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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ryan comes to visit Annie, and asks her to be his wife.  Kendall and Erica find out that Zach is gone.  Erica wonders why Zach would just leave like that after just getting home.  Zoe visits Babe’s grave.  She is startled by a noise, and looking around, she sees Zach.  Babe asks Josh why he wants her to stay dead.  Babe tells Josh matter-of-factly that no way is she going to let her little boy believe that she is dead.  Josh tells Babe of his plans.  Krystal gets Little Adam’s coat on him, and tells him that she is taking him to visit his Momma.  J.R. comes in, watches them for a minute, and then confronts Krystal as to what she thinks she is doing.  J.R. demands an answer from Krystal.  J.R. hugs Little Adam, and then sends him into the kitchen to get a cookie.  Krystal tells J.R. that she was going to take Little Adam to Babe’s grave.  J.R. lets Krystal know that he hadn’t told Little Adam yet.  Adam walks in, and J.R. fills him in on what had been going on.  J.R. tells Krystal that he will tell Little Adam tonight that his Mother is dead, but Krystal talks him out of it.  Babe calls Josh “certifiable” because he came up with such a preposterous plan.  Babe still has her doubts about Josh’s plan.  Josh points out the consequences that Babe would face if she got into a custody battle with J.R.  J.R. confronts Krystal about her not wanting him to tell Little Adam that his Momma is dead.  Winifred brings Little Adam back into the room and tells them that Little Adam wanted to take one of the cookies to his Momma.  J.  R. explains to Little Adam that his Momma is gone as he hugs him.  Erica still doesn’t know why Zach would walk away from her at a time like this.  Zach apologizes to Zoe for suspecting her of being the “Satin Slayer.”  Ryan tells Anna that he wants a future with her and Emma.  Ryan picks Annie up, and carries her toward his car.  Krystal takes Little Adam to read him a fairytale.  Adam tries to comfort his son.  Josh still tries to sway Babe over to his side by telling her what J.R. will do to Krystal.  Babe refuses to go on the run again.  Annie doesn’t think that it is a good idea for them to get involved.  Ryan wants them to build a life and a family.  Zach blames himself for being Alexander Cambias’ son.  Kendall points out to Erica that Zach needs to deal with all this.  Kendall reminds Erica of the legacy that the Kane women possess.  Krystal brings Little Adam to see Babe.  They share some tender moments together.  Wendy comes in to take Little Adam for a surprise.  Josh fills Krystal in on his plan to get Babe and Little Adam out of town.  Krystal agrees to go along with the plan no matter what Babe decides.  Babe hugs Little Adam and tells him not to let anyone know that he has seen her. 

Adam and J.R. promise to be the men that Krystal and Babe would have them be.  Kendall doesn’t want Erica to blame Zach for what his father has done.  Zach blames his father for making him the man that he is.  Ryan confesses to Annie that he has proposed to her because of something that had happened with Kendall.  Ryan realizes that he wants a second chance at life.  Ryan tells Annie that he really wants to be with her. 

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Jack and Katie are hanging out when J.J. and Parker show up, none to pleased to find her there with him. Dusty confronts Emily about what she has been up to, as he tosses her shoe at her that he found at the Avalon. Gwen is freaking out when she finds her wedding band in a box filled with dirt delivered to her house with the initials ‘AM’ on it. They try to come up with a valid explanation, but they can’t and decide the only way to know is to go back and check if Adam is still buried. Jade goes to tell Margo about her flower delivery. Barbara tells Will they have to leave town tonight because of Hal. When Jack has to bail on the boys for dinner, Katie offers to stay with them, to the dismay of Parker and J.J. Katie is having an awkward time with them until she tells them the story of how she got hit in the face with a hockey puck; they find common ground and start to have fun. Dusty wonders how much it will cost him to talk to Emily? Emily plays it off and tries to convince him she isn’t involved in anything like that. Gwen and Maddie run into Will and Barbara as they are leaving the house with shovels, flashlights and gloves. Barbara and Will are hoping Gwen can come with them to Washington DC to a ceremony where Hal will posthumously be receiving the Medal of Valor, but she can’t bring herself to go and comes up with an excuse that she can’t miss her make up exam, as Will is understanding. Dallas checks with the florist. The person paid in cash, no security cameras and the shop was busy, so there isn’t a chance for an ID. Jade then begrudgingly tells Margo about what Will told her; Adam tried to sexually assault Gwen. Margo is devastated, but she is determined to talk to Gwen. Emily tells Cheri that Dusty won’t be a problem, but she is unsure. Dusty goes to Jack for help finding out information on the Avalon Hotel and Cheri, under the pretense that Worldwide is looking into some real estate over there. Jack finds Katie, J.J. and Parker having fun while trying to teach her hockey. Jack stands closely next to her, as he tries to teach Katie also. At the burial site, Maddie and Gwen can’t find Adam. Maddie can’t believe it, but Gwen is positive that Adam is gone!

