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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Babe questions Josh as to where she is, and why.  Josh opens up to Babe, and explains everything to her.  Babe becomes concerned about her Mother since she is carrying a baby.  Babe convinces Josh to let her call her Mother, but when she dials the number, Adam answers the phone.  Babe just holds the phone.  Josh finally takes the phone from her, and asks Adam to let him talk to Krystal.  Adam forbids him to call that house ever again.  Jamie is still busy trying to find the rental property that they think Alexander Cambias, Sr. may have rented.  They just come up with loose ends.  Zach is devastated to see that Kendall has a needle pointed at her throat.  Zach tries to talk his father into releasing Kendall, but Alex, Sr. refuses to let her go.  Alexander lets Zach know that he was the one, who was responsible for his motherís (Amelia) death.  Once again, Zach begs his father to release Kendall since he has him (Zach).  Alexander still refuses to let Kendall go.  Alexander orders Zach to get down on his knees, and beg for the life of his wife to be saved.  Zach does as he is told.  Kendall expresses her love and says that she could not love Zach more than she does at this moment.  Adam and Colby go through Babeís clothes to box them up so it will be easier on Krystal.  Krystal comes in, sees Colby with one of Babeís blouses, and orders Colby not to touch Babeís things.  Colby is deeply apologetic.  Adam tries to console Krystal that Colby and he didnít mean anything that they just wanted to make things easier on her.  Krystal apologizes to Colby for her outburst.  Colby expresses to Krystal that she wished that she had a relationship as close to her mother as Babe had with her. 

Adam calls J.R. and lets him know that Josh had called the house to talk to Krystal.  Adam lets Little Adam talk to J.R.  J.R. assures his father that he will be home soon, and he will take care of things.  Jamie finally finds the info that they are looking for--the address of a house that Alex, Sr. might have rented that looked just like Zachís and Kendallís home.  The home was located twenty miles from Las Vegas.  Josh visits Krystal to let her know that Babe is alive, and he has her hidden away.  The shock is too great for Krystal that she faints.  Zach and Alex, Sr. begin to struggle over the detonator that could cost Kendall her life. 

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Brad wants to take over Katie’s show now that she has a black eye and should not appear on camera. Katie tries to convince Kim to ignore her bruised face, but Kim agrees to let Brad run the show. Lily snaps at Holden again. The women from Valley’s Best Baby Food scout the Farm. Craig convinces Meg to let him help her move more stuff to the motel. Vienna deduces Henry is still in love with Katie; she also learns they were married, but he made the ultimate sacrifice when he let her go. This is a huge turn on for her, and she now sees Henry through different eyes, as she throws herself at him. Jack asks Brad to cut Katie some slack. Holden questions Meg’s decisions about Craig. Lily and Craig talk business again. The baby food women ask to use the Farm in commercials (a bit more money involved) and want Lily as their spokesperson. Paul and Meg bump into each other and Paul takes a casual approach to her, which surprises Meg. He later admits his feelings to Lily. Vienna becomes obsessed with Henry suddenly. Katie takes pleasure in telling Brad that Vienna is gone, which causes him to snap at her saying harsh things to her. Jack comes down on Brad for this. Brad wonders what Katie means to him, as Katie secretly listens. Lily worries about being in a commercial adding pounds, and she pops more diet pills. Paul has a vision off of the teddy bear Meg touched; it is a crib and someone takes something out of it and then there is a blood-curdling scream.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick doesn’t want to answer Stephanie’s question. She states to Brooke that she’s going to marry Ridge. And she told him that nothing was going on between Rick and Phoebe. But she’s sneaking around behind his back playing Cupid and she thinks he deserves to know. Brooke snaps that she resents Stephanie barging into her daughter’s home while she is having a private conversation with her son and daughter and throwing around her accusations. Stephanie exclaims that she is concerned about the family and about a scandal. Furthermore, Brooke says she can go right back to Ridge and tell him the wedding is off because she is not going to sign up for a lifetime of this and having her children under surveillance. Stephanie reports fine, she is only trying to protect the family from a cloud of scandal and new business venture. What is Brooke protecting? Nick accompanies Taylor on the gurney into the hospital where the doctors say she has hypothermia, but he did a good job of getting her there and clearing out her lungs, the condition could have been worse.

