Monday 3/12/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 3/12/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Through the window of the interrogation room, the camera shows Alex Cambias, Sr., sitting alone in a chair.  Ryan is on his way to see Alex.  Ryan comes into the room with Alex, and lets him know that he will have to get someone else to run Cambias Enterprise.  Alex questions him why he doesn’t want to work for his old friend.  Alex tells Ryan that he has already appointed his worthy successor.  Zach becomes angry at the letter that he had just received from the deliveryman.  Kendall picks up the paper, and reads it.  She realizes that Alex, Sr. wants Zach to have Cambias Enterprise.  Zach grabs his coat, and rushes out almost running into Rachel in the process.  Kendall grabs her coat, and tells Rachel to keep an eye on Spike.  Babe realizes that she must get Little Adam out of that house before J.R. realizes that she hadn’t really died.  Erica tells J.R. and Tad that Babe is alive.  J.R. thinks that Erica is lying.  Erica proceeds to tell them Josh’s plan.  Erica takes out her cell phone for Tad to call Zach, Kendall, Josh, or Jack.  Erica tells them again that Babe is alive.  Erica asks J.R. if he had noticed a difference in Krystal’s attitude.  J.R. remembers that Little Adam told him that he had seen his Momma.  Tad wonders if Babe is alive, then where has she been all this time.  J.R. reminds Erica of the funeral, and that all of them had been there, and had seen what he was going through.  Erica asks J.R. to understand.  J.R. questions Erica as to where Babe was.  Babe fills Josh in on when she and Jamie had run off with Little Adam.  Babe begins to cry when she thinks of what she had done before.  Annie, with gloves on her hands, a bonnet tied on her hair, and a water bucket on her arm comes into the living room of Wildwind.  Immediately, Di takes the bucket from her.  Julia, Di, and Annie discuss Annie’s feelings for Ryan, and how Ryan had never told Annie that he loved her.  Alex, Sr. makes sly remarks toward Ryan just because he is giving up Cambias Industries.  Ryan refuses to work for Alex, Sr. because he killed his sister.  Zach hurries in, throws the papers down on the table, and refuses to take any part in running Cambias Industries.  Alex, Sr. tells him that if he doesn’t take over running Cambias Industries, then he would start a foundation that would help to let convicted murderers, rapists, etc. back out onto the streets.  J.R. asks Erica where Babe is.  Erica fills him in on where Babe is.  J.R. rushes out.  Tad sees through Erica, and questions her as to what Josh and Babe are up to.  Erica tells him to ask Babe.  Krystal comes downstairs with Little Adam.  Tad tells her that if she is planning on going to see Babe that she had better put it on hold.  After arguing with Alex, Sr. for a few minutes, Zach tears the papers in half, and throws them down onto the table.  Ryan, Kendall, and Zach walk out.  Tad confronts Krystal over the news that Babe is alive.  Adam overhears, and comes into the living room.  Adam questions Krystal as to when she was going to tell him that Babe was alive.  J.R. arrives at the casino.  He pushes open the door, and sees Babe lying in bed.  They both exchange looks.  Babe and J.R. have a very civilized conversation.  J.R. offers Babe anything she wants.  Babe asks him for a divorce.  Josh is with a strange man, who has fixed him fake passports.  Erica walks in on them.  Erica wonders what is going on.  Erica tries to talk Josh out of what he is doing, but Josh will not listen.  In the midst of the conversation, Josh asks Erica if she told J.R. about Babe being alive, and where she is.  Erica doesn’t answer.  Josh becomes furious with her for what she has done.  Josh arrives at Babe’s room, and sees J.R. kissing Babe’s hand.  J.R. has just asked Babe to let them take one day at a time .Ryan comes to see Annie, and lets her know that she drives him crazy.  He once again asks Annie to marry him.  Ryan also tells Annie that he is unemployed.  Kendall and Zach arrive home.  Zach is still furious with his father for what he has done.  Kendall, finally, gets around to telling Zach that she is pregnant.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

