Tuesday 2/13/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 2/13/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Fran

Josh lashes out at everyone in the hospital waiting room as he listens to Jeff tell the group that Babe didnít survive. When Krystal breaks down, only Tad can get through to her that she needs to stay strong for the baby that she is carrying. Adam apologizes to Tad for being harsh with him when Dixie died. Krystal has a last talk with Babe and tells her that she meant the world to her. After Jamie takes J.R. home, J.R. assures him that he will not drink and that he never wanted Babe to die. As he exits the hospital, Josh tells Erica that he is leaving Pine Valley for good. While talking with Zoe about Babe, Bianca admits that she never told her that she forgave her. Zoe assures her that it is never too late. Realizing she is the final target, a tearful Kendall reluctantly gives Spike over to Ryanís care. Tad shares Jamieís thoughts that the killer might be Ethanís mother whose whereabouts are unknown.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Paul confronts Meg about why she won’t let him near her; was she responsible for her patient’s death? Brad calls Jack on an emergency when it is only to help him get his car out of the impound lot so he can continue on his date with Vienna. Tom tells Margo and Casey that there will be no bail hearing tonight. Will stops Jade from calling the cops on Adam fearing it will scare him off. Maddie hits Casey with a heavy branch to stop him from assaulting Gwen. She then panics when Gwen tells her that he appears to be dead. Casey asks Margo to call Adam but won’t get into why. Paul is suspicious of Craig’s involvement with Meg, but Meg sticks to their story. Paul wonders what kind of person Craig is turning Meg into now that she is lying to everyone and teamed up with him. Jack gets Brad a job with Kim so he can fix his own money problems. Jade and Will continue to look for Adam. Maddie is afraid she will be alone in the world if Margo finds out she killed her son; she freaks out about the consequences and Gwen realizes that all these other innocent people shouldn’t pay for what Adam did; she decides to hide the body. When Meg doesn’t take Paul’s help, he can only walk away. Meg wants to come clean but Craig tries to guilt her into staying silent. Will tells Jade that he doesn’t want witnesses around when he finds Adam. Gwen and Maddie start to dig a hole for Adam. Meg tells Bob she killed her patient. Will decides the fastest way for Adam to hitch is the woods behind his house, so he heads there and starts calling out to Adam as Maddie and Gwen hear him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Last minute jitters, backstage Eric is giving a big pep talk to all. Stephanie and family all give a toast to the brand new company and Eric. “The Best is Yet To Come.” Across town, Nick gloats that all the distribution outlets except Fenmore’s are his. Stephanie will be held accountable, and will never forget. The Forrester’s soon realize that their buyers are not showing up, the place is practically empty and even the reporters are heading for the door. They all get in touch with their contacts, but they clam up. Nick vows to his ailing mother that starting today that Stephanie will also feel her pain for years to come. When Thorne shows up and tells his dad that the stores are temporarily closed and no one is divulging facts, Eric has no choice but to cancel the show.

Felicia turns on the TV just in time to see Nick and Jackie make the grand announcement that Jackie M has gone international and will be expanding by now owning all the main distributors. The Forrester’s are left shocked and appalled at how he managed all of this. But Stephanie takes the blame, this is about her and Jackie, but she laments it is not over yet. Eric begs her not to go over there, she will only make it worse. The family squabbles and Eric orders them out. Only Pam stays behind and he finds solace in her hug when she offers to help in any way she can. Stephanie does see Nick and states that she did underestimate him. He may charge her with sins but don’t drag her husband into it. He tells her the Forrester name in the fashion business is over, and she has no one to blame but herself, and only herself.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Roman reams Sami for stealing the disc and causing Kate to threaten a lawsuit against the department. Sami maintains that she did the right thing and offers to go to jail to save Roman from being blamed. Roman refuses to arrest Sami claiming he’s already smoothed things over but warns her to stay away from Kate. Sami starts to tell Lucas what she did to Kate but Lucas has already heard about it from Kate. Lucas surprises Sami when he approves of her actions and even gets on bended knee to propose.

Abe asks Celeste to take in Theo but Celeste counters by offering to move in with Abe and Theo. Nick confirms to Mimi and Max that the skeleton is that of Mimi’s father. Max convinces Mimi to tell Abe what they know. Nick realizes that a newspaper ad has been placed for the lab assistant job and meets with Abby for advice. Abby advises Nick to tell Chelsea the truth. Billie shows Chelsea the ad in the paper and Chelsea goes to the hospital to confront Nick. Before she can see him, she stops to fill out the job application. Dr. Rebert walks by and Chelsea recognizes him as Shane Patton. Dr. Deardon warns the ship’s captain about Belle and Shawn. Belle, Shawn, and Claire enjoy the benefits of the luxury cruise until Belle spots their picture in an article about them being wanted for kidnapping. Belle decides that they can’t risk being spotted and must get off the ship at the next island stop. Before they can disembark, the ship’s captain confronts them.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

