Thursday 2/22/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 2/22/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Zach, Kendall, and his henchmen stand by the grave and tombstone of Alexander Cambias, Sr.  Zach continues to look at the engraving on the tombstone which reads, “Beloved Father, Beloved Husband.”  After a few minutes, he gets down on his knees, and begins to dig away the stones and dirt from the grave.  Kendall questions Zach as to what he is thinking and feeling.  Zach refuses to answer her.  Kendall and his henchmen have to pull Zach off the grave.  Zach orders his henchmen to dig up his father.  Josh looks into Babe’s room, and finds her, waking up.  He comes in to check on her.  She immediately asks him if he has talked to her Mother.  He, once again, lies, and tells her that he has just talked to her.  Bianca calls J.R.’s hand on what he had done to Zoe.  Crystal tries to calm her down, but Bianca is determined to have her say.  Bianca lets it slip that J.R. had been blackmailing Babe at the time of her death.  Adam, immediately, wants to know what is going on.  Zoe tries to talk to Jack and Derek about his being attacked, but Derek doesn’t believe him.  Looking at the grave, Zach begins to believe that his father had taken a secret to the grave with him.  After talking to Babe about J.R. and Little Adam, Josh offers for Babe to move in with him.  Bianca fills Krystal and Adam in on the fact that J.R. had found Zoe in the cemetery, but he had left him/her there to die.  Zoe tells Jack and Derek that his attacker spit on him and that there may be some DNA left on his clothing that could identify the Satin Slayer, but Derek refuses to believe him.  Jack steps in, and tells Derek that he heads up the task force to find this serial killer and he orders Derek to take the coat, and do a DNA sample on it. 

Julia comes into Zoe’s room to give her some medicine.  She offers Zoe some advice on psychiatrists, therapists, etc.  Tad orders Jeff to tell him the secret that he is hiding.  Erica walks into the room, and interrupts them.  Tad and Jeff just look at each other.  Tad leaves them alone to talk.  Erica begins to question Jeff about the whereabouts of Josh, but all Jeff wants to do is to pay Erica compliments.  He will not give her a straight answer as to where Josh is.  Erica gives Jeff an ultimatum-either he tells her where Josh is or they are through.  Jeff will not give in to her ultimatum.  They dig up Alex Cambias’ (supposedly) body.  When they open the casket, they find it is full of large rocks.  Zoe lets Bianca know that when he/she were struggling with the killer that he pulled off one of his buttons.  Bianca goes to the cemetery to investigate.  Bianca finds the button, laying on the grass.  When she picks it up to investigate, she recognizes it, and says, “Oh, no.”

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Paul vows to fight for Meg's love after he finds her at the wagon Wheel with Craig but Meg insists that they have no future together. Margo fears that she and Tom have lost touch with their children and that is why they are all so troubled right now. Casey fears that Maddie will break up with him if he goes to jail. Casey also continues to be sad about the pain and disappointment he has caused his parents. Emily gets a lead on a hot story from her first client she meets working for Cherie. Maddie writes an e-mail from Adam to his family in which he admits he planted the bonds at Will's house hoping he would be blamed for the robbery. Will gives Gwen a new wedding ring to replace the ring she lost.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge is aghast that Phoebe thinks after one kiss that she is in love with Rick. He reminds her they are both Forrester’s though she keeps repeating that they aren’t blood related. He can understand why she would be intrigued, but assures her it is only a game to Rick. She declares he can fire her and try to keep her away from Rick, but it won’t work. They will continue to see each other. Brooke takes offense that Ridge would call her son a loser. She’s surprised when he tells her that Phoebe is in love with Rick. So he can’t blame this all on Rick, she has feelings too. He states that Rick led her on and she is way in over her head. Brooke thinks it won’t matter as Rick probably will end up going back to Europe. He hopes so as this sort of publicity would be disastrous. He needs her help in convincing Rick, she agrees. Nick and Taylor agree they have had significant relationships in the past and they are both ready for something new, exciting. They discuss parenthood and she assures him that he’s a pretty good catch. He just needs to find the right woman.

