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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Zach visits Alex, Sr. in jail and lets him know that he will take over Cambias Industries.  Kendall visits Ryan, and finds out that he has proposed to Annie.  Josh goes immediately to Krystal, and lets her know what has been going on with Babe and J.R.  Adam lets Colby know that Babe is alive.  Colby is overjoyed.  Adam and Colby go shopping for baby clothes for Krystal’s baby.  Tad confronts J.R. as to why he was blackmailing Babe.  Bianca visits Babe, and tells her that she forgives her for everything that had happened.  J.R. tells Tad that Babe comes first.  Tad tells J.R. that he is proud of him, but J.R. responds that he doesn’t deserve it from him.  Kendall tells Ryan that she hopes that he will be very happy, and then she runs out of Ryan’s office.  Kendall comes back into Ryan’s office.  He wonders what had happened to her.  Kendall lets him know that she is expecting Zach’s child.  Bianca lets Babe know about J.R. leaving Zoe in the park to die.  Tad tells J.R. matter-of-factly that he will never let him hurt Babe again.  Krystal lets Josh know that J.R. is really trying.  J.R. walks in on them. 

J.R. asks Krystal if Josh knows about the baby.  Josh leaves.  Krystal asks J.R. what had happened with Babe.  Krystal wonders if Babe forgave him.  J.R. tells Krystal that Babe wants a divorce.  Babe wonders how J.R. could walk away from Zoe when she was so badly hurt.  Bianca points out to Babe that J.R. had apologized to Zoe about what had happened in the cemetery.  J.R. vows to get Babe back. 

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Meg reacts badly when Craig gives her a diamond necklace. Luke is not happy to have to deal with Brad, whom he thinks is judging him. Katie puts Brad down because of what she thinks she saw. Ethan is fussy and noone knows why. Paul has another vision of Ethan and calls the Farm. He learns from Faith that Holden is out of town and Lily is at WOAK. He hears Ethan has been acting strangely, which makes him nervous, but is really upset when he hears Ethan has a replacement teddy bear that looks just like the other one. Will wants to go on the run with Gwen. Margo scares them when she knocks thinking she is there because of Jade, but it is about Maddie missing overnight. Will and Gwen cover claiming Maddie probably just wanted time to herself. A guilt ridden Maddie breaks up with Casey, who won’t accept this. Luke admits to Lily that he didn’t win the award, but plays it off when she asks questions about why. Brad doesn’t let him off. Why did he not win? Luke finally admits that the teacher didn’t think he ‘represented’ the school well. His sexuality preference is the inferred reason. Craig admits to Meg that he was trying to buy her friendship because he wants her to like him. Meg softens to him. Faith and Parker cover for Paul so he can see Ethan. Paul becomes upset when he holds a jar of baby food and has another vision. He asks nervously if Ethan was fed this? Lily arrives soon after outside. Brad has called Luke’s teacher down to the station under false pretenses. He pretends to be on his side about why he didn’t give Luke the award, but soon he changes his tune and announces who he is and how he really feels, as he physically goes after him. The teacher wants to call the police and Katie happily obliges to help him with that. Henry and Vienna shop until they drop. Will wants to run away with Gwen. She doesn’t want him to give up his life, but he finally convinces her and even suggests that Maddie come with them. Gwen tells Maddie the news, but sadly reminds her that she can’t tell Casey. Lily comes home and wonders where Ethan is? Faith doesn’t answer her when Emma explains that Faith was looking after him, as Lily is becoming a little bit nervous now. Meg lets Craig put the necklace on her before he returns it. Paul races into Al’s holding a bundled up Ethan desperate to see Meg. Maddie is leaving home when she runs into Casey, who is coming back to plead with her to stay with him. He notices her bags and is upset to know she is leaving and wants to know where she is going? Jade sees Will with a wad of cash and knows he has it because of Gwen. Someone in a black leather coat and gloves secretly is watching Gwen frantically pack. When her back is to the door, they let themselves in.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna continues blabbing that she doesn’t want to freak Phoebe out, but true love is worth fighting for. She reinforces everything young Phoebe wants to hear. Donna wonders if she is willing to wait months or even years, is Rick? Still Phoebe worries about the wedding and any part she might play to ruin things with Brooke and Ridge. Likewise, Rick tells Ashley that he is giving Ridge another chance to come around, their differences won’t affect his work. It may sound boring but Ashley wants a little stability in her life. And states that he shouldn’t have to give up something he loves, like singing. Rick is hung ho when Ashley says she will sign the contract. He tells her she will be greatly appreciated and that is all she needed to hear. They toast with champagne. She feels jet lag from Hong Kong and would rather have cappuccino so he suggests another place down the street to both eat and have coffee. She accepts saying she is having a hard time saying no to him tonight. Jackie brings Hope by, surprising Nick and Taylor tightly snuggling and smooching on the couch. Clearly by ‘the look’, Jackie is not pleased with this scene. Taylor leaves and Jackie uses the moment to talk up Brooke one more time.

