Wednesday 2/21/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 2/21/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Babe is still unconscious, but she begins to waken.  Josh is right there beside her.  She begins to question him as to where she is.  He lies, and tells her that she is in the hospital.  Bianca visits Babe’s grave and hears someone moaning nearby.  When she investigates, she finds it is Zoe.  Bianca yells for someone to call 9-1-1.  J.R. comes into the den, and immediately notices the decanter of whiskey on the table.  He fingers the decanter, unaware that Krystal is sitting in a recliner, watching him.  Kendall and some henchman are in a hotel in Las Vegas.  Kendall approaches the hotel manager, and asks about rooms.  There has been some kind of mix-up because the manager has them down for only four rooms.  Kendall introduces herself as Mrs. Sonny Suarez, and says that Sonny won’t like this when he gets there.  Zach (Sonny) walks up and stands there, staring at the hotel manager.  Josh lets Wendy (the nurse) go for a break while he stays with Babe.  Josh lets Babe know that he has re-claimed his stethoscope.  Krystal goads J.R. into taking a drink so he can ruin other people’s lives like he ruined Babe’s.  J.R. tries to reassure her that he won’t tell anyone her secret, but she doesn’t believe him.  Babe begins to question Josh abut her Mother.  Josh, again lies, and tells her that her mother had been there, and had held her hand while she slept. 

They bring Zoe into the emergency room where she/he is wheeled into an exam room.  Julia relates to Bianca that Zoe might have been the victim of a “hate” crime because she was walking in the cemetery in a dress.  Bianca can hardly believe that this could happen to Zoe.  The Chief of Police comes up, and begins to question Bianca and Julia about Zoe, and how this had happened to her.  Derek promises to investigate, but his main concern is to find the killer before he can strike again.  Zoe is admitted to the hospital.  Zoe tells Derek and Jack that J.R. had been in the cemetery that night, and had just left him/her to die.  Bianca is overwhelmed to believe that J.R. would be capable of this.  Zach and Kendall arrive at the hospital in Las Vegas, and question the nurse who was on duty the night that Zach’s father, Alex Cambias, died.  The nurse offers the suggestion that Ryan Lavery might have more information to give them.  Kendall and Zach visit Alex Cambias’ grave.  Zach begins to hear voices in his head.  He gets down on his hands and knees, and begins to dig away the gravel that is on top of his father’s grave.  After much persuasion on J.R.’s part, Krystal finally forgives him for what he did to Babe.  They hug.  Adam walks in, and sees them hugging and tells them how pleased he is about this happy sight.  Krystal relates stories to them about when Babe was small.  Bianca barges in and hurls insults at J.R.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Katie is shocked and very unhappy to hear Kim wants her and Brad to star on ‘Oakdale Now’ together. Meg and Craig finally consummate their relationship. Lily frantically searches for Faith. She calls Holden who is worried but also angry Lily let Faith leave when she was grounded. Parker and Faith are trapped on a rock as a wild dog barks at them. Paul shows up and keeps the dog from attacking them; Parker is able to run and get help, as Paul protects Faith. Holden lights into Lily about how she is handling Faith. Katie doesn’t want to work for WOAK if Brad does, but he isn’t quitting. Katie, Brad and Vienna spar until Kim and Jack separate them. Meg murmurs Paul’s name after she and Craig are in bed together. She claims it is just habit and the alcohol and pills mixing. Parker rushes to Jack for help and he calls Holden and Lily. The dog lunges for Paul, but he manages to escape with just a large bite and some scratches. Holden is angry thinking Paul endangered their kids until Faith and Parker explain. Paul sees Meg’s bracelet on the ground and realizes what his vision meant. After Brad takes off to help Jack, Katie assumes he is just flighty and decides to work with Brad convinced he will screw this up on his own. Meg and Craig bond over hitting rock bottom. Jack and Parker have a heart to heart and end up coming together. Vienna thinks Brad is a hero for saving Faith and Parker on his own. Holden is angry about how Faith is falling apart, but Lily is the one who needs to get it together. Lily throws away her diet pills. There is a knock at Meg’s door and she gets up to answer it wrapped in her sheets. She is shocked to find a bloody Paul standing there instead of the pizza man.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick and Phoebe kiss, then embarrassed he wants to try to start the truck again. She announces her parents think she is with Madison so they won’t be expecting her for a while. She thinks talking is overrated, and suggests they not. Taylor confides to Nick that any relationship between Rick and Phoebe would be inappropriate. She is too young, he’s too experienced and they are practically related. He’s not a parent so he doesn’t feel he is an expert in this field. Next thing you know they are playing poker – strip poker. Shedding his clothes as he loses, he laments that he is in it to the bare end, no pun intended. Without consulting Brooke, Ridge packs Rick’s bags and vows to throw him out tonight. He’s taking a hard line, Rick’s NOT staying here. Brooke states Rick has as much right to stay there as Phoebe. Nothing is going to happen, it’s all in Ridge’s head. Brooke calls Rick and he’s upset when he finds out that she told Ridge that Phoebe is with him. Ridge wants Brooke’s support on this, but she wants him to be there with them. Phoebe manages to start the temperamental truck and wanders in during this argument. Rick is aghast that Ridge is throwing him out and is giving him the third degree.

