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AMC Recap Written by

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Lily finds laxatives in Faith’s bag. Tom and Margo share the happy news with Casey about her promotion to Chief of Detectives. Casey continues to wrestle with his guilt. Maddie enlists Henry’s help to solve who stole the bonds. Adam dreams of Gwen. Gwen goes to talk to Will but can’t find him. Will comes face to face with a shirtless Adam at Gwen’s dorm room, and they end up fighting. Faith claims she never took the laxatives, but Lily is onto her. Lily tells Lucinda what happened. Lucinda points out that Faith may have picked up this behavior from watching her. Casey and Gwen want Margo to drop the case of the stolen bonds. Maddie talks to the man at the check cashing place about if Jade sold any bonds; Jade overhears this. Casey tells Adam that he can’t go on like this when he figures out that Adam set Will up. Lily makes an appointment for her and Faith to go to a therapist. Will tells Jade and Maddie that Gwen and Adam think he stole the bonds. Casey wants to come clean, but he will keep Adam out of it. Adam wonders how he will explain the bonds at Will and Gwen’s? They will never believe he set Will up, as Gwen walks in overhearing this.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Yvette begs off answering Stephanie as her plane is waiting. She wishes the Forrester’s the very best. Stephanie leaves with the thought that the fashion business is a cut-throat business and she is surprised Nick hasn’t learned that yet. Nick and Jackie plan their future strategy. Phoebe tells Rick that she won’t stand to be treated ‘that way’. He can be an irritant like a big brother would be, only he isn’t her brother. He’s left stunned. Brooke thanks him, but Rick repeats what Ridge told him, if he ever crossed the line about his daughter, he would kill him. She fills him in on Shane McGrath, but assures him Ridge has no right threatening Rick. In fact, she encourages Rick to spend more time with Phoebe in getting to know each other.

Stephanie tells Ridge about Yvette and she feels something is not quite right. Brooke questions Ridge about his statement to Rick and he proudly admits he said it and meant it. He knows guys and thinks their relationship, whatever it is, will be trouble. He will NOT support a relationship between the two and he prefers they not live under the same roof. No more duets or star-gazing, is that understood? Brooke will not accept threats and ultimatums, not with her family. Rick is only venting his frustration. And she will not tell him what happened between Nick and Bridget. Does Ridge understand that? Rick drops in on Nick and is grateful for some new things that Nick has implemented with the International group.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Willow returns to Philip’s hotel room and makes a deal with him to pay for her pregnancy expenses in exchange for telling him that she learned from Merle that Belle and Shawn are on a cruise. Sami tries to contact the TV show but learns that the show was cancelled and Kate set her up. Kate brings the footage to Roman with a physics expert to claim that Sami could have never lifted the beam in the first place. Roman calls Sami down to the station to question her. EJ, the charges against him dropped when patrons vouch for him, calls Lucas down to the police station to help prepare a case against Steve and Kayla. Benji admits to Steve, who is in jail, that Stefano sent him to give Steve the tarot card. Steve gives in to Kayla’s request for him to check into the psychiatric ward at the hospital.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

