Monday 2/26/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 2/26/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Bianca visits Zoe in the hospital and they reminisce about the “good ole days.”  Bianca tells Zoe that she has come to mean a lot to her and she hugs her.  Erica calls Kendall, and asks her if she has any idea if Josh is in the casino.  As Erica starts to leave, she overhears Jeff talking to another man.  Josh checks in on Babe as she sleeps.  J.R., Tad, Jaime, Aidan, and Ryan board the plane to go in search of the man, who supposedly killed Babe.  Kendall walks the floor waiting for Zach to return.  She imagines Zach coming in, and telling her that everything is all right.  Zach confronts the woman in the abandoned warehouse.  He questions her as to whom she is working for.  Suddenly Zach is hit with a dart in the neck, and he falls to the floor.  Alexander Cambias, Sr. walks up behind Zach.  Alex, Sr. tells the woman, “Bravo.”  Bianca questions Jack and Derek about the DNA sample.  She also mentions to them the button that she found in the cemetery, and gave to Ryan.  Jack gets another note from the killer, in which he tells them, “good-bye.”  Kendall rummages around the room, and finds a note in Zach’s jacket pocket addressed to her.  She carefully reads the note.  Jack calls Ryan, and tells him about the note which he received.  Ryan knows now that Kendall and Zach were walking into a trap.  Alexander Cambias, Sr. kills the woman that he used to trap Zach.  Kendall calls Ryan, and fills them in on what had been going on.  Jeff visits Babe, and gives her the good news that she is on the road to recovery.  J.R. takes out his wallet, and looks at a picture of Babe and Little Adam.  He vows revenge on the man, who had taken her away from him.  Kendall tells Ryan that Alexander Cambias, Sr. is alive, and Zach went to meet with him. 

Kendall is impatient in the hotel room.  She gets a phone call that she thinks is from Zach.  Kendall is told to meet him at the warehouse.  Kendall starts out the hotel room door, but the guards prevent her from leaving.  Jack and Derek are at the crime scene where yet another dead body has been found.  Jack tries to call Kendall, but she refuses his call.  Kendall escapes from the hotel room by way of the balcony.  Zach’s cell phone rings, Alex, Sr. takes it out of Zach’s pocket to see who the call is coming from.  Josh and Jeff are in the room with Babe as Erica sticks her head in the door.  Josh and Tad try to get past the guards to check on Kendall.  Ryan rushes into Kendall’s hotel room, and finds her gone.  Kendall arrives at the warehouse, and finds Zach unconscious.  Alexander Cambias, Sr. comes out, and tells Kendall to stand up.  Kendall is reluctant to do as he asks.  Alex, Sr. threatens to end Zach’s life if she doesn’t do as he asks. 

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Lucinda and Lily disagree about her decisions with the start-up baby food company. Lucinda pulls her financial support on the project. Katie admits to Jack that Mike isn’t coming back. Katie and Jack comfort each other, but when Vienna and Brad show up falling all over each other, they head out. Maddie tells Gwen she is going to find out if the body is Adam. Iris is following Maddie and Gwen. Jack takes Katie to a hockey game where he teaches her the game. Brad and Vienna start to get intimate at the studio before a phone call interrupts them. Vienna learns she is being sued and leaves in a huff. Craig and Lucinda spar about her role in Lucy’s disappearance, and after Lucinda leaves, Craig offers his support to Lily, who is upset with Lucinda’s treatment of her. He suggests a way Lily can get around Lucinda’s wishes. He also offers her advice about the diet pills. Dallas catches Maddie at the Morgue, but she covers. Gwen almost tells Will what is going on with her, but then she has a waking ‘dream’ of what would happen if she did, and she changes her mind. Katie is involved in an accident at the hockey game. After Will leaves Gwen to rest, she jumps up to call Maddie. Iris interrupts her by taunting her about what she knows. Katie’s face is really in rough shape, as Brad walks in and teases her about it. Lily buys more diet pills and takes them. Gwen pretends to not understand, but Iris spells it out for her; the body in the woods and now Morgue is Adam. Maddie prepares to take off the sheet to see who is under it.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge confides to Taylor that Phoebe is mad with him and disappointed in Rick, but Rick has terminated their relationship for the good of the family. Taylor is concerned when Ridge tells her it was more than a crush, Phoebe thinks she is in love with Rick. Phoebe can’t focus on her modeling until Rick shows up and then she beams. Stephanie and Eric survey the new retail location on Rodeo Drive, almost right across from Jackie M and feel lucky to have gotten it. She wants him to stop second guessing himself, they will be a success! Nick spies Brooke in the boutique and she remarks it was time for them to get into the retail business so he couldn’t torpedo any more of their business. She asks about the status of their divorce, but he accuses her of asking him rather than her lawyer because she was curious about his personal life. He’s surprised that she took Ridge’s side in the Phoebe-Rick break-up. He doesn’t think she did it for her kids, but just to placate Forrester. Phoebe wants nothing more than to glide into Rick’s arms, but he warns her they have to be discreet in open so he drags her to a more secluded spot in the dressing rooms. They are all over each other and gloat that it isn’t over but everyone has to think it is. It won’t be easy but it’s worth it. After Ridge and Brooke are married, then they won’t have to hide it anymore.

