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AMC Recap Written by

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Jade tells Will her suspicions about Adam setting him up; Will is unsure about this at first, but things start to sink in. Brad pours his drink on Katie, and Henry has to ride to her rescue. Vienna announces that she is leaving town, but Brad convinces her to stay. Margo’s ceremony begins, as an excited Maddie tells Casey she solved the case. Lily and Faith go to her therapist appointment, but Lily ducks out to go attend to a problem at Worldwide. Lucinda is upset that Lily approved the organic baby food start-up company without proper research. Lily’s assertion that she knows what she is talking about seems to back fire when one of the women is not able to complete a task because her child is sick. Jack is told there is an arrest warrant out for Casey, and he is forced to arrest him at Margo’s ceremony. Casey confesses to the stunned group. Gwen goes after Will when she realizes he didn’t steal the bonds, much to Adam’s dismay. Katie admits to Henry that she is the only reason Mike left, but she is going to take the job at WOAK and become a strong, successful and independent woman so Mike will come back and fall back in love with her. Faith and Parker are going to the same therapist and when Lily is late getting back to the doctor’s office, they decide to leave on their own. Luke tells Jade that Casey was arrested for the Crash robbery, but Jade is definite that Adam was involved and she is determined to prove it. Will blows up at Gwen for not believing or standing by him and walks out on her.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick makes things right with Phoebe at the restaurant and offers her a ride home, especially after they see that Shane split. Later she admits she only went out with Shane to see if Rick cared. They open their hearts as to how they feel about each other. He thinks of her to a certain point and then no further. She’s funny and beautiful, she has an inferiority complex, thinks people are smarter and more accomplished than her…he’s faking it too. He puts his arms around her and gives her a hug, a moment not unnoticed by Brooke. Eric defends Pam, that she is a member of the family and deserves this. Stephanie still feels she had a right to know what he was planning. He made an untenable decision and she resents it. Still Eric pretty much forces her to welcome her mother and Stephanie does. Pam stammers and confesses to Eric that no one has ever done anything so good for her and the world may be out there waiting for her. And she’s grateful, especially coming from him. And she promises they will not regret having done this for her. Brooke bumps into Nick at the Café and asks is it all working out the way he wants? She alludes to her problems with Rick and Ridge and ends up down memory lane with happy memories of their time together. Storm delights Nick when he says he’s been busy and set up a meeting tomorrow with the elusive Harvey Golden himself.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Lucas confronts Kate about setting Sami up. Kate admits to not believing Sami’s rescue story and tries to convince Lucas that Sami had help that night. Lucas chooses to believe that Sami could be keeping secret about the helper for a good reason. Sami spots Billie and EJ flirting and tries to warn Billie about getting involved with EJ. Lucas does the same when he sees EJ and Billie together but Billie refuses to listen. The press pounces on Kate at the conference wanting to know only about EJ’s reputation. Sami gains access to the film projector and slips in the footage of Kate and EJ making love for all the press to see. In her dreams, Marlena reunites with John in a serene garden. John tells Marlena about Steve being brainwashed but Dr. Tucker waking her up prevents Marlena from hearing John’s final warnings about what Steve was programmed to do.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

