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AMC Recap Written by

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Emily prepares for her meeting with the Worldwide Board and already has to face obstacles before the meeting has even started. Lily and Jack worry when both Faith and Parker go missing from the therapist office. Craig tries to reach out to Katie, but she isn’t interested, especially when he compares them; Katie is ready to do battle with her brother when Henry steps in and saves her. Gwen continues to try to find and talk to Will. Casey is forced to tell his parents the whole story about his gambling, minus one detail, Adam’s ‘help’. Elwood tells Maddie how Casey has been acting for the past few weeks, but she is still convinced Casey is covering for someone. Adam books a flight out of town, but Jade stops him promising to prove what he did; she throws his keys in the bushes to stop him from leaving. Tom and Margo ask Casey how he was paying off his debt? Casey continues to lie to protect Adam. Parker shows Faith a spot in the woods Hal used to take him where there is an underground spring. Paul arrives scaring Faith. Paul tries to help them by coming up with a story for them when he takes them back to town. When he takes them back, he tells Jack and Lily that he had fallen on the ice and they helped him bring him to Java. Tom tells Casey that he will be charged as an adult. Will confronts Casey about how he set him up; he is so angry he wants to file a formal complaint, which would make things even worse for Casey. Emily impresses Lucinda and the Board; she is offered the job, but this still doesn’t stop her from booking an appointment with a ‘client’. She turns down Dusty’s offer for dinner to meet this client. Katie is determined not to become like Craig so she needs Henry’s help. Maddie knows Casey is hiding something and she begs him to tell her whom he is protecting. Adam tries to hide from Gwen that he is leaving town, but she catches up with him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

A nice peaceful breakfast at Brooke's house until Ridge wastes no time by asking – did Rick keep his place in Paris? And that it won't be long because if this collection is as big a hit as he thinks it will be, Rick will be off to Europe again very soon. Hope and Phoebe don't want Rick to go. Ridge growls for Phoebe to grab a muffin and come to work with him, nixing her idea that she ride with Rick. Nick makes plans to meet Harvey Golden in the middle of nowhere which turns out to be an abandoned warehouse. Still it is not face to face, but through speaker phone. Golden tells him if they make a deal it will cost him a lot more than money. And he will have to make the deal today, Forrester's showing is tomorrow. Brooke questions Rick and his staying up late and budding friendship with Phoebe. He really, really likes talking to her, she is wise beyond her years. And if Ridge thinks there is more to it than that, it is his problem. They are not seeing each and he doesn't know how you know when it's THE girl, it will just sneak up on you and happen. Likewise, Ridge explains to Stephanie that Phoebe is very impressionable and they may have a problem. She is concerned when Ridge says he will not let it turn sexual and she will have a talk with Brooke, who will do the right thing.

Brooke tells her son that she wants him to be happy and her house peaceful, but she understands why Ridge would be concerned. She doesn't want to take sides, but she sees nothing wrong with his friendship with Phoebe. Stephanie just happens to walk right on it and overhears this and calls her on it. Obviously there are things she doesn't understand or she wouldn't encourage Rick to see a member of his own family. Brooke accuses her of being ridiculous. Stephanie counters with they are living under the same roof, with rooms just down the hall from each other. Brooke tells her this is just a little crush and not to make something dirty out of it. Stephanie scoffs at her parenting skills, and Brooke reminds her they are only now becoming civil to one another and Stephanie can not control other people's lives, much less her own son's. Even though Stephanie tells her to draw the line and don't let them cross it, Brooke states Stephanie can not interfere in her children's lives, she will not allow it.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Shawn convinces Belle to let their family enjoy the luxuries the cruise ship has to offer by agreeing to maintain the fake identities written on their passports while in public. Claire spikes a fever and they are forced to call in the ship’s doctor. Dr. Deardon confirms that Claire only has a mild case of seasickness but becomes concerned when he notices the lack of an immunization stamp on Claire’s passport.