Ridge and Brooke join Eric and Stephanie as Eric says they need to start a new buzz, reintroduce themselves to the fashion world. Ridge has the perfect solution – they have their wedding right here. Stop the traffic, close off Rodeo Drive, jam Beverly Hills with press and marry right in front of the store. He thinks it is perfect and tries to sell it to Brooke that this is an amazing opportunity to focus the international spotlight on their grand opening….what better than a celebrity wedding? This is BOLD but a legacy for their children. He promises that NOTHING will stand in their way. However, their children are finding it hard not to give in to their feelings.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Shawn uses raw materials to build a shelter for his family but begins to doubt himself when the shelter falls down. Belle decides they must work as a team to survive and helps him resurrect the shelter. Nick saves Chelsea when Dr. Rebert ignores her refusals and tries to get physical with her. Chelsea thanks Nick with a kiss after they decide to be friends again.

Kayla comes to Bo and tells him about Steve choking her. Kayla asks Bo to help her find Steve. Bo calls EJ to the hospital to question him about Steve but EJ plays dumb. Bo gloats about having a case against EJ. EJ hires a shady doctor to cut out John’s kidney but Steve refuses to allow the doctor to operate. EJ gives Steve the choice of having Kayla or the doctor do the operation. Steve forces Kayla to come with him back to the warehouse.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Lucky tells Liz that he has accepted that he has lost her and wants to do what's right, let go of her. Yet, she decides to forgive him. Carly tells Sonny that their sleeping together was just a reaction to the stress of being almost killed and joy at being alive. Dr. Ford tells the Quartermaines they should say goodbye to Alan. Spinelli pulls Jason away from trying to kill Craig so he can get back to say farewell to his dad. He's too late. By the time he gets there, Alan is gone. Liz and Lucky agree to marry. Jax comes home.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Josh and Cassie are still talking about whether or not she shot Alan. The police try and figure out who owns the gun that they found. Ava tries to control damage control. Buz and Olivia have a nice time together planning their wedding. Dinah is at the police station asking questions. Josh tells Cassie maybe she was provoked. She then leaves the house with Josh calling out to her. Mallet and Dinah talk about the case and her checking account. They then change the subject to Cassie and her well being. Josh catches up with Cassie to convince her again she didn't do the shooting. Buzz tells Olivia it's ok to care about her kids. At the hospital Jeffrey and Ava talk then are disrupted by Ava's phone. Jeffrey also gets a phone call, from Olivia. He then takes off. Ava finds Alan-Michael on the floor in his dad's hospital room. He says he was trying to get his dad's lips moist with water. Jeffrey and Olivia meet. Jeffrey says he had a meltdown. Olivia starts screaming her head off. She doesn't want to remembered that Ava is their daughter. Dinah is at the bar and Remy shows up. He has been put on administrative leave of absence. Remy thinks Dinah is using him to get information because they are friends. Josh continues their talk about Alan's shooting. Mallet comes by Josh's for questioning. Josh thinks it is to question Cassie again. Mallet says no it is actually to talk to Josh. They sit at the kitchen table and Mallet starts to question Josh. Cassie interrupts them on and off. Mallet remembers threats of breaking a bottle over Alan's head, etc. Vanessa comes to the bar to talk to Dinah. Vanessa thinks Dinah is trying to shoot herself in the foot and messing with her success. Buzz goes to visit Alan and starts rambling on about Alan. Buzz says Alan shot himself. Olivia pushes Jeffrey on his butt. Alan-Michael and Ava talk. Ava and a nurse get him back in bed and check his vitals. Alan-Michael says he thinks Ava cares about him. She say he's right she does care about him. Alan-Michael and Ava start talking. Vanessa and Dinah talk about spots in advertising for the station. Vanessa says she had some ventures that didn't a pan out. That she might be going broke. Mallet leaves Josh's after questioning them. Jeffrey visits Alan-Michael. Mallet gets info that the gun found is registered to Alan-Michael Spaulding!!

