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AMC Recap Written by Fran

As Ryan, Tad, and Zach wait for the murderer at the pump house, the Satin Slayer is in the parking garage attacking Babe.  Hearing Babe scuffling with the killer, Zoe and Officer Hannity rush to her side, but the slayer has already killed her bodyguard with a poisoned dart to the neck and run off.  As Jamie and Amanda interview Janet, she theorizes that Ethan Cambiasí mother might be behind the attacks if she blames Zach for Ethanís death.  When Erica arrives at Jackís house, Barbara opens the door and the arguing begins.  J.R. is about to tell Adam the truth about Krystalís baby when she enters the room with the shocking news that Babe has been attacked, but J.R. refuses to believe it.  At the hospital, the doctors are working quickly to stabilize Babe as her friends and family wait and worry about her recovery.  Jeff finally comes out and informs everyone gathered there that Babe needs surgery to implant a pacemaker. As her next of kin, J.R. gives his consent. Josh and J.R. cast blame on one another and almost come to blows as Babe is wheeled to the OR.  Minutes later, Josh screams that they need to do more.  Back in the waiting room, Jeff declares that Babe is dead.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Paul tries to get Meg to tell him what is bothering her, but she won’t open up to him. Emily is at a bar and when she heads over to talk to a man, a mystery woman intercepts her. Maddie pleads with Casey to trust her enough to tell her whom he is covering for; Casey sticks to his story. Jade tries to get Will to believe her story that Adam is setting him up. Gwen finds Adam, who is trying to high tail it out of town. Gwen doesn’t understand what is going on at first, but then the pieces start to fall into place and she realizes Adam was the one that set Will up. Craig and Meg continue to bond over their secret. Dusty and Chaz see Emily talk to this woman; Chaz tells her that she runs a high price call girl agency. The doctors still can’t find anything wrong with Paul. Paul watches Craig and Meg; he then watches a conversation between the two of them and Jack. Jack wants to talk to them about Meg’s patient that died. The sister is convinced the diary is a fake. Craig covers for Meg further. Will and Jade go looking for Adam. Adam is trying to convince Gwen she belongs with him, but she doesn’t want to hear it or be near him anymore after what he did to Will. Tom feels he failed Casey, as Casey admits to Maddie Adam’s part in Will’s set up. Maddie feels vindicated since she knew Casey couldn’t have done that. Emily gets an offer from Cheri, the owner of the high priced call girl agency. After Craig leaves Meg’s side, Paul walks over to her. Jade calls the police to let them in on Adam’s part in the bonds. Tom is about to find out about Casey’s bail hearing. Gwen tries to get away from Adam when he pulls her into a kiss. Gwen and he struggle as someone hits Adam from behind.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick tells Mr. Golden that he IS motivated, he wants his company. The assistant hands Nick the papers. Will he pay the price? Whatever he wants, whenever he wants it. Nick signs. He phones his mother that Forrester Originals will debut and they won’t be able to sell it. Eric wants the gowns to be perfect, the stars of the show. Jackie drops by and is impressed. But, he sees sorrow in Jackie’s eyes when he speaks of distribution. He’s wanted in the showroom so he has to leave Jackie with Stephanie as she walks in. Actually the only thing she wants to hear from Jackie is goodbye. Phoebe tells Ridge to let it go, he doesn’t have to worry about her and Rick. Brooke doesn’t appreciate Stephanie’s worries either. They are very close and she doesn’t have to tell Brooke where that might lead. And she’s afraid if she turns a blind eye to this, it might also affect her relationship with Ridge.

