Tuesday 2/27/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 2/27/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ryan and Tad lash out at the guards for letting Kendall get out of the room. The guard tries to explain, but Ryan won’t listen. Kendall enters the warehouse, and sees Zach lying unconscious on the floor. She rushes to his side. Alex Cambias, Sr. comes out of his hiding place. He orders her to stand up, and when she refuses, he threatens to kill Zach. Alex raises the gun to shoot Zach. Erica comes into the room, and finds out that Babe is very much alive. Alex, Sr. orders Kendall away from Zach. Jeff tries to talk to Erica, but she refuses to listen. She wants to know what is going on. Erica demands to know why Jeff lied to her about the whereabouts of Josh. Jeff tells her matter-of-factly to “shut up.” Erica finds out that Jack helped in this scam. Ryan demands to know how Kendall escaped. Zach dreams of his Mother, and hears the voice of his father. He then dreams he is out in the woods, and sees something bright red in the distance. Tad and Ryan find out that Kendall had left off the balcony. Babe asks to talk to her Momma. Josh refuses to let her. Wendy enters Babe’s room and Babe asks Wendy for a telephone. Erica continues to lash out at Jeff for placing Kendall in danger as the next victim. Ryan and Tad find Zach as he just begins to gain consciousness. Zach wonders where Kendall is. Upon investigating, they find the body of the woman whom Alex, Sr. had killed. Erica continues to lash out at Jeff and Josh. Jack comes in the room. Erica begins to lash out at him. Erica demands to know from Jack where Kendall is. Wendy refuses to let Babe use the phone. Zach explains to Ryan and Tad about his father’s plans. Aidan finds a note on the dead woman’s body. Alex, Sr. takes Kendall to a house that has been decorated like hers and Zach’s. Alex, Sr. gives Kendall a drink, and orders her to drink it. Kendall threatens to kill Alex, Sr. if he goes anywhere near her son or her niece. Wendy alerts Josh to Babe’s questions about using the phone, and tells him that she noticed the rented equipment. Zach and Ryan confront the nurse at the hospital in Las Vegas about how she had faked his father’s death. The nurse refuses to help Zach and Ryan. Kendall picks up a wine bottle, and attempts to knock out Alex, Sr. but he catches her before she can knock him out.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Will saves Casey from being roughed up by two former friends of his to whom he owes money. Later, Will admits to Casey that he is worried that Gwen is either lying to him or worse misses Adam. Iris tries to blackmail Gwen to keep quiet about Adam but Gwen tells her if she says a word to Will about Adam she will accuse her of blackmail to the police and get her thrown back in jail. Maddie tells Gwen that the body they found in the woods was a homeless man. Vienna decides to leave town to hide from Prince Adolpho who has had all her assets frozen and is trying to have her extradited back to Leonia. Vienna and Henry are both surprised when he arrives in the Limo to take her to the airport. Dusty overhears Elliot make a date for later tonight after he agrees to advertise with the newspaper. Dusty demands that Emily tell him the relationship between her and Elliot. Jade shocks both Gwen and Maddie when she tells them she just got a voicemail from Adam.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric is anxious to talk shop for his new stores and Stephanie and Ann keep steering off course in talking about her getting into a condo of her own. The smell of Pam’s pot roast keeps looming in the middle. Ann throws it in Stephanie’s face that Pam is more a wife to her husband than she is. Stephanie sees through Ann. She is finding fault with all the places as she has no plans to leave. She wants to set herself up as head of this household, but there is no place in this home, that place is taken. Ann doesn’t think she needs to do more penance. Stephanie makes it clear she must move out soon or she will help her pack and send her back to Chicago. Felicia and Bridget can’t believe Ridge wants to use his wedding as a publicity stunt. He asks Rick if he has cooled off? Rick answers that things are somewhat cooler at Malibu than at his mom’s. Ridge thanks him for understanding why he and Brooke had to put distance between he and Phoebe. Felicia cries to Bridget that Dante is staying on in Rome, but it’s not going to work out for her to join him. Her career and her personal life are here.