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Dorian sits at the counter in the Angel Square Diner. She has a piece of apple pie with whipped topping on top. Dorian has second thoughts about eating the pie when Lindsay comes in. Lindsay thanks her for meeting her. Dorian picks up some of the pie, and rubs it all over Lindsay’s face. Bo comes into John’s office, and asks him if he knows who killed Spencer Truman. Michael and Marcie have a drink, and discuss Starr babysitting Tommy. Antonio comes up, and once again asks about Jessica. Antonio and Cristian discuss the situation between Christian and Evangeline. Antonio encourages him to forgive Evangeline. Todd and Vangie fall down onto the sofa on top of each other. Evangeline remarks that he should go. Todd agrees, but they keep lying there. Jessica and Nash continue to kiss. Nash finally pulls away from her, and remarks that he shouldn’t have done that. Jessica lets him that she had kissed him back. The arsonist sets fire, takes the fire extinguisher and leaves. Christian feels that he and Evangeline had something special. Jessica admits that she thinks about him almost all the time. Cole and Starr are kissing. They get down onto the floor, when the phone begins to ring. This puts a damper on the mood. Dorian and Lindsay argue over the fact that Lindsay had told Viki something on Dorian. Paige comes into the diner, and Dorian begins to butter her up. Bo questions John about who killed Spencer Truman, and would he handle the situation any differently if it were someone that he cared about. Michael doesn’t want the killer found . Antonio asks Christian does he love Evangeline. Christian admits that he does. Jessica and Nash argue over their feelings for each other. Nash begs her to run away with him. The fire blazes outside the room. Dorian tells Paige that she is so lucky to have Bo in her life. Dorian spills the beans that Lindsay wants Bo back in her life. Bo encourages Bo to do what is wrong concerning this murder investigation. Evangeline tells Todd that what happened between them didn’t mean anything. Christian remembers his conversation with Jessica about keeping it a secret that she had just about made love to Nash .

The fire really blazes outside the storage room. The can of turpentine is shown. Jessica tells Nash that she cannot possibly run away with him. Jessica tells Nash to ignore their feelings. Jessica starts to leave, but finds out that the door is stuck. Cole and Starr discuss sex, and his old girlfriends, and if he had gone all the way with them. Starr decides that she wants to wait on sex. Todd starts to leave, but Evangeline goes into the bedroom to get him a scarf. Evangeline’s cell phone rings, and when Todd checks it, he finds that it is Christian. Jessica becomes frantic to get out of the storeroom. Jessica touches the door, and finds it red hot. They then see smoke coming out from under the door. Christian goes to visit Evangeline to make up with her, but he finds her alone there with Todd. He won’t accept Evangline’s excuse, and Christian tells her that they are through. Everyone at Capricorn begins to smell smoke. Nash and Jessica yell for help.

