Thursday 3/1/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 3/1/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Bianca rushes up to the door, and knocks on it. Zoe follows closely behind. Bianca is sorry that she had even brought up the conversation. Jack is on his cell phone, and he tells the person to keep him posted. Barbara is annoyed that the police cannot handle this themselves. Barbara lets Jack know that she had called Reggie. Jack is annoyed with her for doing this. Erica comes rushing in the door, and lets Jack know that she is glad that she caught him before he left. She lets him know that she is going with him. Ryan still lies unconscious on the floor. Someone kicks the teddy bear up to his head. They nudge his face with the barrel of the gun. Zach is on his way to where he thinks Alexander is holding Kendall. Kendall, finally, takes the ribbon from Alexander, and ties it around her neck. Kendall tries to butter Alexander up by telling him that she can help bring Amelia back. She steps up closer to him, and kisses him on the lips. The guard checks out the back room for Kendall to make sure that no one is there. Kendall is annoyed that no police is assigned to protect Zoe from another attack. Jack orders Erica to stay out of this. Barbara is annoyed at this conversation. Barbara confronts Erica for sleeping with Jeff Martin. Jack takes Erica outside to talk to her about Kendall. Ryan comes to with the help of the police. Ryan tries to talk to the detective, but they will not listen to him. Kendall wants to take away Alexander’s loneliness. He sees through her little plan, grabs her around the neck, and spins her around. Bianca is more jumpy than ever since she is so worried about Kendall, Zoe, etc that she spills the flour all over the counter. Zoe wants to get rid of some of Zarf’s characteristics. Bianca asks her what. Zoe tells her the thoughts of being with her. Erica goes back into the house, and slaps Barbara across the face for what she had told Jack about Jeff Martin. The officer will not listen to Ryan’s explanation about Alexander Cambias, Sr. The officers struggle with him, but finally gets the upper hand, and handcuffs him. Tad comes into the room and tries to talk to the officers, but he is also arrested. Kendall laughs at Alexander for being so pathetic. She dares him to shoot his gun. He fires the gun just to spite her.

Zach arrives at the house. He has his gun raised as he looks around the room. He notices that the house looks just like the house that he was raised in. Alexander comes up behind him, and tells Zach, “welcome home.” Zach demands to know where Kendall is. Alexander refuses to tell him. Alexander points his gun on Zach as does Zach on him. They continue to argue over the whereabouts of Kendall. Tad and Ryan are both thrown into jail. Alexander takes Zach to where Kendall is. Kendall is tied up, with a needle taped to her neck, pointed straight at her neck. Alexander lets Zach know that he is the one, who is going to kill Kendall.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Emily gets badly beating up by Elliot because he likes to do that to women before he sleeps with them. Emily arrives home and Susan thinks she has been raped but Emily denies it. Susan calls Dusty who with Lucinda's help discovers that Elliot beat up Emily. Dusty confronts Emily who refuses to go to the police about Elliot. Dusty Holds Emily as she cries and spends the night sleeping in a chair beside her bed. Emily and Dusty decide they are now friends and Emily vows to not let a man hurt her again. Craig rents out Al's Diner for the night and he and Meg dance all night long. Meg gives Craig a small kiss and tells him the next time they make love she wants them to have a deeper emotional connection to each other.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Enfolded in her arms, Nick tells Taylor he’s never made love ‘adrift’. Not sure she believes that, but she thanks him and says she’d love to just stay there. She feels everything is going to be okay. They enjoy their solitude while he fills her in on some of his adventures. He still would like to belong somewhere……to someone and she says he does. Bridget catches Rick packing and he remarks that there is a storm a’brewing with Ridge and she doesn’t want to be any part of it. He quickly tells her about him and Phoebe. Ridge knows Rick will be back in Paris soon with all the wild ladies he can handle, but it’s his sweet little girl, his hopeless romantic that he’s worried about. Before Brooke can say more, Stephanie interrupts with Jarrett to get his exclusive. And he lets slip that word is that Phoebe and Rick were in perfect harmony the other night at Insomnia. Stephanie sets him straight, they want him to concentrate on the fashion business and not the young kids otherwise he may not be privy to his exclusives in the future. Later Stephanie tells Brooke that teenagers having crushes on others is one thing, but her son is a grown man and this is absolutely inappropriate. Ridge advises her that it’s all taken care of. Brooke even chimes in that Rick knows the importance of this launch, while Stephanie reminds her that Jarrett also knows the importance of a sex scandal. Ridge reemphasizes to Brooke that he knows they have made mistakes, but he values the sanctity of marriage and this time he wants to get it right.