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke has to separate Ridge from Rick. Stephanie lashes that if Ridge wants to be mad at someone, make that Brooke as she knew the kids were still seeing each other and did nothing about it. Ridge feels betrayed and can't believe that Brooke wouldn't respect his feelings the way she seems to respect the kid's feelings. Brooke won't back down and insists on speaking to Rick alone. She lectures him and advises him to break it off with Phoebe before things spiral even further out of control. Stephanie harks to Ridge this is Brooke's fault and you don't start a marriage based on lies. She reminds Phoebe that she owes her father an apology. Phoebe does apologize. She wanted him to treat her like an adult, then she sneaked around behind his back. Ridge claims he could have handled it better too. But he and Brooke are in opposite camps when it comes to her wanting to leave Rick and Phoebe there alone to work this out. And she’s not just ASKING him. Stephanie is shocked that Ridge would accept Brooke turning the tables on him, after lying about this situation. Going home, Ridge is indecisive and wants to turn the car around and go back. Brooke demands that he not, leave the kids alone; they need this time alone and they are going to give it to them. He’s still incredulous that she knew about this all along. Yet she berates him for that look in his eye and she will NEVER tolerate him trying to strike her son again. He surmises SHE lied to him, yet he’s the bad guy here. Rick is sullen and quiet and Phoebe tries to persuade him that her dad will come around eventually. He thinks they have put his mother in a very touchy situation. Phoebe doesn’t want him to go on this guilt trip. She says her dad will come around eventually. And his mom won't lose Ridge because of this. They have to stop worrying about what everyone else says. She begs him to just love her.

