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AMC Recap Written by

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Katie and Brad bump into each other at the Police station and trade barbs before Jack introduces him as his brother. Margo has a bittersweet feeling about her promotion. Maddie and Jade are amazed to hear Will’s story about how Gwen and Adam think he stole his bonds. Maddie defends Gwen, but Will questions his marriage. Maddie talks to an employee of the check-cashing place; he tells her a guy cashed some bonds yesterday. Gwen walks in on Casey and Adam fighting about how he wants to tell, but Adam covers again. Adam admits to Gwen how he feels, as he kisses her. Casey is reeling with guilt and wanting to tell the truth as Adam strongly tells him not to. Maddie learns that Elwood cashed the bonds. Katie and Jack talk about life. Brad gives the money he borrowed from Jack for a supposed haircut to a waitress that he is trying to charm. Gwen tells Adam that she loves Will. Adam pretends to back down but when he bumps into Jade outside subtly suggests she go after Will and leave Gwen to him. Maddie confronts Elwood promising to tell everyone the truth about him after Margo’s ceremony. Elwood calls home for help. Henry and Vienna cross paths at the police station. Tom and Margo notice how on edge Casey is. Katie and Brad literally have another run in. Casey bolts from Margo’s ceremony. Jack offers Margo Hal’s old police shield to hold during the ceremony. Adam and Gwen have come up with a plan to deal with the police and the robbery, as Gwen thinks Adam is on her and Will’s side. Jade goes to Will and tells him who is setting him up – his own brother, Adam.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge wants to set boundaries for Rick. He can accept Rick hating him, but not a relationship with Phoebe. Brooke reminds Ridge whose roof he is under and she refuses to see this relationship as indecent nor does she want to put ideas into their kid’s heads. She nixes his romantic advances, does not want to gloss over this. Shane introduces himself to Rick and wishes to see Phoebe. He’s in a suit, has a good job and has moved up in the world. In front of Rick, he asks Phoebe to dinner. She’s happy and proud for him, but he knows she is not impressed with him. Rick and a model show up at the same restaurant and spy on Phoebe. But first chance he gets to talk to Phoebe alone, she brushes him off – go back to Paris!

Eric overrides Pam’s plan and says she is not leaving. He can think of all kinds of reasons for her to stay. Between all the yapping between Stephanie and Pam, he can’t get his plan in motion until Ann shows up at the door. She is not sure she is ready to move to L.A., but the mean old witch thought she would give it a try. She glances over Eric’s brochure of a new condo in Santa Monica. Eric offers Pam one of the guest houses. Ann voices that she doesn’t want to be a burden, and this sounds great as Pam is too dependent on her! Would having a life of her own be so terrible? Stephanie is astounded that Eric would do this without consulting her. He says it’s time for them to step up and do more for Ann. And Pam is family, he didn't think he needed Stephanie's permission.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

EJ spots Billie struggling to move all her things into Sami’s apartment for safekeeping and offers to help. As they work, EJ learns of Billie’s desires to form a home security company and offers to use Mythic’s status to back her idea. As Marlena pledges her devotion to John’s comatose body, John steps out of his body and confirms that he really is fighting to come back to her. John tells Marlena to seek him in her dreams and she hears his words as if he spoke them out loud. Marlena falls asleep next to John and misses seeing his eyes flutter. As she dreams, Marlena hears John convince her to open the door that is keeping them apart.

Roman gives Sami a chance to come clean about the missing parts of her rescue story but Sami maintains that she was the only one to lift that beam. Sami gets defensive and pretends to be overly emotional to get Roman to leave the room. While he’s gone, Sami digs through the files and swipes a disc labeled ‘John Black surveillance.’ Steve balks at having to go to the psych ward even though it means going against his bail conditions and having to stay in jail. Kayla convinces him to sign the consent form for treatment.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

After Sonny is beaten, he is put with Lulu and she tries to take care of him while he tries to calm her down. Patrick continues to coach Emily and Carly through the surgery. Spinelli offers to go in with Jason when he infiltrates the hotel. Nik and Liz beg to help with the operation. Liz is allowed, for an unnamed price. One's price turns out to be that Carly closes the surgery on her own. Alexis swoons while questioning Lorenzo, so she is forcibly admitted to the hospital. Ric hears and shows up, but even being nice, he applies pressure in the custody issue. Lorenzo struggles to remember the code. Sonny and Carly are handcuffed together, but she picks the lock. Sonny apologizes for tricking Carly. Robin rouses and calls for Patrick, then screams.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Rick has conversation with Beth that doesn't go his way. Alan receives a crate. In is statues for Sarah and his son by Beth. Alan-Michael comes by to gloat. He wants to know exactly where Doris Wolfe plays into all of this. Lillian and Beth talk about Lizzie and the so called service Alan is planning. Alan interrupts asking to speak to Beth. Alan wants Beth back as his wife. Alan unveils the statues to her. Alan-Michael appears and is watching the hug between Beth and Alan. Suddenly Beth notices Alan-Michael in the doorway. Soon Lizzie and Lillian arrive. They see the statue for Sarah. Alan starts his short service. Lillian tells a story of Thanksgiving and what occurred. Lizzie starts to cry as she lays a flower on the statue. Alan tries to comfort Lizzie by talking about Sarah. Lizzie gets angry at Alan. She wants him to stop. Alan tells her he wants a chance to right the wrong. Meanwhile Alan-Michael's voice is being used as a narration. Alan wants Beth to wait before she leaves. Alan gets a call from Doris Wolfe. She threatens him. His freedom gone or they talk and he remains free. Beth overhears this and wants to leave. She does leave the room. Alan continues his talk with Doris. They agree to meet later in the day. Alan continues his conversation with Beth, he is sorry for taking her for granted. He unveils the other statue. It is for their dead son. Beth is overcome and wants to go, so does Lizzie. Alan says he will honor her wish if she wants to leave. Alan goes to meet Doris Wolfe. Beth gets a call from Rick. Alan-Michael continues the Narration as he is looking on. Alan tells Doris today is a good day, he's free and he may have saved his marriage to Beth. Beth, Lillian, and Lizzie are talking a walk and see Alan and Doris Wolfe together. Alan-Michael also happens to come by and sees what Beth is watching. Alan asks Doris to marry him with Beth, Lillian, Lizzie and Alan-Michael looking on. Beth reminds Alan they are still married. That he is committing bigamy. Then is occurs to Beth that Alan and Doris made a deal. Beth says Doris is blackmailing Alan. Alan says no. That he wants to leave her for Doris. Alan reminds Beth of the fling she had with Rick. Alan says he even wants Lizzie out of his life. Beth angrily says they are not going anywhere. She has Lillian, Lizzie and Alan-Michael as witnesses. Beth then leaves the others follow leaving Alan and Doris wet from water Beth threw on them. Beth then goes to see Rick. Rick is very cool toward Beth. Doris is relishing in what she just witnessed. Alan isn't quite sure he did the right thing. Meanwhile Beth and Alan-Michael are at a bar. They have come in separately.

