Friday 2/23/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 2/23/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Tad, Aidan and Jaime are busy at work, trying to find clues as to who the Satin Slayer is.  Tad becomes annoyed at Aidan.  Tad goes over, takes the cell phone out of Aidanís hand, and throws it against the wall.  He tells Aidan if he isnít up to this, then for him to get out.  Erica argues with J.R. over the whereabouts of Josh.  J.R. lets it slip that Josh was seen at the casino.  Erica doesnít really believe him.  They continue to argue.  Bianca and her bodyguard come to visit Ryan.  She holds up the button, and asks Ryan what the button means to him.  Ryan is speechless.  The grave of Alexander Cambias, Sr. is shown.  Zach and Kendall are there.  They stare into an opened coffin, filled with large rocks.  Inside the coffin, Zach finds a note which was obviously written by Alexander Cambias, Sr.  Upon talking to the cemetery owner, they find out that seven months ago, on the anniversary of the date that Zach had supposedly died, the coffin was previously disinterred.  Zach also finds out that someone posing as Zach had authorized his fatherís remains to be dug up.  Back at the hotel room, Kendall wants to call Jack, but Zach stops her.  The telephone rings, and they are both reluctant to answer it.  Zach answers it and finds out that it is his father, Alexander Cambias, Sr. on the other end.  Alex, Sr. wants Zach to meet him at a warehouse, and to come alone.  Kendall tells Zach matter-of-factly that if he goes, then she is going with him.  He forbids her to go with him.  Reaching under the mattress, he pulls out a revolver and clip, and hides them in his belt.  Kendall comes out of the bathroom.  He pulls her close, and gives her a kiss. 

Ryan carefully examines the button.  He wants Bianca to tell him where she found this button.  She clues him in on the details of the happenings the night before concerning Zoe and her attack.  Erica goes to visit Kendall at the casino, but finds a guard outside the door.  He refuses to let her enter.  After arguing with him for a few moments, Erica calls Kendall, but gets no answer.  Ryan comes up and overhears Ericaís conversation with the guard.  Ryan remembers a note that he had received from the killer.  He pushes past the guard, and into Kendallís apartment.  After going into the bathroom, he finds that Kendall, as well as, Zach is gone.  He and Erica leave the apartment quietly.  In the hallway, Ryan secretly tells Erica that Zach has managed to get Kendall out of town.  Erica is relieved, but still wants to know where Kendall is.  With tears in her eyes, Kendall watches Zach leave the hotel room.  J.R. visits Zoe in her hospital room and urges Zoe to keep quiet about his blackmailing Babe or there would be dire circumstances.  Zach approaches the warehouse with caution.  He pulls out his gun as he kicks open the door.  A large, bright light shines in his eyes, as he sees a young woman dressed as his mother standing there. 

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

For the sake of the family and Brooke’s relationship with Ridge, Rick wants to make clear this is what she is asking him - to give up Phoebe? Rick sees it is ALL about Ridge, him dictating what others can do. Brooke continues to beg that he must do this for the family’s sake. Ridge tells Phoebe she is not old enough to know what love means, and this relationship with Rick must end. And that Brooke is with him now and telling him the same thing. She defies him that he can do what he will, but she will not walk away from these feelings. Only when she calls Rick and he tells her gently that they can’t do this, does she refuse to talk or be consoled by her dad.

