Monday 3/5/07 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica comes to visit Babe, and brings her a vase full of roses.  Babe lets Erica know that Josh has told her everything.  Erica admits to Babe how worried that she is over Kendall.  Julia questions Di as to when she was going to tell Aidan that she was in love with him.  Jaime, J.R., and Aidan go over some blueprints, which match the blueprints of Zach’s old house.  Ryan and Tad search the Internet as to where Red Rock Canyon is.  Alex, Sr., and Zach fight over the detonator.  Alex, Sr. pulls out a gun.  Kendall begs them to stop.  The gun goes off.  Kendall holds her breath until she knows who has been shot.  Alex, Sr. gets the upper hand, and shoots Zach in the arm.  Zach begs him to let Kendall go.  Erica admits that it is torture for her not knowing where Kendall is.  Erica suggests calling J.R. and letting him know that she is alive.  Babe vetoes the idea.  Josh lets Krystal is alive, and he is there to take her to Babe.  Krystal lets Adam know that they are going to visit Babe in the cemetery when they are really going to see her in a room underneath the casino.  Tad and Ryan receive the needed information to find Kendall and Zach.  Alex, Sr. lets Kendall and Zach know that he intends to take her son, Spike, to raise as his very own.  Krystal arrives to visit Babe.  They share a heartfelt reunion.  Zach manages to get the upper hand over Alex, Sr. and he releases Kendall from the needle.  Zach wrestles Alex, Sr. into the living room, and threatens to kill him just like he killed all the women.  Ryan and Tad arrive just in time to save Zach from killing Alex, Sr.  Kendall tells Ryan that Alex, Sr. threatened their son.  Ryan grabs Alex, Sr. and threatens to kill him himself. 

Josh lets Erica know that his future is with Babe.  Babe hatches a plan with Krystal so that J.R. will not let Little Adam know that Babe is dead.  Stuart gives Adam some very helpful advice concerning Krystal.  Tad talks Zach out of killing Alex, Sr.  Krystal lets Babe know that J.R. loves her.  Zach takes Kendall in his arms, and just holds her tightly as Ryan looks on. 

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Jack and Brad clash over Katie, as Brad wonders what is going on with him and Katie? Vienna tries to convince Henry that he should let her put all her money in his name. Henry is tempted obviously but isn’t sure. Paul has a vision involving Ethan’s teddy bear and asks to talk to Holden alone. Faith’s therapist pays Lily a visit and informs her that she is even more worried about Faith then before. Faith tells Parker her version of why her parents want her to see a therapist. Maddie and Gwen talk about Margo and what the police found out about Adam. They are sure there is nothing to find; Will walks up and wonders why they are so definite on that? Katie rushes to Jack’s defense. They later talk about meeting up for drinks. Holden is unsure about Paul’s visions, but Paul thinks it can’t hurt to destroy the teddy bear that was involved in the disturbing yet obtuse vision to be on the safe side. Gwen freaks out when she hears Adam’s voice on tape. Will demands to know what is going on? Henry agrees to Vienna’s proposal, just as Katie walks up babbling about her problems with Brad. Lily catches Faith with more laxatives and an angry confrontation ensues. Faith tells Holden about the diet pills, which Lily claims she threw out. Lily leaves for an appointment, looks into her purse at her diet pills and then closes it. She then decides to guzzle a glass of wine instead. Jack explains to Brad that his children are his priority after Brad suggests he has a fling. Vienna jumps into Henry’s lap in front of Katie and then is happy to report to a stunned Katie that they are in love. Parker needs Paul’s advice about a girl. Jack cancels his plans with Katie over her voice mail. Will asks Gwen if she slept with Adam? She vehemently denies it, but Will wants to know what went on with them? Gwen finally agrees to tell him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick is delighted to fawn over Taylor as he’s brought her back to his home. He can replace his boat, but not her. Bad timing, Stephanie shows up. She gets right to it, she realizes his relationship with Taylor has changed and they are much closer. She shocks him when she mentions that she thinks Brooke and Ridge won’t be getting married and wouldn’t Nick like to be there when she falls? He will hurt Taylor if this continues any further and she doesn’t want to see that. Brooke tells Rick that she has to be honest with Ridge. She doesn’t want him to hear about Rick and Phoebe from Stephanie. He pitches the idea of the company branching out with fragrances, lotions, candles, and Felicia says she will get in touch with a few people about it. Ridge confides in Felicia about the relationship that he opposes and now Stephanie wants to assert that Brooke knows about it. Felicia quips that she knew it – the honeymoon is over between Brooke and Stephanie and there’s not even been a wedding yet. Nick tells Taylor about Stephanie’s visit and her predictions, but Taylor vows this should not interfere with their relationship.

