Tuesday 3/13/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 3/13/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

J.R. sits by Babe’s bedside, holds her hand, and kisses it.  Josh comes in, and sees what is going on.  When J.R. sees Josh, he gets up, thanks him for saving Babe’s life, and extends his hand.  Josh ignores him.  Kendall tells Zach that she is pregnant, and wants him to be happy about the pregnancy.  Ryan asks Annie, again, to marry him, and she tells Ryan that he has never said anything about love.  Erica argues with Tad over telling J.R. that Babe is alive.  Erica also wants to know what J.R. holds over Babe’s head.  J.R. lets Josh know that he and Babe are back together.  Josh asks Babe if this is so.  Bianca thanks Jeff for offering to help at the Miranda Center.  Ryan points out to Annie all the things that he and she have in common.  Zach finally gives in, and tells Kendall that he is fine with her having a baby.  Babe lets J.R., as well as Josh, know that no one has her.  Tad comes in, and kisses her on the cheek.  Tad tells Babe that she is an answer to a prayer.  Kendall encourages Zach to take Cambias Enterprises.  Zach tells Kendall to give him some time to decide.  Babe tells Tad that she needs some time alone with J.R.  Zach encounters Zoe at the center and offers his help if she ever needs anything.  Zach asks Bianca how she managed to get over her trauma and start to love Miranda.  J.R. tells Babe that he is sticking to his word to change.  Tad questions Josh as to what Babe was planning to do. 

J.R. tells Babe that they are going to make this work.  J.R. promises not to tell Krystal’s secret.  Josh refuses to tell Tad Babe’s secret.  Tad assures Josh that he can trust him. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Maddie and Gwen panic when Jade is determined to tell the police that they know something about Adam's disappearance. Maddie meets Vienna and decides not to get Henry involved in her problems so his happiness won't be ruined. Henry gives Maddie a lot of cash and she decides to leave town without telling Henry. Emily admits to Dusty she is a prostitute he calls her a whore and encourages her to have more respect for herself but she doesn't listen to him. Holden worries that Lily is endangering her health by working to hard but she says she is okay. Holden asks her to concentrate more on her children especially Faith but Lily feels useless when she tries to help Faith. Gwen tells Will the whole truth about what happened with Adam and is surprised when he stays with her and forgives her for everything.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Phoebe glances at the wedding invitation of Ridge and Brooke. She tells her dad if she can’t see Rick, she doesn’t feel like seeing her other friends. She understands Ridge’s feelings, but she feels like Brooke has done a 180. Donna and Jackie lament the situation of the Forrester’s not caring for Phoebe’s feelings, but just their own, how this will look. They know Brooke and Nick were really happy and if Brooke and Ridge were to split up, they could be again. Stephanie spies them and even gloats that Jackie's precious Nicky may get Brooke back, how about that? They spy Phoebe in Insomnia and she doesn’t look happy. If they could arrange for Rick and Phoebe to get together and Ridge find out about it, he would go crazy and Brooke in Australia, well…….it could drive them apart for good. While dining separately, Rick sees Ashley and joins her. She asks if he’s having dinner or making her his sale’s pitch? He takes her hand as they reminisce about their special night in Paris and how exciting it was. She does find it ironic that he’s now interested in a ‘younger’ woman. He assures her his issue with Ridge is a non-issue, it won’t affect their business.

Donna joins Phoebe and plays confidant, she is on her side. She plants the seeds in her head that if she really loves him, how can she let him go? She may not get another shot at true love. Sometimes in life you have to break the rules or end up being alone, like Donna.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Sami asks Nick to forge reports showing Lucas is the father of his baby but Nick will only agree to get Sami a blank lab report. Lucas questions Sami when he finds her in Billie’s apartment but Sami won’t give him a real answer. Lucas asks Sami to seek professional help. Sami runs into EJ in the hallway and faints in his arms. Sami refuses medical attention but EJ spots the lab report she is hiding from Lucas.

