Wednesday 2/28/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 2/28/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica quickly goes into an office, takes out her address book, and dials a number.  She calls J.R. and informs him that this is a call he will want to hear because it is about his wife.  Zach and Ryan still question the nurse about Alex, Sr. and they assure her that they can protect her.  Alex, Sr. grabs Kendallís arm and draws a gun on her.  Kendall stands up to Alexander.  Erica orders J.R. to listen to her.  Josh comes up behind Erica, and hangs up the phone.  Erica tells Josh that hiding Babe is wrong.  Josh asks Erica for her help in saving Babeís life.  Babe wants to get out of the room, but the nurse refuses to let her.  She gives Babe a midnight snack of fresh fruit.  Tad comes in, and lets Jaime and J.R. know that they hadnít found Kendall.  Kendall tells Alexander that Zach will never be like him.  The nurse at the hospital begins to open up to Zach and Ryan about the night that Alexander supposedly died.  Alexander lets Kendall know that he had been spying on her.  Ryan offers the nurse safe haven for her help.  Zach remembers something from his childhood about his father.  Alexander lets Kendall know that he will let her live on one condition.  Erica wonders how Josh can protect Babe at Kendallís expense.  Josh lets Erica know that he loves Babe.  Bianca comes rushing in, is surprised to see Josh, and gives him a hug.  Babe manages to get up out of the bed, and out into a hall.  Babe sees the tape recorder, which is the means of paging a doctor.  Zach goes back to the warehouse where he had seen the woman, who looked like his mother.  He remembers being shot in the neck with a dart.  He yells for his father.  Alexander wants Kendall to divorce Zach, and to go back to Ryan. 

Ryan comes to the warehouse to find Zach.  Zach finds a teddy bear outside the warehouse and remembers where Alexander might be holding Kendall hostage.  Kendall declares her love for only Zach.  Alexander points out all of Ryanís good qualities.  Kendall flatly refuses to leave Zach.  Alexander tries to make Kendall own up to the fact that she still loves Ryan.  Bianca questions Erica about the whereabouts of Kendall.  Erica decides to help Josh protect Babe.  Josh hugs Erica.  J.R. has deep regrets about his treatment of Babe, and wishes that he had one more chance with her to fight for their marriage.  Babe collapses in the outer room.  Erica panics over the disappearance of Kendall.  Bianca tells Erica that she loves her.  Josh finds Babe and returns her to bed.  She immediately questions him as to where she is.  Ryan refuses to let Zach do this alone.  Zach knocks Ryan unconscious.  Zach remembers that he had given his Mother a similar teddy bear for her birthday.  Alexander still encourages Kendall to take Ryan back.  Kendall finally gives up, and confesses that she still loves Ryan.  Kendall agrees to do as Alexander asks.  She will end things with Zach.  Alexander starts to leave to bring the car around, and tells Kendall that she is free to go.  He tells her that he wants her to see something first.  Alexander takes Kendall to a garden of gardenias.  She remembers all the women that he had killed that he had left a piece of satin and a gardenia around their neck.  Alexander holds a gun on Kendall, and holds out a piece of satin and he orders her to put it around her neck. 

