Tuesday 3/6/07 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Zach tries to apologize to Ryan for knocking him unconscious.  Ryan tells him that it is done now.  Kendall urges Ryan to listen to Zach because she wants peace between them.  Kendall gets the cell phone out of Zach’s pocket, and tells him that she is going to phone home, and let them know that everything is fine.  Alexander Cambias, Sr. is brought into the police station on murder charges.  Josh listens at Babe’s door to Babe’s and Krystal’s conversation about their babies.  Josh finds out that Tad is Krystal’s baby’s father.  Erica comes to visit J.R., but finds him gone.  Adam offers his help which Erica accepts and she tells him about Babe.  Adam tells her matter-of-factly that Babe is dead.  Erica tells him not really.  Adam accuses her of either drinking or being on pills.  He asks her if she had seen Krystal.  Erica lets him know that Krystal knows better than anyone that Babe’s spirit will never die.  Josh lets Krystal and Babe know that he has heard everything, and he will never let anyone know that Krystal’s baby is really Tad’s.  Erica questions Adam as to how Babe and J.R. were doing before Babe died.  Erica receives a phone call from Kendall letting her know that everything is over, and they have the killer in custody.  Kendall lets Erica know that the killer is Alexander Cambias, Sr.  Zach and Ryan shake hands.  Jamie calls Julia and lets her know that everyone is coming home soon.  Julia lets Kathy know that Tad is not her father.  The police read Alex, Sr. his rights.  Krystal shows Babe a picture that Little Adam drew.  Babe requests to see Little Adam and Krystal agrees to bring him to see her.  Krystal thanks Josh for keeping Babe safe.  Erica insists that Adam keep his son away from hers.  Tad lets Alex, Sr. know that he is a “nobody” that no one, not even his son, cares about.  J.R. lashes out at Alex, Sr. and orders him to shut up.  Tad has to hold J.R. to keep him from attacking Alex, Sr.  Zach lets Kendall know that he is ready for the family that they have always dreamed of.  Ryan watches Kendall and Zach very closely.  Krystal arrives home, very happy and when she goes into the study, Adam comes up behind her, and tells her that she looks like she has the weight off her shoulders.  He senses that she has seen Erica and Krystal knows that they have caught the Satin Slayer.  Erica rushes into Babe’s room, and lets them know that the Satin Slayer has been caught.  She throws the cover back off Babe and tells Babe that she is taking her home. 

Adam lets Krystal know that the Satin Slayer has been caught.  Adam questions Krystal as to where she had gone with Josh and what he doesn’t know.  Josh lets Erica know that Babe is in no shape to go home.  Kendall is reunited with Erica, Bianca, and Spike.  Kendall turns around, and sees Zach gone.  She wonders where he could have gone.  Krystal gets Little Adam to go visit his Mother when J.R. walks in.  He looks at her questioningly. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Katie can’t believe Henry and Vienna’s news. Luke and Holden talk, rather awkwardly, about how he doesn’t think he is going to attend Spring Break because he doesn’t have anyone special. Dusty tries to force Emily to tell Jack what happened when he notices her face, but she angrily puts him in his place. Cheri interrupts when she calls demanding to see Emily because of Elliott. Gwen is about to tell Will what went on between her and Adam when she sees how hurt he is. Maddie intercedes on Gwen’s behalf and explains Adam attacked Gwen, but she convinced her not to tell anyone since he didn’t actually rape her and that Adam is gone forever. Will is distraught and this propels him onto a mission to find Adam one way or another to make sure he pays. Katie and Henry disagree on Henry’s role in Vienna’s life and not to mention the role of taking on her money to keep her from having to turn it over to Leonia; Henry won’t budge and even signs the papers in front of Katie. Emily arrives at Cheri and ends up being required to attend a group party. Dusty follows her and goes inside. Gwen and Maddie are concerned about Will running off half-cocked, but their fear is interrupted when they see Jade receiving flowers from Adam. Maddie doesn’t believe he sent them and Jade wonders if Maddie sent them? Emily spies Dusty at the party and hides. She gets Cheri to cover for her, much to her dismay. Dusty sees her leave and heads out after her, only to bump into someone else. Katie finds Jack at Al’s, where he is forced to admit that he used his kids as an excuse. Katie tries to hide being hurt, but tells him it is for the best since she turns everyone against her sooner or later. Jack wants to stay with her and talk. Meg offers Holden a shoulder. Will tells Jade and Luke about Adam attacking Gwen. They all wonder what Adam is up to? Vienna is able to get Henry’s mind off of Katie. Gwen receives a package from ‘AM’ and proceeds to freak out. When she opens it, inside is her wedding band that she lost while burying Adam.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor asks Nick if he is through with Brooke? She knows Stephanie is just trying to stir things up, but she might have an issue. Brooke stops by with a gift from Hope and Nick is clearly touched. Both are uncomfortable when Brooke realizes Taylor is upstairs.