Nick and Taylor kiss and he wants to take it further to the bedroom. She asks about the St. Christopher medal from Brooke and he takes it off. Rick is outraged that Ridge is throwing a tantrum and chides him for calling the kettle black when Rick brings up Ridge’s own romantic relationship with his ‘sister’, Bridget. Phoebe tells him nothing happened, but they kissed and it is too late to try to separate them now.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

EJ visits Sami and Lucas to congratulate them on their engagement but can't persuade them to reveal the baby news. EJ takes Sami's trash bag and, while visiting Stefano, discovers a card from Sami's obstetrician in it. Lucas questions why Sami is so worried about EJ finding out about the baby but Sami claims it's because she's afraid of EJ. Kayla does her best to stop Steve from leaving but he gets out the door anyway. Kayla calls someone for help. Steve heads to the warehouse and tries to kill EJ. EJ keeps Steve at bay with the tarot card and orders Steve to bring him John.  

Philip doesn't like Willow using the cruise's luxuries for pleasure but Willow taunts him about being his only way of getting Claire back. Philip dangles Willow over the edge of the boat until she apologizes. Shawn decides to try and use a lifeboat to make their way to a nearby island. While searching for a way out of their locked cabin, Belle discovers that the bathroom air vent is loose and Shawn is able to travel through the air ducts until he reaches the deck. Shawn steals the uniform and keys from a guard while Belle stalls Officer Stratton. Shawn and Belle are about to make their escape from the cabin when they spot Philip in the hallway.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny tries to reassure Carly about Jason's fate. When Skye shows up to visit Alan, Monica and Tracy turn her away. However, Emily lets her go in. Alan does not blame her for anything. Sam tries to keep Lucky from losing hope. Liz and Jason continue to wrestle with what they should do about the baby. The rescue workers find Liz and Jason and let him know Sam is alive. Jason insists that the truth come out. Luke rescues Lulu and gets her to the hospital. Sam is acclaimed as a heroine. Luke is befuddled and Tracy irate when Dillon, Milo, and Spinelli all show up displaying interest in Lulu. Believing Liz dead, Lucky goes after Craig who taunts him with the fact that he is sure Liz is dead. Sonny washes Carly's hair, then they exchange a lot of kisses and move to the bed. Three comes to Maxie for help. Epiphany is able to reassure Liz that the baby is fine.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Reva is having a moment thinking of Jonathan while holding his jacket. Cassie is looking in a book and finds an old drawing Tammy made of them, and remembers back to the last time before Tammy's wedding when they talked. Billy talks to Reva and hears that she wants Alan dead. Josh questions Cassie about where she was the day of Alan's wedding. Then tells her he saw her outside talking to herself. Cassie tells Josh she knows it is in her head. Josh understands what she is going through, but still wants her to see Felicia. She agrees to go to Cedars, but