Stephanie makes it happen whisking Brooke away, leaving Rick and Phoebe alone. Brooke tells Stephanie to leave her son the hell alone. Phoebe encourages Rick for some lovely-dovey time in the office although he expresses interest in not wanting to risk getting caught. Stephanie listens in on the entire conversation via the open intercom as Phoebe talks Rick into meeting her at Big Bear. Somehow Stephanie has to get Ridge to listen to her, even if it means showing him this by going to Big Bear.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Willow has called Philip over to tell him that Hope’s lack of emotion could mean that Shawn is alive. Philip demands that Willow get more concrete proof before he will reward her. Claire spikes a fever and Belle discovers that Claire has blood poisoning. Sami visits Roman and cons him into telling her that they plan to use Shawn’s statement in the case against EJ. Sami reports the news to EJ and EJ orders someone to report any news about Shawn that Bo and Hope get.

EJ and Lucas argue about moving the wedding date up and the baby taking Lucas’ name. Kate and Lucas argue about Sami and Lucas threatens again to cut Kate out of their lives. Kate complains to EJ that he hasn’t broken up Sami and Lucas yet. Kate complains to Roman about being left out of the wedding and Roman tries to console her. Jed, drunk, comes to the garage to vent to Abby about Willow. Abby helps him sober up but refuses his request to be more than friends. Jed can tell that Max is the one Abby likes and tells Max when Abby steps away.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jax interviews Three (Cooper) for a job at the Metro Court and hires him. Lucky thanks Jason for helping save Liz and "his" baby. Lulu and Dillon manage to keep Scott from reading the letter from Alan. When Luke comes in, Dillon exits, carrying the letter and reads that Scott killed Rick. Luke reams Lulu out about associating with Scott. After a tense family meal, Carly takes Sonny to task about trying to get information about Jax from the boys and giving them false hopes. She also tells him that Jax knows they slept together. Now that Patrick is clear of the threat of being HIV positive, Robin worries that she will lose him. Jason tells Liz that he will have to start thinking of the baby as hers and Lucky's, and that he will keep his distance. Sonny tries and fails to hire Max back. Carly tells Jax she's headed to the Dominican Republic to get a divorce. Jason refuses to take her because Alan's memorial is tomorrow.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Josh and Cassie are shown a video. Josh wants it turned off. He tells Frank it proves nothing. Meanwhile Alan-Michael has a dream that his father dies. Olivia finds a bouquet of flowers outside Dinah's door. She knocks and Dinah answers gruffly. Olivia says all she is there for is to make sure the flowers get delivered. Jeffery and Ava bump into each other and talk concerning Alan and Alan-Michael and Spaulding. Jeffery warns Ava about being an accessory to attempted murder if she continues to work for Alan-Michael. Ava says Coop and his family have it in for Alan and his family. Frank arrests Cassie and throws Josh out of the interrogation room. Remy is having a drink with Dinah and talking about a job she wants him to do. Jeffrey and Olivia talk about Ava. Jeffrey tells Olivia that Ava is spying for Alan-Michael and could get arrested. Ava tells Alan-Michael that the police are running out of suspects. And that his gun wasn't used in the shooting. Cassie says it's all gone now, the wedding, etc. Josh says no. Cassie says she is releasing him from the promise. Alan-Michael is going to be release. Problem is where. He doesn't want to live with Doris. Coop gets a call that will have him go to Las Vegas. Josh confesses to Frank that he shot Alan. That they fought and the gun went off.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Blair comes into the living room at Dorian’s, looking frantically for the remote control. Dorian immediately wants to know what Todd has done now. Blair blurts out that Todd laid a big, fat kiss on Evangeline. Starr comes into the room, and overhears the conversation. Star asks Blair if Todd is with Evangeline now. Todd and Evangeline sit on the sofa in his condo. She wonders what he is looking at. He tells her that she looks beautiful. John starts out of the squad room just as Natalie comes in. They share a few choice words, and he lets her know that he is going to visit his brother. Miles comes into the squad room, and speaks to Natalie. She asks him if he wants to leave a message. He notices her name on her desk. Miles lets her know that she was once married to his brother. Rex and Michael figure out that neither one of them killed Spencer, but who did. John visits Michael and Rex. John orders the guard to release Rex and Michael. John tells them that they are free to go. Michael and Rex doesn’t understand. Miles introduces himself as Mitch Lawrence’s brother. John orders Michael and Rex out before he changes his mind. Rex thinks that John owes them an apology. Marcie is on the phone, arguing with a lawyer about a retainer. Cole comes to visit Marcie. Marcie confronts Cole as to what he had been doing there with Starr. Starr wants to know if she had seen Todd kiss Evangeline. Star wonders if this was just a lie. Starr notices that Blair is very jealous of Evangeline. Blair confesses to Starr that Todd had found out that the son that he had had with Margaret was dead. Evangeline tells Todd that she is not sleeping with him. Evangeline vows not to be hurt again. Todd owns up to Evangeline that all he wants to think about right now is her. Rex questions John as to what he had found out. Marcie advises Cole to stay away from Starr. Star walks in on Todd and Evangeline. Star questions her Dad as to how he could cheat on Blair like that. Blair admits that she doesn’t want Todd back .Blair wonders why Dorian is defending Todd. John visits Dorian to arrest her for Spencer’s murder.