Billie tells Bo about sleeping with Nick. Chelsea arrives at Bo’s house but mistakenly assumes a dark house is Bo’s way of saying stay out. Chelsea returns to the garage where Jed sneaks in and lets her inside. Bo calls Chelsea and offers to bring her home but Chelsea doesn’t believe he doesn’t hate her still. EJ finds Jed in Willow’s apartment and pretends to be the manager to make Jed leave. EJ finds where Jed hid the check and flushes it. Willow breaks in to Bo’s house and lights a candle to see her way around. She accidentally leaves the candle by the window and catches the curtain on fire. Willow purposefully drops Chelsea’s hairbrush at the scene before bailing. Bo’s plan to join Billie in the search for Chelsea is put on hold when Hope calls about the break in and fire. Willow returns home and assumes Jed misplaced her check.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Jax sees through Carly's attempt to make him jealous by flirting with Coop but is still affected nonetheless. With Stan's help, Sonny maneuvers Carly into doing business with him as he announces he's the new distributor for the rare marble she wants for the Metro Court. Even though she hates the fact that Scott is getting away with murder, Lulu tells Dillon, Spinelli and Milo that she's putting an end to her investigation because protecting her father is the most important thing.

Scott drops the charges against Luke but their animosity remains as strong as ever. Maxie's wheels begin to turn when Logan tells her and Coop about overhearing Lulu's conversation regarding Scott's guilt. Alexis and Kristina struggle to accept that Molly doesn't live with them as Ric struggles with being a full time father. Alexis brings Kristina to visit Molly. Luke thinks Tracy might be going off the deep end when she talks to Alan's ghost that only she can see

GL Recap Written by Beth

Cassie talks to Jeffrey. Alan-Michael is walking behind his family members' backs. Lizzie talks to Rick. Mel pays a visit to Josh in jail. Jeffrey's advice to Cassie is do what Josh asks. Cassie says she is going to fight for him. She wants his help. Cassie knows Mel is a good lawyer, but she wants Jeffrey. Josh explains to Mel why he loves Cassie and wants to protect her. They get into an argument over this. Mel reminds Josh that Alan's wife, Doris runs the DA's office. Doris and Ashlee talk about friendships. That Doris wants Ashlee to have "Country Club Friends". Ashlee says they hate her. Alan-Michael and Ava disturb Lizzie. They all get into a fight. Ava leaves after Alan-Michael asks her to talk to Lizzie. After talking to Jeffery on the phone she returns to Josh to tell him Jeffery is on his way to help. Mel leaves the visiting room and runs into Rick. Alan-Michael tells Lizzie the nightmare is almost over. Lizzie says it will never end for her. Cassie visits Josh again. Doris and Alan-Michael have a talk about Spaulding Enterprises. She wants to be a head of it until Alan and Alan-Michael get on their feet. Alan-Michael says stay away from Spaulding and stay away from him. Mel and Rick talk. Josh tells Cassie that this isn't her battle. Cassie tells him she doesn't want him to push her away and that she will never stop loving him or fighting for him. Jeffery goes to Doris for a deal on behalf of Josh. He knows the reason she married Alan and can get her disbarred. Jeffrey tells her that the Lewis' would love Josh home by dinner. Ashlee is talking to Lizzie about her party and asks Lizzie to invite a girlfriend of hers to it. Ava and Alan-Michael have a nice chat about money and power and love. Ava tells him many think that is why she is with him. She says no. She likes being with him that he surprises her. Cassie pleads her case to Josh. She tells him that they as a family need him. And he needs them. Meanwhile Jeffrey is still talking to Doris about deal. Rick wants a divorce from Mel and tells her so. He can't give her what she wants or needs anymore. That she deserves the best. Rick and Mel talk about their daughter saying they both did a good job there. They hug. Lizzie remembers her daughter and turns over picture of Doris. Ava and Alan-Michael discuss their relationship. Jeffrey tells Josh and Cassie that the deal is 2 years in prison. Cassie says no. We are going to trial. The jury is going to believe him. And Alexandra returns.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Vincent and Nash share some intimate talk about the women in their lives while in the sauna. Cole and Star make plans to go to the Winter Carnival. Dorian becomes upset with Blair when she finds out that she (Blair) is going after Miles Lawrence. Natalie confirms that John had tracked down Spencer Truman’s murder case. Marty visits John in his office. After some private talk, they decide to have breakfast together. Jessica discusses with Antonio about her true feelings for him, and how that they are truly soul mates. Natalie encourages Miles to asks Marty to the Winter Carnival .Natalie and Miles join Marty and John at the table . John gets a call to come to the station. He gets up to leave, and Natalie walks him out .Miles invites Marty to the Winter Festival.

The girls in Star’s class at school gives Star a hard time about her seeing Cole when she isn’t supposed to.