GL Recap Written by Beth

Ashlee gets excited over Valentine's Day coming. Daisy goes to see Donovan. Harley goes searching for Daisy and go to the bar. Coop meets up with Ava and Alan-Michael. When Alan-Michael leaves Ava and Coop talk more about her job. Alan-Michael make a reservation for 2. Ashlee and Lizzie talk which leads to an argument about Jonathan and Sarah. Lizzie asks for a drink as a friend of Ashlee's arrives. Daisy and Donovan continue to talk about Sydney. Donovan starts to get a little too cozy with Daisy which Harley catches. Donovan defends hims. Daisy leaves as Harley requests and then Harley kicks Donovan in the groin. Ava and Alan-Michael leave together. Lizzie, Ashlee and Jamie have a drink until Ashlee remembers she has a dress to pick up for her mother's wedding to Alan, leaving Lizzie alone with Jamie. Lizzie is warming up to Jamie and decides not to leave. Ava meets up with Coop at the bar. Coop has arranged a romantic dinner for 2. Ava hugs Coop and Alan-Michael catches them. Daisy feels Harley hates her. Harley says no, how can she hate her daughter. Harley says it isn't her fault for being the way she is. It runs in the family. The for her it was a lot easier when she was younger. But that Daisy shouldn't go off half cocked. They hug and go back inside with the boys. When they get inside, Gus say the judge's ruling is in. There is a big fight between Ava and Alan-Michael and Coop. Lizzie tells her troubled story to Jamie about her life, etc. Also about Jonathan, Tammy and Sarah. Lizzie even tells Jamie about Alan and Doris. Daisy takes the boys up to their room while Gus tells Harley about the judge's ruling. The other side filed an appeal and won. Gus says it's better to get it over with than later. And to give Sydney to her new parents. Alan-Michael tells Ava to stop working. Ava says she has one more thing to do and she is done for the day. That is to go down and talk to some people about Alan and Doris' Wedding. Ava leaves and shortly after Coop arrives and the boys get into another fight. Lizzie gets angry at Jamie when he badmouths Alan. Lizzie then starts to cry when she tells him about Sarah and Jonathan and loosing them. She then runs out of the bar leaving Jamie stunned. Harley and Gus turn baby Sydney over to her new Guardian. Lizzie goes home and looks at a picture of Alan, she decides to then shred it and others. She comes across one of Jonathan and Sarah and hugs it while crying.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer

John returns to work more determined than ever to solve Spencer's murder. Rex, fearing John will discover his own brother's guilt, tries to steer John away from the case. John makes it clear he won't rest until the murder is solved. Natalie wonders how she'll ever be able to tell John what she's done. Bo probes Natalie about what she might have seen at the crime scene. John examines the forensics photos and realizes someone tampered with the evidence. Adriana thanks Todd for printing an article touting Rex's innocence in The Sun and is surprised when Todd states he did so at Dorian's request. Adriana later reaches out to her mother. Blair resists Todd's pull and quits her job at The Sun. Blair fights her feelings for Todd as she vows to move on with her life. Cristian isn't pleased when Evangeline leaves Jamie's birthday party to give Todd a shoulder to lean on. Nash doesn't hide the fact that his feelings for Jessica are growing. Jessica insists to Nash that what happened between them the night before will never happen again. Antonio and Jessica reconnect at Jamie's birthday party. Dorian makes slight inroads with Clint. Todd hires Jessica as an investigative reporter at The Sun and tells her to dig up something on Miles.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Kevin sees Adrian in his coffeehouse and he goes over to give the man a piece of his mind. He demands to know why Adrian forced Jana to remove her coat. Adrian and Colleen soon realize that this is about Jana missing. Kevin can't stop whatever already happened to Jana, but he can make sure that the person who hurt her is brought to justice. He gets the box out of keepsakes that he and Jana shared. CDs that he made for her and tickets for Thai kick-boxing are all accounted for. If she is hurt, he will not forgive himself. Will plans to go and get the blood tested to see if somehow he can confirm if the blood is Jana's or not. He has a concern that she might be at the bottom of that lake by the jogging path. Victoria has decided that she will be going to Kutna Hora with Brad and although he tries to talk her out of this, she will not change her mind. At Indigo, Daniel gives Lily her Valentine's Day gift. It is a beautiful, red purse that he got for her from the boutique. Amber flirts madly with the working Cane. She won't give into him unless she is positive that he is head over heels for her. She gets Daniel to pretend to be some mysterious caller and she refuses a date with the caller in front of Cane. He is jealous and asks who that was later. She doesn't answer and so he tells her that she will be his. She won't give in that easy. Devon meets a really nice girl at Indigo on this Valentine's Day night. He had seen her before at the library and she can't understand how he never took a chance to come over and say 'hello.' Sharon is ready to spend Valentine's Day alone but she ends up sitting with David at the coffeehouse and they share a nice time together. Brad finds Sharon in the underground parking and asks if he can speak to her in her car. They sit together now he tells her how he will be taking a trip to Kutna Hora and that she isn't to worry while he is gone. Someone knocks on the window. It is Victoria and she isn't pleased. Brad scurries out of the car now full of explanations for why he had to talk to Sharon about their trip. "It's over," Victoria says. "We have a plane to catch. Colleen has made love to Adrian and she goes into the kitchen to get some water. She knocks over a can in the cupboard and a piece of read fabric falls out. Colleen remembers that Jana is missing…She picks up the other thing that was in the can. It is a Wisconsin card…an ID card for some dark-haired girl…Colleen hears JT's voice ringing in her ear…warning her that the girl who Korbel said died by suicide could have been someone that Korbel hurt himself.

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