Thursday 3/8/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 3/8/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Bianca accompanies Zoe to the hospital with Dr. Massey so that Zoe can begin the transition process.† Zoe begins to cry, and hits herself in the head.† Kendall and Zach kiss.† She questions him if he is any better this morning.† Kendall and Zach kiss again as Myrtle walks in the door, and tells them both that she had told them so.† Jack sits at a desk in the police station squad room and is on the phone when Erica comes in.† She thanks him for helping save Kendall.† She asks about the mess that he had helped cause with Josh and Babe.† Babe is sitting up in a chair by her bed when Josh comes in, and brings her breakfast.† Babe asks why Josh isnít asking her what she has decided-whether to stay with J.R. or to run with Josh and Little Adam.† Krystal comes downstairs, and she hears J.R.ís voice telling her that Little Adam isnít very good at keeping secrets.† J.R. comes out of the study, and asks Krystal to take him to see Little Adamís mother, too.† Krystal begins to make up some lie that she hadnít taken Little Adam anywhere.† J.R. insists on knowing where they went.† J.R. holds up the car keys, and asks Krystal to take him where she took Little Adam.† John lets Babe know that it is her life and her decision as to what to do.† Josh hands her some juice.† Krystal continues to lie to J.R. to the point that J.R. begins to believe her, and apologizes.† J.R. wonders why Little Adam would say that he had seen his Mother.† J.R. apologizes to Krystal for doubting her and tells Krystal that he has a meeting he has to get to.† Erica questions Jack as to what is going on between Josh and Babe.† Erica believes that everyone should know that Babe is alive.† Kendall gives Zach a kiss good-bye.† She leaves.† Bianca encourages Zoe not to do this today if she is not ready to go through with it.† Zoe is afraid that she will go through all this, and she will still feel lost.† Bianca encourages Zoe to wait and see what the doctor has to say.† They snuggle as J.R. appears from around the corner, and sees them.† Kendall visits Babe and they hug.† Dr. Massey comes out to see Zoe.† Kendall and Josh hug.† Kendall tells him that she is glad to be home.† Babe wants to know how Kendall is holding up.† Kendall asks Babe if she thinks that she can keep this a secret.† Babe admits that she is done with J.R.† Kendall advises Babe that whatever she does to do it quickly.† Kendall starts to get up off the bed, and staggers.† Josh catches her just in time before she hitís the floor.† Myrtle encourages Zach to forgive himself, and to love his family.† Bianca tapes Zoeís session with Dr. Massey.† Dr. Massey advises Zoe of the side effects of hormone treatment.† A nurse comes in and tells the doctor that she has a phone call.† J.R. and Erica attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.† J.R. gets up, introduces himself, and tells them that he is an alcoholic.† J.R. tells the alcoholics group that he has just lost his wife.† Josh goes to get Kendall something to eat.† Babe has a smirk on her face.† Kendall wonders what she is thinking.† Babe lets her know that it could be something else.† Kendall thinks that it just could be something else.† Kendall wonders what Babe is going to do.

J.R. is willing to do anything at this point since he had lost Babe (or so he thinks).† Erica confronts J.R. about his wanting to make amends toward Babe.† J.R. blames himself for what he had done to Babe.† Zach is at the police station signing his statement.† He remembers what his father had done to him and especially Kendall.† Zach comes face to face with his father, who has already changed into a prison outfit.† Kendall brings home a home-pregnancy test.† She is surprised when the test is positive.† Zoe agrees to the hormone distribution, but the doctor tells him that she just canít do that.† The doctor tells Zoe that a psychiatric evaluation is needed before they begin the treatment.† The doctor encourages Zoe to attend a transgender meeting to listen to other transgender people and learn of their experiences.† J.R. comes home, and immediately asks Krystal if he can be her son.†

