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AMC Recap Written by Mary

J.R. almost begs Krystal to let him call her, “Mama,” because it just feels right for him.  Krystal doesn’t know what to say to J.R.’s idea.  Josh continues to try to convince Babe to leave with him and for them to take Little Adam.  Erica listens at the door unbeknownst to Babe and Josh.  Zoe goes into her Transgender session.  She introduces herself to some of the members, but they already know who she is.  Zach and Alex, Sr. exchange looks.  The police tell Zach that he is free to go.  Alex, Sr. begins to make snide remarks, telling him that he will never be free.  Kendall holds the pregnancy stick in her hand as she leans over Spike’s playpen.  Bianca comes in the door.  Kendall runs over to her, all excited.  Kendall tells her that she is pregnant.  Babe questions Kendall as to whether she and Zach were trying to have a child.  Bianca is happy for Kendall as they hug.  Zach informs Alex, Sr. that it is all over.  Alex, Sr. lets Zach know that he never ran from his responsibilities.  Zach promises his father that he will honor his Mother as he leaves.  Krystal still cannot believe that J.R. wants to call her Momma.  J.R. wants Krystal’s help so that he can be a great father to Little Adam and for them to trust each other.  He also wants Krystal to help him raise Little Adam.  Erica continues to listen to Josh’s and Babe’s plans.  Erica slips away from the door before Josh spots her.  Babe refuses to go anywhere without her son.  The transgender session begins by everyone telling about himself or herself.  Babe lets Josh know how grateful she is to him.  Krystal comes hurrying in, and lets Babe know that Little Adam had told J.R. that he had seen Babe.  Krystal fills Babe in on everything that she and J.R. discussed.  Zach comes home, and Kendall is absolutely beaming.  Zach wonders what is going on.  Kendall holds up a cigar and offers it to him.  J.R. takes Little Adam to visit Tad.  Josh fills Krystal in on their plans to kidnap Little Adam. 

Kendall lets Zack know that she wants a bigger house.  They discuss their innermost feelings in the transgender session.  After playing a pinball game, J.R. and Tad take Little Adam out for an ice cream.  After a little more discussion with Krystal, Babe decides to do as Josh suggested.  She tells Krystal that this is, “good-bye.”  The transgender session ends, and when Zoe comes out Babe is waiting for her.  They hug.  Tad and J.R. bring Little Adam home from getting ice cream.  Tad lets J.R. know that he knows what has been going on here.  Erica comes in, and lets J.R.  know that she has to tell him something.  Zach pulls Kendall down onto his lap, and she is just about to tell him her secret when there is a knock on the door.  Zach answers it, and sees it is a deliveryman with some sort of large manila envelope.  When Zach opens the letter, he becomes angry, and throws it onto the floor. 

AMC Recap Written by Shannon (Bonus recap)

Kendall tells Bianca that she is pregnant.  She tries to tell Zach but someone is at the door.  Zoe attends a support group.  Bianca goes to see Zoe.  Zach tells his dad that he is done with him.  Alex answers back we'll see.  Erica finds out Josh's plan about Babe and goes to Tad and J.R.  Babe decides to go away with Josh and says bye to Krystal.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

A mystery lady calls and leaves several messages for Rick. She is in L.A. and is anxious to see him, but does not leave her name. Phoebe continues to want to get touchy-feely in the office and Rick warns her they deserve a real relationship and that means being adults and not sneaking around. She pouts that she hates this, but if he can wait, so can she. Eric, Stephanie, Bridget and Felicia are excited about the upcoming launch. Only Stephanie can throw in a monkey wrench when she tells the girls about Phoebe and Rick being up at Big Bear and Ridge going ballistic because they had Brooke’s blessing. Felicia is open-minded but draws the line at relatives hooking up. And they sure don’t need a scandal right now. Eric agrees, but it’s Rick he is worried about, getting involved with someone as young as Phoebe. Ridge sets them straight that it is all over between the lovebirds. Brooke corners Phoebe and tries to explain this is best for the family. Phoebe whines that Brooke sold her out and is only concerned about getting a wedding ring on her own finger. And Brooke isn’t even married to her dad yet and he is having his own way. This is more like a dictatorship than a partnership.