Rick and Ashley walk into Insomnia just as Phoebe is extolling his virtues to Donna. He brings Ashley over and introduces them. Jealously Phoebe comments that she has been trying to reach him all night. Now she knows what he’s been up to. After a bit, Ashley excuses herself and says she will take her coffee and go back to her hotel. Rick feels he should see her home, but Phoebe clings and asks him to stay. She makes herself available and laments they can’t let their parents dictate what they do. She entices him to kiss her as both Ashley and Donna look on. Donna calls Jackie and is happy to report that she thinks true love is wonderful, they can’t stay apart. Ridge will go berserk and go off on Rick again. She believes she is looking at it – the end of Brooke and Ridge.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Hope, Bo, and Billie consider whether Chelsea could have set the fire to the Brady house. Nick convinces Chelsea to use his debit card and Abby calls Bo to the garage to stop Chelsea from leaving. Bo questions Chelsea about the fire. Billie considers taking a drink but Hope helps her fight temptation and send the wine down the drain. Kate finds Philip praying for Claire at church and advises him to try using the Roberts side of the family in his quest for Claire. Shawn finds a hotel owner, Duck, on the island they wash up on. With Duck and his daughter Gabby’s help, Claire gets medical attention from the local doctor. Belle and Shawn convince Duck to let them stay at the hotel for a few days.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny offers to sell Carly all the marble she wants if she'll have dinner with him. She refuses. Jax expresses pleasure that she resisted Sonny for once, thus redirecting her ire at him for policing her life. Cooper warns Maxie about Logan being an opportunist, just as Logan is trying to start a conversation with Lulu. Robin proves that doctors make lousy patients. Sam has nightmares about her past, then finds Amelia poking around asking questions about her at the Metro Court. Jason offers to buy the marble business from Sonny so as to remove one weapon Sonny can use against Carly. Liz and Lucky continue to move into their new home.

Robin and Patrick begin to plan a vacation. Carly decides to have dinner with Sonny to get her marble, but she won't give in on the divorce. Maxie plans to blackmail Scott and blame Lulu. Lulu asks Spinelli to erase all clues leading to Scott. Max begins to suspect he's seen Cooper before. Amelia offers Sam a job hosting a talk show; she refuses. Jax tells her it's a shame she's letting Jason limit her future. Spinelli discovers, and lets Lulu force out of him, the truth about Liz's baby.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Coop gives Ashley a compliment that boosts her up some before her party. Beth and Alan-Michael talk more about their deal. Beth knows Alan-Michael can walk that he is faking it. Lizzie visits Alan angry about Ashley and Doris. Beth tells Alan-Michael he's been coming on to her since he came back to town. She leave and he gets up from his wheelchair. Doris shows up at the hospital to visit Alan and get into an argument with Lizzie. Doris tries to make nice, but Lizzie won't have it. Doris says suck it up and move on. Alex shows up and and asks, "What would Alan do?" Rick and Beth get together outside Company. Beth wants Alan. Rick reminds her he is married to another woman and may never wake up. That the baby she is carrying need a father. He could offer that to her. Rick and Beth decide to "jump in the sack" rather than go to the party. Doris and Alexandra start in on each other. Lizzie goes along with her Auntie Alex and leaves. Alexandra tells Doris that Alan doesn't deserve her. That she wasn't going to sit by and let Doris become his widow. Ava catches Alan-Michael standing and is shocked. She hugs him happily. Even Alan-Michael's face goes from scared to happy that she is happy. Ava asks how long. Then she is mad she was lied to. After a bit she leaves angrily. Coop meets up with Lizzie and finds out that Lizzie is going to ruin Ashley's party. Coop tries to talk some to Lizzie. They talk about what she has gone through with the loss of Sarah and Jonathan. Then Ava walks by with a sad expression on her face and Coop sees this. Ava tells Coop that Alan-Michael has been lying to her. She wants her old life back with him. Coop goes back into Company to make Ashley feel better too. Ava and Alexandra run into each other. Alexandra notices Ava's been crying. Ava tells Alexandra that Alan-Michael has been lying to her about his situation. Ashley and Coop talk. Coop makes Ashley laugh. Coop tells Ashley she brightens up Company. She gives him a nice peck on the cheek. Beth is in bed thinking about Rick. Rick then returns to the bed. Alan-Michael is in the Spaulding Library when Ava returns asking for the truth. She asks if he could walk after the accident. He says no. The only reason he did what he did was for her. He was going to show her at the party he could stand. Alexandra and Doris have a little chat. Ashley wants to dance with Coop and he is a little shy and reluctant. Ashley jokes with him and he then does a few steps with her. Lizzie is once again in the I miss Sarah mood when she sees a picture of them. Alan-Michael want to apologize for his action and wants forgiveness. Beth visits Alan and talks to him and gives him a peck on the cheek. When she leaves he wakes up!!