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Lucinda decides to go visit Sierra for a few weeks and let Lily make her own decisions about the baby food project. Lily and Ethan film a commercial for the baby food company and Phyllis and Miranda give Ethan a teddy bear identical to the one in Paul's vision to replace the teddy bear Holden threw in the garbage. Paul tells Meg he will always love her and will be there if she ever wants to have a romantic relationship with him again. Gwen and Maddie Panic when they discover that Adam's body is missing from its grave. Margo begins to suspect Maddie might be involved in Adam's disappearance after Dallas tells her he saw Maddie at the morgue. Gwen and Maddie search Jade's room hoping to discover if she knows anything about what they did to Adam.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Phoebe pressures Rick to make love to her; it’s not wrong and it’s unfair for their parents to dictate to them. He puts on the brakes and she begs him not to. He tells her he loves her and he wants her special moment to be as perfect as she is. Despite more pressuring, he tells her they must leave the cabin, but he won’t let anything happen to them. Nick enjoys the CD that Hope sent over and Jackie realizes he misses her terribly. She’s delighted to hear that the Ridge/Brooke wedding might not take place. He nixes any plans she has of getting him back with Brooke. Suddenly she is embarrassed when Taylor comes downstairs and even more so when Taylor hints that she knows Jackie has fond feelings for Brooke and believes she is the one who can make her son happy. Brooke has words with Ridge, but doesn’t believe this situation is as big a deal as he does. She tells him if he loves her, then he must love her son. They don’t have to agree, but he must accept him.

Rick explains that sneaking around was wrong and also sent Ridge the wrong message, that he didn’t respect her. When she has doubts of their parents accepting this, he vows no matter what, he will never ever let her go. Nick tells Taylor to forget what his mother said, she really wasn’t trying to start trouble. Ridge says it comes down to a difference in parenting styles, but he doesn’t want that to interfere with their relationship. Rick calls Brooke and tells her they are fine, but it’s over. Ridge is grateful that Brooke managed to get him to call it off. Thinking out loud, Phoebe vows that no matter what her dad says, she and Rick are NOT over.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Nick rushes to Abby with the news that Chelsea kissed him. Abby refuses to believe that Chelsea really likes Nick. Nick wants to tell Chelsea about sleeping with Billie. Abby takes Maggie’s advice and reports Nick’s plan to Billie so she can stop him. Billie finds Nick before he can get to Chelsea but she can’t change Nick’s mind. Willow begs Abby to help her get her job back at Chez Rouge but Abby refuses. Willow asks EJ for a job and EJ only considers helping her when he hears about her carrying Shawn’s baby. Billie meets with EJ and tells him about Bo’s refusal to test out her product. Pulling from a joke Billie made about forcing Bo to buy the security system after someone breaks into his house, EJ pays Willow to break into Bo’s house. Willow refuses so EJ reports her pregnancy to the YMCA director knowing it would get her evicted. Willow is forced to accept the job.

Lucas guesses that Sami is afraid of EJ. Sami refuses to admit why she wants to run so Lucas threatens to call off the wedding. Sami tearfully begs Lucas to accept her without a reason so he promises not to walk away if she is honest. Just as Sami is about to tell Lucas the truth, Celeste interrupts. Sami claims to Lucas that she was merely upset over EJ asking to come to the wedding. Sami sends Lucas away so she can ask Celeste for help.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Sonny faces off with Jax, warning him that he will win Carly back. An agonized Carly struggles with her decision to divorce Sonny. Max tells Jax what Carly is up to and doesn't believe either he or Sonny deserve to with her. Sonny learns Carly is seeking a divorce.