Ridge says that he and Brooke have resolved this and are on the same page again. Continue to watch out for the kids, but he thinks they finally got the message and they would never dare cross that line now. The family must come together and support each other, otherwise there will be a dear price to pay, and he doesn’t just mean financially. Brooke further advises Phoebe that Rick has lived a full life, she hasn’t. She needs to then come back to Rick. When Phoebe is doubtful, Brooke adds that there is no one else in his life, trust her! Good things are worth waiting for. Later she gloats to Stephanie that she is going to be Mrs. Ridge Forrester again but Stephanie snaps back that wedding on Rodeo Drive is far from a done deal. Phoebe tries to avoid her dad but he corners her and remarks that he is happy it is over and wishes things weren’t strained between them. In time he hopes she will come to understand. She laments she will wait for Rick as long as she has to. But, if it doesn’t work out, she may never forgive Ridge. This is his fault. Rick is finally caught by his mystery woman – Ashley Abbot and she is thrilled to see him and he pretends also.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Nick tries to come clean to Chelsea but decides not to when she suggests keeping his sexual history in the past. Billie assumes Nick has already told her so they are forced to come clean to Chelsea. Celeste insists to Sami that to truly stop E.J., he must be killed. Kayla confronts E.J. about Steve but E.J. denies any involvement. Steve convinces Dr. Kraft to let him out of the straitjacket and fakes a dizzy spell so he can steal Dr. Kraft's cell phone. Steve uses the cell phone to call E.J. Max feels he is to blame for Mimi's departure but feels bad because Mimi didn't ask him to go with her. Abby helps console Max.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Robin is a less than copacetic patient. Lulu confronts Scott about his role in hurting Laura. When he gets angry, Logan intervenes. Carly frets that Sonny will oppose the New York segment of her divorce process. Luke thinks his wife has flipped because she's carrying on a conversation with her dead brother's ghost. Amelia takes Sam to lunch and they talk about heroism. Ric tries to get Alexis to negotiate custody before the trial, but she refuses. He proceeds to demolish both Jax and Sonny's character witness for Alexis by pointing out their own misdeeds as well as flaws in Alexis herself. Then, Carly rushes into the courtroom, late, to testify on Alexis' behalf. Patrick takes Robin for an outing. Just as Spinelli locates evidence proving Scott killed Rick, Lulu decides the consequences could be dire and she could lose both parents. Ric wins custody of Molly. Alan's spirit tells Tracy he can't rest until she confesses to tampering with his will. Sonny vows to change Carly's mind about the divorce.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Cassie tells Lizzie that Josh didn't try to kill her grandfather. that this feud has to end. Reva tries to talk some sense into Josh. But Josh won't hear of it and tells a guard to lead Reva out. She doesn't leave. She tells Josh she took the gun out of Cassie's hand and shot Alan. Cassie then wants to talk to Alan-Michael. Cassie asks Alan-Michael for help. She tells Alan-Michael that Josh didn't shoot Alan. She tells him the wrong person is behind bars. Ava and Beth talk about the Spaulding Family. Ava says she is skeptical of Beth's motives. Beth says the same about Ava. Mallet and Dinah have lunch. Mallet is concerned for Dinah. He asks her for a a date that night. He will go all out. Or at least his version of a night out. She laughs and says yes. Josh explains about the medication Cassie was taking was making her see Tammy. He is worried about RJ. He tells Reva that Mel is working on a good defense. Reva says she won't let him do this. Josh is told that he has to go to his bail hearing. Reva says she is going with him to the bail hearing. Alan-Michael says to Cassie she is asking a lot. Alan-Michael says he can't help. Then changes his mind. He then gives her a piece of paper with a name of a place to meet. Josh gets a message from Cassie that Alan-Michael will help. Marina makes an arrest. Then talks to someone named Cyrus. Ava and Alan-Michael have one of those personal talks. Reva goes to Billy for advice and to argue it out. She tells Billy she gave Josh up to be with Cassie because she loves her sister and Josh. Josh goes home to a shocked Cassie. He kisses her. Billy thinks Reva is jealous. She says in short no. That Cassie need him. Ava, Beth and Lizzie meet in the hall of Spaulding Mansion. Lizzie lets into Ava about being with Alan-Michael when she loves Coop. Marina goes on computer and sees Cyrus is a wanted man. His full name is Cyrus Foley. As Beth is looking at an empty gun case Reva's voice is heard saying if Josh shot Alan, where's the gun? At the end of the show they showed more of the cast fixing up a house.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Miles sits in a booth in the Palace Hotel dining room. Todd comes in, on the cell phone, and is very happy. When he join Viki, she wonders what is up with him. Todd tells Viki that today is Evangeline’s birthday, and he had purchased her something really expensive. Blair stops by the table, and lets Todd know that she hopes that Evangeline is worth the trouble. Evangeline signs for a box at the police station. When she reads the tag, she sees it is from Todd. Evangeline is more than a little surprised when she sees it is a beautiful necklace. John has arrived back from his trip, and he lets Natalie know that David had killed Spencer. Asa talks to David in jail about his killing of Spencer. Asa tells David that he had spared the whole world. Antonio questions Nash if he wants to have an affair with Jessica. Jessica has a major dilemma -- she is in love with two men. Marty lets her know that she has to decide who she wants. Natalie wonders how John had put all this together. John promises to make it up to her. John gets a call on his cell phone. He searches through a drawer to find some papers, and finds something interesting. Blair continues to blast Todd for buying Evangeline an expensive present. Blair stops by Miles’ table, and she offers to buy him a drink. Todd keeps looking at his cell phone, and Viki questions him if he is expecting a call. Evangeline hurries, and shuts the lid on the box just as Dorian walks up. Dorian asks Evangeline to have her office drop the charges against David. Asa questions David as to how he will get out of this. David can’t get over how easy it is for Asa to pay to have a man killed. Nash hee-haws around and really doesn’t answer Antonio’s question if he is having an affair with Jessica. Jessica admits that she needs Marty’s help. Marty tells Jessica to write down on a piece of paper who she really thinks of spending the rest of her life with. Jessica slowly writes down the name, and then folds it, and puts it in an envelope. Miles finds out from Blair about the hatred that she feels for Marty. Miles remembers Marty taking him home, and about him kissing her. Miles gets up to leave, telling Blair that he has something to do .Evangeline refuses to drop the charges against David. Asa questions David as to how many he had stabbed Spencer with the scissors. Nash tries to lead Antonio to believe that he cannot stand Jessica. John tells Natalie that he missed her. They begin to kiss, and he leads her to the bed.