Alan Michael comments on his fathers many emotions, and talents in his ‘Inside the Light’ episode. The Spaulding Family hosts a memorial for Sarah. Beth is shocked to see Alan’s vulnerable side and rethinks her decision to move out of the mansion. Rick promises to be there for Beth as long as she does what is best for Lizzie, by moving out. Alan reaches out to Lizzie who is clearly hurting at the loss of her child. Doris blackmails Alan into proposing to her. Alan then orders Lizzie and Beth to move out of the house. Beth refuses to give up on Alan. She figures out that he is being forced to propose to Doris, despite the fact that he won’t admit it to her. Rick turns his back on Beth when he finds out that she’s going to remain living in the mansion. Alan seems to feel guilty about how cruelly he treated Beth.

OLTL Recap Written by

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Fancy and Luis began their investigation into whether Luis is the one who attacked her or not, and while she tried to convince herself and him that she doesn't think it was him, she was very jumpy around him. He told her to go let Eve hypnotize her the way she did Sheridan, and Fancy agreed. Once there, however, Luis remembered the problems the sessions caused Sheridan and told Fancy not to do it, but she wanted to anyway, so Eve put her under. Miguel tried to convince Kay he isn't interested in Charity, even tho Julian said he saw them kissing and Kay found them in an embrace. Julian had proof, however, and took them both to the security office to see tapes showing that yes, they did indeed kiss. Kay realized he had lied to her and doesn't want anything more to do with him.

Chad and Whitney urged Theresa to tell Ethan about being Little Ethan's father, but every time she tries the phone rings and he has to take it. He's trying to find a way to prove Luis and Miguel are both innocent of the crimes they've been charged with, and she feels that's more important. She is willing to do whatever it takes, spend however much it takes, to clear her brother's names. After thinking about it, Chad decided she can't tell Ethan the truth or Julian will find out and take away her claim to Crane assets, making it impossible to defend her brothers. However, she seems ready to tell him at that very moment. Tabitha and Endora were back, and Tabby tuned in to her magic bowl, finding out Chad's lover is a man. She asked to be shown who raped Fancy but couldn't get a clear picture.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Sheila is holding Summer and she talks to the baby and acts like her mother. Summer doesn't respond. Phyllis tells Sheila that Summer knows who her mother is. Sheila feels that the child knows her now as the mother. Phyllis asks to have her baby but Sheila won't give her up. She puts the baby in the crib. Phyllis looks panicky as Sheila attaches emotionally to her child. "Here, you lay in the crib, beside my Scottie." Phyllis tells Sheila that the baby's name isn't Scottie and that it is Fen. Sheila starts shouting hysterically that the baby's name is Scottie. Phyllis stays quiet. The babies start crying again and Phyllis asks to hold Summer to help. Sheila gives the baby to her and the baby quiets down, but Sheila has another reason for handing the baby over. Nick has angered Sheila. He went on TV offering money for the return of his wife and child. That isn't what this is about and Sheila finds him stupid for thinking that. She runs to get her cellphone to take a picture. While she is gone, Phyllis reaches behind her and pulls the curtains open. Sheila runs back and snaps the picture of Phyllis holding her child in front of the window. She then sends it to the Newmans and get some clothes that match hers. She throws them at Phyllis's feet. Put them on!" Phyllis does as she is told and while she is doing so, Sheila gets on the transmitter and taunts Paul a bit. Kevin tapes the call and they realize that there is the sound of a train and a cow in the background. Paul thinks that he knows where that is. He and Michael take off. Meanwhile, Lauren has a gun that Paul has given her…just in case. The Newmans receive the picture of Phyllis and Victor knows where she is when he sees the window. Nick tells Lauren that it looks like Phyllis is at the retirement home up the street and Lauren takes off. She meets Dot next door who says that 'Betsy' sounds like the person Lauren is looking for. Lauren hears a baby crying inside and Sheila shouting for Phyllis to shut the babies up and she starts trying to bust the door down. Phyllis has changed but it seems that Sheila has forgotten that she has her hands untied and she fights with the transmitter where Paul and Michael are listening. When Sheila realizes that Phyllis is on her, she is thinking too late and they are both struggling for the gun. The gun flies to the carpet and they both scamper to get it. Lauren kicks the door in and sees two identical Phyllises before her. "NOBODY MOVE!" Paul and Michael hear everything but are powerless to help. There is silence for a couple of second…and then BANG!

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