Outrage breaks out when Alan's will is read and what it reveals. The family accuses Tracy of wrongdoing but she admits nothing. Strangely enough, it is the typical Quartermaine dysfunction that helps Emily cope with the loss of her father. Tracy's guilt manifests itself in the form of a disapproving ghost of Alan. Lulu shows Sonny Alan's letter to Luke and asks his advice. Sonny warns Lulu that exposing Rick's killer could have serious repercussions.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Billy tries to talk some sense into Josh. Josh tells him he used H.B.'s gun to shoot Alan. Dylan visits Reva at the Bar. They talk about Daisy, Harley and him. Daisy is released from jail. Doesn't want to see Harley. Wants to go to Reva's for the time being. Cassie talks to Gus and tries to confess. Gus tries to calm her down. Cassie tells him what she says happened, that she was alone with Alan, he had a cigar. She shot him. Gus tells her she is crazy. Doris shows up. Beth shows up at Alan's bedside with Alan-Michael. Billy tries to talks some more with Josh. Josh reminds him of a time he was in hot water with the police. Beth and Rick talk about their relationship. Alan's condition changes. Alan-Michael calls on Rick to check him. Harley meets up with Daisy and Dylan and apologies and wants to talk. Reva wants Daisy to work this out with Harley. Daisy believes Bobby was the one that deserves to be in jail. That it was his drugs and liquor. Harley tells Daisy that she has been in the same situation as her, that is how she had her. Then Harley regrets saying it the way she had. That she and the boys are the best thing she ever did. Reva says she also gave up 2 children that she wished she knew, (Dylan, Jonathan). Harley tells Reva that Daisy is her daughter to take care of. That she has enough going on with Josh. Reva doesn't get that. Then Harley tells her Josh was arrested for Alan's shooting. Mel becomes Josh's attorney. She is trying to talk some sense into Josh also. Mel says she will look into bail for him. Josh thanks her. While still talking to Cassie and Billy. Gus gets a call. Cassie worries it is about Josh. Gus says no that it isn't about Josh, but that she should worry about Josh. Gus says Alan condition worsened. Beth ad Alan-Michael talk. She knows he can walk. By this time he is standing eye to eye with her. Beth says they can team up to get Doris out of the family. Doris runs into Rick and wants to see Alan. Rick tells her to leave. Then he goes in to talk to an unconscious Alan. Tells him he is pathetic and doesn't deserve Beth. Reva visits Josh in jail.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Jessica stands at Marty’s office door, hesitant to go in. Marty spies her, and calls to her. Jessica goes into Marty’s office. They hug. Jessica admits to Marty that she had told Nash that she loved him. Nash brings Antonio some insurance papers that he had picked up. Nash immediately notices that something is wrong .Nash questions Antonio as to what is wrong. Natalie and John are kissing in the bed. She makes him promise that he will never leave town again without telling her where he is going. Natalie wakes up when there is a knock at the door. It is Vincent. John comes to Dorian’s cell. She demands to see her lawyer. John lets her know that she won’t be needing a lawyer. Dorian sees David walk up. She smiles, and says, “David?” Bo talks to Matthew on the cell phone, and lets Bo know that he and Nora are house-hunting on the internet. Matthew is discouraged because if they do find a house they won’t have anything to put in it. Bo lets him know that they have the most important thing and that is love. Lindsay comes into Bo’s office, and speaks to him about some art work that she was dropping off for an aucion. They kiss Matthew, and the things that he had lost in the fire. Nora goes over some house prospects with Matthew that she had found on the internet, but Matthew doesn’t like any of them. Asa comes in, and informs them that they can live here forever if they want to. Asa tells Matthew of a computer in the guest room on the third floor. Matthew goes to check it out .Nora thanks Asa for all of his help. Natalie, after getting dressed, wants to know what Vincent is doing there. Vincent lets her know that he had brought breakfast. Natalie lets Vincent know that she had confessed to Bo about what she had done. Dorian questions David if he had come all this way to get her out of jail. John releases Dorian, as he puts David in jail instead. John lets him know that David is under arrest for the murder of Spencer. David owns up to Dorian that he had killed Spencer. The maid brings in some packages for Nora. Nora finds out that Asa had had her some clothes sent over from the fancy clothing store at the Palace. Talia comes in, and wants to go back to the crime scene of the fire to further investigate. Bo tells her to go for it. Talia leaves the office, very pleased with herself. Antonio questions Nash as to how he and Jessica had gotten stuck in the storage room. Antonio asks Nash if he is having an affair with Jessica. Nash remembers him and Jessica being together in the storage room, and that they had almost made love.