Passions Recap Written by Glynis

Chris comes into the room where his wife is in her bra. She turns to face him. She grabs her shirt to quickly hide. "I didn't know that you were here!" she says. He walks into the room with a knowing look. He has been peeking at her through the door. All he wants to know about are the scratches and bruises on his wife's arms. Kay is angry when she finds Miguel in her room looking at pictures of them. She doesn't think that he should be in there and is annoyed. "He's lied to you about everything Kay!" Kay can't understand how there is so much evidence against Miguel in all this and he be innocent at the same time. She tells that Fox is getting a catheter put in right now, so if he is faking, he isn't very good. Kay kicks Miguel out of her room but he doesn’t leave. He shuts the door and returns. He holds her tightly and tells her to look into his eyes and tell him what she sees. Luis and Fancy have eaten and now he tells her to get ready for bed. She gets under the covers and he tells that he will be right outside the window keeping an eye on things. It is cold out there but he doesn't care. He was supposed to be watching her the last time but he didn't and he won't let that happen again. Fancy will be locked in the room and Luis is sure that she will be safer there than anywhere else. Chris felt that Sheridan loved Luis. He always felt that. Then when Fancy came to ask for Sheridan's blessings to be with Luis…things changed after that. Sheridan thinks that Fancy is emotionally unstable. She keeps thinking that someone is out to get her. Chris says that someone is out to get her. "She's not imagining this Sheridan." Sheridan disagrees. There is no evidence. Chris feels that whoever is doing this is being very careful. He knows that when people are jealous, they do strange things. Sheridan denies that she would hurt someone. Chris isn't sure that he knows anything about Sheridan anymore. Sheridan is glad that at least Luis still believes in her. "it always comes back to Luis doesn't it?" Sheridan walks out. she heads to the mansion. She doesn't want to be anywhere near Chris tonight. Yeah! Well, Luis won't be there!" Chris shouts after her. Miguel and Kay are getting ready to make love. Luis shivers under the plaid blanket as he paces back and forth under Fancy's window outside the inn. The cookies and coffee sit on a tray, on a table by his chair. He has his back turned when a white-gloved hand pours a liquid into Luis's coffee. The hand sneaks out of the bushes to do its dirty work and then it is gone in a flash. Luis is none-the-wiser.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Will arrives at the coffeehouse and shuts it down. All the guests exit and Michael and Gloria arrive. They heard about the search and Michael has every right to be there to witness it. Gloria is there as Michael's assistant and so she gets to stay, even though Will doesn't like it. Gloria knows that nothing incriminating will be found, and if something is, Jana probably put it there. Brad can't talk to JT now and tells him to leave the hospital. He says that he will call if something more comes up. Will finds something and declares the coffeehouse a crime scene. JT shows up at the coffeehouse and Michael whispers to him that he needs him to find Jana. JT doesn't understand why Michael would think that he would help Kevin. Michael says that all that doesn't matter. They should all want to know where Jana is. Dru has boxes and boxes of surveillance equipment and Neil doesn't understand, until she tells him that she is going to rig the place with cameras to catch Carmen. Devon and Lily arrive and are dumbfounded. Dru really hates that no one is believing anything that she says. She gets so agitated, that one of the items that she is holding in her hands flies out and hits Lily in the forehead. Lily shouts and grabs her head. She is cut and is taken to the hospital where she gets a couple of stitches. Dr. Lynch arrives at the house and after talking to Dru for a short time sees that she needs to admit herself for treatment. She refuses to go at first but then decides that it is a good idea. Brad isn't happy that Victoria was okay with Adrian being in the room with Colleen. Victoria just let it go because she figured that whether they like it or not, Adrian and Colleen like each other and that can only bring more positive energy for her. Brad doesn't care about that. He won't even consider it. "I said 'no'!" Gloria and Michael give Kevin the bad news. They found blood matching Carmen's blood type at the hospital. Carmen was killed there. They are sure of it. Jack calls Tracy and she is on her way from New York. Colleen has stabilized but she still be hurry to get to Genoa City to take care of her daughter. JT returns to the hospital and talks with Victoria for a while. She tells that they are doing more tests on Colleen. He can see that she is upset. She tells that Brad…He keeps turning to Sharon and that bothers her. Neil and Dru go to the hospital. They bump into Sharon who thinks that she is very brave to do this. Neil and Drucilla have a tearful goodbye and they he hands her off to a nurse and closes the door behind her when she's gone.

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