Ridge summons Phoebe into his office and reveals to her his displeasure of seeing her and Rick’s picture plastered on the Internet. Nick calls Bridget about Taylor and the entire room hears her concerns. Rick wants to go be with Phoebe. Brooke advises against this, but he won’t take no for an answer or let Ridge dictate what he does. Nick is very attentive and quips that there will be no more ships for Taylor. It’s one thing to move the entire Earth with the Pacific Ocean. Stephanie hovers as she tells Taylor that Ridge is on his way. And she advises Taylor not to throw herself away over a bum like Nick. Taylor laments that she is sorry that Nick lost The Marlin. He looks at it as losing one lady and gaining another. Rick tells Phoebe that Stephanie is watching them like a hawk. And that his mom hasn’t had time to talk to Ridge about this, but she’s okay with them as long as they keep it quiet and don’t say anything to anyone. Ridge tells his mother to leave Brooke alone and stop accusing everyone. If she can’t do that, then don’t come to the wedding or to their house and they won’t go to hers. Slightly jealous, Brooke watches Nick with Taylor. She jokes that it’s so not cool to sleep with a woman and then not stay the night. He tells her he thinks he is falling for her and he never thought he’d hear those words. Stephanie accuses Brooke of helping Rick and Phoebe, that’s her cross to bear that she sees Brooke for what she is and nobody else does. There’s potential harm and Brooke has slept through her family and she is not going to sit and watch her son do the same.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Belle makes Shawn stand outside the shelter in the rain until he tells her that they are destined to be together. Hope visits Willow to inquire about her prenatal care and Willow mistakenly thinks Hope is there to take Willow home with her. During their talk, Hope lets it slip that Shawn could still be alive. Bo is able to convince the judge to send Steve to the State Hospital rather than to prison. Steve is convinced he will die there and lashes out at Bo and Kayla for putting him there.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Patrick brings Robin home to Mac's to recover, and is not all that thrilled to find out he can't spend the night while she's there. Maxie continues to hide Three. Sam goes to visit Father Ruiz and apologize. Scott tells Dillon and Lulu about the murder Laura committed as a young girl. Sam continues to receive publicity for her heroism. Carly tries to comfort Jason over his loss of Alan. Later, she and Jax try to discuss their future, with limited success. Maxie takes three to the hotel to get a room. A letter from Alan comes for Luke; Lulu intercepts it, but does not have a chance to read the missive, which purports to give the truth about Rick's murder, before Scott comes back into the room.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Next morning. Josh calls Reva. Reva is a Billy's in a terry-cloth bathrobe. Josh leaves a message on Reva's cellphone. She decides to deal with later. Harley and Gus are talking about the return of stolen merchandize Daisy stole. Tammy's spirit says she has to go. Josh goes to Billy's to find Reva there, so he tells them both together that they are in the clear for Alan's shooting. And that He and Cassie are getting on with their lives and getting married. Reva sounds happy, but?? Reva tries to see the good in Josh's marrying Cassie. But when Josh leaves and Billy asks her how she really feels the real Reva comes out. She throws a glass she had in her hand at the door. When Tammy leaves there is a knock at the door. It is Frank. He wants Cassie to go with him. She says she has to leave a note for Josh. Gus and Daisy talk about her ways. Gus says Daisy has a beautiful heart. Reva is angry and Billy seems to be the only one there to beat up on. Then she says she had a life with Josh. She can do it without him. While they are sitting on the bed Reva starts to cry and lays her head on Billy's shoulder. The reason Frank brought Cassie to the police station is that they found a shell casing that only could be fired from Josh's gun. Cassie then says that then he believes either Josh shot Alan or she did. Gus tells Daisy about his adoptive father, the cop. He has to explain to Daisy that the parents he had he thought were is birth parents, weren't. Gus goes on to tell her it doesn't matter what other people think. They go for a meal. Gus calls Harley to tell her about he and Daisy. Harley runs into Dylan. Gives him a big hug. They sit and talk about their lives. He tells her he is separated from Bridget, but his son and other daughter are fine. Reva is still fuming. Josh gets Cassie's message and is at the police station. He is talking to Marina. Josh breaks in on the questioning telling Cassie not to say another word. Marina then talk to a police officer about the case. They look up to see something. Daisy fantasizes that she is dancing with Gus. Frank shows surveillance tape to Josh and Cassie. They don't look happy. She is on the tape.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Jessica and Nash are in to visit Antonio in his hospital room. Jessica kisses him on the cheek before she leaves. Christian meets them on the outside of Antonio’s room. Cris lets them Nash and Jessica know that he knows that they had been alone in the storage room when the fire broke out. Jessica reminds him that they had a deal to protect Antonio. Christian lets her know that they had had a deal .Todd brings Evangeline home to his condo. She thinks that this is a mistake, but he offers her solitude. Viki and Natalie have lunch together at the Palace Hotel dining room. Clint comes in, but before he can get to Viki and Natalie, Dorian latches onto him. They sit down in a booth to talk. Clint keeps watching Viki and Natalie. Natalie lets Viki know that John had asked her if she had killed Spencer. She also tells Viki that all she and John does now is fight .Viki is sympathetic to her problems. John goes over some vital information about the crime scene with Donna. John remembers something that Natalie had said to him, and he tells Donna to let them put Natalie on this. Donna lets him know that Natalie has the day off. The waiter brings over two pieces of pie compliments of the man. Viki immediately thinks the pie is from Clint. Natalie questions the waiter as to who had sent the pie. The waiter lets them know that it was Mr. Jones. Natalie is very much annoyed. Natalie questions Viki if anything was going on between her and Clint. Viki refuses to give her a clean cut answer. Clint finally manages to get Dorian’s clutches out of him long enough for him to, at least, say a few words to Natalie before she leaves. Viki also leaves. Dorian lets Clint know that she has made them a reservation for Saturday night for dinner. Todd treats Evangeline to a gourmet meal of duck, and the icing on the cake, a body massage.