Brooke reveals to Rick that she wants to tell Ridge but she wasn’t able to tell him just yet. The press already knows. Stephanie is close behind and walks into the beach house and asserts her opinion that none of them have handled this well and she knows that Rick has no intention of backing off. Straightforward to Brooke, she says she has supported her and Ridge getting married again, but if she is lying when she says this is all taken care of, then all bets are off. And to Rick, is his mother telling her the truth? Has he called it off with Phoebe or not? From his silence, she knows the answer. She laments to Brooke that she is making a mistake, a BIG mistake, especially when Ridge finds out. With the boat wildly rocking to and fro while they are sleeping, Nick wakens and hollers for Taylor to jump, they must get off the boat. He finds her unconscious and gives her CPR and hollers for help.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Abby brings Jed to Chez Rouge. Jed talks candidly with Abby about going after someone he likes. Abby spots Willow across the room and talks trash about her until she realizes the Jed is Willow's brother. Willow begs Maggie for her job back but she refuses. Jed confronts Willow after overhearing her conversation but Willow runs out without answering his questions. Abby complains to Nick that she is a failure at dating but Nick suggests that he, Chelsea, Abby, and Jed double date. Nick brings Mimi and Max the lab results showing that the blood on the ring actually belongs to Mimi. Victor bails out Bonnie but Mimi doesn't believe that Victor would bail out Bonnie out of simple pity. Mimi confronts Bonnie about the blood results and Bonnie tells her how Mimi killed David by hitting him with a baseball bat to save Bonnie. Bonnie explains that afterwards, she gave Mimi a tranquilizer that made her forget what happened and had Patrick help her bury the body. Bonnie suggests that Mimi leave Salem for good and Max helps convince Mimi to do so.

Sami decides to let Lucas know she is there but tries to get out of the situation before Lucas can find out anything. Lucas confronts EJ about not having moved out yet. Lucas accuses EJ of stalling so he can remain close to Sami. EJ admits to wanting to be near Sami and Lucas threatens to quit and move with his family out of town if EJ doesn't move out. EJ claims he will make more of an effort to move out. Sami is turned on by Lucas' bravery while EJ confirms with the doctors that Stefano's operation was a success. Steve returns to the hotel suite. Kayla asks Steve to turn himself in but he refuses. Steve asks Kayla for money to leave town for good but Kayla insists that he stay and fight the DiMeras. Steve convinces Kayla to let down her guard while she steps away to call for help but encounters the police at the door when he tries to leave. Steve tries to fight his way past the cops so they arrest him.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

A guilt-ridden Jason regrets that he pushed Alan away and didn't allow him to be a part of his life after the accident. Sam tries to console Jason, who ends up more torn about the secret he's keeping and the decision he made. Edward accuses Sonny of stealing Jason away from the Quartermaines.

Lucky and Elizabeth decide to move into the Spencer family home. Elizabeth is optimistic about her future with Lucky. Neither Jax nor Carly want to be hurt again as they navigate through their relationship issues. Tempers flare as Ric and Alexis fight over their daughter. Realizing that life is short, Sam apologizes to Alexis and they begin to reconnect. Tracy enlists Carly's help to try and convince Lulu to stop searching for Rick Webber's killer, explaining Luke would be destroyed if it turned out he drove Laura over the edge for nothing.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Daisy and Gus talk about a dance. Lillian is at a bar and Billy comes by. She lets into him when he warns her about too much to drink. Later Reva, Josh and Cassie are together. Daisy and Harley have lunch. Some kid named Bobby comes by and Harley gets all nice to him. She wants Daisy to get to know him. Gus is talking with Frank at the police station and sees the board of clues and wants to know what is up when he sees Alan-Michael on it. Lillian pours her heart out to Billy about Beth, Sarah and Lizzie. Billy can't believe what he is hearing from Lillian. Reva leaves Josh, and Cassie's talking about Jonathan, Tammy and Sarah. Josh wants to walk Reva out, she says no. When the door is closed Reva watches Josh and Cassie hug. Billy stops by the police station asking about Alan Spaulding. Frank gets a little curious. Lillian stops by Harley and Gus' wanting to talk to Harley. Gus and she talk about the Spaulding Mansion and what is going on lately. Lillian lets into him too. Daisy feels Harley doesn't trust her. They get into a small fight until Reva comes by and changes the subject and wants Daisy to go with her. Harley says fine. Cassie feels so unsure about herself, about her love for Tammy and RJ. Josh tries to reassure her bout Alan's shooting. Josh asks Cassie marry him. Gus and Lillian are talking about the events up to the shooting of Alan. Lillian can't believe Alan would give in to Doris' demands. Lillian tells Gus she'd do anything to protect Beth and Lizzie, but she didn't shoot Alan. Josh pleas his case for marriage. He wants to be more to RJ than a guy that pick him up from school and soccer practice. She starts laughing and finally says yes and hugs him. RJ comes out asking what's wrong. Cassie tells him nothing and hugs both RJ and Josh. Daisy shows off to Harley the shoes Reva bought her. Daisy thanks Reva for the great time she had with her. Reva says you should worry, that she is going to be a heart breaker. Harley just looks at Reva and says, Yeah, that's what I am afraid of. Gus tells Frank he knows the reason why he wasn't put on the Alan Spaulding case is that it involves everyone in his family. Harley lets into Reva about what she is doing to Daisy. And that Daisy shouldn't be the one to fill holes that Reva has with the lost of Jonathan, Tammy and Sarah. Harley almost regrets saying it that way. RJ and Josh have a nice time together. RJ shows Josh a collection of stuff. RJ says to Josh that he can marry Cassie. Josh smiles at them. Daisy shows off a dress to Harley and Gus. Daisy gives Gus a gift. She said she got it earlier. He knows she stoled it and says he'll bring it back and not tell Harley. He tells her it isn't his cop in him that figured it out. It is that he used to be the same way her age. Josh and Cassie are finally having a fun moment together in weeks. Just alone talking and hugging, looking at each other. Cassie still doesn't feel she has forever. But Josh says she does. Next week some big stuff.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Antonio begins to come to. He asks for Jessica. Nash wakes up, and finds Jessica, asleep, with her head on his bed. He speaks her name as he takes off the oxygen mask. She orders him to put it back. She fills him in on Antonio’s condition. Nash tells her that they can never tell Antonio what they were doing when the fire broke out. Todd sits at a table in the Angel Square Diner. Blair comes in, and stops by his table. She congratulates him for moving on so quickly. Todd wonders what she is talking about. Blair explains that she had heard about him and Evangeline. Evangeline goes to see Christian, but he refuses to talk to her. He lets her know that it is over between them. Marty comes to see John in his office, and is surprised to see Miles, sitting behind John’s desk. Michael lets Rex know that John is going to figure all of this out soon. John and Bo discuss the fire at Antonio’s club. Bo also wants to know why they are holding Michael and Rex in jail. Bo wants to be filled in on the details. John lets him know that there is evidence that Michael may have killed Spencer. John lets Bo know that Michael and Rex are hiding something. John goes over the details of the case with Bo. Bo wonders what Michael’s motive could be in killing Spencer. Bo wonders what Tommy has to do with all this. Marty wonders what Miles is doing behind John’s desk. Marty asks Miles was he looking for something .Rex tells Michael that confession is a bad idea. Michael, more or less, accuses Rex of killing Spencer. Todd lets Blair know that his son is dead. Blair is upset by the news. Todd finds out that Jessica had been in a fire at Capricorn. He leaves Blair alone in the booth. Miles comes in, and asks to join her. Christian gets word from his Mother that Antonio had been in a fire, and is in the hospital. Christian tells her that he will be right there. Evangeline offers to go with him, but he refuses. She insists on going with him.