Miles leaves Blair to go to see Marty. Evangeline walks into the Palace dining room, and catches the eye of Blair, who becomes very upset when she sees the necklace that Evangeline is wearing. Evangeline walks over to Todd’s table where Viki wishes her a Happy Birthday before departing. Todd is happy that Evangeline is wearing the necklace. Evangeline tells Todd that she cannot accept the necklace. After their lovemaking, Natalie confesses to John that she had told Bo about what she had done, concealing evidence. This statement leads to a big argument between John and Natalie. Miles speaks briefly to Jessica outside of Marty’s door. Marty invites him in to her office. Miles proceeds to apologize to her for the kiss, but she thinks that it was just funny. Jessica sees Nash outside in the corridor, and she tells him that they need to go somewhere and talk.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Kay tells Miguel that she will never be with him.  Chad and Vincent talk about their relationship. Chad once again tells him its over. Whitney invites Theresa to join them for dinner.  Theresa accepts but really doesn't want to. Fancy and Chris try to figure out where Sheridan and Luis are. Fancy finds out but doesn't tell Chris. Ethan sees Jared at the hospital. They have an intense conversation about Theresa and Jared goes into cardiac arrest.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Nick tries to talk to Phyllis, but she isn't listening. All she can think about is what she overheard, when Brad and Sharon were talking. She gets to work. Victoria is pregnant and she and Brad are happy about it but Nick isn't. Phyllis is quiet as she listens. The concern is that Brad isn't as into his wife as he is into Sharon. When alone, Phyllis gets on the phone and orders the travel expense details for Brad and Sharon. Neil and Drucilla are at the Athletic Club and David comes by to see them on his way out of there. Everyone is getting along nicely. David tells Neil that he is to take over the Granville Global project since he will be heading up Jack's campaign. Neil is glad to take the responsibility, but when David leaves, Dru tells her husband that she still isn't buying David's act for a minute. David has met with Sharon and now he knows about her past and he tells Victor and Nikki later that she is a nightmare. Jack's past is bad enough, but saddled with Sharon's, Jack might be affected in a negative way. Victor tells David that the solution is to stop the two from dating so that they can get Jack to a political seat. Phyllis gets her travel details and she looks over the expenses for the trip. She notices that there are not charges for Brad's room. No pay-per-view, no soda, no food. However, for Sharon's room there are expenses…and a huge breakfast was sent to her room as well. Phyllis finds Sharon in the elevator and she asks her if she knows any good hotels in New York. She mentions the name of the hotel that Sharon stayed at with Brad and the memories are back and flooding Sharon's brain. She remembers everything…the flirting, the passionate lovemaking and the morning after… Sharon tells Phyllis that if she wants to find out about the hotel in question, she is to ask Jack. He happens to be staying there right now. The elevator stops and the ladies see David Chow. David asks for the list of things that he asked for earlier. She did as he said and wrote down a list of 'questionable' things in her life, so that he can do damage control if need be. Phyllis is curious about the list and what it is for, but Sharon is careful not to let her see it and David brushes the issue off. Victoria goes back to Brad and is sad. That morning she was full of hope over being a mother and now after having spoken to her brother, she is suddenly unhappy again. Phyllis gets on the phone and calls the Ashford-Baron hotel. She says that she will be coming to stay at the hotel and she was wondering if she could talk to her favorite bellboy Carlos.

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