Brooke and Ridge rejoice in the fact that their children actually listened and heeded their advice. He chides now she can go ahead and make an honest man out of him. Phoebe trudges out in the rain to see Rick and demands a better explanation, but she won’t accept any of his excuses. Like the child that she is, she runs outside in the pouring rain and bows to her knees on the sand until magically he appears and holds his hand out to her and she glides into his arms and they kiss.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Nick follows Chelsea and Dr. Rebert to Chez Rouge. Nick breaks up the dinner date by tattling to Maggie about Dr. Rebert letting Chelsea drink wine. Dr. Rebert punches Nick when Nick tries to punch Dr. Rebert for trash talking Chelsea. Dr. Rebert flirts with Chelsea in his car and tries to convince her to come home with him. Philip refuses to believe that Claire could be dead despite finding a splintered life raft tainted with blood. Willow offers to work together again but Philip doesn't want to hear it. Belle, Shawn, and Claire make it safely to a deserted island. They realize that Claire's finger was cut on Shawn's knife and bandage Claire's hand. Marlena refuses to help Kayla find Steve but instead convinces her to have Steve committed again. Steve steals John's body from the hospital.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Scott Baldwin comes to visit Lulu, but Skye does as well and chews him out. After she leaves, Lulu has questions about Laura and Rick Webber, which are interrupted when her step-mother arrives to kick Scott out and warn Lulu about him. Jason goes after Craig and they get into a shoot-out. Liz nearly makes a comment to Sam that would reveal the fact that she is carrying Jason's baby, but figures out that Sam does not know and is able to cover. Carly tries to recover her engagement ring from the rubble and informs Sonny she is still going to divorce him. Alan forgives Skye and Edward berates her. Yet for Sam he is kind and encourages her to give him an heir. Sam's picture makes the national news and someone notices. Alan wants the family to forgive Skye. Monica tells him he is the love of her life. Immediately after that, he has another heart attack. Lulu beats herself up for suspecting Alan of framing Laura. She does think Scott knows something. Carly tells the boys they are leaving the mansion.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Lizzie checks in on Alan. Cassie goes into the kitchen feeling better and thanks Josh. Alan-Michael is on the phone with his Dad's doctor yelling at him. Buzz tells Coop that no charges will be filed on him. Lizzie runs into Cassie near a store. She wants to apologize. Ava and Alan-Michael have another meeting, which is disrupted by a nurse. Ava leaves and runs into Josh at the hospital. Josh offers to buy Ava a cup of coffee and talk. Lizzie and Cassie talk more. Lizzie remembers freshman year when she and Tammy went to a department store to buy dresses. Cassie's facial expression changes during this talk. They both ask each other how they get over loosing someone. Josh talks to Alan-Michael about Alan. Cassie locks Lizzie in a storage room, then goes home as if nothing happened. Josh asks her if she talked to Lizzie, she says yes that they had a good talk. Josh asks Cassie about his gun. Lizzie frantically knocks on the door and yells hoping someone will hear her. Soon Mallet and Marina open the door to see Lizzie there. Josh tells Cassie he will make up a story to explain his missing gun. Cassie doesn't want him to lie for her. Mallet and Marina play bad cop/good cop when questioning Lizzie. Coop and Ava talk about their relationship. Alan-Michael visits his dad. Cassie asks Josh if she could have shot Alan. Mallet and Marina find a gun.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

The arsonist is shown carrying a can of turpentine, and an old rag. At Capricorn, Antonio is busy preparing the stage and lights for the concert that night .Natalie visits John in his office, and she tells him that he looks terrible .She informs him that she knows what is up with him, that he thinks that Michael killed Spencer. Todd visits Evangeline at her apartment. She refuses to talk to him. Nash meets Nelly Furtado when she arrives at Capricorn. Nelly and Antonio have a talk about Jessica. Marcie is busy giving Starr instructions on watching Tommy. Michael comes in, and when he hears that Starr is going to watch Tommy, he insists that she isnít watching him. Todd tries to talk to Evangeline through the door. Jessica and Miles arrive at Capricorn. Jessica introduces Miles to Cristian. The arsonist quickly hides the turpentine and old rag from Jessica and Cristian. Antonio asks Rex and Adriana about Jessica. Miles buys Blair a drink and offers his help. Evangeline finally agrees to let Todd in. Evangeline tells Todd that she had kissed Todd. Cristian tells Jessica about the kiss between Todd and Evangeline.