Backstage Ridge grouses to Rick that what part of staying away from his daughter didn’t he understand? Brooke begs Ridge to stay out of this. If he makes this into a big deal, it will be a big deal. Thorne calls Eric and tells them he’s at Golden’s but it is closed and empty, something is wrong. Storm looks over the papers and tells Nick there won’t be anyone at the coming out party for Forrester’s. Nick wants this hush-hush and the Forrester’s not know anything about it until the gowns are on the runway. Stephanie informs Jackie that she does appreciate her husband and tomorrow he will be an all new man with the new company. And her marriage is stronger than ever, so Jackie is wasting her breath. Eric gives the family a big thanks. All except Stephanie who is barging in on Nick with a big, old grin on her face. She knows Nick is planning something, but would he be kind enough to keep his mother away from her business and her family? He points out she has always lived her life manipulating people, but judgment day will come soon and there won’t be a thing she can do about it.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Bo tells Kayla about Marlena’s dream. Steve confronts EJ but is rendered powerless when EJ shows him the tarot card. The hospital calls Kayla with the news that Steve escaped and Bo and Kayla track Steve down at the hotel with EJ. Steve asks to be taken back to jail instead of the hospital. EJ hides the tarot card and plays dumb when questioned by Bo. Lucas comes to Philip to ask for his job back but Philip turns him down to please Victor. Philip confides in Lucas that he’s only pretending to agree with Victor so that he can one day take over the company. Victor gets the cruise ship passengers tax records and Willow helps Philip compare them to the list of passenger names. Willow believes she’s found the names Shawn and Belle are using. Shawn and Belle convince Dr. Deardon to let them bring him the immunization form in the morning. Shawn sets up a curtain to give Belle some privacy but instead they spend the evening ogling each other’s silhouette.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Patrick punches out the Mayor, but Mac refuses to arrest him. The waiting Quartermaines stress out and Dillon confesses to stealing Alan's PDA to find proof Laura innocent of murder. Luke and Lucky plan to infiltrate the gunmen. Alan encourages Emily to send Liz outside. Sonny's life is spared. Dr. Ford arrives at the hotel to reprimand Patrick for refusing a page and to threaten him with disciplinary action. One shoots Max in the shoulder. Jason knocks out a thug and takes his "uniform," so as to disguise himself as one of them. Patrick returns to work to honor what Robin would have chosen to do in his place. Emily chooses Alan to be freed. Because he can't walk on his own, One decides that he can only leave if he can walk out on his own; however, Emily's tears and pleas convince him to let Four and Five, one of which is Jason, help Alan to the door. Snipers open fire, inciting a heart attack in Alan.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Harley wants to know if Daisy has anymore lies to tell. Beth calls Jeffry to stop the divorce. Doris has yet another fight with Beth that Alan disrupts. Josh has a Valentines gift for Cassie but she isn't home to get it, he then calls her cell to remind her of the dinner reservations. Cassie visits Reva at the Bar, Cassie wants to know if Reva sees Jonathan's "Ghost" (Remember he is alive and only Reva knows it.). She wants to know if Reva has been talking to Jonathan's "Ghost". Cassie tells Reva she has been seeing Tammy's Ghost. Reva looks very worried, she asks Cassie if Josh knows about the sights of Tammy. Then the conversation turns to Alan. Cassie says Tammy wants justice. After Cassie leaves a worried Reva tells Billy she is worried about Cassie. Billy says he is too. Beth decides to make Doris think she will sign the divorce papers, but when Doris leaves she pleads with Alan to stop this and change his mind. Donovan meets up with Gus and gets him upset. Daisy and Harley continue their fight. Jeffry decides he wants to hear what Donavan has to say. Harley overhears Donovan say they have no chance at getting Sydney. Love is a weakness that Alan doesn't want with Beth. Doris has what he needs he tells Beth.. Beth signs the papers for real. Doris then makes sure the signature is real. Josh and Cassie dine out. Josh tells Cassie they are together and they will get through this. Things are going good until Alan and Doris arrive at the same restaurant, Josh sees them arrive. They are seated right next to Josh. Josh suggests that he and Cassie go until a waiter comes by with a bottle of wine. The waiter says it is a gift of the couple at the next table. Josh goes over and dumps it on Alan getting his jacket wet. Josh then yells at Doris. Doris threatens arresting Josh. Josh says if she does have him arrested that he has a lot on her that will ruin her. Daisy tells Harley, Gus and Jeffry that the only way to save Sydney is if she leaves town and never comes back. Harley and Gus don't want her to do that, but Jeffry says Daisy may be on to something with that suggestion. That it could work in their favor. Gus and Harley then go home to be with Sydney. They continue to talk about Daisy. Neither of them want to see Daisy go. Daisy goes to the Bar for a beer and sees Donavan there. Daisy wants Donavan to drop the case against Harley and Gus in exchange for anything else. Harley and Gus continue their talk about Daisy, both wanting her to stay. Daisy deal is make sure Gus and Harley get Sydney and Donavan hands her a key to his room. Alan gives Doris a ring. Doris says she wants a wedding the whole town will remember. Alan says a big wedding she wants, a big wedding she gets. Reva visits Josh and Cassie worried about Cassie. Cassie is asleep and Reva and Josh talk for a sec. Josh asks Reva if she is ok. That he cares. Reva says she is ok.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer

Everyone gathered at the reading of Spencer's will are fed up with his antics, but are stunned when Miles appears in person looking nothing like the horribly disfigured man on the television screen. Todd and the others have trouble accepting Miles at face value. Miles credits Spencer with saving his life by giving him his new face and vows to see Spencer's killer brought to justice. The collective animosity towards Spencer throws Miles for a loop. Dorian offers to help Todd win Blair back in return for a favor of her own. Michael arrives in the nick of time and prevents Marcie from learning that Tommy is Todd's biological son. Alone, Michael destroys the card Spencer had sent addressed to "Todd Manning Jr." Talia freezes when she has a clear shot at the arsonist and doesn't give chase when he bolts. Antonio questions Talia's actions but covers for her in front of Bo. Antonio hopes Talia can trust him enough to confide in him. Nash isn't sorry that Tess didn't emerge as he explains that his feelings for Tess have been replaced by his feelings for Jessica. Jessica and Nash almost make love but stop themselves at the last second. Vincent and Natalie clear the air. Natalie admits to Vincent she took action to protect John when she believed he might have killed Spencer. Vincent thinks John would be a fool to take Natalie's love for granted. Lindsay embarrasses Bo when she points out that he is Rex's role model. Bo admires the way Lindsay has turned her life around.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

As the party went on, the party-goers were more concerned with their own troubles than with having fun. Simone tried to get Kay to see Miguel has lied to her and she should drop him, while Noah told her to follow her heart, since it knows the truth. Simone also worried about Rae's absence, and finally went to find her. Rae had run into the masked attacker, and although she put up a good fight and thought she'd won, a last minute surge ended with her losing the battle and her life. Simone found her during her search, and Luis and Fancy weren't far behind. Miguel met up with a drunken Jessica at a local restaurant and she managed to give him a clue that could mean he has the goods on Julian and Fox, especially when the Charity look-alike walked in.

Pilar wanted Theresa to tell Ethan the truth, no matter what, until she found out it could mean her sons will spend the rest of their lives in jail. Sheridan couldn't stop paying attention to Luis, a fact that didn't sit well with Chris. Her attention appeared to have been rewarded when she heard Fancy tell Luis that even if he is proven innocent, she still can't be with him. Whitney was sure she'd found her secret admirer, believing it was Chris and Sheridan. However, she soon learned she was wrong, and decided to just show whoever it is that she's already taken. Chad, on the other hand, knew exactly who had sent it, and it wasn't for Whitney. His lover sent it, and when he called to complain, he ended up agreeing to meet the guy later. Whitney heard the last part and questioned who he'd be meeting after their romantic dinner, so he told her he has to go in to work for a while, and she said she'd go, too. Now he has to figure how to get away from her for a tryst with his lover.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Colleen isn't pleased to see Adrian working on the code. He continues and comes up with ' Kutna Hora'. It is a small town in the Czech Republic. He is from Czechoslovakia and that's how he knows. Sharon is there when Jack gets off the elevator. Sharon is looking forward to their Valentine's Day date later that night. She has already bragged to Nick about it. Jack is sorry but he has to cancel. He has to return to Wisconsin to wrap up of the Bodi case. Sharon is about to hug him but then he sees Phyllis over her shoulder and Sharon becomes a memory. Sharon doesn’t even turn around at the sound of Phyllis's voice. Jack tells her all that matters is that Phyllis and the baby are okay. He hugs her while Sharon watches. Nick comes out of the office and witnesses the hug as well. Nikki can see that her son is upset. He denies it but she can tell. She knows that he has been traumatized as well as Phyllis and she tells him that it is okay to admit it. For Valentine's Day, Nick gives Phyllis her gift. It is a book that he made of their lives so far. It has pictures of her pregnant inside and pictures of their wedding. She tells Nick that usually Jack is all about profits and business but something is different about him now. He isn't like that anymore. Jack has done it! He has been pegged as a hero by the citizens of Wisconsin. Victor and Nikki read about him in the newspaper and chuckle evilly as they think how Jack has probably been tooting his horn all over the place. David tells Jack that he is glad to hear that the senator was brought down. David shares that he was in politics for a while and rubbed up against Senator Bodi and it wasn't pretty. Jack hopes they can sit and talk about this for a while some time. Victor watches the two talk from outside the office and smiles. He has Jack just where he wants him. Victor takes some time that day and talks to David about his career in politics. It is clear that there is still a light in the man's eye where that is concerned. Victor offers David the chance to sit in that arena again. He tells that his good friend Jack has aspirations to become a politician…and lo and behold…Senator Bodi's seat is empty now. Kevin is upset. The cops are not taking him seriously. The 48-hours has passed and still they don't want to go find Jana. Will finally agrees to help when Gloria goes to him, and he returns with the news that Jana hasn't been found, but there was a considerable amount of blood found up against a rock on the jogging path near the lake. He is sure that whoever bled out like that can't be alive.

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