Star argues with Todd over his seeing Evangeline in the middle of the day, and Star not being able to see Cole. Evangeline comes downstairs, all dressed, and ready to leave. Star gives Todd a hug before she leaves. Michael gives Marcie a kiss, and tells her that he is sorry for having to spend the night in the slammer. John locks Dorian up in jail without reading her her right. Dorian denies murdering Spencer Truman. Dorian yells at John that he will pay for this. Adriana flies into Rex’s arms and they kiss. Cole comes to visit Starr at Dorian’s. Cole fills Starr in on what had happened to Dorian. Todd steps up closer to Evangeline, and asks her had she had fun today. Todd tells her that he loves being with her. Dorian paces the floor of her cell when Blair comes to visit her. Blair asks Dorian did she murder Spencer? John tells Natalie that he is leaving town for awhile, but he doesn’t want her to worry. Natalie asks John who had he arrested. John lets her know that he had arrested Dorian Lord. Miles goes to visit Dorian in jail. John catches a flight to parts unknown.

Passions Recap Written by Glynis

Luis is at the Crane apartment doing some research to free himself from his charges. He searches for information on anything that could help him with his problem with his setup. Theresa calls and asks if Luis has come up with anything to save himself yet. He hasn't. They will connect later and Theresa will do whatever she can to help save him. When she hangs up, Whitney is coming down the hall of the hospital and stops to talk with her best friend. Theresa tells how the 'Mysterious Figure' told her that she had to marry Jared to make sure that things go her way in the end and with all that concerns her family. Whitney can't believe now that her best friend has flipped the plan again and is now willing to marry Jared instead of the man that she really loves. Nurse Stevens goes to see the doctor who is in the room where the treatments are kept in IV bags, and when the good doctor's back is turned, she changes the labels on the bag so that a simple saline mixture appears to be the treatment for Fox, instead of the real thing. Nurse Stevens is walking with a bag of treatments, with the one for Fox separated from the other 'real' treatments. She bumps into Miguel and everything falls to the floor in a big heap. Miguel helps Nurse Stevens pick up the bags of medication…Nurse Stevens suddenly realizes that she can't tell which bag is for Fox now, and which bags are real. They wall look the same with the same labels. Miguel notices her puzzled reaction. Nurse Stevens goes to Fox and takes a chance. She gives him the bag that she thinks is the placebo…Miguel watches from the hall and smiles as Fox is prepped for the treatment…Fox says that the treatment feels kind of tingly but Nurse Stevens says nothing. She leaves the room. It is all out of her hands now. "I need a smoke," she says walking off shaking her head…Miguel is amazed. Fox is taking the treatment. Theresa and Whitney still discuss Theresa and her problems with her brothers. Miguel is in trouble as well. He loves Kay and that seems to be in trouble as well. Theresa and Whitney try to figure out a solution for Theresa, but there doesn't seem to be one. She will have to stay away from Ethan as the 'Mysterious Figure' told her…or else. At the hardware store, the old man pulls out his rifle on Luis. He recognized him from the papers and contacted the cops secretly to get them over there to pick the fugitive up. He holds the rifle on Luis and aims his rifle on the man. Luis looks at the paper and see that he is the front-page news. "Come out with your hands up!" the police shout from outside!

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

JT goes to see Lauren. He is sorry that he hurt Kevin and asks about him. Lauren says that on the outside, Kevin is fine, but on the inside, he may not be. At the coffeehouse, Michael comes to see his brother and they discuss the case of Jeffrey Todd. JT is out on bail for his assault but that doesn't mean that he is out of the water yet. Kevin likes it when he hears that JT could lose his license to be a PI if he loses his case. "Let's do it!" he tells his brother who smiles back at him. If JT loses his license, the job goes with it and that will not be a good situation for JT who loves that job. Katherine and Jill arrive home thrilled that they have found Cane. Kay is less enthusiastic and Jill wants to know why. She knows that the boy was switched in infancy and she really thinks that this time they need to be careful and make sure that the boy is really Philip this time. She thinks that a DNA test is in order. Jill doesn't want to offend the poor boy by asking him to do that. At their apartment, Cane and Amber arrive home and he is all smiles. He finally has a family and he will be staying in the United States. Amber is happy for him but gets sad again when he tells her that they have to get moving and get the annulment for their marriage. Even though the love affair is soon to be over, he still manages to get her to bed. He still likes her and wants to take her to dinner that night. Kay is scared that Cane is a con-artist and that he is just posing as Philip to get rich quick. Jill is expecting Cane and when he arrives she sits alone with him and is taken aback when he suggests that maybe he can move in there and be at home. Jill then tells him that they should take tests to make sure that this relationship is truly what it is. He reminds her that she and Kay were the ones to come to him and say that he belonged in their family, but he thinks that he doesn't care about that now, if she is going to treat him like a grifter. He turns on his heel and walks out of there. JT shows up at the coffeehouse and Kevin tells him to get out. JT knows that he was wrong and he apologizes for what he did to Kevin. Kevin can't wait to see how JT deals with prison when he gets there. Kevin goes to see Colleen and she is kind and welcoming to him when he shows up at her house. They talk about JT and how he thought that Kevin was a murderer. She wants him to think about ruining JT's future. Kevin won't let up. Kevin can't do it. Colleen has spent the last 4 years telling everyone that he was a killer and now Kevin wants JT to pay for what he has done.

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