Monday 2/19/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 2/19/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Everyone has gathered at the cemetery for Dixieís and Babeís graveside service. Babe begins to wake up, and is surprised to see Kendall and Josh there with her .Babe begins to ask questions about where she is that Kendall and Josh doesnít know how to answer. Everyone seems to be worried about someone else. Tad is worried about J.R. and Joe is worried about Crystal and the baby. Bianca tries to comfort J.R. Zach visits Ethanís grave, and promises to find the one responsible for Simoneís death. The Satin Slayer visitís the grave of Ethan.

Zoe makes a scene by lashing out at J.R. that he is the reason why Babe is dead. Bianca tries to calm Zoe down, but Zoe persists in having his say. After everyone leaves the cemetery, Bianca persuades Zoe to accompany her back to Wildwind. After some resistance, Zoe finally agrees to go back with her. At Wildwind, slurs are hurled Zoeís way, and she decides to leave the party. Zoe decides to visit the grave of Babe, but sees the satin slayer, who knocks her unconscious.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Holden and Jack find Faith and Parker with Paul at his cabin and warn him to steer clear of their kids. Emily and Dusty argue about what is wrong with her after she misses another meeting. Emily doesn’t want a man to tell her what she needs or feels anymore. Barbara lights into Casey when she finds him apologizing at Will’s, and then she lights into Margo. Gwen and Adam see a gloved hand/glove at Adam’s burial site. They look but can’t find Gwen’s ring and come up with a story if the ring and body are found. Dusty tells her that he wants an Editor or he will be forced to fire her. Emily calls Cheri. Maddie and Gwen are talking when Iris surprises them and interrupts wanting to check on her daughter after reading what Casey and Adam did to her. She wants to know why Gwen’s hands are muddy and her ring is missing? Gwen covers, but she later tells Maddie that Iris seems suspicious. Jack and Holden try to get through to Faith and Parker and tell them to stay away from Paul. They ground their kids and hope this will do the trick. Faith and Parker plan a new way to keep in touch. Faith finds and keeps Meg’s bracelet that she threw away. Cheri and Emily agree to work together. Emily tells her that her rate is $1,000. Paul has a vision of Meg’s bracelet falling onto the rocks and a growling, barking wild dog/wolf. Casey reassures Margo that he won’t skip out on her like Adam did; he is sure he will come back to town, as a guilty Maddie listens. Will surprises Gwen, who is about to clean the mud off her hands; he wants to show her how much he loves her, so Gwen is forced to go outside and use the snow to clean off her hands, as Iris watches. Gwen’s wedding ring is now on top of the ground by the site where Gwen and Maddie buried Adam.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

It was a gutsy move but Donna floundered in her New York trip as lead spokesperson. She’s devastated that she is not yet out of her sister’s shadow, but says screw them, as long as Nick still believes in her. Taylor drops in on Nick and he asks if she is going to ravish him again as on Valentine’s night. She reminds him it was just a kiss, a really great kiss, but just a kiss. She’s not sure what is happening, and she doesn’t want him to misunderstand. She’s hearing a voice to tell her to slow down. He understands, but still wants to see her – tonight! Again, as the day before, Brooke interrupts. She frowns as Taylor kisses Nick goodbye. She quizzes him about Donna and if he still has faith in her. He still hasn’t made his decisions about carrying Forrester Originals at Jackie M. She wonders if their relationship has been reduced just to competitors. She’s aghast that he and Taylor are both on the rebound and would hook up with each other. Taylor returns and Nick must leave them alone to tend to business. Taylor scolds Brooke for wanting to have Ridge but keep Nick on the side. Taylor is not going to apologize for wanting to explore the possibility of a future with Nick. And why should Brooke be concerned about that? Her destiny is with Ridge. And she won’t put up with any interference over Nick.

Back in L.A. for a while, C.J. welcomes Phoebe and then Rick to Insomnia. Their eyes keep darting back to each other. It’s Karaoke night and the fun begins. Turning a deaf ear to some of the performances, Phoebe and Rick are coerced into performing Sonny and Cher’s “I’ve Got You, Babe.” Afterwards Phoebe follows him to his truck and wants to hitch a ride. He tries to persuade her that is not a good idea, but she persists.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Nick seeks Abby’s advice to help him with Chelsea and she suggests he convince Dr. Rebert to give Chelsea the lab assistant job. Billie tries to convince Chelsea that Nick had good intentions and deserves another chance but Chelsea is too upset. Nick calls Billie down to Chez Rouge where she has to stop him from drowning his sorrows. Chelsea calls Abby over to talk and Abby lets it slip that she knew the truth about Nick all along. Before Nick can talk to Dr. Rebert, Dr. Rebert calls Chelsea on his own to ask for an interview. Chelsea wants to use the job as a way to flirt with Dr. Rebert and make Nick jealous.