He warns her that Stephanie came to him saying Brooke would soon be available, so watch her back. She states that it’s not his problem any more. Ridge doesn’t believe Stephanie when she blabs that Phoebe is going to meet Rick at Big Bear. She continues badgering until he gives in and they leave for the cabin. He won’t listen to anymore when she continues about him not having to continue his big wedding with Brooke; he could call it off. The love-birds show up and start making a fire and getting blankets to be comfortable. Phoebe makes it clear that they are all alone and can do anything they want. Brooke calls Ridge and he has one message for her – get to big Bear ASAP. The kids are seeing each other again and he is going to put a stop to it once and for all!

Nick tells Taylor that he is not with her because Brooke is not available, but because he wants to be. Stephanie and Ridge catch Phoebe and Rick lying down snuggling on the couch and kissing. He orders her to leave right now and Phoebe refuses. He blames it all on Rick. They bate each other until Ridge grabs him by the collar when Rick asserts Phoebe wanted to be here with him and away from Ridge. Brooke barges in and yells at Ridge to leave her son alone.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Sami is against the requirement of saying the act of contrition before her wedding with Lucas. Sami covers for her refusal by blaming her past transgressions. Lucas agrees to let Sami skip the act of contrition as long as it means they’ll still get married in the church. Sami insists that Lucas invite Kate to the wedding. Billie meets with EJ to present her wireless home security proposal. EJ convinces Billie to use Bo as the trial run. EJ meets with Stefano’s doctor and confirms that Stefano is back in Italy but still critical. EJ overhears Sami’s private prayer to God about Lucas not finding out about her and EJ and the baby belonging to Lucas.

Shawn builds a raft and he, Belle, and Claire prepare to sail for one of the nearby islands in search of a doctor. Nick tutors Chelsea on calculus but they decide to close the books and kiss.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Elizabeth reaches out to Jason as a friend and sees he's still struggling with the decision he made about the baby. Carly agrees with Sonny when he believes Michael should have both his parents with him when he attends Alan's service. Edward stops Tracy from lashing out at Sonny and Carly. An emotional Monica finds comfort with Jason. The arrival of Skye and Alcazar causes friction. Tracy warns Dillon and Lulu to stop playing detective, especially with Luke around. Dillon passes off Alan's letter to Lulu, who is shocked by what she reads. The letter says that Scott killed Rick Webber.