Nick feeds Taylor hot, spicy soup in bed and reassures her that Brooke is his past, just like the boat. Nothing Brooke says or does will affect his feelings for Taylor or shake his world at all. He likes the way he feels now and what he sees when he looks at Taylor. After making love, he doesn't want to think about anything else and she says she's found the man she wants to be with.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Chelsea is hesitant to give in to her feelings for Nick because of his betrayal. Chelsea gets Nick to promise never to keep secrets from her again before giving him another chance. Billie pitches her security system to Bo and he loves the idea until he finds out that EJ is her corporate sponsor. Lucas decides to let Kate back in his life as long as she respects his decisions. Lucas gives Kate the wedding invitation and she reluctantly agrees to attend. EJ vows to raise Sami’s baby alone for he is sure it is his baby and demands that she get an amniocentesis to determine paternity within 48 hours. Sami begs Lucas to leave town with her and never come back.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Tracy is very unhappy to hear the rumors that Alan left everything to Emily. Carly breaks the news about her one night stand with Sonny to Jason. Dillon is not sure that Alan was right in accusing Scott of the murder and Lulu does not want to give Luke the letter for fear he'll commit another murder, Scott's. He then tells her that he's jealous of Spinelli and about his break-up with Georgi. Luke agrees to help Tracy "fix" Alan's will in her, and his, favor. When Tracy reads the will, she learns that Emily got a generous trust, but the bulk went to any future child of Jason's. So, they begin editing the document. Lulu enlists Spinelli in her quest to get evidence proving that Scott did kill Rick. Liz and Lucky proceed to move into Laura's old home. An old friend shows up asking for Cooper's help. On the plane, Carly worries that Sonny will thwart her divorce.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Harley says she not only isn't a good mother, but can't cook either. Daisy is talking to someone on her cellphone. Daisy interrupts Harley and Gus and takes a picture with her cellphone of them. Daisy, Harley and Gus are talking about a High School dance. Leah comes by to apologize for something she said to upset Daisy. Leah then asks Daisy for advice. Dylan stops by with a handful of flowers. Daisy thanks her Dad, Dylan to telling her he was in town. Bobby apologizes also for bailing out on her on the dance. Bobby and Daisy are alone, he offers her a drink of beer. She says no, that she is not much of a drinker. Daisy gets comfortable with Bobby until her puts the moves on her. Then things get better, until they both are drunk. Bobby passes out and Daisy leaves the hotel room they were in. She calls Harley and Gus who come to get her out of the jam she is in. Harley is furious with Daisy and asks her if she took anything. Daisy says no. Bobby comes too and answers a question of whether Daisy gave him the stuff. He lies. Harley takes Daisy to the PD. Harley tells Daisy that she is not letter her end up pregnant or dead or both. Frank is then called in. Daisy is shocked that Frank would be called in. Frank asks Daisy what happened. Franks say this is not what he meant when he said tough love. Franks suggest grounding her, not arresting her. Meanwhile Gus is with Bobby at Cedars. Gus is talking with him. Gus and Bobby make a deal. That he won't do this to Daisy again. Frank then tells a cop to put Daisy in a holding cell when Harley won't change her mind. A cellmate of Daisy's asks her if a pimp put her there. She says no, her mom did. Then she says she hates her. Gus visits Daisy and hugs her. Tries to talk to her. That there are thinks he and Harley don't agree on but this they do. That Daisy is reckless. Daisy says Harley should have talked with her instead of going ballistic on her.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Jessica lets Nash know that she just can’t do this right now. Antonio watches them arguing. Todd is in his office at the “Sun” when he suddenly decides to call Evangeline. He becomes frustrated when she won’t answer her phone. Evangeline looks at her cell phone, but then slams it shut when she sees that it is Todd. Layla comes up behind her, and they hug. Layla notices that something is wrong. Miles orders another drink, and then one for everyone in the bar. Bo is busy at his desk when Natalie comes in. Bo wants to know if she had heard from John. Natalie tells him, no, but she has a confession to make. John accuses David of killing Spencer. Miles continues to drink. Marty tells Miles that he doesn’t have to buy everyone a drink. Miles proposes a toast to their friendship. Marty tells him that they can’t be friends. Natalie confesses to Bo something that she had done the night that Spencer was murdered. Bo encourages her to talk. Natalie confesses to Bo that she had taken evidence from the crime scene. David is surprised that John thinks that he had killed his own brother. David confesses that he knows what is going on in Llanview. John encourages David to focus that he is in this up to his eyeballs. John tells David that he killed Spencer and that he can prove it .Todd becomes frustrated that he cannot find Evangeline. Evangeline tells Layla that Christian broke up with her. Antonio questions Jessica as to what is going on. Jessica lies to Antonio as to what she is upset about. The nurse arrives to take Antonio for his tests. Nash lets Jessica know that Antonio is getting suspicious. Jessica tells Nash that they will have to be more careful that Antonio can never find out what had went on in that storage room. Christian comes to visit Antonio, and immediately wants to know where Jessica. Christian questions Antonio as to what he thinks is going on between Jessica and Nash. Layla wants to know what made Christian break up with her. Evangeline explains to Layla what had happened with Todd. Nash comes into a bar, and orders a vodka. Miles falls down in the floor, and says to himself, “mission accomplished.” There is a knock on Todd’s door. Todd tells them to go away. Jessica pokes her head in the door. Jessica explains to Todd what had been going on. Todd gives Jessica a new assignment. Todd explains that he wants to know everything about Evangeline . Natalie lets Bo know what evidence that she had taken from the crime scene. He becomes deeply agitated at her actions. Natalie also confesses that she had just told John about what she had done. Bo informs her that her and John are guilty of hiding evidence. David orders another piña colada. John shows David a picture of him hiding in the shadows the night that Spencer was killed. David owns up that he had indeed killed Spencer. Marty accompanies Miles back to his room. As he goes in the door, he falls face down on the floor, unconscious. Marty tries to stifle a laugh. Layla questions Evangeline if Todd had tried to seduce her .Evangeline lets Layla know that Starr had shown up when she was in a bathrobe after the massage. Evangeline tells Layla that she loves Christian. John is confused that David is confessing to the crime. The waiter arrives with David’s drink. Bo and Natalie go over the evidence of what she had done .Bo tells Natalie that what she had done was wrong. Natalie wants to know if he is going to arrest her . Antonio questions Christian as to what he knows that he doesn’t about Nash and Jessica. Todd and Jessica argue over Evangeline breaking up with Christian. Jessica tells Todd to leave Evangeline alone. Layla lets Evangeline know that she has a thing for “complicated” men. Layla goes to save Nash from himself. Nash lets Layla know that he and Jessica are in love. Layla questions Nash if he is happy. Marty tries to arouse Miles. She helps him to his feet. They fall down onto the sofa. Miles kisses her. John orders David to his feet that he is going back to Llanview. John shows David a picture of Dorian in jail. Todd questions Jessica as to what is up. Jessica kisses Todd bye. Todd pulls it up on the Internet about Evangeline, her likes and dislikes. Evangeline tries to call Christian. Christian sees that it is Evangeline calling, and slams the phone shut .Christian refuses to get back together with Evangeline. Christian tells Antonio not to trust Nash around Jessica. Antonio lets him know that he trusts Nash as well as Jessica. David decides to go back to Llanview with John. Bo tells Natalie that she isn’t arrested, but she is out of the CSI program. Bo also tells her that if this case remains unsolved because of the evidence that John and Natalie had withheld then they would both face criminal charges.