once there she dresses like an intern and sneaks into Alan's room. Josh and Reva talk about Cassie situation. Cassie is in Alan's room and Tammy shows up. Reva catches up with Cassie in Alan's room. Reva tells Cassie she knew she'd be there. They talk about Tammy expecting to call. Reva talks about sympathy for a man lying in bed being kept alive by machine. Later on Reva is back at the bar talking to Billy about where she was and what she was doing. Billy wonders what she is doing helping Josh with Cassie. Cassie and Josh are together. Josh wants to know why she went to Alan's hospital room. Cassie thinks Josh has lost faith in her. Josh says he hasn't lost faith in her. So he asks her about the day of Alan's wedding. He takes her back to that night. All she remembers is a grocery list. But Josh says she is lying. Then she says it was an invitation to Alan's wedding. She remembers heading for the door. Reva is cleaning the bar at the Bar and Billy is questioning Reva about the night of Alan's wedding. Reva says she went there but was hiding. Cassie remembers glass and people looking at her. She remembers she had to stop the wedding. Cassie wants to stop remembering, but Josh tells her to go on. She says she brought a picture of Tammy. Billy asks Reva how many saw her there. Reva says only one, Alan Spaulding. Josh still is taking Cassie back to that night pretending to be Alan Spaulding, trying to see how much Cassie will remember. He goes too far. What he sees he doesn't like. She tells him to stop it and then just stands there. Reva tells Billy that she told Alan that he wasn't going to get away with it. Reva says Alan laughed. Cassie says she can't feel anything or remember anything. Josh goes and get some pills Cassie was taking and attempts to throw them down the sink. Cassie stops him saying this is the only thing that makes her see Tammy. Josh and Cassie embrace. Cassie tells Josh she did come up with wild scenarios. Josh says she didn't have his gun. That she isnt one to shoot someone in cold blood. Josh proves to Cassie she didn't do it. Cassie smiles at at him thanking him for believing in her. Billy thinks it is either Josh or Cassie. Reva says it's neither. Cassie takes a nap and dreams of Tammy. Josh dumps the empty pill bottle in the trash. Josh remembers Cassie saying something about being over Tammy's grave with a gun. Josh checks his gun box, it's empty. He looks worried.

GL Recap Written by Eva (bonus)

Cassie and Reva are inside the light today as both Josh and Billy worry that either Cassie or Reva could have shot Alan. Josh forces Cassie to retrace the steps she took on Alan's wedding day but she can't remember if she shot Alan. Billy finds a parking ticket dated the day of Alan's wedding day which proves that Reva was at Towers during the reception. Reva swears to Billy she didn't shoot Alan and tears up the ticket. Josh gets Cassie to stop taking her sleeping pills and she is finally able to let go of Tammy. Cassie tells Josh that she thought about taking his gun and shooting Alan but she doesn't think she is capable of shooting Alan. Josh begins to suspect Cassie again when he discovers that his gun is missing.

GL Recap Written by James (bonus)

