Friday 2/16/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 2/16/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Fran

Erica answers the door in a dressing gown and tells Bianca that this isn’t a good time for a visit.  Bianca enters the room and notices a man’s jacket that is not her Uncle Jack’s on a footstool.  Krystal dares J.R. to tell Adam and Tad how he was making Babe’s last days a living hell.  Jonathan introduces himself to Emma with the new name of “Uncle Jonathan.”  At the cemetery, Ryan tells Jack about the message he received from the killer.  The guards at the casino have Raymond Jenkins on the floor, but Zach tells them to let him go.  He invites Jenkins inside, and Raymond hands him a handkerchief that Amanda made saying that he should have it.  Janet shows up at Wildwind as the gang is preparing to go to the funerals, and Jonathan tells her that Amanda needs more time to get used to the “new” Janet.  Erica tells Bianca that she will dress and join her and Kendall at the funeral.  Bianca screams that she doesn’t want to see her and hopes that she does not grow up to be like her.  Krystal tells J.R., Tad, and Adam that Babe made a new will naming her as guardian to Little A.  Tad needs J.R. with him today at the funeral and says he will always love him.  Erica arrives at the casino and tells Kendall that she is not going to go to the funeral.  When Zach agrees with her, Kendall agrees not to go, but Erica is suspicious.  J.R. assures Krystal that he won’t tell Adam about the baby being Tad’s.  At the cemetery, the undertakers arrive with two bunches of gardenias for the ceremony.  Tad gets upset and demands that they get rid of them, but Derek says that his men will take them to the lab.  At the ceremony, Adam, Bianca, Tad, Di, and others take turns speaking of Dixie and Babe.  Krystal cries and grasps on to Babe’s coffin until Colby and Adam help her up and away.  As everyone at the funeral says their good-byes to the departed, Zoe stands and sings a lovely tribute song.  J.R. tells his mom that he loves her and lovingly caresses Babe’s coffin. 

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Faith and Lily continue to be at odds. Gwen realizes her wedding ring is missing and becomes overwrought. She tells Will frantically she is going to search for it by herself, knowing full well where it is. Casey continues to be confused as to why Adam isn’t calling him. An agitated Maddie doesn’t want to talk about him and is defensive about him. JJ is upset about his family life thanks to Parker. Lily secretly takes more diet pills. Faith lies to her parents in order to meet up with Parker. Holden and Lily disagree about what might be causing Faith’s angst. Parker and Faith show up unannounced at Paul’s cabin. Casey goes to make amends with Gwen and Casey. Meanwhile, Gwen shows up to plead with Maddie to go back to the burial spot to help her find her wedding ring. Casey admits to Will Adam was the one who set him up. Will decides to forgive him only because Gwen and he didn’t end up breaking up. Jack and Holden go searching for their kids when they realize they are not where they are supposed to be. Paul tells Faith and Parker stories of how he got through his bad childhood. Lily gets in more deep in her new business venture. Will and Casey compare stories about how strangely Gwen and Maddie have been acting. Jack and Holden show up at Paul’s demanding to know what he is doing with their kids? Maddie and Gwen are digging at Adam’s burial site and are shocked when they uncover a glove or gloved hand.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Grumpy and Grumpier are at Big Bear Cabin. And Old Mother Hubbard can't find anything in the cupboard to eat. Eric's back is hurting from chopping firewood. He thinks they should sell the cabin. She won't, she loves it. He quips only her and the woodchucks. Ridge and Brooke join them and Eric vows they will stay until they make the decision - there is plenty of booze. Stephanie jokes about Eric not making it up the stairs so they get the bedroom, Ridge the loft. Eric shoots back that look who has a headache every Friday night. Blame it on the brandy but before long Stephanie is good-naturedly ragging on Brooke being a caterer's daughter. Ridge and Brooke go outside leaving Stephanie and Eric to discuss their golden years of sitting on deck with martinis. One thing leads to another and soon they are on the bed having a gigantic pillow fight. Outside Brooke is trying to convince Ridge that it is Eric's risk to take. And leaving their children with some self respect and dignity is more important than a big, fat trust fund.

Frivolity prevails in the bedroom and creaking mattresses and laughter is heard below. Brooke climbs the ladder first and peeks in and tells Ridge he doesn't want to see this. But, oh yes he does, and now his eyes burn. Eric has wonderful memories of his younger titan days with handsome son and drop dead gorgeous wife. When Ridge and Brooke return Eric quips it's so dark outside, they can't see a thing. Ridge remarks trust him, they got an eyeful. Stephanie joins them and offers her apology that is must have been the brandy. Brooke won't let her get away with that and confesses they know what she just did - using her body to get what she wanted. Eric asks if they know how many pieces they have all done together as a team, from beginning to end? 5,000! What an accomplishment. And Ridge is the glue, they couldn't do it without him. Ridge follows everyone else's lead and says he is in. Brooke plants a big noisy kiss on Stephanie's cheek.