Rick explains to Bridget that Ridge kicked him out and he needs a place to crash. Brooke shows up as well to talk to him and asserts that whatever is going on between him and Phoebe, it has to stop now. If he doesn’t call things off, it will drive a wedge into the family. And she and Ridge are so close to getting what they have always wanted. She pleads with him to break things off; the future of the family depends on it.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Bonnie is questioned by Roman and confesses to killing Mimi's father, David Lockhart. Roman agrees not to prosecute Connor for stealing the bones but insists on prosecuting Bonnie for murder. Bonnie insists that she acted alone in killing David. Max takes the ring to Nick for DNA testing in hopes of proving Bonnie acted in self-defense but Bonnie claims she stole the ring from a hospital patient. Mimi is sure that Bonnie is hiding something. Max turns down Mimi's offer of intimacy and instead makes plans to meet Abby. Jed, a new classmate of Abby's comes to her for class help. Chelsea teases Abby about liking Jed. Jed asks Abby for a ride to work but Abby senses that he is flirting with her only as a joke with his friends. Chelsea refuses to ask Nick for help with her class and decides to ask Dr. Rebert for help to make Nick jealous. Nick is so flustered at having Chelsea around that he breaks lab equipment. Dr. Rebert gloats about how attractive Chelsea is just to get a rise out of Nick. Dr. Rebert asks Chelsea out to dinner under the guise of talking over the job requirements.

Philip demands that Stratton lock up both Shawn and Belle so he can take Claire. Stratton insists that he abide by the captain's order for Claire to stay with Belle. Shawn hides under the bed with Claire and Belle leads Philip and Stratton to believe that Shawn took Claire up in the air vent. Once they leave, Shawn and Belle use their key to escape the cabin and Willow surprises them by letting them leave without alerting Philip. Philip and Stratton realize that Shawn was in the cabin the whole time when they find the officer Shawn knocked out. Shawn convinces Belle to jump with him and Claire into a life raft.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

After Sam admits she will never be able to carry a child to term, Jason changes his mind about talking with Sam. Lucky gets word that Elizabeth and the baby survived the explosion. Rodriguez tells Elizabeth that Lucky was courting death when he thought she and the baby were dead. Elizabeth can't bring herself to shatter Lucky's world when he tells her that she and their baby are everything to him.

Jason orders Spinelli to dig up information on Mr. Craig. Mr. Craig realizes he will have to search the bombed out Metro Court to find what he's looking for. Jason vows to make Mr. Craig pay for what he did. Robin and Patrick never want to be apart. With Robin at his side, Patrick gives blood for his HIV test. Spinelli, Dillon and Milo all vie for Lulu's attention. Tracy is aghast when Luke refuses to interfere in Lulu's love life. Scott arrives to see Lulu. Maxie agrees to help Three hide out until the coast is clear for him to escape. Georgie and Dillon sadly admit that they're through.

GL Recap Written by James

Frank and Mallet pours over a slew of photos and find it difficult to break out a most likely suspect in Alan's shooting. The Spaulding Mansion starts out glum with Beth and Lizzie wondering what will become of them, especially if Alan croaks. The environment takes a drastic change of pace when Doris and Ashlee enters with the dog. Lizzie and Ashlee argues over dogs and family while Beth and Doris spar it out over who's Queen Bee at the mansion. When Doris plans to downgrade Beth and Lizzie's standing in the house, Beth refuses and Doris calling in a cop to throw her out. Beth drops a bomb that she's pregnant and Doris wants a test to determine if a baby exist and whether it belongs to Alan or Rick Bauer. Harley makes an extra effort to make good as a mother for Daisy but Gus is wise to all of Daisy's tricks. When Daisy packs her things and makes for a fast break through the bedroom window, Gus is waiting at the bottom and gives her a long "step-daddy" chat. He seems to have a good understanding of her woes but makes it clear he supports Harley and she should give her more of a chance.