Pam eavesdrops as Eric quarrels with Stephanie and ends up accusing her that their one bright spot of sex at Big Bear was simply like a long, cool shower after a long, long draught. And he’s NOT waffling about anything else when all he gets is a harangue and the cold shoulder from her in bed. He declares that Pam and Ann are staying here and if he has to sleep next to a block of ice every night, then that’s the way it is! She leaves for the office saying somebody has to work. He builds castles in the air and she has to be the foreman to make it work. She’s not the wifey-wife type and never will be. And she can’t just turn and be a sex kitten too. Not even Brooke was that quick on her feet. Ann points out to Pam that as much as she loves Stephanie, she is damaged. And the person she hurts the most is the husband who stands by her. Pam is more suited to him and he deserves someone more like her. Rick goes to the vacant storeroom for boxes and is attacked by the love-crazy maniac, Phoebe and they kiss. He tells her he made a promise, and this is so wrong. Brooke is shell-shocked when she catches them still kissing.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Philip and Willow return to Salem. Philip brings Willow to the police station intent on leaving her there for good but Willow threatens to claim her baby is Philip’s to get him to continue financially supporting her. Bo suggests using Shawn to help their case against EJ. Philip brings Bo and Roman the remains left by Shawn and Belle and vows revenge against the Brady family. Bo decodes a coded message left on a torn item and learns that Shawn, Belle, and Claire are really safe. Kayla wants to call the police but Steve snatches her phone. Steve mentions threats against Stephanie to convince Kayla to operate on John. Steve then lets Kayla call for an ambulance but bails before the ambulance can get there. EJ sends Lucas away so he can confront Sami about the baby. EJ demands that Sami get a paternity test or risk Lucas finding out about them sleeping together. EJ makes plans to meet with Lucas in the morning.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Jason apologizes to Alan for not being able to give him what he wanted. Jason becomes uncharacteristically emotional as he tells his father that he loves him. Tracy feels the loss of her brother very deeply. Skye honors Alan's memory by checking in on Edward. A stoic Monica holds her emotions in check. Jason takes Monica in his arms when she finally allows her feelings to come out.

Luke loses his cool and punches Scott when he finds him visiting Laura. Luke is certain Scott is up to something and orders him to stay away from his family. Luke wonders why Scott chose this particular time to resurface in town and warns Lulu not to trust him. Lulu and Luke are happy over the news that Lucky and Elizabeth are going to get remarried.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Alan-Michael wants a press conference to show how strong he is and to find out who shot is father. Mallet overhearing this comes in the doorway to ask how strong is Alan-Michael. Vanessa wants Dinah to get closer to Mallet. The 2 Mrs. Spauldings are at it again at Alan's bedside. Doris threatens Beth with jail. It takes Lizzie and Ashlee to get the two women apart when they go at each other. Alan-Michael is questioned about his gun but Mallet and Marina. Mallet thinks Alan-Michael hired someone to shoot Alan. Ashlee and Lizzie seem to stop the fight of their mothers for the time being. Vanessa can't believe the money Dinah wants for living expenses. Ava is helping Alan-Michael with his therapy. Ava suggests to Alan-Michael the idea that someone in the Spaulding house used Alan-Michael's gun to shoot Alan. Marina and Mallet catch Lizzie and Beth at Cedars. Ava gives Alan-Michael a vocal list of suspect she thinks could have shot Alan. One on the list is Lizzie. Mallet wants to split the Beth and Lizzie up during the questioning. Lizzie goes with Marina, Beth with Mallet. So far Lizzie doesn't say anything to incriminate herself. Beth neither. Then Lizzie mentions shooting and killing Beth's former boyfriend, then why not Alan. Marina mentions to Lizzie the gun belonged to Alan-Michael. Lizzie says everyone knew about Alan-Michael's gun. When Mallet and Marina are back together checking their notes. Marina says, "She puts money on it that it is Lizzie that shot Alan". After Ava leaves Alan-Michaels room Alan-Michael stands up from his wheelchair. Vanessa says she can't get her hands on 100 thousand dollars. Mallet meets up with Vanessa and Dinah. After some chitchat Dinah and Vanessa leave. Leaving Mallet and Marina where they were. Doris and Ashlee talk about Alan. Ashlee wants to know if Doris really loves Alan or is she using him for personal gain. Beth and Lizzie talk about Alan. While in Alan's room Beth and Lizzie ask each other if they know who shot Alan. Then Alan-Michael (in his wheelchair) appears at the doorway of his father's room and asks the same question of them. Both girls looked shocked too see him. And scared that Alan-Michael may have heard too much of what they were talking about. Dinah finds out via a phone call that a certain someone has been released from prison. Mallet and Marina are looking at the suspect board and talking. Alan-Michael wants to know of the 2 women who shot Alan, Beth or Lizzie.