When they get to the hospital, Evangeline runs into Todd. They exchange looks. When Christian sees Todd, he (Christian) hits Todd in the stomach. A nurse walks up, and orders them both out. Nash wants to know about Bree.

Nash lets Jessica know that he feels guilty. A nurse comes in, and tells Jessica that Antonio wants to see her. While Christian is in with Antonio, Christian finds out that Jessica was in the storage room with Nash when he had rescued them.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Luis gets arrested but then escapes from the police station. The Harmony PD is after him. Sam gives the order to shoot to kill if needed. Julian pays off the doctor to make Fox seem sick to stick with his plan to stay with Kay. Jessica is in a room with a guy and gets scared. Noah and Simone come to her rescue. Ethan knows about Teresa's blackmailer. She stops him from knowing any more.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Dru needs to get out of this place. She is hysterical when she learns that Dr. Lynch didn't believe her husband about seeing Carmen. Neil tells Dru that the only way that she is going to get out of there is to hold it together. 'Carmen' has to get out of town. David is livid that she almost screwed everything up. She needs cash. She can't use credit to leave town or she will be traceable for sure. David will head to Newman Towers and get her some money from his bank account. He orders her to stay in his apartment and not go anywhere. Devon and Neil are at Newman making calls to see if they can find anyone who might know who this mysterious look-alike is, or where she is. Neil calls Carmen's mother and asks if there is anyone in the family who may look like Carmen a lot. CLICK! Mother Mesta has slammed the phone down. Devon gets a call and his eyebrows shoot up. Someone has been Carmen. The person isn't far from there. The flyers with Carmen's picture on it have paid off. Devon and Neil rush to the elevator. They find David stepping on the elevator and he tells them to hurry up if they want to get on. He has somewhere to be. They all get on the elevator together. At the hospital Colleen tells the whole story to Will and Detective Sullivan. Kevin wasn't lying at all. Someone rushes to tell Michael the good news. At the coffeehouse, JT is angry with Kevin over Colleen being hurt and he has hit him in the back of the head hard, knocking him out. Michael is furious. The ambulance is called and Michael calls it murder! Gloria and Lauren meet Michael at the hospital and get the update. Brad is as tame as a lamb when he sees the worried family. They are not happy. He too took a slug at Kevin. Kevin turns out to be fine and is wheeled to Colleen's room. She feels like she has smoked a package of cigarettes in an hour. She is sorry that her family has done this to him and she apologizes for it. Brad finds Kevin later in an exam room and he thanks the boy for saving his daughter's life. "I don't care what the hell you want," Kevin snaps. "Get the hell out of my room!" Adrian isn't going to go that easily. He wants to see Colleen. Finally he notices that no one is in her room and he goes in to see her. When she turns to see him, they both light up with smiles. Korbel asked Brad if he could come and see her but Brad said that she was too tired to see more people and that she was with her mother right now. Katherine and Jill go to the boutique to invite Cane to dinner with them. Jill decides that now is the time and she tells Cane she is his mother.

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