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Dusty questions Emily about what is going on with her and their newest client? Henry figures out Vienna is running from something when she calls for a limo under a different name, late at night and in front of a mall and sees dollar signs. Will finds Gwen missing again and is getting upset and worried about her behavior. Gwen and Maddie try not to noticeably freak out when Jade tells them she has gotten a voice mail from Adam. Will starts to worry about what Adam’s and Gwen relationship really was. Emily tries to divert Dusty’s line of questioning. She claims she needs to go finally and meet a source; Dusty offers to tag along, much to Emily’s chagrin. Vienna and Henry haggle about money and the trouble she is in when they hear sirens. Henry helps Vienna flee. Gwen erases Adam’s supposed message, as Maddie verbally attacks Jade as usual, which peaks Jade’s interest in what they are hiding? Gwen pleads with Jade not to tell Margo about Adam’s message; Jade agrees but then calls Margo. Henry and Vienna run out of gas in the middle of nowhere. Vienna goes for help, as Henry follows until he hears a coyote. Emily convinces Dusty not to follow her, but after he leaves Elliott convinces her that they need to meet tonight; he has arranged it with Cheri. Jade meets with Margo and hands over her phone so they can investigate the message. She also tells her about Gwen and Maddie’s strange behavior. Margo wonders about her intentions, but Jade thinks Gwen was closer to Adam then she wants people to know. Gwen blows up at Maddie for egging Jade on. They can’t afford to look suspicious. Did she pretend to be Adam on Jade’s voice mail? Maddie explains it wasn’t her and then apologizes profusely. Gwen realizes she is just scared. They have to stick together; Adam couldn’t have called Jade so they have nothing to worry about. Vienna comes back unable to find help and frozen; she breaks down and wants Henry to keep her warm. Will questions Gwen about where she was and if the fact that he lied to her was still between them? Gwen can’t focus or deal with this after everything but promises she loves him with all her heart. Dusty follows Emily and Elliott to his room as they go inside.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke needs no explanation, she sees what is going on between Phoebe and her son. Rick offers that what they are doing is not wrong; it’s Ridge keeping them apart that is wrong. She claims everything in their life is riding on this wedding and Ridge will NEVER accept this relationship despite what they say. Loaded down with a picnic basket, Taylor leads a closed eyed Nick onto his boat and promises him the ride of his life. She admires his prowess at the wheel even when she makes the boat short circuit and blows the electricity. What a kiss! What follows? Ridge gives Jarrett an exclusive and wants a mock up of the invitation ready for him. Stephanie thinks that might be too much with opening new boutiques and juggling the wedding of the year too. She wants to know if he is 100% certain about this? He’s not happy with her meddling again, things couldn’t be better. He tells her about Phoebe and Rick and that he kicked Rick out of the house. Brooke is now on his side as well.

However, Brooke tells Rick and Phoebe that she sees no real harm in their exploring their relationship, but Ridge absolutely must know, no more sneaking around. She knows Ridge won’t be happy with this, but she has to try and get him to. Brooke overhears Ridge telling his mother to butt out of his life, just the way he doesn’t want the kids to cross the line. Brooke feels she must talk to him about this. They aren’t in sync about some things, Rick and Phoebe – and he isn’t going to like it.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