Dinah is hopping mad that someone has cleared out her bank account and hijacked her credit card accounts. She files a report with Marina at the police station and gets assurance from Mallet that the situation would be resolved. Amidst her rage, Marina gets a hit on her computer showing a smiley face on one of Dinah's accounts. Harley has a heart-to-heart with Frank, sharing her woes with Daisy and getting encouragement from Frank. She also gives equally to him in redemption for all his efforts as a stand-in father in trying to keep her on the right track.  Frank shares this chat with Marina and she doubles the love.  This is a good day for Frank.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Nash comes out of the back room of Capricorn. He sets the box down on the bar when he sees someone standing there. He informs them that the club isn’t open yet. Blair turns around, and tells him that she is there to ask him for a job. Nash lets her know that they do not have any openings. Blair lets him know that she knows that they have no singer, and she would like to audition for the job. This surprises Nash. Jessica calls Cristian, and begs him again not to let Antonio know that her and Nash had just about made love. Cristian promises yet again that he will not let Antonio know, but he isn’t doing it for her sake, but for Antonio’s. Evangeline walks out of the bedroom, and overhears Cristian talking to Jessica on the phone. Evangeline remembers the kiss that she had shared with Todd. She feels guilty. Natalie meets Michael at the Angel Square Diner. Michael, immediately, asks her to get John to back off the Spencer Truman case. Natalie is confused by Michael’s request. John comes to visit Dr. Crosby, but finds out from his secretary that Dr. Crosby had taken a leave of absence. Marty Saybrooke comes out of the office, and asks John if she can help. John hesitates about talking to her about this, but he finally agrees to talk to her.

Todd visits Viki at Llanfair, and Viki immediately wants to know about Blair. Todd shows Viki the death certificate of his dead son. Viki shows concern for his grief. Todd talks to Viki about Margaret and the child that she was carrying, and how he had lost two children (counting the one that Blair lost) The phone rings, and Viki takes the call in the study. Todd gets on his cell phone, and calls Evangeline. Once again, he gets no answer. Evangeline braves up, and tells Cristian about the kiss that she had shared with Todd. Cristian blows his top, and tells her that she had cheated on him. He leaves her apartment . Blair auditions at Capricorn for the “singer” position. She is given the job. Antonio and Jessica have a visitor from Miles. Antonio is reluctant to trust him, but decides to give it a try for Jessica’s sake. They invite Miles to go the nightclub that night to hear a rock star. Miles lets them know that he wants to see Viki to let her know the news before she hears it from someone else. Jessica agrees, and goes to get dressed. This gives Antonio and Miles a chance to talk. Natalie, at first, refuses to help Michael, but then she decides to try to get John to back off this Spencer Truman case. Michael is thrilled. They show the arsonist with a picture of the rock star (who is appearing at Capricorn), in his hand. He flicks a lighter, and burns the picture.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Brad wants to see his daughter now. Victor is there as well and tells Brad that he has to let the doctors do their work on Colleen first, and he can't interrupt them now since they have just started an examination on Colleen. Phyllis sings TWINKLE, TWINKLE, LITTLE STAR to Summer and Fen in the living room. She and Nick are watching Fen for Michael and Lauren while they are busy. The adults whisper over the babies and joke about her singing voice and how she knows that he doesn't like it. He says that sometimes he turns up the shower to drown her out. Nick leaves to have a shower now but he makes too much noise on his way out of the room and wakes the babies. They don't cry though. They coo and make cute little baby noises. Phyllis sees a piece of paper on a table nearby, and turns to call Nick waving it, but then decides against it. She looks closer at the paper and then goes to the cordless phone. She dials the number on the paper and waits. "Hi, is this Garabaldi Gallery and Gifts? Great, um, this is, um, this is Phyllis Newman. Listen…I see a charge on the credit card…could I confirm an item and the cost please?" Amber is thrilled about the trip to Vegas, but Cane isn't as lively. He says that he really got whacked out from drinking with Amber and Ali the night before. He apologizes for not remembering that he married her. "We said 'I do' and I just don't remember anything." Amber just keeps smiling at him as he talks with the clear look of confusion on his face. Nick gets Phyllis a hot chocolate just the way that she likes it. Phyllis is in a mood now. She gets hot chocolate while Sharon gets a gift from the art gallery. Nick says that he got Sharon a figurine of a mother and daughter. "I'm a mother with a daughter, too…Yours." Phyllis has her back up and is short with Nick until she realizes that Nick bought the gift to celebrate the 11th anniversary of his marriage to his ex-wife. She is calm, but not for long. He tells her that she is taking this the wrong way. "There is only one person wrong in this room, and it is definitely not me," Phyllis says. Brad and Victoria tell Colleen of Geneva. Brad would give anything in the world right now for Colleen to open her eyes and say, "I told you so, Daddy." In the hall, Lauren learns from Jack that Brad is with Colleen. Lauren would like to see Colleen but Jack stops her. He doesn't want she or Michael near his niece because they are connected to Kevin. Jack stomps off. Lauren tells Michael that she needs to see Colleen. The girl is unconscious but Kevin needs Colleen to get a message.

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