Wednesday 2/14/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 2/14/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Fran

It is Valentine’s Day in Pine Valley and love is in the air.  Krystal takes J.R. into her arms and comforts him over the loss of Babe.  Colby helps to occupy Little A making Valentine cards.  Kendall and Zach end up at a bowling alley where Zack tells her that she “bowls him over” and gives her a diamond necklace.  Ryan sends a Valentine’s Day picture of Spike to Kendall.  Zoe meets up with Bianca at the park and tells her that she has decided to consult a doctor about continuing the process of becoming a female.  Ryan, Spike, Annie, and Emma go to Wildwind to celebrate the day.  When Ryan takes Annie on a tour of the grounds, they ravish each other in the stables.  Tad arrives at Wildwind just in time to join the gang as they make Valentine’s Day cards for the people they lost in their lives.  After completing the cards and attaching them to balloons, they go out onto the grounds to release them, sending their greetings to heaven.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Gwen and Maddie hide when they hear Will and Jade calling out for Adam. After Margo’s call to him, Will decides to tell Margo what Adam did. Gwen decides people will think Adam simply ran away. Meg confesses her role in Sarah’s death to Bob, but does not implicate Craig. Bob fires her and tells her that he will be talking to the police. Katie catches Vienna and Brad making out on her desk in her office and threatens to call Kim. Brad continues to hide his real job from Vienna. Will tells Margo what Adam did; Margo doesn’t want to believe it at first, but then she realizes how Casey was acting when they talked about him framing Will. A dirty Maddie and Gwen head home to clean up but are racked with guilt when they can’t get the images out of their head as to what they did. Margo confronts Casey and he finally admits to Adam doing the set up. Jack convinces Katie not to call Kim about what she walked in on. Dallas arrives at Maddie’s home as she is throwing out her clothes. She covers when he asks to talk to Adam. Will finds an emotional Gwen in the shower; he promises it is over and that they will be ok. Meg doesn’t want anymore help from Craig; she has to face what she did all by herself. Margo is concerned noone can find Adam and that he won’t call her back, as she is forced to put an APB out on him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick and Jackie, Donna and Storm drink to their victory but Nick reminds Jackie that if the Forrester’s go down, Eric will be with them. Eric realizes they have a party with no where to go. He’d rather burn the gowns than resort to selling them at mall department stores. He has his own dream – open his own specialty stores. Rick and Ridge locks horns again with Rick calling him Barney Fife. Ridge warns his family that he wants no part of this. Taylor thanks Nick for the bouquet of roses – pink for appreciation and admiration; yellow for friendship and red - love. He’s asking her to be his Valentine and she accepts. She tries to explain to Phoebe that life threw her a curveball with Thorne and now she needs to get on with her life. Nick is wowed by her sexy outfit and she purrs that Valentine’s only comes around once a year – oops her fantasy.

Brooke drops in on Nick and asks if he is enjoying this suffering, this injustice to the Forrester family? She asks him if he ever loved her to put a stop to this war before it gets worse. He can carry the Forrester Originals in Jackie M boutiques, the Forrester’s have suffered enough. She begs for what they have, for what they have shared and always will. Before she can ‘persuade’ more, Taylor drops in and the green eyed monster emerges. Taylor gives Brooke an earful plus flaunts a kiss to Nick.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

EJ offers to drop the charges and though Steve refuses at first, he gives in. Steve questions EJ about the torture but EJ plays dumb until Kayla steps away. EJ threatens Kayla’s welfare while alone with Steve and the threat causes Steve to hear the pounding again. Kayla tries to make a deal with EJ about Steve staying away if EJ stays away from them but Steve refuses to stay away from EJ. Sami turns down Lucas’ marriage proposal at first but accepts when he persists. Sami gets upset when Lucas brings up how he’ll get to be a father to this baby since he’ll know this is his baby from the start. EJ stops by to check on Sami and questions Sami about being pregnant when Lucas gloats about the engagement. Sami claims the baby toys Lucas bought are meant for Claire. Lucas wonders why Sami is so worried about EJ learning she’s pregnant.