A furious Cheri shows up at Emily’s work after the police showed up at hers. Dusty hears Emily telling her that Dusty doesn’t know they work together. Brad wants Katie fired so he can run the show, which Katie overhears. They bicker about whom should be fired when an exasperated Kim explains that the ratings are high and neither of them is getting fired; they better learn to work together. Vienna wants to meet Maddie. Dusty thinks Emily is a prostitute. Emily wiggles her way out of what Dusty heard by claiming Cheri is her source. Dusty doesn’t seem to believe her, but pretends he does. Emily reports back to Cheri, who then wants her to work that night. Brad sees Vienna with Henry and isn’t happy. Vienna explains that Henry is now her true love. Katie jumps to Henry’s defense when Brad puts him down. Gwen and Maddie decide to go to the woods to meet Adam. They find Jade instead; they are suspicious at first but she claims to have gotten a call too. Adam’s voice is heard while all three girls are bickering. They realize the voice sounds funny and find the recording device. Jade starts to put two and two together and ask if Gwen did something to Adam? Emily plays dress up for a potential John with weird fantasies. The door opens and it is Dusty though. Jade thinks Gwen killed Adam, as the girls backpedal reminding her that Adam called her and sent her flowers. Jade intends on waiting for Margo to let her know that this is the last place Adam was seen. Maddie and Gwen are beside themselves, as Jade assures them she will be taking pleasure in letting Margo and all the others know that they are involved in Adam’s disappearance.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick, Jackie, Donna and Storm discuss the magazine article about Phoebe and Rick. And the wedding of Brooke and Rick is no Paradise. Nick tells Jackie that he’s found something in Taylor so he won’t be running after Brooke again. It’s over, oh God let it be over! Ridge reiterates to Phoebe that though Rick may be crazy about her, it’s inappropriate. He’s ten years older than her, try to understand. He knows there is not a woman in this world who could compete with her. However, that woman is standing before Rick - Ashley Abbott. Hong Kong isn’t what she was looking for so she is back in the states and here in L.A. She has no regrets about Paris, but if it makes him uncomfortable, she can back out. She asks if there is anyone significant in his life and says she is happy when he replies yes. Rick introduces all to Ashley and Phoebe seems to pick up some vibes when he says he knew Ashley from Paris. Ashley states she will be happy to wait for their proposal for her to come onboard.

Ridge thinks the only reason the kids aren’t seeing each other is because they are watching them. Before Ashley can accept the job, she has to know from Rick if he is okay with her being there? They agree that Paris should stay in Paris. She then picks up that Phoebe is the other ‘young girl’ and why there is tension between he and Ridge. Jackie overhears Brooke tell Ridge that if he lays his hand on Rick again that he will lose her forever.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Sami refuses to kill EJ even though Celeste warns it’s the only way to keep him away. Sami agrees to get the amniocentesis but demands that EJ agree not to bother her or Lucas again if the baby isn’t his. EJ threatens to harm Kayla so Steve agrees to be his dutiful soldier. Joe finds Dr. Kraft’s cell phone on Steve and Dr. Kraft orders him back into a straitjacket.

Max asks Abby out for a dinner date but when Maggie arrives, Abby convinces Jed to act like he’s her date. Chelsea wants to leave town but Abby convinces her to stick around long enough to talk to Bo. Neither notice that Willow is eavesdropping on their conversation. Willow swipes Chelsea’s hairbrush that she leaves behind in the ladies’ room. Nick urges Billie to tell Bo what happened so he can help find Chelsea. Willow eavesdrops on Chelsea’s call about meeting Bo and follows her to Bo’s house.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jason gets a dose of Jax's ire, because Jax blames him, at least in part, for Carly's ties to Sonny. Then, he has to deal with Spinelli needing comfort after Lulu yells at him and refuses to let the truth be known about Scott being the real murderer. On a brighter note for Jason, Sam comes home. However, Amelia is looking into Angela Monroe's past. Alexis is shattered by the custody verdict. Nik offers to help her take the girls and run, but she refuses. Ric is also stunned by the decision.