Passions Recap Written by Glynis

Luis is not there. Sheridan wants to talk about her being there. Fancy tells Sheridan she has a screw loose. "You know what you are truly like. You're only going to mess up Luis' life more than you already have!" Fancy can see that Sheridan will say anything to get Luis. Sheridan tells Fancy that she will never make Luis as happy as she did. "You have ruined Luis's life!" Fancy shouts at her aunt to stop this. Luis enters the room and the ladies stop shouting. "What on earth is going on here?" Whitney leaves and so Ethan and Theresa talk about the wedding. Ethan spent the night with Theresa and now…the next day she is marrying another man. That all seems a little bizarre. He will not accept that Theresa is marrying someone else. He knows that she loves him. "How do I let you go to another man's arms?" Theresa has to let him go. "Okay you want the truth? I'm going to marry Jared!" Ethan won't believe it. She tells him this is wrong but he knows that this is right, and he holds both sides of her face as he pulls her into a kiss. Eve gets sad talking about her son. Julian knows that their relationship has been strained but he would like to put their differences aside. "Julian…when we thought that Chad was our son, even though it nearly destroyed Whitney, just knowing that he was live…it lit such a fire in my heart. And then we found out that Chad isn't our son, and it was like losing him all over again. So I…I just don't know if I want to put myself into that kind of painful situation again. I'm so afraid of losing him all over again." Julian knows that this time they can find the boy, but Eve worries that he is making a promise that he can't keep. "I know the boy's mother. She's a very lovely, wonderful, giving woman." Funny that wasn't what he called her the last time that he name-called. Soon Eve is smiling. Julian promised her he would find their son and he will keep his promise. "Is that clear enough for you?" It is. Eve shivers as they hug. "Maybe someone just walked across my grave." Theresa is alone when she gets a call from the 'Mysterious Figure'. He...or she wants to know what progress she has been making. She tells that she will be married soon. The 'Mysterious Figure' can't wait to see that ring on her finger. "I'm watching, Theresa!" Whitney comes to her. She hopes her friend is holding up. She isn't sure anymore that Theresa is strong enough to go through with this. Judge Riley arrives and can see that Theresa looks pale. "It is just last minute jitters. Don't worry about it." Ethan sees everyone walking off and stands alone.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Brad and Phyllis play chicken. He thinks that she has had a change of heart and won't tell about Sharon cause she doesn't want to hurt Victoria, but Phyllis hasn't had a change of heart. Brad warns her that the Newmans are pretty tight and won't like her tactics. Phyllis doesn't care. She gets her cellphone out to prove her point. "Hello Victoria…" Brad grabs her phone and snaps it shut. Victoria comes into the office asking Phyllis why she just hung up. Phyllis says Brad did it. She says he had a surprise for her…something about a book. She tells Brad that he has to go and find another surprise for his wife. A really BIG one. Victoria is suspicious later when Brad tells her that he thinks that they should change their. Victoria finds that crazy, and thinks that Brad talking to Phyllis alone earlier has to be the cause of him changing his mind about Clear Springs. Jill IS NOT! The mother. Amber is upset and Katherine and Jill hand she and Cane the proof. Amber is the most upset and says that a bunch of lab technicians working minimum wage can't be right about this! Adrian and Colleen get a hold of JT's phone and see the Dean's phone number on his phone. JT denies that he was the one who blabbed and got Adrian and Colleen in trouble with the university because of their affair. He says that the dean is a client and that is the reason that the woman's number is on his phone. Colleen knows JT really well, and can tell that he is lying to them. Phyllis heads to an office where Jack and Sharon are sitting with David. He is investigating Jack's exes and their background. David welcomes her to the table. She sits and David admits that he has been looking into her background and it is rather colorful. "Tell me everything that you don't want me to know about yourself," David starts. JT and Adriana get into an argument and Colleen shouts at both the men to shut up and then she orders them out. She then goes to her cellphone to call a friend. "It's me. I need some help." Amber watches as Jill and Cane hug. It has been settled. He isn't her son and that is that. Kay treats the whole thing as a business deal and feels that they shouldn't wallow in what has gone on. Jill and Cane are not happy with the insensitive way that Kay talks, and Jill feels that all she cares about is going to prison for her actions. Amber still thinks that something is terribly wrong here. She knows that Cane is Jill's son. Jill shouts at her, asking her to stop being ridiculous and face the facts. They have a DNA test that has PROVEN that Cane isn't her son, and that's that!

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