Robin, Patrick and Noah offer their condolences to the Quartermaines. Luke attends the memorial with the rest of his family. Emily leans on Nikolas during this difficult day. Ned gives a loving and moving eulogy. Jason is troubled by a memory of Alan in which he can't hear what his father is saying. After the service, Jason remembers Alan telling him that he loves him. The Quartermaines mourn their loss as they remember Alan.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Jeffrey visits Ava to see if she wants him to stop her from going through with taking care of Alan-Michael. He then calls Olivia to tell her about Ava and to get support. Olivia says she is on her way. Buzz and Coop meet up for a chat about Ava. At the police station Josh and Frank argue about where Cassie was at the time of Alan's shooting. Josh says he did it. Frank wants to know how. Cassie tells Josh not to tell Frank anything. Frank asks a police officer to escort her out. Josh tells Frank his story about what Alan was doing to Cassie and about the shooting. He couldn't bear her hurt anymore so he says he went to Towers went toward the back and met. He and Alan fought over the gun and it went off. Josh says he will cooperate in every way, but he needs Frank's help too. At the Spaulding Mansion Alan-Michael is getting out of his wheelchair whenever he is alone and calling about the investigation. He is on the couch when Ava comes into the Library. She sees the empty wheelchair and asks how he got to the couch. He says he had help from the Help. Olivia meets up with Buzz. She asks for some time. Buzz asks why, what's in the way. She doesn't answer him. She just leaves him. Ashlee is crying when Coop sees her. He tries to find out why she is crying. She says it is her last day at where she works. Jeffrey states his case about Ava. Olivia doesn't want anything to so about it. Then Jeffery leaves and Ava shows up. Olivia tells her that she needs her help. Meanwhile Cassie and Josh have a fight over Josh's confession/statement to Frank. Then he asks Frank to take care of Cassie while a police officer books him. Coop gets to the bottom of Ashlee's problem. Seems Doris doesn't want her to work at a food joint. That she is now a servee and not a server. Ava and Olivia have an uncomfortable talk. Olivia say that Buzz thought it would be good to talk to get things over with. Ava leaves angry. Ava gets a phone call from Alan-Michael, who tells her Josh has been arrested for his father's shooting. Ava can't believe it. Alan-Michael is at the police station sitting next to Josh talking to him. Frank and Cassie are talking about Josh. Frank promises he will be fair in the investigation. Cassie tells him if only she can remember what went on that night. Coop asks Buzz what happened with Olivia. Buzz tells him, Olivia needs time. Buzz then tries to make Ashlee happy it works until she figures out that Coop told him about her job loss. Buzz offers to help. Ashlee feels better. Before Ashlee leaves she hugs Buzz and taps Coop on the chest. Jeffery has another go at advice with Ava. Cassie tells Frank that she is not going to let Josh go down for the shooting that she will remember. Meanwhile Josh and Alan-Michael are talking about that night and their families. Josh mentions Jonathan. That he was a better man than either Alan or Alan-Michael. Alan-Michael says something (inaudible) to Josh that makes Josh uneasy. Then Alan-Michael wheels out of the police station. Alan-Michael calls someone to tell them Josh Lewis is going to stand trial for attempted murder. Cassie talks to her son about Josh. Telling him he's not going to be around for while. Josh is seen being processed.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Antonio wakes up, and asks Jessica to come to bed. Nash and Antonio begin to fight over Jessica, and which man she is leaving with. Jessica wakes up, relieved that it had only been a dream. She quietly leaves the room. She meets up with Nash in the hall, who tells her that he is free to go. He begs her to come with him. Dorian thinks that this is odd circumstances for Miles to introduce himself to her .Miles wants to know why Dorian is accused of murdering Mitch. John calls Bo from the airplane. They discuss what he had told Natalie. The stewardess asks John to turn off his cell phone. John thinks about the time when Natalie had followed him on the airplane for a trip he was going on. Natalie rushes into Margaret’s office. She asks Margaret why her relationship with John is falling apart. Jessica refuses to do as Nash asks. Jessica lets Nash know that she loves Antonio. Jessica refuses to give Nash the answer he wants right now. Clint join them. Jessica goes into Antonio’s room. Clint confronts Nash about his feelings for Jessica, and that neither one of them is being very subtle. Cole kisses Starr. Jack takes a picture of Cole and Star kissing. Miles wants to know all about Mitch. Dorian begins to yell for the guard. Margaret refuses to discuss John with Natalie. Natalie asks Margaret if she and John are friends. Natalie gives her money for a session. Natalie wants to know how her relationship with John ended up with a third wheel. Vincent meets up with one of his henchman, and the y discuss Natalie. Margaret mentions to Natalie that maybe, just maybe, she is the problem in her relationship with John. Margaret calls Natalie, “paranoid.” Natalie remembers some of the good times that she had had with John. John also remembers some of the good times with Natalie. Clint and Nash discuss Jessica’s hurtful anger. Jessica comes out, and tells Clint that Antonio is awake, and he can go in.