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Natalie is outside Club Capricorn when R.J. comes out to join her. Lindsay, Dorian, and Paige talk in the Angel Square Diner when Bo comes up to join them .Paige remembers their previous conversation in which Dorian had told her that Lindsay was trying to break them up so that they (Lindsay and Bo) could get back together. Dorian tells Bo that he should know the truth. Paige tells Bo that she had been offered a job overseas, and she was just asking Dorian and Lindsay if she should take it. Layla, Rex and Adriana discuss the Nelle Furtado concert, and how great they thought it was. Adriana wonders where Layla was the night of the concert. There is a knock on the door, and it is Marcie. Marcie is frantic. She tells them that John had brought Michael in for questioning in the murder of Spencer Truman. Antonio searches for Jessica as Jessica and Nash make love. Nash and Jessica, hurriedly get dressed. Antonio yells at them that he is coming to get them. Nash assures him that he will take care of Jessica. Talia leaves the club, coughing. She tries to use her cell phone, but she is soon knocked unconscious by the arsonist. Marcie is frantic with worry as she explains to Rex what had happened. She asks Rex if he knows what is going on. Marcie doesn’t understand what John is thinking in bringing in his own brother for questioning. Adriana encourages Marcie to go home to await word. She asks Rex for help. Rex and Adriana exchange questioning looks. John questions Michael if he had killed Spencer. R.J. questions Natalie as to what had brought her up here. R.J. tells Natalie that he sure wouldn’t lose any sleep if she and John called it quits. Paige tells Bo that she has been offered a job in Pakistan. Layla questions Rex if he thinks that Michael had killed Spencer. John continues to question Michael if he killed Spencer. Michael refuses to answer any questions. Michael begs him to close the case. Nash tries kicking the door to break it down so they can escape. Antonio wraps a wet tablecloth around him before he continues to search for Jessica and Nash. Layla comes in, and sees Natalie with R.J. Marcie, Rex and Adriana arrive at the police station. John comes out, and asks them what they are doing here. Antonio continues to search for Nash and Jessica. He finally locates them . Antonio breaks the door down, and attempts to rescue Jessica. She refuses to leave without Nash .

Nash orders Antonio to get Jessica out of there. Layla confronts R.J. and Natalie. She fills Natalie in on what has been happening. Marcie confronts John as to where Michael is. Marcie thinks that this has all been a misunderstanding . Marcie calls John, “crazy.” John takes Rex into an interrogation room. Marcie questions Adriana if Rex is involved with Michael. Paige has doubts about even being a doctor anymore. Bo gets a text message from Michael. Paige tells Bo she loves him as she kisses him bye. R.J. offers his help to Natalie, but Natalie flat refuses his help. Marcie is confused about this whole ordeal. Rex fills Michael in that Marcie had come to him for help. Antonio brings Jessica out of the burning club. Antonio orders her out, but she refuses. Antonio goes back in for Nash, but the whole roof collapses. Layla demands to know what is going on between him and Natalie . Adriana confesses to Marcie that John thinks that both Rex and Michael are responsible for Spencer’s death. John demands to know what they are hiding. Jessica yells for Antonio. She begs Antonio to answer her.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Theresa meets with the blackmailer. The blackmailer says that Theresa has to leave Ethan alone forever because he is hers. Is Gwen or Rebecca the blackmailer? Chad's lover is Vincent. Fancy was attacked again. The attacker tried to pour acid on her, but Luis came in. Fancy woke up and saw Luis with the bottle of acid.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Phyllis is still angry about Michael and Lauren not telling her that Sheila had her face. She and Nick set about the details for the wedding and wonder how someone who professes to love you can keep such a secret. Nick has to wonder too. He shows Phyllis the paper that he is reading. The headline of an article reads how 'Newman FINDS TREASURE IN GENEVA'. Devon and Neil rush to the hospital to go and get Dru out of there. She is so happy when Neil tells her that she isn't crazy and that he saw Carmen too. Neil goes to the front desk to get his wife released but the nurse there says that Dru will not be getting out. She has to stay at least 72 hours. There is a rule like that but Neil admitted his wife and she went in voluntarily, so he can't understand why he can't get her out. Dr. Lynch comes to see the family members and explains that Dru's status has been changed. She came in voluntarily but now the hospital has decided to hold her after having a closer look at her file. They believe that she probably is a risk to others. Michael comes to see his brother who is still down in the dumps about his charges. Michael tries to be uplifting to Kevin but Kevin doesn't believe that Michael is being sincere. Sharon is at the coffeehouse when she sees David coming to her table. He hopes that Dru has been feeling better lately, after the last time that he saw her and she accused him of conspiring with Carmen to hurt her. Sharon tells him that Dru has checked herself in the hospital for her emotional problems. David is visibly shaken. Neil tells the doctor that he saw Carmen too. Not really her but someone who looks just like her. Dr. Lynch smiles. He knows that sometimes family change their minds after bringing in a relative and then suddenly come up with something to get them out of the facility. Neil isn't lying but Dr. Lynch only smiles at him.

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