Dr. Beale puts Steve under for his first hypnosis session. Steve recalls being shocked while strapped to a table and being taunted with the tarot card by EJ. Steve lies to Dr. Beale and Kayla about what he remembers but sneaks a dime from Kayla’s purse in order to pry the bars off the window and escape. EJ is able to explain away the movie Sami showed by claiming it was a way to show off their company’s new technology. Sami and Billie argue about which of them really has feelings for EJ and Sami’s sudden rush to the bathroom makes Billie guess that she is pregnant. Billie insists to EJ that their interaction will be strictly related to business matters. Kate warns Billie to stay away from EJ but Billie doesn’t think she should take Kate’s advice.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sam attempts to kill Craig with a knife, but backs down because he does not have the detonator and if he dies, his men will blow up the place. Carly, Sonny, and Lulu's attempt to overpower a thug fails. Liz suffers labor pangs. Dillon wants to go with Luke and Lucky on the rescue mission, but is refused. Tracy tries to convince Luke not to go either. Nik and Emily try to take care of Alan. Maxie tries to make conversation with Three. Spinelli and Jason make it into the hotel. Craig ejects Alan, Nik, and Emily from their room so he can have a conversation with Sam. Sonny gets the female thug to get the hotel's defibrilator so Emily can use it on Alan. Ric tries to negotiate with Craig for Liz's safety. He decides to release Liz, then "realizes" he forgot to mention Alan is at least as bad off as she is. Craig demands that Emily chose which to send to freedom, Liz or Alan. He also prepares to have Sonny killed. Jason gets inside the airducts and can see the lobby. Tracy and Scotty spar about Luke and Laura. Mayor Floyd and Ric clash about how to handle things.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Josh makes Cassie feel a little better. Beth and Alan have another fight. Alan says the marriage is over when Beth turned to Rick. Beth says get ready for a fight. Reva is at Jonathan's Bar when Josh stops by. He tells Reva she is not alone in this. At the custody hearing things heat up with the other side questions Daisy about the accident that killed Tammy. He speculates she was at the wheel when the car hit Tammy. This lawyer has a problem with Daisy's testimony. The Judge orders Daisy to answer him. An answer that shocks Harley. Josh and Reva continue their talk about Jonathan and all. Josh reminds Reva of when Marah spoke at H.B's memorial service how proud they were of her. Reva tells Josh that the Spauldings spoil everything they touch. Doris and Beth have yet another go around. Doris gives Beth an ultimatum, leave quietly or take off the gloves and come after her. Doris has papers for Beth to sign. Alan sees Cassie outside and goes out to tell her to leave or its jail. Josh holds the picture of Jonathan, Tammy and Sarah and says he can't believe they are gone. He loved them. He then hugs Reva. After the hug, Reva tells Josh to go back to Cassie. That she needs him more now and in a way that would help her too. She does thank Josh for stopping by. The courtroom heats up again with the lawyer from the other side really goes after Daisy. He asks her if she was high on drugs that night. And did she kill Tammy, her cousin. Jeffrey can't believe what he is hearing. Gus interrupt saying he was the first on the scene and he saw his stepdaughter in the back of the car. That he had to pull her out. That she wasn't driving. Doris and Beth run into Cassie. Cassie can't believe what she is seeing. But it is Beth that actually defends Cassie's actions. Though Beth kindly asks Cassie to leave. Gus tells the judge what he saw that night of the accident. The car had crashed into a tree after hitting Tammy. Daisy was in the back. The judge doesn't like what he is hearing, but calls for a recess. As Gus and Harley are about to leave, Harley questions Gus as to how much he knows and is hiding from her and the judge. Ashlee and Doris attempt to move into the Spaulding Mansion. Ashlee says she even knows what room she wants. Cassie comes home to Josh, who thought they were going to meet somewhere else. He asks her how the movie was. Cassie says she didn't go to the movies. When Josh helps her out of her jacket a piece of paper falls from the pocket. He realizes she went to see Alan. Cassie tells Josh he is not suffering like she is. Josh tells her to leave it to Frank and him. They will take care of Alan. Lizzie comes home to news that Doris and Ashlee are moving in. She says she wonders what Alan-Michael will say. Lizzie gives Beth some news that Beth is glad to hear. They hug. Gus and Harley end up arguing about Daisy. Daisy goes to see Grandma Reva for help out of this mess she is in. The Judge calls everyone back. Jeffrey makes his case for Harley and Gus, saying Daisy will be away at boarding school most of the time. The Judge calls it a day til Monday. Daisy attempts to leave the courtroom, Harley stops her. Doris goes before the cameras in Alan's behalf, closing the case on the accident. Then Alan goes before the cameras to speak of Tammy as if she were family and says he's established a College Fund in her name. This as Josh tries to tell her what he heard. Cassie goes outside to get some air and see a bloody Tammy saying to get Alan.

