Tuesday 2/20/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 2/20/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Zach visits Ryan at his home. They immediately begin to discuss Zach’s father, and had he ever mentioned Zach’s Mother Amelia. Ryan begins to relive his last hours and moments that he had spent with Alex Cambias, and how he had promised to do as Alex had requested. Tad visits Jeff and Erica. Erica asks for Tad’s help in finding Josh because she is afraid for his safety from the Satin Slayer. Babe begins to wake up, and sees a strange woman in the room with her, and Babe imagines that she is the Satin Slayer. Babe begins to cry, hysterically. Meanwhile in the cemetery, Zoe is having a difficult time defending herself/himself from the Satin Slayer. J.R. and Josh have a confrontaion over Babe, and how if it hadn’t been for Zosh, Babe would be safe right now. Josh gets a call, and has to leave. J.R. has a confrontation with Kendall in that he tells her that Josh should get out of town. J.R. catches up with Josh just in time before the elevator doors closes.

The Satin Slayer knocks Zoe unconscious, and leaves him for dead. J.R. demands to know from Josh where he is going. Jack comes up, just in time, to prevent them from fighting. Jack orders J.R. out of the building. J.R. is insulted that he would be ordered out while Josh was allowed to stay. J.R. finds his way back to the cemetery to have a heart to heart talk with his dead Mother. He hears a noise in the bushes, and getting down on his knees, he sees that it is Zoe. J.R. begins to slur Zoe that his kind doesn’t belong any place. After a few minutes, J.R., too leaves him to die. Jeff and Josh are in the room with Babe, and she has finally stabilized enough that she is sleeping .Josh thanks Jeff for his help, and calls him “Dad”. Jeff is pleased that Josh is finally calling him, “Dad”. Tad agrees to help Erica find Josh, and to bring him to her. Zach finally manages to get Kendall to agree to go to Las Vegas with him. Ryan gets another message from the Satin Slayer, telling him that it is too late.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Lily tries to bond with Faith but Faith just lies to Lily and runs away into the woods with Parker. Katie is upset that Brad stole her spotlight in the premire episode of Oakdale now. Katie gets even more upset when Kim offers Brad a short term contract to co- host the show. Craig rescues Meg after she tries to forget her problems with booze and takes a sleeping pill to try to sleep. Craig tries to encourage Meg to face her problem because she is a strong woman. Craig gives Meg a kiss and she also gives him a kiss in return. Faith and parker decide to take a feild trip to Chicago tomorrow to buy Paul a present. Paul finally makes sense of his vision when he rescues a scared Parker and Faith from a mean barking dog that has them trapped.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

In pouring down rain, Phoebe persists in asking Rick for a ride home in his truck. He argues, but she ends up getting in. He then explains that it is her dad; he doesn’t want to get her in trouble. She professes it will be okay, that she won’t tell him. Rick gives in and starts driving even though he’s due at the office. The truck becomes temperamental and needs to cool off; so does Phoebe! Stephanie asks Pam about her mom and she says they looked at condos all afternoon. Stephanie confides that she saw her with Eric the other day and no she does not think they crossed that line, but she does think she is playing on his good nature and sympathy. Pam resents Stephanie’s suggestions and reminds her that she spent three decades taking care of her mother’s every whim, with no help from Stephanie. Is it too much to ask for her to want something for herself and to get out of Chicago? And poor little good girl, Pam, she has to trick her husband into being the knight in shining armor. She rails she never had any life at all in Chicago and Ann always ran away any man that would have been vaguely interested in her. They will stay in Los Angeles and Stephanie will deal with that. They are family.

At Forrester’s, Brooke says she is sorry. Guess she didn’t have as much pull with Nick that she thought she had. And the press is saying that Donna is the weak link in his operation. Ridge doesn’t want to wait on Nick’s input, they need to get going on this. And he’d like to send him back to Europe and get him as far away from Phoebe as he can. Eric presents Thorne, Felicia, Brooke and Ridge his plans. Rick calls and makes his apologies to Brooke about his truck, but not to tell Ridge that Phoebe is with him. He’ll only go ballistic. Ridge too gets a phone call from Taylor looking for Phoebe. Brooke has to confess so they won’t all be worrying. Ridge makes a big thing about Rick defying him about staying away from his daughter. And he accuses Brooke of protecting her son rather than being honest with him. Alone in the truck with nothing but time on their hands, Phoebe confesses her fears to Rick and they are drawn to each other and kiss.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Celeste gets a speeding ticket in the mail showing Sami and EJ driving Lexie’s car. Celeste calls Sami over and shows her the speeding ticket photo when Sami denies being with EJ that night. Sami is forced to admit that EJ raped her that night in exchange for saving Lucas. Lucas calls Kate over to announce the proposal. Kate tries to convince Lucas that EJ was the one to save him but Lucas refuses to believe her. Lucas disowns Kate.