Dr. Rebert explains to Chelsea that he is not Shane Patton and Chelsea is so embarrassed she leaves without being interviewed for the job. Chelsea, with a call of warning from Billie to Nick, heads over to Nick’s house to ask for his help in deciphering what happened. While waiting in Nick’s room, Chelsea spots clues that lead her to the conclusion that Nick is Shane. Chelsea lashes out at Nick for hurting her. The ship’s captain demands that Belle and Shawn surrender their passports. They tell the captain the truth and beg him to let them disembark on the island. Just as they are convincing the captain, Philip and Willow burst in demanding Claire be returned to Philip.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

The Quartermaines wait anxiously as Alan's surgery proceeds. Edward expresses his regrets about how he treated his son. Alan's heart begins to fail on the table. Nik convinces Luke to tell Craig the code so that Lulu won't be shot. Sam and Liz apologize to each other. Luke coldly lashes out at Skye. When she goes to the hospital, Edward tells her she does not belong there. Sonny tries to get Craig to rethink his plan, but gets hit again for his trouble. Lulu gets put in the office when she cries out at seeing Sonny being abused. Jason is the one who takes her there. He tries to get her to leave with Spinelli, but Craig interrupts. Nik and Emily consider how to get out and how to take Robin and Lulu with them. Spinelli is saved by the fact that he can possibly open the vault. Carly dreams of her future with Jax. Liz's cramps subside. Alan survives surgery. Sonny proposes to Carly. Georgi lashes out at Lucky for his concern for Liz over Maxie. Sam realizes Jason is with them and lets Liz know. Nik tells Emily he loves her. Spinelli is given until four-thirty a.m. to get into the vault or Lulu dies.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Today the Cast of GL were in Louisiana helping rebuild homes for the victims of Katrina in one neighborhood. They were put into teams. Cast members interviewed citizens and listened to their stories. Some cast members spoke directly into the camera to express what it felt like being there and helping these people. The showed kids in makeshift schools. Even some cast members we haven't seen in a awhile were there like Kurt McKinney who plays Matt Reardon, who is on recurring cast status. They showed cast members very moved of what they saw. Robert Newman who plays Josh Lewis even showed how far they came in fixing a house since they got there. He said that when they got there it was a shell. Only the the frame was up. Now it had insulation and drywall. In one instance they showed a couple of the female cast members help a lady redo her house. They also surprised her daughter with new bedroom set. Looking really nice.

OLTL Recap Written by Suzanne

The actors played other parts today in honor of Valentine's Day...1) Starr read a fairy tale to Jack, where the king was Todd, the queen was Blair, etc. It also included Evangeline, Cole, Dorian, and Cristian.  2) Natalie read an adventure book similar to "The Mummy" where she was the archaelogist in an Egyptian tomb. Rex was her assistant and Roxy was, well, Roxy...there was lots of treasure and they brought the long-dead king (John) to life.  3) Jessica read a book similar to "Wuthering Heights" where she was the heroine in love with two men, Nash the stable hand, and her husband Antonio.  Talia was the maid that comforted Antonio.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Jill can't get over the fact that this woman gave her son away. Paul arrives and has a picture of Violet brought to the coffeehouse. Kay recognizes the woman immediately. Amber comes over to the table and when she sees the name 'Violet' on an article on the table she confuses things. As she yammers on about Jana being missing, she puts a stack of flyers over the article on Violet and when she picks up the stack of flyers, she picks up the article too. Neither Katherine nor Jill are any the wiser. Will gives the bad news that Jana is the one who lost all the blood that the team found on the jogging trail. It looks like someone has carried her off since the blood stops there. Kevin is furious and tells Will that her blood will be on his hands if anything happens to Jana. Meanwhile, Colleen has found an ID card that belonged to a girl and something feminine and red in a can in Adrian's cupboard. She panics and heads to the living room where Adrian isn't. She grabs her coat and purse quickly. When Adrian comes out to tell her the shower is free, she is gone and he sees that her clothes are gone and the door is left open. He goes out for a run and when he returns, he finds Will and a cop knocking on his door. He lets the cops in and the first thing they notice is the two pillows on the couch, along with the clothes strewn all over the room. "I'm not a good housekeeper," he confesses. They asks Adrian questions which his answers, but when the men want to search his place, he flatly refuses to allow that and asks them to leave. Will and the cop head out and say that they will be in touch. Across town, Kevin is beside himself. He knows in his gut that Adrian has something to do with this and he refuses to stand around doing nothing. He goes to the elevator, planning to confront Adrian and MAKE him tell where Jana is. Michael grabs his brother and tries to make him see that getting himself locked up which is what will probably happen won't get Jana back. Kevin understands and angrily heads back into Michael's apartment. Lauren wants to talk to him to make him feel better but Kevin isn't interested in that right now and goes into another room slamming the door behind him. Colleen went to her car and tries to get in it as quickly as possible. She drops her keys by the car and after she picks them up. A figure clad in black grabs her and clamps a white cloth over her nose and mouth. She struggles but not for long. She doesn't know how but she ends up in a small, dark room and hasn't awakened yet. Sitting over her…looking down at her quietly is Jana…

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