EJ insists that Sami trick Roman into giving her information about EJ's case or risk him telling Lucas the truth. Abby gives Max a pep talk about feeling like Mimi is asking too much of him. Abby helps out Max by working on cars with him but the car turns out to belong to Jed. When Max rushes out to help Mimi, Abby decides to take Jed up on his offer of a coffee date. Nick produces a cell phone picture of Dr. Rebert assaulting Chelsea moments before he pulled Dr. Rebert out of the car to help prove Chelsea's case against Dr. Rebert. Dr. Rebert is forced to resign. Chelsea and Nick decide to celebrate over dinner. Shawn tries out some berries to see if they are edible but is stuck settling on fish for food when Belle vetoes killing bunnies for dinner. Belle insists on having Shawn sleep on the same blanket with her under the shelter but he takes that as Belle wanting to be romantic. Shawn kisses Belle but she pushes him away and sends him to sleep outside the shelter.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jax goes to see Alexis and finds out what Ric is trying to do to her. He vows that Ric will not succeed. He therefore summons the mayor and Ric to a meeting and tells them to drop the charges against Alexis and the custody suit, or he will take them down. Carly breaks the news to Michael that his grandfather is dead. Lucky tells Sam that he and Liz are remarrying. Jason talks to Liz about his regrets on how he treated Alan. She tells him she is marrying Lucky. She begs Jason to let Lucky be the baby's father. He does not want to, but agrees. Tracy antagonizes Monica, Emily, and Carly while discussing the memorial service arrangements. Edward suggests a truce. Scotty and Luke clash over Laura at Leslie's. After ejecting Scott, Luke warns Lulu about him. Lulu tells Dillon she is sure Scotty knows the truth about Laura and Rick. The mayor warns Ric he will cut him loose. Ned comes home and goes to see Alexis. After he comforts Michael, Jax and Carly talk. Ric comes to see Alexis to discuss Molly.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Buzz visits Alan after seeing his cardiologist. Buzz is excited he got a clean bill of health and is gloating over Alan. Frank also visits Alan. Later Buzz and Olivia are together and Coop sees them. They don't know it until after Buzz leaves Olivia then sees Coop and they talk about Olivia and Buzz's relationship. Coop then goes to visit Buzz and finds him asleep. Scares the living daylight out of him. While Alan-Michael is visiting Alan. Alan appears to him in a suit wanting to talk about Alan-Michael (Much like when Tammy visited Cassie). It startles Alan-Michael at first. They then start talking to each other. Alan thinks Alan-Michael agrees with Frank about wanting him dead. Alan-Michael says that isn't true. Alan says Alan-Michael is a lo like him. Again Alan-Michael says it isn't true. Buzz gives Coop more advice about Ava. Ava visits Alan-Michael. Alan-Michael wants out of the hospital. Buzz and Coop visit Frank and Marina at the police station. Buzz wants a second opinion from them about Coop and his love of Ava. Coop finally gives in and takes Buzz's advice on taking another girl out to make Ava jealous. Buzz sets Coop up with someone from the hospital, named Jessica. They make a date. Alan-Michael is out of the hospital and with Ava at Towers restaurant. Coop and Jessica have their date at the same place. Coop sees Ava. And Ava sees Coop. They both have unhappy faces. Coop walks up to Ava and Alan-Michael acts cordial. Then he leaves to join Jessica. Alan-Michael and Ava talk about what just happened. Coop and Jessica actually start enjoying each other. Coop gives Jessica a compliment. Coop asks Jessica about spinal cord injuries. She then gets a call from the hospital. Then Coop goes to Alan Michael and asks him about his situation. Then Coop wheels Alan-Michael out of the restaurant. Ava stops Coop from dumping Alan-Michael from his wheelchair. Alan-Michael makes a plea for the shooter to come forward. Ava is by his side. Coop sees this on tv. Beth visits Alan-Michael. Beth says now that she helped him, he is going to help her. Coop is talking with Ava. He professes his love for her. He leaves her thinking of what she should do. Coop then goes and thanks his father. Beth says if she and Alan-Michael work together Spaulding could be theirs.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Antonio , with a wet towel wrapped around him, goes back into the building to rescue Nash. An air-conditioning unit falls from the ceiling, and knocks them both unconscious. Marcie plays with her wedding band. Marcie and Adriana discuss how John is questioning both Rex and Michael about Spencer’s murder. Natalie comes in. Natalie and Marcie hug. They fill Natalie in on what is going on. Natalie finds out that Rex is also being questioned. John continues to question Rex and Michael. Talia begins to come to. She quickly calls the operator, and tells them the nightclub is on fire. Jessica calls for Antonio and Nash. Jessica begins to panic when Antonio won’t answer. Talia comes into the building where Jessica is. She tries to get Jessica to leave, but Jessica refuses. Nora is on the phone with a creditor, trying to pay her bill, but cannot make any sense of the person. Renee offers her a drink. Nora puts the cell phone into the glass. Marcie continues to fill Natalie in on what is happening. Marcie knows that Michael didn’t kill Spencer. John wants to know which one of them killed Spencer. Jessica refers to leave the burning building without Antonio and Nash. Antonio wakes up. He struggles to sit upright. Nash tells Antonio that he cannot move. He orders Antonio to go to Jessica. John just wants one little thing from Michael that will help to clear Michael’s name. Michael asks John to trust him. Michael denies killing Spencer. John orders an officer to take Michael down to lock-up. Nora gets her cell phone out of the bourbon, and dries it off. They share a laugh. Renee tells Nora that Asa is thrilled to have her and Matthew there. Michael hugs Marcie just before he heads for lock-up. The officer tells Marcie that he has to stay the night .Nash and Antonio struggle to get the air conditioning off Nash. Finally they manage to remove it from off Nash’s leg. Antonio and Nash, along with Jessica and Talia start to leave, when the whole roof collapses. Renee calls Nora a “control freak”. Natalie wants to focus on getting Michael an attorney. Marcie and Michael kiss. Adriana asks about Rex. Natalie goes to see what she can find out. Adriana wants to know what John will do if he finds out that Tommy is Todd’s son. Margaret helps Nash outside. Jessica takes hold of Antonio to help him out, but he soon collapses onto the floor. Upon trying to revive him, she sees that he bleeds from his side. A fireman rushes in, and has to pry Jessica away from Antonio.