Steve, thinking she is EJ while dreaming, chokes Kayla until he wakes up enough to notice what he is doing. Steve admits to Kayla what he saw under hypnosis and how it continues to haunt him. Kayla remains devoted to Steve but Steve believes he’s too much of a danger to Kayla. Steve wants Kayla to press charges so he will be away from her in jail but Kayla refuses. Steve decides he must then move out. Nick eavesdrops on Chelsea and Dr. Robert’s interview. Dr. Robert offers Chelsea the job despite spending the whole interview flirting and she accepts. Chelsea refuses to believe Nick’s claim that he was going to help get her the job. Nick blurts out that he loves Chelsea but Chelsea claims they can’t even be friends. Chelsea goes to Abby with her news and Abby forces Chelsea to admit that she only took the job to hurt Nick.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Mr. Craig escapes after the cave-in as Sonny and Carly make it out with the briefcase. Skye deliberately gives Ric the wrong code to open the briefcase. Sonny accuses Ric of intentionally destroying the contents of the briefcase to cover his own misdeeds.

Nikolas and Emily are reunited with Patrick and Robin at the hospital. Robin extracts a promise from Patrick before she's taken in for surgery. Monica and Alan's love for one another is apparent. Emily has an emotional visit with Alan, who wonders where Jason is. Spinelli updates Max and Dillon about what happened to him and Lulu. Three takes off running when Max outs him as one of the robbers, not a hostage. Luke finds an unconscious Lulu and carries her out of the hotel.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Reva is watching tv and sees a report about Alan and what went on at the wedding. She calls Josh only to get his machine and leaves a message. Frank and Marina are talking to Remy when a cop comes in with evidence that was stuffed. Frank looks at Remy for an answer. Ava, Alan-Michael talk as Doris, Alex and Beth talk about family. Ava drops Alan-Michael off in his room and leaves. He makes a call to someone telling them Alan is alive.. Reva go to the hospital to check on Alan and has it out with Alex, who is just curious as to why she is there. Reva says she is there on behave of Cassie. Mel come to the station and tells Remy to keep quiet, that he has a right to remain silent. Harley and Daisy and Gus are talking about Daisy an what she should do to get clean. Harley says there is a counseling session at the ER in a half hour and she takes off. Harley wants Gus to go with them as she takes off. He stops her and tells Harley to let Daisy do this on her own that she won't go anywhere. Daisy meets a Mr Young, they talk. He leaves after saying he has to check everyone in. She then says I don't think so and leaves the hospital. Frank and Marina have different views about Remy. Alex and Beth visit Alan-Michael. Telling him about the impromptu press conference Doris had at the entrance of the hospital. Alan-Michael asks Beth if she is in on his plan to ruin Alan and Doris. Doris has words with Reva. When Doris leaves Daisy shows up surprising Reva. They talk. Daisy is still blaming herself for Tammy's accident. Reva says it wasn't her fault. Daisy tells Reva why she is there now. Reva asks her if she really tried anything, Daisy says no. Alan-Michael asks Beth and Alex if they want Doris on the Board at Spaulding. If no then they as a family have to work together to get rid of her. Ava runs into Alex and they talk about Alan-Michael. Alex has a document in her hands that makes her think she can't trust her nephew, Alan-Michael. Ava tells Beth and Alex that he loves Alan. Beth and Alex think otherwise. Mel talks to Remy about the shooting and the evidence the cop found. Remy looses his cool. Frank and Marina talk. Harley is worried about Daisy and when she opens the door she is still fuming and does it in Reva's face. Reva in a way say thanks. Harley tells Daisy to go to her room. Reva gives Harley some motherly advice about giving Daisy some room. Ava wants to go to the police, but Alan-Michael tells her that the police hates Alan. Ava says what about Gus? Alan-Michael says especially Gus. Harley asks Reva about her mistakes. Then says what about me and mine. That Reva would have tossed Harley out on her ear. Reva says no she wouldn't and leaves. Doris wants to talk to Alan's doctor alone. Beth and Alex just look at each other as Doris leaves with the doctor. Frank questions Remy. Reva looks at evidence on her computer. Sees a picture of someone in the background. She takes a deep breath as she knows who it is(It showed who, but I couldn't tell).