GL Recap Written by Beth

Josh is summoned to the Springfield PD to get Cassie who's been picked up at the Spaulding Mansion. Josh sees Cassie very out of it. When Cassie sees her daughter over Josh's shoulder her expression changes. Alan-Michael is on the phone with a board member trying to fix things with the Spaulding Board. Harley, Gus, and Buzz are getting ready for a custody hearing. Gus sees Daisy come in a little dazed with a bag in her hand. Gus says it's drugs and wants all of it. Harley comes out where they are with the baby asking what's up. Buzz later takes a picture. Jeffrey visits Alan-Michael to talk about Ava. He says he's on his way to a hearing for Harley and Gus. Jeffrey wants Alan-Michael to release Ava from her contract. Alan-Michael tells Jeffrey it's too late to play Dad. He also tells Jeffrey he's not easily scared off. Cassie comes out of her catatonic state yelling at Josh and Marina about Alan. Josh tells Marina they will stay clear of Alan and The Spaulding Mansion if Cassie is free to go. Josh promises Cassie that Alan won't get away with any of this. Josh then takes Cassie to see a therapist named Felicia. Alan-Michael and Ava run into each other to talk about Alan's arrest and other Spaulding things and the press. A reporter spots them wanting to know about the Find Your Light Foundation and why Spaulding is involved. Jeffery meets up with Gus and Harley, Daisy when Buzz arrives with Coop. Gus talks to Daisy about here testimony. The judge starts the hearing by asking Harley why is the baby better off with the Coopers/Iteros instead of her natural family. Ava talks to the reporters about Spaulding Enterprises as well as the Find Your Light Foundation. Billy and Josh are having a meeting about the hospital they are building for the Vets returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Josh isn't listening to Billy until Billy changes the subject to Cassie. Cassie continues to talk with Felicia. Felicia tells Cassie that her fantasy of Tammy is healthy, but going after Alan isn't. Jeffrey makes his case for Gus and Harley. Judge says he sees both Gus and Harley are cops. Coop is then questioned and makes his case for Gus and Harley. Buzz shows a picture of them as a family to the judge. The judge wants hear from Daisy. The judge is confused with what Daisy is saying about her relationship with Harley. Harley tells her story about Daisy and how she gave birth to her and had to give her up at a young age. The judge interrupts Harley. Harley senses doom. Alan-Michael says Spaulding cares about people as he is seen doing construction. Josh asks Billy if he's ever been in therapy. Josh tells Billy about Cassie's winding up at the Spaulding Mansion. Cassie tells Felicia about being a mom to Tammy. Felicia tells Cassie that Tammy was good to Cassie, and would give up her life without hesitation for her. Buzz tries to explain about Daisy and Harley's relationship. Harley interrupts her father to continue what she believes he's trying to say. Daisy says anytime she wanted Harley in her life, she was there for her. The lawyer for the other side questions Daisy showing her a picture of Gillespie together asking her if she knows him. Daisy says she knows of him through the newspapers. Cassie goes to the hospital with a box of Tammy's clothes. A nurse there questions her why she would give up such nice clothes. On the way out of the Hospital Cassie runs into Josh and asks him to call Lillian about the clothes she just left and to explain about it. The lawyer for the other side in the custody hearing wants to know how much Harley know Daisy. The he questions Daisy again about how much she knows about Gillespie.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Eve's hypnosis session with Fancy brought out a startling statement from her - "She's attacking me!" It also brought out more screams, struggling, and fear of Luis, at least for a few minutes. Later, Eve suggested Luis go through the process, too, to see if he has hidden memories that could help. He saw the masked figure and reacted with surprise. Miguel, eager to convince Kay he really hadn't kissed Charity, or if he did it meant nothing, ran into the fake Charity with Julian. He felt he knew her, but his interest only angered Kay more, thinking he was flirting openly with her. Julian was very pleased with his performance, especially when he had a note delivered to Miguel from "Charity" that sounded as if they are lovers, which Kay read.

Tabitha wondered who is cutting in on her territory by causing pain and anguish for Harmonyites, but got no answer. Endora zapped up Scissor Sisters in concert in their living room, and had to zap them back to London at Mummy's request. Theresa wanted to tell Ethan the truth about Little Ethan's paternity, but Chad and Whitney realized that would end her ability to help defend her brothers against the charges against them, and they talked her into waiting until that's all cleared up. She agreed to wait, but it's breaking her heart, she says. Ethan is none the wiser, and ready to do whatever it takes to save Miguel and Luis from life in prison.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Lauren has both women standing before her now. She has the gun before her and she points it first at that Phyllis and then at the other. Both women are talking now and Lauren is getting confused. She orders both the women to shut up and not to move. One of the Phyllises walks to the babies who are crying. Lauren shouts at her to get away from them. The other Phyllis who hasn't moved sees Lauren with the gun pointed in the direction of the babies and she shouts at Lauren to point the gun back at her and not in the direction of the babies. That is all that Lauren needs to make her decision. She aims at the woman who was heading for the babies and BANG! She shouts the woman in the shoulder, near her heart. The woman falls to the chair behind her. "You shot the wrong one," the woman gasps. The other woman breathes a sigh of relief. Lauren still isn't sure though that she has done the right thing and so she walks through the apartment with the gun out. The woman left standing sees that Lauren is still not sure of what she has done and so she starts talking about things they did together and the spa. Suddenly, Lauren is sure that this is the real Phyllis and they hug. They look over to Sheila now and she is a small tiny figure in the chair now. She is barely able to speak. "I will never leave you," she gasps before her head falls to the side and she gives up the ghost. The cops arrive with Nick and all is well again. Michael worries that Will wants to charge his wife with something when he starts asking questions, but Will assures him that there will be no charges laid against Lauren for this shooting.

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