Carly tells Jax and Sonny she's through with both of them. Luke causes a disturbance when he hears Scott petitioning to become Laura's guardian. Liz and Lucky get their marriage license. Alexis says a teary good-bye to Molly. Dillon makes Lulu feel better about keeping her secret. Sam has flashbacks right before Amelia arrives saying she wants to do a follow-up show.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Mallet and Marina check out Cyrus Foley. Meanwhile he is talking with Dinah. Beth finds a gun in the Spaulding Library. Alan-Michael catches her. She says she found it in the house. Reva and Cassie talking about Josh. Reva tells Cassie that Josh is lying to protect her. Cassie tells Reva he'd do the same thing if it were her. That is the kind of guy Josh is. Alan-Michael asks Beth if anyone else knows about this gun. Beth says no. Beth now asks what do they do now if the police knew if the gun where in the Spaulding Mansion. Buzz yells at Olivia for lying to him about Jeffrey O'Neill. Mallet gets a kick out of kidding with Marina over Cyrus' attraction to her. Dinah is bugged bout Cyrus being in Springfield. Seems they have bad history. He calls her Didi and tells her she owes him big from the time he got her out of prison. Jeffery visits the Spauldings and Beth reads him the riot act about bothering the family. Cassie regrets coming to Springfield with all the hurt it has caused her. Reva says she will help her remember that night of Alan's shooting. Dinah hears a knock on her door then Vanessa's voice. Mallet and Beth are still at it. Mallet reminds her about motive, timeline, etc. She is then dreaming about holding a gun. Reva visits Jeffery and poses a question that what if Cassie says she shot Alan what would her chances be to getting out of jail. Jeffery is dumbfounded. Cassie visits Beth to talk to her. Beth says there is nothing she can do. Cassie disagrees. Ava talks to Alan-Michael about running the company now. Beth tells Cassie she won't help. But that she is sorry she likes Josh and that he is a good man. Just that she is a Spaulding. Beth then walks away. Cassie is shocked. Up next looks like Doris is trying to get at Alan-Michael.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Dorian can’t believe that David doesn’t want to get out of jail for the murder of Spencer Truman. Dorian asks David if he didn’t kill Spencer then why is he saying that he did. John and Michael back at John’s apartment. Michael immediately wants to know where Natalie is. John lets him know that she had gone out. Layla and Christian are at the gym. Layla offers Christian a bottle of water. Layla mentions Evangeline and that she may call him. Christian lets her know that it won’t do Evangeline any good to call because they are never getting back together. Nash lets Jessica know that Antonio thinks they are having an affair. Jessica tells Nash that they can’t keep on lying to Antonio. Jessica lets Nash know that she has made a decision between him and Antonio. Evangeline refuses the necklace as she struggles to get it unfastened. Todd gives in, and helps her unfasten it. Adriana meets Tate at the Palace Hotel bar. They discuss Tate’s plans for the future, and Adriana’s plan will only work if he will take his pants off for her .Rex is at the police station with Bo, and he is complaining about how awful the coffee is .Rex realizes that Bo is still mad at him. Bo reprimands Rex for taking the blame for something that he hadn’t done. David asks Dorian what would make it worthwhile for him to take the rap for something that he didn’t do. Dorian urges him to stop talking in riddles. David still insists that he didn’t kill Spencer. Dorian realizes that someone is paying him to confess to this crime. Jessica admits that she hates how she is feeling right now. Nash offers her his help. Jessica tells Nash that she chooses Antonio. Jessica and Nash argue over their feelings for each other. Nash tells Jessica to convince him that she belongs with Antonio. Layla tells Christian that Evangeline loves him. Todd takes the necklace from around her neck. Evangeline admits that she loves the necklace. Todd encourages her to take the necklace. John wants to know what Michael is sorry for. John tells Michael that he is sorry, too. John tells Michael that he is not guilty of murder, but he is guilty of something else. David fills Dorian in as to the things that had happened the night that Spencer had died. Adriana pitches her idea to Tate about his involvement in this project. Tate agrees to her offer. Bo thinks that Rex has a guilty conscience about something .Bo questions him as to what he is hiding. Rex refuses to tell him anything .Michael questions John as to what he thinks that he had done .John calls him a, lousy liar.” John orders Michael to just back off. Dorian wonders why David had come back. Nash wonders why Jessica had chosen Antonio. Jessica tells Nash that it is not going to work between him and her. Nash grabs her and kisses her.

Nash begs Jessica not to do this. Jessica tells Nash that they are through. John visits Bo in his office. Bo reads the report that John had written up on the arrest of David Vicars. Bo confronts John about what Natalie had done about removing evidence from the crime scene. Evangeline looks once again at the necklace. Rex walks into the Palace Hotel bar, and sees Adriana holding hands with Tate. John begs Bo to keep him as Chief of Detectives because he feels that there is more going on than they know.