Clint visits Dorian in jail. He lets her know that he had found out about her imprisonment from Bo. Antonio suggests that Nash stay a few days with her so he can spend some time with Bree. Jessica objects to this. Jessica and Nash leave Antonio’s room. A nurse comes in to take Antonio for some x-rays. Jessica and Nash argue while waiting for the elevator. Antonio notices their argument, and wonders why they are arguing. John still has thoughts are Natalie. He listens to a message that she had left for him. He, in turn, leaves her a message before he leaves the plane. John finds David on a remote island. Miles sits at the bar at the Palace Hotel when Margaret comes in to join him. She orders a drink, but then finds out that she doesn’t have any money. Miles buys her a round of drinks, and they proceed to get smashed.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

 Julian talks with Nurse Stevens and made sure that she switched Fox's medicine with something that was harmless. Miguel bumps into her and she mixes up the bags. She believes that she gave Fox the right one. Chad is with Vincent again. Chad says its over. Vincent doesn't pay attention. Whitney takes Jane and Little Ethan to see Teresa in her office. Little Ethan asks if Ethan will be there. She says probably not. Little Ethan said that he liked Ethan and Jane living with him and hopes that they stay forever. Teresa receives a package in her office. Ethan goes and sees Teresa. They talk about them making love. Whitney and they kids show up and Whitney and Teresa talk about the blackmailer. They discuss how the blackmailer probably is a woman. A man turns Luis in. The man needs the reward money. Luis escapes before the cops show up. Miguel talks with Kay about Fox and the future. Julian and Fox talk about their plan with the pretend illness. Ethan goes and sees Luis. Luis tells him about how he found the store where the attacker bought the acid but the man recognized him. Ethan tells him to turn himself in. Luis also tells Ethan about how a guy came in the store to buy some of the acid who looked like him. Pilar goes to see Teresa and tell her about the news story that said that Luis was trapped in a hardware store and the cops were closing in. Pilar says that she can't loose another son. Teresa says she is doing everything she can. After Ethan talks with Luis, he sees Teresa and Pilar. He tells them that Luis is okay.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Michael is with Neil in his office and they discuss Dru's case. She has her hearing that day and Neil is hopeful that his wife will be freed. Michael is told that the hearing for Drucilla has been moved up. It will be one hour less that Dru has to spend in that place. Kay and Jill are at each other's throats again about Cane. Kay knows that things went sour when Jill met with the boy and asked for the DNA testing but she doesn't see why that should stop her from trying to continue to make contact with the boy. Jill feels stupid for what she did and she feels that she should just leave him alone now. Kay won't have it. When Kay is alone at the house later, Cane comes by looking for Jill but she isn't there. Cane is about to leave when Kay tells him to stay. She knows of the disagreement earlier and she assures Cane now that Jill wasn't the one responsible for his missing all these years. Kay takes full responsibility for Jill and her son not having lived their lives together all this time. Neil sees David at work and asks him if he could please help by coming to court that day and telling the judge that Ines really does exist. Neil knows that if something like that comes out of David's mouth, of all people, Dru will have more of a chance at getting out of the psyche ward. David is glad to help in any way that he can. He'll be there. The hearing starts and Drucilla gets nervous when David takes the stand to testify on her behalf. Traci and Brad are a force to be reckoned with when Korbel comes over to the house with work for Colleen so that she doesn't get behind. Brad tells him to leave the papers and go, but Colleen really would like to go over the work right now. They sit on the couch and under the watchful eyes of Jack, Brad and Traci, they try to do their work. Brad and Traci end up being rude to Adrian and he soon leaves. Colleen makes a decision. She decides to take Jack up on his offer to have her move into the house with him. Brad is furious that Jack has done this. He knows that Colleen is only moving out to get out from under her parents. Jack didn't know that Colleen was seeing this professor guy and didn't mean any harm. The lines are drawn in the sand. Nikki, Victoria and Brad are against the Clear Springs deal that Jack made; Victor, Jack, Nick and Phyllis are all for it. Jack thinks that he can forge ahead with the deal, but Nikki and her group think that they have a way to stop this. Victor thinks that because he funds the company, he has final say, but Nikki tells that the expenditure for this deal has to be put to a vote.

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