Both Rex and Michael deny killing Spencer, but if they hadn’t killed Spencer then who had .Bo questions John as to why he had had Michael brought in for questioning before checking with him first. Jessica lets Christian know that she had told Nash the night before that she was in love with Antonio (which is a lie) and that was the way It would always be. Once, Nash is back in his room, Jessica lets Nash know that he was just going to have to bury his feelings for her, and never let Antonio know. Looking through the videotapes of the night that Spencer was killed, John finally finds the clue that he needs to nail the murderer.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Today the PD is still after Luis. Luis goes to see Teresa for money. He finds her with Ethan. Miguel is at the hospital talking with Kay. Julian tells him to leave. Eve received a phone call claiming the person was her son. Jessica was taken to the hospital by Noah. The blackmailer was hiding near by. Sheraton is still yelling at Fancy in the PD office. Shannon Monaghan wrote: Luis gets arrested but than escapes from the police station. The Harmony PD is after him. Sam gives the order to shoot to kill if needed. Julian pays off the doctor to make Fox seem sick to stick with his plan to stay with Kay. Jessica is in a room with a guy and gets scared. Noah and Simone come to her rescue. Ethan knows about Teresa's blackmailer. She stops him from knowing anymore.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Neil and Devon stand and stare at the woman who looks just like Carmen. she says that she is a relative who has come to town, but since there isn't a trial set, she is leaving town that day. Neil asks her if she would come and see his wife and her doctor to prove that Dru isn't crazy and she agrees to do it. David is with Ms. Vargas when Neil and Devon find her and they all head out except for David to go and see Drucilla at the hospital. At the hospital, Dru is sitting and being bored in the psyche ward. She turns and finds Neil walking towards her. He has news. He has something to show her that will help her get out of there. They turn to the door and in walks Devon with Ms. Vargas. Dru's face is astonished and she stares at the woman walking towards her in disbelief. Jack has made the decision. He is running for office. He tells Victor and Nikki how he has hired David Chow to be his campaign manager. Nikki offers to take over most of Jack's work so that he can pay full attention to his campaign. He is only too happy to give over the reigns. Phyllis too is thrilled for Jack and offers to make a website for him. Afterwards she asks Victoria to be Maid of Honor at her wedding and Nikki to be involved as well. Neil takes Ines to try and find a doctor to get Dru immediately released but Dr. Lynch isn't around. They will have to try again to do this later. Dru in the meanwhile wants to know why Ines played all those tricks on her in the past, popping up here and there in town. She gets loud and abrasive and Devon has to hold her back from getting in Ines's face. Ines seems to have no idea what is going on, or what it was that she was supposed to have done. Neil tells the staff who are coming over that he has this under control, and reminds Dru that they need Ines to get her out of there. That calms Dru somewhat and she sits fuming while Devon walks Ines out of there to the cafeteria to get something to drink. Jack is all about his campaign now and nothing else matters. Nikki loves this. This is going to be her chance to get her company back. Victor reminds her that this will only work if Jack never finds out that he was the one behind the hiring of David Chow. It will come out in the end of course but he will deal with the fallout then. Nick and Victoria talk about how Brad and Victoria are always together and how it unnerves Victoria to find them always together. At that moment, Brad and Victoria enter the office together. Nick and Victoria share an uncomfortable pause and then they all start talking about Jack's attempt at political power.

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