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All CBS Soaps pre-empted today in the U.S. due to basketball!

AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ryan and Annie are busy at work, cleaning out their desks.  Annie starts to come into Ryan’s office, but she sees him looking at a picture.  She begins to leave, but he stops her.  He lets her know that he has a surprise for her that could make her say “Yes” to his marriage proposal, but it could make her say, “No.”  Zoe comes hurriedly into Babe’s room and they hug.  As Bianca leaves Babe’s room, she runs into Josh.  She thanks him for saving Babe’s life.  Josh wonders how he can protect Babe from J.R.  Adam and Krystal discuss J.R. blackmailing Babe.  Adam wonders what news she has that is so earth shattering that she cannot tell her own husband.  J.R. comes hurrying in, and tells her not to say another word.  Krystal tells J.R. that she has to tell Adam the whole truth.  Colby comes in, and interrupts the conversation.  Krystal begs Adam to let her talk to J.R.  Krystal tells J.R. that she is telling Adam everything for the sake of Babe.  Bianca takes Erica’s side over her telling J.R. the truth.  Bianca points out to Josh how similar he and Erica are.  Bianca tells Josh that he cannot drag Babe out of town.  Babe asks Zoe what happened that night in the cemetery.  Babe blames herself for Zoe being hurt.  Ryan tells Annie that he wants her in his life forever.  Ryan confesses to Annie that he has had a vasectomy.  Annie questions him if a vasectomy can be reversed.  Zoe and Babe discuss the Transgender Support Group meeting that Zoe had attended.  Zoe grabs Josh, hugs him, and thanks him for saving Babe’s life.  Josh kisses Babe.  Adam is frustrated by the length of time that it is taking J.R. and Krystal.  Adam confronts Colby about Krystal’s secret.  Colby lets Adam know what she knows.  J.R. encourages Krystal to keep the secret about Charlotte to herself.  Ryan and Annie discuss possible adoption.  Ryan takes Annie by the hand, and tells her to come with him.  Zoe and Bianca go out to eat and celebrate Babe’s being alive.  Barbara, along Sean, comes up to the table.  Barbara hurls slander remarks at Zoe.  Bianca takes Barbara into the hall and blasts her for treating Zoe badly.  Adam asks Krystal again what she has been hiding or if he has to call Tad. 

Ryan and Annie board an airplane to Manhattan.  He leaves her on the plane for a while alone.  When he comes back, he gets down on one knee.  Opening a ring box, he shows her an exquisite diamond engagement ring.  He asks Annie again to marry him.  Krystal tells Adam that she had slept with Tad. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Claire’s fever breaks but Belle stands up to Shawn and demands they stick around for a few more days. Gabby offers to let Shawn fix her boat in exchange for staying on the island but Shawn only agrees when Duck gives in. Duck can tell that Gabby is only being so nice because she’s attracted to Shawn. EJ freely admits that he took back Willow’s check. EJ refuses to pay Willow with cash either and Willow realizes that EJ never intended to pay her at all. Chelsea gives a statement to the police about the fire and then returns home. Billie offers to help fight the charges but Chelsea refuses the help. Sami and Lucas try to intercede on Billie’s behalf and allow Chelsea to come stay with them.

EJ suggests that Billie now push Bo to buy her security system but Billie refuses. EJ pretends to be a helpful friend and offer to pay for Chelsea’s defense but Lucas steps up to tell EJ they don’t need anything from him. Kayla asks Steve to help her prove that EJ forced him to kidnap John’s body. Steve lies about having any involvement with EJ but Kayla already knows that EJ came to see Steve at the hospital. Kayla threatens to tell Stephanie about Steve’s recent actions. Steve pretends to hold a knife to Kayla’s back until he can lock Kayla and Joe in his hospital room. Once free, Steve sneaks into Billie’s apartment.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Lulu and Spinelli don't let on that they know Jason is the father of Elizabeth's baby when he catches them at the computer. Without knowing what's really going on, Carly adds to Lulu's fears that Elizabeth would leave Lucky for Jason. Emily sees Elizabeth with Jason and later confronts her friend. Elizabeth assures Emily that her heart belongs to Lucky.