Passions Recap Written by Glynis

Ivy walks up behind Theresa and Whitney as they talk about Ethan and how Theresa will never get to be with him. She stays around the corner to hear what the girls are talking about. She lights up when she hears that Theresa and Ethan aren't going to be together. That is the best news. "It's music to my ears!" Fancy answers her phone as she uses her list to check the Crane properties. She thinks Luis is calling her but it is only Esmé. She has a brief chat with Esmé to give her an update on her search. Esmé tries to be interested but she is too shallow. Fancy realizes that she has missed a place. Tabitha tells Miguel to forget about going to find Charity…She has to stop Miguel at any cost! Kay does love young Romeo, but it is just mortal guilt making her stay true to Fox. Tabitha decides to use a bit of her potion to get Miguel in an amorous mood. He will do anything to get Kay after that. Tabitha gets her brew. "Whoo! Ha!" Miguel shouts. "I want woman!" He rips the shirt off his chest. The problem is that he doesn't want Kay. He wants Charity! Miguel starts walking to the door and Tabitha tackles him. They both go down on the floor. Fox is sure that Nurse Stevens screwed up. Julian says that the doctors say that when a patient is given a placebo, they still think that they have the wrong treatment sometimes. Fox is sure that these treatments are going to kill him. Tabby has her Mar-Timmy and goes to the big blue pot…Kay is in her room. She wants to get out to get to Miguel but the door is locked. She goes to the window and shouts for Miguel to come and get her. Kay turns and finds the door to her bedroom has been broken off its hinges It is Miguel! She turns and jumps into his arms with her legs around his waist…Julian tries to make Fox see what he is really dealing with here. Fox is starting to believe his father. Julian tells his son to get some rest. Fox clutches his sheet and rubs his head. when he pulls his hand away, he has a fistful of hair in it. "I have to be getting the real treatment." Sheridan is in the shower with her back to the door. She is awaiting her true love, Luis… He stands behind her now disrobing for her. She can't stand the wait. She asks Luis to rub her back and she can feel the wash rag on her back…rubbing…caressing…She is in bliss until she hears a familiar voice call out. "Aunt Sheridan!" Sheridan turns in horror. It is Fancy glaring at her from outside the shower. Sheridan covers what she can of her nakedness. "You scheming bitch!" Fancy hisses. Sheridan's eyes are large as ever and she is at a loss for words.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Brad can't believe that Phyllis is trying to threaten him. Her eyes sparkle as she talks about Carlos who remembers Brad and Sharon in their robes in her room. Brad still tries to deny it, but then Phyllis says that Carlos has no need to lie about a thing like this, and she knows that it is true since she heard he and Sharon talking about this very subject at the Athletic Club the night before. "What do you want?" Brad asks her. Victoria is frazzled. She is upset that the family is fighting over this Clear Springs deal. Nikki sees that she is being very sensitive to the issue and that is when Victoria reveals that she is pregnant. Victor talks to one of the board members. Victor and Nick pitch a proposal to Bob, asking him to leave his board seat as they desperately need it. Victor offers the man some fetching stock options. Bob is interested now in giving up his seat but he needs to talk to his wife first. JT comes to see Colleen and is surprised to hear that she is dating some new guy that night. JT figures that she and Adrian must have broken up, but she says that she isn't sure. Adrian arrives and smiles when he realizes that JT is there as well. JT laughs. "This is a hell of a party, isn't it?" Jill is waiting for the test results to tell her if Cane is her son or not. She waits by the phone as she remembers how she offended the poor boy when she asked him to take the tests. Kay can't stand Jill being jittery. The phone rings. Jill stalls but eventually answers. It is the lab. When she hangs up, Kay is impatient and wants to know what the lab said. "The DNA tests are in. They are sending them over by messenger." Amber moves her things into Cane's apartment and he oogles her skimpy clothes. They are getting ready for the visit to Lauren's place to talk about the party hat she is throwing for the lucky newlyweds. Cane wants to get romantic and can't get to the phone to answer it in time. The person hangs up when he finally gets to it. No one leaves a message and so it is back to sex and lovemaking with Amber. Jill hung up because she has been rethinking how the tests should be revealed. She wants time to absorb whatever the results are. Kay finds her ridiculous. "Now you either call him right now on that phone…or I will!" Jill and Amber are at Lauren's place with she and Gloria and they let it slip that Cane is going to find out soon if he has found his birthmother or not. They don't say that the candidate for the position is Jill. The phone rings and Jill is on the phone, summoning the kids to see the results with she and Katherine.

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