Passions Recap Written by Glynis

Theresa has made her decision and she won't change it. She has to turn all her attention completely on Jared. She can't mess around with her brothers' lives. She won't sacrifice them for a life with Ethan. She is going to obey the blackmailer and stay out of Ethan's life. Fancy loves Luis but there is a part of her that is starting to worry about all this. Ivy lends a friendly ear. She sympathizes with her daughter. Fancy needs answers and she needs them now. The phone rings and when Fancy says 'hello', no one answers. Ivy comes over and asks who is calling. Luis says nothing and only listens. "Luis is that you?" He says nothing. Whitney tells Vincent that he has to try harder to find the USB Stick, but Theresa tells him not to bother. She feels like she has lost. She tells Vincent that his services will not be needed anymore. He promises to keep his secrets about her and leaves. Theresa knows what she has to do. She will marry Jared. Luis is about to get rough when Sheridan shouts. "It's me!" Luis pulls back and helps Sheridan to get up. She figured that Theresa was helping Luis out and then she remembered that Crane owns some apartments that Luis might have been using. This was the third one that she checked. She had to find him. She had to make sure that Harmony's number one master criminal eats right. Luis starts getting his things together. He has to get out of there. if Sheridan can find him then anyone can. Sheridan begs him not to go. "Keep your mouth shut," Chad whispers at Vincent as Whitney arrives. Vincent asks Whitney is she would like to get a cup of coffee with him. Whitney would love that but Chad says that he was going to ask her to go and feed Miles his lunch at the daycare downstairs. Whitney has to do that over coffee, so she will have to meet with Vincent another time. She walks off. Vincent tells Chad that he got lucky that time. Chad grabs him but Vincent slithers out of his grasp. "Hey Whit! Wait up!" Vincent shouts. "I'll walk with you." And Vincent goes off after her. Chad and Ethan talk some more about Chad's affair and Ethan cautions Chad to make sure that he is doing what is right by staying with Vincent. Chad knows that staying with Whitney is the right thing for him. He just wishes that things were easier…and that his 'other' was a woman. Jared can't wait to get out of the hospital to marry Theresa. "No!" Theresa says. Jared doesn't understand. No, I don’t' want to wait for you to get out of the hospital. I think we should get married today." Jared is a little shocked to hear this but he keeps smiling anyway.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Dru keeps herself composed as she heads to the witness stand. She sees that Ines is there, but it doesn't bother her like it usually would. Neil and Devon are glad that Ines showed up as now the room will clearly see that Ines looks exactly like Carmen and that had to have added to her confusion about seeing Ines from time to time. Dru gets off track for a minute, almost getting angry when she talks about her clothes getting cut up and getting stalked but she holds it all together. Nikki, Victoria and Phyllis are at the boutique to look about getting Phyllis the perfect wedding dress. Victoria and Nikki are not happy with the new in-law-to-be since she has changed teams by going along with Victor and Jack regarding the Clear Springs land deal. Phyllis isn't happy to see Lauren there and tells that Lily said that she wouldn't be there at that time. Lauren is sorry to disappoint her and goes in the back room so that Phyllis can have her visit to the store in private. The court understands and finds that Dru isn't a danger to anyone. Carmen goes to talk to the prosecutor and says that she had a recent visit with Dru and things didn't go so well. The prosecutor goes to the judge and asks that another witness be put on the stand. Michael tries to fight it but the judge allows it. Amber is all upset. Her marriage is about to be over. Daniel tells her that the only thing that she can do right now is go home…back to LA. They play another trick on Cane and Daniel calls pretending to be from LA with a gig for Amber. She will have to come to LA right away. Daniel gives Amber the message and can't believe that she is ready to dump him and go away. She tells him that she can't give up her singing career for a soon-to-be-ex-husband. Cane caves and tells her that he wants her to stay with him. They hug and make up in bed. They will be staying married and will continue to live as husband and wife. Someone has called the Dean and everyone denies having done it. Adrian and Colleen have to go and see the Dean the next day. Brad is angry and asks JT to find out who did this. He doesn't want to get involved anymore, but finally gives in and will do the investigation. Ines tries her best to get Dru recommitted, but it doesn't work. They judge lets Dru go and she is free to go home to her family. David and Ines talk outside the courtroom. They did what they set out to do, and so it is decided that she should leave town right away. Dru tells David that she overreacted and that she was wrong to fly off the handle as far as he was concerned. He accepts her apology.

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