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Cris overhears Nash and Layla as they are talking about the kiss that he and Jessica had shared, and if they hadn’t stopped, they would have made love. Cris is confused, and even alittle angry. Jessica asks Miles again if she had heard him correctly about him being Mitch’s brother. He confirms that she had heard him correctly. Jessica lets him know that she is Mitch’s daughter. John is in his office, and he carefully examines fibers from a sweater. He becomes aggravated when he cannot find what he is looking for. Natalie comes in to join him. Rex is upset over the news that he had told Todd about Todd’s son being dead. Rex begins to wonder if he shouldn’t come clean about everything. Marcie begins to question Michael about his whereabouts the night that Spencer was murdered. Vangie finds Todd on the elevator, all broken up over the news that he had just learned from Rex that his son was dead. Vangie insists on knowing what is wrong. Todd, reluctantly, tells her that his son is dead.

Cris tries to call Jessica about what he has just learned from listening to Nash’s and Layla’s conversation about them just about making love. When Cris finally reaches Jessica, she puts him off by telling him that this is just not a good time. Cris won’t take no, for an answer, and heads to Todd’s office. Cris tries to take the elevator ( unbeknownst to him that Vangie and Todd are on the elevator, kissing. When the elevator won’t open, Cris becomes upset and leaves. With Natalie’s help, John begins to remember, who had had contact with the sweater. John leaves the office to go visit Michael. Cris makes it to Jessica, and reveals to her that he had overheard Nash and Layla talking, that he (Nash) and her (Jessica) had just about made love. John arrives at Michael’s apartment. When Marcie sees that John and Michael need to be alone, she gets hers and Tommy’s things, and leaves. Michael wants to know what is up.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Adrian and JT take Colleen and Kevin to the hospital. A cop wants additional information. Michael, Gloria and Lauren arrive and turn to JT for info. "Kevin tried to kill her again," is how he responds to Kevin's family. Amber has an idea and suggests that she and Cane head to Vegas. He warns her that if he puts a ring on her finger, he will be expecting them to consummate. Michael has doubts about Kevin since he never handled rejection well. Gloria will not buy any of this. Michael remembers Kevin confessed to Jana that he tried to kill Colleen. He was trying to be honest but maybe he created a problem. That was the moment when Jana disappeared. Michael feels that Kevin was distraught at losing Jana and blamed Colleen. Gloria hates this. She knows that Kevin will explain everything. Lauren comes to get the mother/son team and tells Kevin is awake. They hurry down the hall. JT comes to Adrian and tells that Colleen is having some kind of problem right now, and he isn't sure that she is going to make it. Her machines started blaring and he got kicked out of the room. Paul arranges for Langley to call Katherine and Jill and talk to them about Philip. The man confirms that 'Ethan Ashby' was raised by him and has gone to work in Genoa City to find his birth mother. At the hospital, Lauren finds that she can't really be in Kevin's corner on this…JT sees that Lauren is having difficulty with this and stays quiet…Michael finds it unbelievable that Will can't see that Kevin is in trouble here…JT and Adrian talk. JT got word that Colleen is still in trouble. Her oxygen levels are falling…Michael has to talk to Kevin soon. Will seems to be leaning into the idea that he tried to kill Colleen. His story is far to wild to be believed…Michael sits with Kevin and gets the story out again to his brother. He tells how Jana had this all planned and tried to kill he and Colleen…In Colleen's room, she remains unconscious and on the ventilator…Cane and Amber are in Vegas and try as he might, she can't convince the golden beauty to give up her bounty until the nups have been completed. When he is in the shower, she sees that Jill is calling on his phone, but she doesn’t answer and she doesn't let Cane know. while sharing alone time, Amber says, 'I love you', and everything on Cane's body shrivels up. He thought they were just friends and that she was doing a favor for him. She thought that he really liked her and that was the reason for him trying to get in her pants. Cane sees that this could turn out to be a problem and so he tells her that he can't marry her.

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