but she will not let him. He knows that this might have something to do with that secret that she has been keeping from him ever since Rome…Theresa races back to those chats that she had with Whitney about how she would lose her son if anyone found out that he were not a Crane…Ethan is still bugging her when she is finished thinking. "Tell me what you're hiding please." She still won't do it. Ethan sees that he isn't going to win here and so he tells her that he will leave her alone, only if she promises not to marry Ethan for the next little while. She can't anyway, because Eve said that she wouldn't be allowed to, as Eve said that he was too sick. But as soon as he is better, she wants him to understand that she will be marrying Jared. Ethan tells her that this will give him time to work on her brothers' cases to free them. Ethan overheard a call that Theresa received and he heard her promising someone that she would stay away from him and marry Jared. She was begging for the freedom of her brothers in that call. Sheridan blurts out that she loves Luis still. He is stunned by that. She takes him to the Crane log cabin and tells him that all that Fancy said about her was true. Later, naked in her bed, Luis hears her crying. He enters the room and goes to her. She says that she can't help herself. She doesn't want him with Fancy. She feels like a terrible person but Luis assures her that she most certainly isn't. He sits on the bed with her and soon they are kissing.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Daniel sees Lily off to class and goes back to his computer. His phone rings. It is Amber. She is blue cause Cane wants them both to head to Australia. Amber doesn't want to leave Genoa City at this point in her life. All her friends are there now, and she loves the place to death. Daniel can't understand why she can't stand up to Cane, but the truth is that she loves him, even though he isn't a Chancellor. Amber comes over and spills all. Brad hopes that Sharon hasn't rocked the boat too much with Phyllis, but it seems that his hopes are dashed. Sharon tells that she made remarks to David and Phyllis overheard her. Sharon wants to pay the bellboy off from the hotel where she slept with Brad, but Brad knows that doing that is definitely the way to look guilty. He thinks that giving Phyllis the Clear Springs vote she wants will make this whole thing go away. He tested Phyllis and she was willing and ready to phone Victoria up and spill the whole thing to her at a moment's notice. Sharon finds Phyllis in the lunchroom and tells her that she only slept with Brad because she was distraught over Nick having his affair. She knows that deep down, Amber couldn't possibly want to hurt Victoria this way. Phyllis says that she wouldn't be the one who would be hurting Victoria if this came out. Phyllis can see between the lines. Sharon is only worried about covering her own butt in all this and Phyllis won't promise her anything. Daniel and Amber talk some more at his place about her profile on the personals website. He saw her pictures and there was definitely something. Still he can't be sure that the body that he saw was really hers. She offers to take off her shirt to prove to him that she was the body that he was looking at on the computer. Victor isn't happy. Nikki wants to be on the board. Now that there is a free seat on the board, he figured that Neil should get it and Nick agrees, but Nikki has thrown her hat into the ring and is ready to fight for the vacant board seat. She isn't pleased to see that Victor doesn't want her on the board. She reminds him that this is a family company and it seems that everyone in the family is on the board but her. Victor says that he does think of this company as a family company and that is why he will do what is best for it. Brad goes to see Jack and offers to listen to his pitch. Afterwards, Victoria realizes that Brad is doing an about-face and is leaning to voting for the land deal, according to Jack! Brad says that he hasn't decided to vote for Jack. He was only getting his perspective on the deal.

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