Steve claims to Kayla that he worries she’ll leave him. Kayla vows to stay by his side. Steve dreams about being tortured by EJ and when he wakes, he looks over at Kayla sleeping beside him. EJ sets Stefano up in a makeshift hospital room secluded in a warehouse. EJ vows to use donors currently living in Salem to help save Stefano even if it means the donors would lose their lives.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

In the chaos following the explosion, Luke and Nikolas try to re-enter the Metro Court ruins to rescue Lulu and Emily, respectively, but Mac and Ric refuse to allow it. Jason and Liz are in the elevator that has taken a crash dive. Alan wakes and wants to see all four of his children, Emily, Jason, Skye, and dead A.J.. Maxie helps Three escape. Emily is found under some rubble, alive. Sonny, Carly, and Craig find themselves trapped together. Robin wakes up in the hospital and sees Patrick. Liz confesses to Jason that he's the baby's father.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Ava can't find Alan-Michael. Josh can't find Cassie. Back at the wedding Alan has collapsed and Rick and Lillian come to his aid. Rick orders 911 call. Alex makes that call. Seems Alan-Michael only took stroll in the halls in his wheelchair. Ava scolds him for scaring her. Beth and Doris got at it again. Beth leaves Alan side. EMTs arrive. Alex, Beth and Doris and Ashlee also leave for the hospital. Josh questions a confused Cassie about her whereabouts as Alan's body goes by on a stretcher. Josh questions Alex as to what happened as she follows. Marina and Frank question Alex about what happened. Josh puts Cassie on the couch to sleep it off. Frank questions the crowd. He starts to get different accounts of what happened until Lillian straightens everyone out as to what happened before Alan collapsed. Beth sees Mel and decides to talk to her about Alan and who is is real wife. Mel is furious that Beth would act this way. Marina goes to see Josh and Cassie and question them. Josh pretty much answers for a confused Cassie. Marina agrees with Josh that the wedding of Alan and Doris came out of no where and now how is Alan going to get his due with him married to the DA. Josh says to ask Remy where he was during all this. Meanwhile Remy is twisting up black trash bags of stuff and throwing them out on the pier. Marina agrees with Josh as to who is to blame for Tammy's death. Josh goes back to Cassie after he sees Marina out. Marina goes to see Remy after Josh tells her he saw him there. Remy is drunk and getting drunker as Marina questions him. He acts like he doesn't know anything about Alan's shooting. Doris talks to Frank saying she thinks they were all in on this. Rick wants someone to sign the paper for Alan's surgery and he really doesn't care who. When Beth and Doris both go for the clipboard. Alan-Michaels sees his father whisked away. He and Ava talk about Alan. Josh is worried about Cassie when she is missing again. He looks out their door to see her talking to no one. But we see Tammy.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Rex models some underwear for Layla and Adriana, under resistance. There is a knock on the door, and it is Michael. Michael want to tell Adriana and Rex what Spencer has done from the grave. Todd calls Evangeline and asks her if the Sun readers will remember when Noraís ex-husband was forced out of the closet. Evangeline begins to defend Nora. Jessica comes into Toddís office, and lets him know that she has been with Miles all day, and hasnít gotten anything that is worthy to print in the newspaper. Layla and Nash check out some wine at Capricorn before she gives him a gift of new underwear from their menís line. Michael tells Rex and Adriana about the silver baby cup that he and Marcie had received, and how he had let Marcie believe that it had come from him. Cristian and Evangeline get into an argument over Todd. Todd calls Miles, and invites him down to his office . Miles readily agrees.

Evangeline agrees to meet with Todd, but Cristian refuses to accompany her. Michael is very concerned about his family, and how much longer they will be able to remain a family. Miles arrives at the office, and asks Todd, who killed Spencer. Todd detects that Miles is hiding something, but what. Todd leaves the office so Jessica can get her interview. Outside, he leaves Vangie a voicemail when Rex gets off the elevator. Rex has a death certificate in his hand, and tells Todd that it is Toddís sonís death certificate. Todd, very upset, gets on the elevator and bangs his briefcase against the elevator wall. While Todd is in the elevator, he imagines Spencer talking to him about Blair. The elevator doors open, and Vangie sees Todd with papers strewn all over the place. Vangie wonders what has happened. Miles lets Jessica know that Mitch Lawrence is his brother. Jessica freezes up.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Victoria feels this tour will not turn up anything, but Victor is sure that something will happen. "Quid est veritas est vir qui adest," Brad reads on a wall. He calls Victoria and Victor over. All understand the importance of finding this. Jana is long gone. She has Kevin's wallet and goes to the underground parking where she leaves the wallet under a car and takes off. JT and Adrian come to the underground parking and see Colleen's car. They know that the cops will not take this seriously unless 48 hours have gone by and so they start looking the car over. Adrian looks under the car and sees something. JT pulls out Kevin's wallet and feels that this can't be a good sign. Kevin was suspected of trying to kill Colleen before and so they have better move and they had better move fast. In the storage room, Kevin and Colleen see smoke and soon smoke is throughout the room. They cough as they try to work on the door. Kevin left a little hope that maybe Jana would just leave them in the room and run off but she didn't do that. She set the fire and has left the two to roast. When Colleen sees that the fire is going to happen whether they like it or not, she asks for a pen. She would like to leave her parents a note telling them that she loves them. Kevin only worries that his mother is going to think that he was a murderer. The smoke is unbearable soon. Kevin and Colleen are on the ground trying to breath. Kevin gets a cloth and puts water on it to cover her mouth and nose to help her breathe. He sees her falling asleep and calls to her to keep her awake. Soon her eyes roll up into the top of her head. Kevin can't help it either and soon he falls asleep as he tells Colleen over and over, "I'm sorry…I'm sorry…I'm sorry…" Finding Kevin's wallet under Colleen's car isn't a good sign. Adrian tells JT how Kevin came to his house and must have bumped into Colleen on his way out when she was parking her car. They find Colleen's license in Kevin's wallet and realize that they had better find Kevin fast as there is that ugly rumor out there that Kevin tried to kill Colleen. He might be trying to do it again. JT calls the cops and pretends to be Kevin as he calls his car in stolen to the cops. Then he and Adrian sit in the car and listen to the police scanner until they hear that Kevin's Silver Pius has been found. When they hear the dispatcher say the address, JT hits the gas and they are off. They get to the burning building in time to find two unconscious bodies in the midst of a towering inferno. Each grab a body and drag it the hell out of there!

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