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Blair looks at a flyer advertising the Winter Carnival. She is on the phone, calling Miles. When she doesn’t make contact with him, she just leaves him a message. Miles asks Marty out on a date. Rex arrives at Adriana’s apartment, and catches Tate half nude. Adriana measures him for new underwear. Evangeline comes into the Angel Square Diner. She finds Christian there. She is all excited about something that she had received in the mail that day. Christian tells her why would she be so excited about something that she had received in the mail when Todd had bought her a million dollar necklace. Todd comes to Llanfair to ask Viki for her help. Cole yells for his Mom before he lets Star into the apartment. Marty refuses to go out with Miles. Evangeline tries to explain about the necklace, but Christian will not listen to her explanation. She finds a key in the envelope. Evangeline asks Christian can’t they get back together. Viki is very surprised that Todd and Evangeline are going away together. Rex has a surprise for Adriana behind his back that Adriana hadn’t even noticed. He gives her the balloons, and tells her, “Happy Anniversary.” Christian refuses to compete for Evangeline’s attention. Evangeline tells Christian that she loves him. Christian tells Evangeline to prove her love by not seeing Todd again. Miles apologizes to Marty for asking her out .Miles fires Marty from being his therapist so she can be his friend. Marty agrees to go out with Miles. Blair comes in just as Marty is leaving .Blair asks Miles to go out with her .Miles asks Blair why would she want to go out with him. Blair tells him because she likes him, and he is nice.

Cole and Star are busy doing their homework. They hear a noise outside the door, and the y quickly hide in the closet. Marty comes into the apartment. She begins to get her things ready for the trip to Llantano Mountain. She dials Cole, unaware that he is in the closet. Evangeline and Christian argue over Todd. Angrily, she leave the diner. Christian looks at the necklace that he was going to give Evangeline for her birthday. He slams the lid down on the box,m and throws the box into a pan on the counter behind the bar.

Passions Recap Written by Glynis

Judge Riley asks Theresa what she would like to do. She is emotional. A lot has happened. Jared got shot and now she has gotten herself to the altar, and she is just on edge. "Let's do this right now." Eve feels that they should postpone the wedding. She wants Jared in bed. Jared doesn't want that. Theresa decides that she needs to do this now…Ethan watches it all and thinks this makes no sense…Judge Riley continues. "Just as two threads woven in opposite directions will form a tapestry, so too can your lives, merge together, make a marriage. Remember to love one another, to trust, to commit yourselves …Jared says his 'I do'. Theresa smiles when she looks at Jared's face and it seems to morph into Ethan's. Judge Riley gets angry when it seem that Theresa isn't paying attention. She smiles and says that she would like to keep going with the ceremony. "I Theresa…Take you Jared…To be my lawfully, wedding husband…" Ethan watches the whole thing from the doorway and still can't understand why this is happening. Finally, he decides nearing the end of the ceremony that he has to do something and he goes running into the room. He didn't have to do anything. Jared collapses and everyone runs forward to help him. Eve is angry. She warned about this. They get Jared in his bed and send everyone else out of the room. Theresa is upset. She was almost married to Jared and now this. she wonders what the 'Mysterious Figure' is going to do to her when he finds out that she hasn't married the man like she was ordered to. Suddenly, Jared is being rushed down the hall for surgery. He could die tonight. Ethan doesn't think that would be such a bad thing. Then he can be with Theresa…Jessica is in the hospital and the nurse tells her family and friends that there wasn't any drugs or alcohol in Jessica's system. They convince Jessica to come home now and they decide they will watch over her so that Spike will not take an opportunity to get Jessica back on the street. They stage an intervention and Jessica decides that she will not go back to Spike. She goes to sleep in her room…and Spike comes out of the closet behind her and he sits on her bed to watch her sleep. Chris has figured out that Fancy went off to search the Crane executive apartments. He decides to search them too and he hears Luis, Fancy and Sheridan through the door. He wants to bust the door down but then decides to call the cops and tip them off about where Luis is hiding…Sam and some cops surround the place and this time it seems that Luis is trapped. "You're gonna take me in," Luis tells Fancy.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

show was pre-empted due to basketball

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