Lindsay finds out from Bo that Matthew had lost all of his videos and pictures of Jen in the fire. Lindsay gathers up pictures of Jen, and videos, and some pictures of Sam, and takes them to Matthew and Nora. Nora thanks Lindsay as Matthew goes to look at the videos. Jessica owns up to Marty that she is in love with both Nash and Antonio. Antonio continues to question Nash as to what is going on between him and Jessica. Natalie opens up to Vincent about her and John. They hug. John walks in the door as Natalie and Vincent pull apart. Vincent makes a quick departure. John wants to know what has been going on. Talia comes back from the crime scene with some startling evidence concerning footprints located where she was knocked out. Dorian leaves David in jail, but promises to get him an attorney. Nora gets a phone call from the insurance company denying her claim for the insurance money. Asa visits David in jail, and acknowledges that he had done good, and really deserved the money in his killing of Spencer Truman.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Luis is still with Sheraton and they talk about Fancy and their relationship. Theresa calls Judge Riley to marry her and Jared. Ethan calls the Judge to see if he ruled on the motions. Judge Riley tells Ethan he will bring the paperwork to the hospital before the wedding assuming that Ethan would be there. Ethan asks who is getting married. Kay and Fox talk at the hospital and she stays with him until he falls asleep. She calls to check up on Maria and Miguel answers. Fancy talks with Chris and he asks why would Sheraton break up Fancy and Luis' relationship.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Adrian has created a resignation letter, but Colleen tries to talk him out of using it. She feels that two people who are adults can make decisions. He tells her that girls have tried to kiss him, but this is the first time he kissed back. Brad and Victoria get on the phones to try to get the board to vote their way at the next board meeting; Nick and Phyllis do the same to get people on their side of the fence. Amber is thrilled as ever now. Cane has decided to keep the spontaneous marriage going and it is all because of the tricks that Amber and Daniel have been playing on him. As soon as Cane's back is turned, Amber is on the phone calling Daniel to give him the good news. Daniel has Amber's log-on name and password information and he goes to the site she told him about. When he gets to it, he opens another site as well so that he can hide the Strangers of the Night site in case anyone comes in while he is dabbling. Daniel enters the information and watches her profile. Devon comes home when he is watching and Daniel quickly closes the profile and flips to the innocent site entitled, The Cult of Mithras. Devon asks what the home page named, 'The Cult of Mithras' is all about. Daniel lies, saying that it is about anagrams and things like that. Devon isn't all that interested and heads to his room. Daniel goes back to the site and watches as Amber gets out of bed and talks to the camera about her likes and her dislikes. She rolls around on the bed with her baby-doll nightie on…red as a fire-engine, and she talks about the type of men that she likes. Daniel's eyes are bulging out of his head. He gets through the video profile and sits frozen at what he just watched. The site is a hot one. Lily arrives and Daniel subtly logs off the site before she sees what he is doing. She reminds him that they are going to her parents' place that night but he tells that he has a lot of work to do for school and manages to get out of the family thing until later that night…maybe. Soon, Devon and Lily are out the door to Neil and Drucilla's for dinner. Daniel sees them out and then closes the door…locking it. He smiles and gets back to the computer now. He has had enough of the tame stuff on Strangers of the Night and heads to see the really great stuff now. "You have to be kidding me," he says in awe of what he sees next. Devon and Lily go to the coffeehouse and Amber calls Lily over to talk to her for a minute as she sits with Cane. Lily tells that Daniel is home writing a paper. Amber gets a call and leaves the table to take it privately. It's Daniel!

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