OLTL Recap Written by

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Many of Harmony's citizens were at the Blue Note for a Valentine's Day benefit, chaired by the comatose Fox. Julian and Ivy were at each other's throats, until they ended up in a store room and ended up having sex. This was after a drunken Julian bumped into TC, who slugged him for his clumsiness. Simone and Rae were there, but Simone was still no ready to show affection in public, even after TC arrived and let her and Rae know he now supports their love. She did agree to dance with her lover, however, but it was cut short when Rae thought she'd figured out who Fancy's attacker is and called Luis to meet her so she can tell him what she knows. Before he and Fancy could go meet her, Sheridan called him and he told her where they were headed. She decided she'd like a night out on the town, too, and talked Chris into going to the Blue Note. He wasn't in a great mood, having found a used hypodermic needle in the trash on Sheridan's dressing table. She explained it away, but he didn't seem satisfied.

Chad, Simone, and Theresa showed up at the function, but Theresa was worried about not having told Ethan about being Little Ethan's father. He was there, too, and wanted to talk to Theresa, but Rebecca got to him and wanted to remind him he's married to her daughter. She tried to get him and Gwen to talk on the phone but, hearing his voice, Gwen hung up. She then texted Theresa, telling her she knows about Little Ethan and what will happen if the world finds out, and said if she continues to chase Ethan she'll tell all. Tabitha put Endora to bed and went to commiserate with Kay over her problems with Miguel and Fox. Endora zapped herself to the Blue Note, along with Scissor Sister, and partied the night away. When Julian, half awake and blurry eyed after TC's punch, saw her, she zapped herself into an older version of herself, then had to end it all when Tabby realized something was going on with her and she had to get back home to bed.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Cane brings Amber back to his bachelor pad and she loves it. He shows her around and tells her how he rented it furnished, so everything in the place actually belongs to someone else. He leaves to get something for them to eat and he tells her to make herself at home. Paul waits while the detective talks with Maggie and gets her side of the story as far as the Sheila fiasco goes. When the detective returns to Paul in the hall, he tells that Maggie's story had a bit to do with him and that he will need Paul to go with him to the station to iron out some details. Michael knows that Maggie is being questioned and he tells Lauren about it. She knows that Paul and Michael could get in trouble but Sheila is dead now and can't complicate things by telling how she was kidnapped and held for months. Michael tells how he isn't just scared for he and Paul, but for Lauren too. Maggie's questioning takes a while and when the detective comes out, he tells Paul that he needs to go with him to the police station. When alone there, Paul calls Michael and tells him what has developed. Michael has to go, even though Lauren begs him not to get involved. Michael can't let Paul take the heat, if there is any. Paul sacrificed everything for them. Michael goes to the station and Will can't understand why the man is there, instead of with his wife and child, who have just been through the worst experience of their lives. This is just a simple interview with Paul but Michael will not leave. Will finds that the is most curious about the men knowing where Sheila's cellphone was. Michael won't answer that. He finds that question irrelevant. Will seems to be leaning to the idea that Sheila had an accomplice. Michael reminds the man that Sheila was a psychopath and didn't work well with others. There was Tom Fisher but he was just a tool for her to use. She had her own agenda the whole time that she was working with him. Will can accept that. Michael finds these questions trivial and wants to get going home to his family. Will understands that and ends the interview. "Now we can exhale," he tells Paul. The men go the hospital and learn that Maggie covered for everyone. She told the cops that she was the one who saw Phyllis on the wrong side of town and got herself trapped when she followed Sheila to the warehouse. She says that Paul only got involved when he followed Maggie. She adds that she threw in that Paul followed her because he has a big crush on her. Michael goes home after thanking her, and Paul stays to hug and kiss her as she lays in her hospital bed.

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