Natalie questions John about his thinking that Michael killed Spencer. Antonio introduces Nelly Furtado the stage. Antonio canít seem to find Jessica. Blair bumps into Marty at Capricorn. Miles lets Marty know that he has a niece in Llanview. Nash comes into the storeroom and meets up with Jessica. Jessica shows her anger for Nash by slapping him. Starr has a date with Martyís son. Blair meets Cristian on the outside. Cristian walks over, and they begin to kiss. Evangeline asks Todd to leave. Blair encourages Cristian to give Evangeline another chance. Marty finds out that Miles is Mitch Lawrenceís brother. Jessica and Nash argue over the fact that they had just about made love. Jessica lets him know that she is going to tell Antonio everything. John and Natalie continue to argue over Michael and Johnís ignoring Natalie. Starr and her date kiss. Evangeline and Todd begin to watch a movie. They argue over the remote control. Natalie slams the door, and leaves John alone. John calls Bo, and lets him know that he thinks that he knows who killed Spencer. The arsonist sets to work Jessica and Nash kiss. The arsonist catches a pic of Nelly Furtado on fire.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Jared makes it out of surgery okay and is in recovery. Teressa is by his side. She receives a message from the blackmailer telling her not to tell Ethan. She blows up at Ethan and walks away. She walks back to Jared and receives a message from Vincent. Vincent has been contacted by the blackmailer and wants to meet Teressa. She has to be alone and not let anyone stand in for her.

Whitney and Chad meet Miles' friend's parents. His parents are 2 men. Chad is uncomfortable. Luis and Fancy go to Sheridan's after Fancy was jumped in the hospital parking lot. Chris answers the door and doesn't know where Sheridan is. She finally arrives and says that she had to get cough syrup for James. Fancy yells and she walks out. Luis talks to Chris and Sheridan than leaves. Chris goes to the kitchen and finds out that there was enough cough syrup in the cupboard. He looks in on Sheridan undressing and sees a scratch on her wrist similar to the scratch that Fancy described. Now he wonders if Luis and fancy are right about her.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Jill is mad at her mother for the problem with Philip. She gets a call from Ji Min who wonders where's she's been. He suspects that she has been sick. She assures him she has been working from home. There are some files that she needs and she asks if he would send them to her. He suggests that some time they go for a drink, and she is surprised. Minutes later, Ji Min arrives with a bag of soup for Jill. He offers to leave when he realizes that she is dealing with a family problem. Jill doesn't want him to leave. Michael and Lauren have arrive to get their little bundle of joy but they visit with Phyllis and Nick first. Nick and Phyllis tell how they are ready to tie the knot properly and legally this time. Michael and Lauren are invited to be in the wedding party this time. Phyllis really wants them there. They have been through a lot together. Phyllis tells how she was terrified when she faced the evil version of herself in Sheila. She could have been killed had Lauren made the wrong decision that day and shot her instead. Michael tells her that they don't have to worry about all that anymore. Sheila is unable to hurt them ever again. Cane and Amber arrive home at his place, and Cane looks like he wants to throw up when she asks him if he would like to carry her over the threshold. He doesn't and she says she doesn't mind. She does some research and confirms that Cane will need a lawyer but for now he is safe in the country married to her. Next they have to get ready for immigration who will be sure to check on them and make sure that they are not faking the marriage. Michael and Lauren are whispering as they sit alone for a minute in Nick and Phyllis's living room. Lauren doesn't feel right lying to the couple. These people are their friends. Michael doesn't want to upset them. They think that Sheila just appeared one day and kidnapped Phyllis but the part they don't know about is that Sheila was there long before she attacked Phyllis. Lauren hates lying but Michael says they have to. As Phyllis is talking to the couple, and Nick, she remembers Sheila talking to her about Paul and Michael holding her captive. She asks Michael and Lauren now if they knew that Sheila was alive. She can tell by their faces that they did and she orders them out of her house! David comes to see Neil at the apartment. He needs a file and so Neil lets him in and goes to get it. Dru comes out of the bedroom and sees the man. She gets hysterical right away when she finds him alone in her living room, and then ANGRY with Neil for letting the man in their house.

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