Luke's antennae go up when he sees a connection between Maxie and Logan and leaves them with a warning. Maxie is poised to discover Elizabeth's secret when she gets her hands on Spinelli's laptop. Nikolas falls prey to his mysterious stalker. Robin reluctantly gives into Russell when he objects to her returning to work before she's fully recovered. Patrick and Robin have romance on their minds.

GL Recap Written by Beth

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Everyone begins to arrive on Llantano Mountain for the Winter Carnival. As everyone enters the Lodge, the camera shows a sign which reads, “Snow expected.” Cole and Star arrive much to their friends surprise. Miles and Marty head for a hotel room. Marty is skeptical that Miles had gotten a room. He promises that he doesn’t have a hidden agenda. He informs her that he is meeting another woman. Blair arrives, and in the lobby she sees “hot toddies” on the table. As she starts to pour her a cup, Adriana, Rex and Tate arrive. Adriana explains as to why they are there. Layla arrives and fills them in that Christian is doing the photo shoot. Christian and Blair exchange looks. Todd and Evangeline arrive. Blair tries to call Star to see where she is (unbeknownst to her that Star is on the outside of the lodge) . Blair argues with Todd over his bringing Evangeline up there to rub in her face . Blair lets Todd know that she is there with Miles Lawrence. Star and Cole are on the outside. Marty suddenly comes up, and Cole and Star hide behind some bushes. Adriana realizes that Rex is jealous. Evangeline walks in and sees Layla hugging on Christian. Evangeline confronts Layla and Christian about them being together. Christian questions Evangeline as to where Todd is. Miles confesses to Blair and Todd that he was with Marty Saybrooke.

Cole and Star finally manage to make it into a room. They begin to kiss. Two of their girlfriends walk in on them. The manager of the hotel alerts everyone that the roads are closed because they are expecting a NorEaster. Miles talks to Blair when Marty walks up. Miles tries to explain to Marty as to how things had happened. Cole and Star are alerted that their parents were there. Todd and Blair both get separate rooms. Blair puts out the, “Do Not Disturb” sign. She sees Todd across the hall putting out the same sign. They exchange looks. Blair and Todd both say that they hate each other.

Passions Recap Written by Glynis

Luis says that Fancy figured out where he was and beat the cops to the punch. Luis says that he has trained Fancy too well. Sam says that he got an anonymous call about Luis being there. Sam should have figured that Luis would turn to the Crane apartment. Sam finds that Luis is making things worse. Luis only wanted to find the person framing him. Sam can't help him with that. Luis knows that drill. Chris enters. Sam is surprised to see him. Sam says that he heard about the Crane apartment and decided to check things out. Sam is surprised to see everyone in town is smarter than the police…When Chris has a chance, he goes to Fancy asking where Sheridan is. Noah and Paloma get a bottle of wine, and the sandwiches they made. They have so much in common. He jokes about her being old enough to drink. She assures him that she is old enough. Noah thinks that tonight might be the start of something new. He has a look in his eye and Paloma sees it. Paloma looks hopeful when she hears Noah say that but he only meant as far as Jessica was concerned with getting over Spike. He really thinks that after this night, Spike will be a thing of the past for Jessica and the rest of them in fact. Whitney goes to powder her nose and hopes that Chad will lighten up and be nice to Vincent if he returns to their table at the Seascape. "He likes you. He really does." Chad knows that the man likes him, it just isn't the way that she thinks he does and that is the problem. Spike has Jessica's head almost turned around to his way of thinking. He has secretly come into the room to get her out of the house and back with him. He tells Jessica that Simone can't even think straight because of her dead girlfriend being on her mind. "You're lying!" Jessica says. She doesn't believe anything that Spike says suddenly. She pushes him, causing him to fall on the bed. That gives her enough time to run out of the room. He runs after her. Noah pulls away. He can't do this. Paloma hopes that this doesn't have to do with her being too young in Noah's eyes to make love. They kiss some more, but then she pushes him away. "What about your father." Noah says that Sam is at work and Jessica is asleep upstairs. That settles it. Noah and Paloma get back to kissing. Spike and Jessica come down the stairs and see Noah and Paloma kissing. Spike smiles. He could have set this up better himself. Luis is upset that Sheridan is running off with him. "I love and need you. Don't you know by now?" Sheridan suddenly blurts out. My life is nothing without you. I love you!" Luis is stunned to silence.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

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