Reva continues to act strange about Alan's shooting but only Billy seems to be honing in on her behavior. Cassie takes Josh's advice to visit the shrink again after he confronted her about the talking to herself on the front porch. She diverts her trip to the hospital and pays Alan a visit. She makes a couple of gestures to finish him off but loses her nerve. Reva comes to Alan's room and catches her there and gently ushers her out. Billy finds a validated parking ticket at the bar and assumes it is Reva's. The ticket shows to be the parking site at Alan's wedding. He asks Reva about it but she gives lame excuses. Billy states his concern on how all the evidence is leading back toward Cassie. Reva seems less concerned, perhaps depending on Alan to kill off before he can tell anyone who shot him. Josh and Cassie struggles for her to restore herself. He takes her through a re-enactment of events leading up to the time Alan was shot. She fought him almost every step of this process and it hardly helped at the end. He made a move to thrown away her sleeping pills and thought at first she fought like a mad-woman to keep them, eventually gave in and he tossed them. While asleep Tammy (ghost) finally says good-bye to Cassie with assurance she'll always be in her heart. Josh checks the closet to make sure his gun is still there. The gun is missing.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Bo, Antonio, and a fellow officer come into the squad room. They discuss Matthew, and his losing everything he has in the fire. Bo lets them know that he wants this arsonist case to be top priority. Cris and Jessica argue over the fact that Nash had told Layla that he (Nash) and her (Jessica) had just about made love. Jessica is beside herself, and can’t believe that Nash would disclose something that personal to Layla. Layla instructs Nash to stay away from Jessica, but Nash knows that that is easier said than done. Layla spots Evangeline as she enters Capricorn. As Layla nears Vangie, she can tell that something is wrong. She questions Evangeline about it. Evangeline asks her about Cris. Todd sits in a booth at the Angel Square Diner when Marcie and Tommy come in. Marcie walks up to Todd’s table, and asks if he minds if they join him. Very rudely, he tells them that, yes, he does mind. Marcie is thoroughly confused. John questions Michael about who had killed Spencer Truman. Michael is hesitant to tell him anything, but then opens up, and tells him that when he finds out who had killed Spencer, he would be sorry. John is confused.

Viki and Clint play a board game, and are thoroughly enjoying themselves, except for the fact that Viki’s wrist is paining fierce. Viki begins to talk about Dorian, a topic that Clint doesn’t want to discuss. Viki begins to laugh, and tells Clint that she wonders what Dorian would think if she knew that they had spent the night together. Clint looks at her solemnly, and asks her, “would she?” Michael refuses to answer any of John’s questions except to tell him that whoever had killed Spencer should get away with it . Jessica and Cris continue to argue over the fact that Jessica doesn’t want Antonio to know about her little indiscretion. Cris doesn’t agree with her by any means. Nash meets Date Harmon at Capricorn, and strikes up a conversation with him.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Brad and Victoria are back in their suite. They realize that it is over now. No one is chasing the treasure anymore. They hug. He wants to celebrate but she just wants to crash. They can celebrate when they get back home. Victor comes to tell the kids that the jet is ready. He is glad to see that Victoria is holding up just fine in light of all that has gone on. Brad knows that he and Victor don’t agree on everything but he would still like to have all this behind them, so that they can get to a turning point in their relationship. Jack sits with his niece and tells her that he will be with her until her parents come. Sharon calls Brad and he tells her that the thing that they have been looking for is found and they are all safe now. Victor has left the room and now Victoria listens as Brad talks to Sharon. Brad tells Victoria that Colleen has been in a fire and is in the hospital on a ventilator. People are trying to call Tracy and Rebecca who is out of town. Brad asks Sharon to stay with Colleen until he gets back. Victoria’s head tilt slightly to the side at the sound of pleading in his voice as he talks to Sharon. Jack heard that Kevin was with Colleen when she was found and he wants the kid put in prison for this. What are the odds of Colleen ending up in a walking refrigerator while a fire roars around them…twice? Brad tells the police of the inscription and the letters that they found on the piece that they had. They became obsessed with the inscription. They had every intention of calling the authorities once they had found the secret to this mystery. The cops are still suspicious of the three possibly having planned to return and steal the treasure at a later date. Brad tells that Victor isn't the kind of man who would do a thing like that. Victor assures that they didn't do anything wrong. The police are having the tapes checked over now. They will have to wait. Brad says that his daughter is in the hospital and that he needs to get home now! Sharon goes to see Jack and Colleen in her room. She looks so fragile. Sharon goes to her and sits with her. "Colleen. It is Sharon. I talked to your father and he says that he loves you very much and he will be here as soon as he can." Amber and Ali dance a while longer and when Ali has Cane's full attention, Amber slips the contents of her plastic baggie into Cane's beer. She then rejoins the conversation and hands Cane the tainted beer. "Drink up, baby. Show Ali and me what you got!" Cane takes the beer and while smiling he takes a sip. Amber and Ali smile at each other while he drinks.

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