Rex refuses to take John’s offer. Adriana advises Michael to keep it together. Michael assures Adriana that John will figure it out about Tommy. John brings Rex out to join Adriana. Rex and Adriana hug. John takes Rex and Michael to lock-up. The paramedics bring Antonio in to the E.R. Jessica cries, and begs Antonio not to leave her. Jessica talks to Nash, and cries over Antonio. Nash advises her to go with Antonio. Jessica rushes into the emergency room to offer up some encouragement to Antonio. The nurse ushers her back into the waiting area where she meets up with Talia. Talia immediately wants to know how Antonio is

Passions Recap Written by Glynis

"Ah you are amazing…I love you Fox!" Kay shouts as she kisses Fox's neck and they roll like thunder under the sheets. Miguel wants to puke as he watches. Really…he doesn't look good at all as he peeks out of the closet where he hides from view…Miguel can't bear this one more second. He thinks that she must be faking, but he looks and sounds like she is enjoying Fox so much…"Yes! Yes!" she shouts…Miguel knows that Kay isn't faking when he hears that come out of her throat. He has an idea and gets out his cellphone. "Don't answer it! Don't answer it!" Fox says. She sees over Fox's shoulder that Miguel is motioning for her to answer the phone…Whitney loves the flowers but can't understand why Chad sent her yellow roses of all the colors roses come in. They read an article about roses and yellow ones are for friendship and freedom. She knows that Chad knows that. So why would he send her these instead of some other more meaningful ones. She hopes that he doesn't want to be free from her on any level. He denies that he does. "Oh thank god. Then why did you bring me yellow roses? I mean, you know that my favorite are red?" Theresa decides to take off before Ethan returns from his search for the person he heard her talking with. She walks right into him on her way out of there. He holds a device that the Cranes developed in his hands. It is a device called an answer box. Theresa shrinks from it. It is set to answer certain phrases in certain ways. The device is more commonly used in talking dolls, but this particular device is far more developed. Ethan tries to get the thing to talk to him but he doesn't respond to his voice. As Ethan holds the item it speaks, but this time it isn't as ominous. Theresa stands back from him in horror at what might be revealed. Whitney sees Chad staring at his cellphone and she grabs it from him. "It's not what you think," Chad says before she sees the porn. Theresa refuses to speak when Ethan tells her to. She gets some paper and writes to Ethan telling that there is a bomb in the device. Ethan doesn't believe that. He can hook this up to a laptop and see what really makes this device tick…Theresa knows that if Ethan fiddles with this it may tell the secrets that Theresa wants hidden…Ethan is still pushing Theresa to talk and so Theresa blurts out, "No! I can't!" The box speaks. "Little Ethan," the 'Mysterious Figure's voice says in its creepy, crawly voice…Theresa can't deal with this. It is only a matter of time before the secret about her son is out and she will lose everything…including her brothers' freedom!

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Kevin wants to go to the hospital to see Colleen but Michael tells him 'no'. He already has been punched in the mouth and things could get worse if he doesn't smarten up. Michael will hog-tie the boy if he has to in order to keep him from the hospital. Neil is hard at work. He is doing a search for Carmen…or her look-a-like. He has flyers prepared and notices made up. Dru is in the psyche ward at the hospital. She has been locked away from the other patients due to her outbreak earlier. She isn't in a straitjacket anymore, and she goes to the window of her room to look out. she sees patients just milling about aimlessly doing nothing in their pajamas. She is teary-eyed and sad at how bleak her future looks. Lauren sees the ring right away. Amber tells the great news of how she married a bartender, but is sure that things will be looking up for him soon enough. Cane arrives to visit his wife and gets introduced to Lauren. Cane tells that he was just at the coffeehouse and Katherine and Jill were acting very funny just now. He worries that they might be nuts. At that moment, Katherine and Jill enter the boutique and all have a brief chat. Amber goes on about the wedding and gushes about how she wishes that Cane's uncle from Australia could have been there to see it. "That's the only relative he has," Amber explains pointedly. Cane adds that his mother died when he was very young. Katherine and Jill try to hide their excitement at hearing this. Kevin can't resist and heads to the hospital. He is at the front desk, asking about Colleen when Victoria comes up finding that he has a lot of gall. She tells him that he had better hope that Colleen wakes up or he will be in a lot bigger trouble than the legal system can put him in. Kevin returns to the coffeehouse and isn't pleased to see that JT will be working with them. Michael tells him privately that JT is so determined to prove Kevin did this, he is the perfect person to be looking for Jana. He expects to find her dead, but Michael knows that he won't. Michael gives out orders for Gloria, JT and Kevin to go and get information and the investigation is in full swing. Colleen is going to have the procedure done that will help to get her breathing again. Tracy is there now and she is upset. Jack begs her to move back home again. He will have Colleen move in with him when she gets out and he would love to have his sister move home too. It is Neil and Drucilla's anniversary and so he and Lily get gifts and barge into the psyche ward to see Dru. She is grateful and hugs her family in thanks.

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