Stephanie mugs for the camera, BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL, Episode 5,000.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Abby surprises Max by doing the more minor car repair jobs for him at the garage. He thanks her by taking her out to dinner where they both admit to having crushes on each other. Bo refuses to believe Chelsea's claims of innocence and banishes her from the house. Hope calls Billie to alert her to Chelsea's mood and Billie and Nick track Chelsea down at the garage. Chelsea yells at Nick to leave so Nick heads back to the lab where Dr. Rebert considers mending Nick's broken heart by hiring Chelsea. Billie helps console Chelsea and they head home together. Bo thinks he needed to turn his back on Chelsea for Hope but Hope tries to change his mind. Bo refuses to give Chelsea another chance.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Spinelli is able to override the vault so that it will open an hour before the cops expect it to. Father Ruiz is shot, but not killed. Luke manages to insult Mac and Ric enough to get sent off to the sidelines, chained to a drainpipe. Maxie starts trying to get Three to see the other hostages as people, as he has come to see her. Sonny tries to bargain with Craig; the code for Carly's freedom. Dr. Ford refuses to let Patrick help with triage or treatment when the time comes. Alexis checks herself out of the hospital, but only finds herself stuck off with Luke. Craig gets into the briefcase and agrees to let Carly go, but she refuses to leave. Then, the cops cut the power and shoot in teargas. The SWAT team enters the hotel. Shots are fired. Some hostages are rescued. Nikolas gets Robin out, but the hotel explodes before he can get Emily out.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Alan-Michael wakes up with a headache. He grabs a newspaper from the bedside table and reads the Headline, "Alan Spaulding to Wed DA". Alexandra is back and gets into an argument with Alan over this wedding of he and Doris. Remy is talking with someone and ask that someone to call him Jim. Beth and Doris talk about an invitation to the wedding. Beth tells Doris she wants to pass on the baton to Doris as the latest Mrs Alan Spaulding. Lizzie and Ashlee try on their dresses. Cassie is seen outside Josh's talking to Tammy. Josh opens the door to Cassie and asks her what she was doing. Josh then has her come in and they talk about Alan's wedding. Lizzie offers Ashlee a drink. Ashlee doesn't want to numb the best time in her life. Beth sees Doris' dress. Doris catches Beth and orders her out of her room after they have another argument. As Beth leaves Doris' room she runs into Rick and goes with him to sit down. Frank questions Coop about the incident with Alan-Michael. Frank gives his little brother advice about Ava, that Coop is driving Ava to Alan-Michael. Remy is dresses as a limo driver. Alan gets ready for his wedding. Doris and Ashlee are also getting ready. Lizzie is at the bar looking at the picture of Jonathan and Sarah. Josh is worried that Cassie will do something to disrupt Alan and Doris' wedding. Lillian and Alan are talking and Lillian calls Alan a monster. Beth and Rick go to Alan and Doris' wedding together. Alan presents Doris Wolf as his wife. The wedding begins. Rick prevents Beth from tripping Doris as she goes to meet Alan. Ashlee's gift is a song(if you can call it that.) As the Justice of the Peace starts the wedding Cassie barges in and starts throwing a fit. Rick steps in and stops Cassie from doing more harm to herself or anyone else. Then Josh shows up. Cassie says Alan should pay for what he did and everyone in the room knows it. Josh manages to make Cassie leave the room. Outside they hug. Ava visits Alan-Michael. Alan and Doris' wedding continues. Vows are said. Doris wants Alan to adopt Ashlee. They kiss. Alex takes a drink from a container she has in her purse. Josh and Cassie are taking a walk when she she says she shouldn't have gone to the wedding and done what she did. Remy shows up at where the wedding is taking place, but is careful of not being seen as of now. Lillian and Lizzie are talking, Lizzie wonders if anyone will hate her for being at the wedding. Ashlee introduces herself to Alexandra(Whom I will be calling Alex from now on.). Ashlee shows Alex cards she had made up with the name: Ashlee Spaulding. Alex's expression changes from a smile to a smirk. Doris and Alan are talking about his freedom. He says he need some fresh air and a smoke and leaves. Ashlee wants her mother to throw the bouquet. Remy is watching the action from a corner of the room. Alan collapses and when Doris goes to touch him blood appears on her hands.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Neil tells Dru that she had a nightmare but she knows differently. She knows that Carmen was in their bedroom. He feels that she was dreaming but she knows that she was awake. She has seen Carmen at the courthouse and at Newman and now in their bedroom. Neil feels that Carmen has been on Dru's mind and that is why this is happening. She wants to call Michael but Neil stops her from doing that. She wants to prove that Carmen is alive so that they can save their son from the murder charges. She feels that they did see a body but she knows that the body isn't who they think it is. Victoria doesn't understand these private little talks with Sharon. She can't understand how Brad can't think that she would be suspicious of him since he lies so well. Someone knocks on the hotel room door. It is a suspicious man in a suit who says that he has Brad and Victoria's dinner. Brad moves back and the man wheels the tray into the room. Brad and Victoria have an icy dinner, with Victoria glaring at him from time to time unhappily. She can't get over Brad being in the car with Sharon before their trip. Later after they make love, she apologizes for not believing in him. He understands her feelings since he has lied to her about his life before. He tells her of a piece of art that his father gave to his mother once. It used to sit in his living room when he was a kid. It said that his beloved belongs to him, as he belongs to his beloved. Even though his father has been dead for many years, Rebecca still believes that and feels that way about her husband. Michael is checking into the Jana case but he gets no information that is new. Then Dru calls, ordering a tap on her phone. Someone has been harassing her, she says. "It's Carmen!" She got a call just now while Devon was over and it was Carmen, Dru says. She knows that the woman is alive and that someone else must have died in Carmen's place. She thinks that Carmen pulled a Sheila and threw some other body behind Indigo on that fateful night. Dru tells Devon that Michael didn't believe her that Carmen was calling her. Devon says that is because the idea of Carmen calling it a little out there. Dru gets angry that Devon talks to her this way and she leaves, refusing to say where she is going. She goes to the office, but doesn't realize that Devon is following her and he sees when Dru interrupts David talking to Jack and Sharon to tell him that she is aware of what he and Carmen are up to. She knows that he and Carmen are working together to frame her for murder and she won't let them get away with that.

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