GL Recap Written by Beth

Mallet comes home looking for Dinah, who is in the bathroom with Remy helping him dry off. Lizzie calls Jonathan's phone at the bar. Cassie wants to help Reva like Reva helped her deal with Tammy's death. Cassie wants to have another memorial service. This time for Jonathan and Sarah. Reva says no. Marina is at Tammy's looking at her diary when Buzz pops up. To give Remy a chance to dry off and get dress, Dinah meet Mallet at the door. Though he is later discovered. Dinah explains Remy is there. Later Remy winds up at Tammy's surprising Marina. Reva wants to keep the bar, Cassie can't believe how strong Reva is being, and marvels at her. Cassie hears Alan made a deal. She thinks Reva had something to do with it. Reva says she never made a deal with Alan and never will. Lizzie comes by the bar with her idea that Jonathan's alive along with Sarah. Reva looks surprised she'd say that. While Cassie looks mortified and angry. Mallet and Dinah have an argument over Remy. Dinah storms out. Remy is wondering around remembering Tammy and the last time he, Tammy and Marina were together talking and having coffee. Reva tells Lizzie to calm down. Cassie wants to take Lizzie for a walk to get her away from Reva. Lizzie tells them she tried to call Jonathan. Cassie gets angry at Lizzie. Reva tells Cassie to go. Lizzie takes this as Reva believing her. Reva realizes Lizzie knows something. Reva wants to know how many LIzzie has told her story about Jonathan to. Lizzie says only Reva and Cassie. Reva tells Lizzie she is not crazy. But then Reva says she too had to do something or else she'd go crazy. Cassie has gone to Tammy's to pick up her things. Marina had agreed to pack things up for Cassie. Mallet is there and hugs Cassie and gives her a gentle kiss on the forehead before telling her Alan was set free. That the D.A. Made a deal. Cassie can't believe it. She is furious. Dinah gives Remy some friendly advice about waking up. Cassie goes to Alan's but doesn't go inside she stays out on the porch. Tammy's spirit shows up asking her mother how long she's been there. Marina visits her Granddad, Buzz for some advice on how to handle loosing someone. She mentions the two loves of Buzz's life. Mallet comes home to give Dinah a welcome hug and throws her on the bed. While there, Dinah tells Mallet she isn't jealous anymore of the Cop Show or Marina. Remy picks his stuff up from the police station. He's been let go. Remy then hears about Alan's release and gets angry. Tammy still is talking to her mom and wondering how long she has been outside the mansion. Tammy says to let it go, to go home. Don't be angry forever. Lillian catches Lizzie putting Sarah's things away. Reva is looking at the Wedding picture of Jonathan, Tammy and Sarah when her cellphone rings. At first no one is there. Then Reva realizes it's Jonathan....

OLTL Recap Written by

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa and Ethan moved closer to forming the family they've always wanted to be, with kisses and smiles all around. Theresa kept trying to tell him Little Ethan is really his son, but something kept interrupting every time. At the end of the show, it seemed she was finally going to get to say the words....maybe. Jared is bound to get Theresa back, and tried to enlist the aid of Chad and Whitney, but Whit made it clear her friend is with the man she's loved for years and there's no hope left for Jared. He just doesn't want to hear that, tho. In trying to explain why his quest is hopeless, Whitney let it slip that both kids are Ethan's, but she quickly covered up her slip of the tongue.

Miguel continued to push Kay to leave Fox and be with him, which Kay was more than willing to do, but not in front of her comatose husband. Miguel could care less what Fox could or couldn't hear, and when he kissed Kay, Fox's heartrate began skyrocketing. Julian arrived and quickly figured out what caused the problem, then set about getting Kay to see she can't trust Miguel. She didn't want to believe it, tho, until she walked out to the lobby and found her lover and his ex in an embrace, proving Julian right. Fancy can't decide whether she trusts Luis or not when he says he didn't rape her, but Paloma got her to stop being a victim and set about finding the answer for herself. The problem is, Luis wants to do the same thing and Sam is wanting to put the two together to find the truth, and Fancy doesn't seem too keen about it.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Jill and Mr. Kim wait for Sharon to arrive at the coffeehouse for a business meeting. Ji Min would like her to do some modeling for the new campaign that Ji Min has in mind. Jill would like to hear more about that but he would like to hear more about her. She tells how she lived a simple life and then she met John. He changed everything for her and that is how she managed to be a huge success in business. He asks about her children and she tells that she has a son Billy, as he knows…But she had another son…once…Brad and Victoria are thrilled when they realize that Colleen has figured out the cryptogram and what it means. They want to know how she did it but she doesn't let on that she got help from Adrian Korbel. Brad pushes and pushes and finally Colleen admits that Adrian did in fact help her figure out the clues to the cryptic message. She says that she didn’t tell him everything about the letters, just that she had a word problem to work out and she needed help. In class, Adrian still has the letters on the board and the class wants to know what it is all about. He doesn't tell them but continues the class. After class, Amber stays behind and mentions that it is funny that Colleen missed class. She never misses class. Adrian hasn't time to talk to her, he says. He has some important things to do instead. Colleen comes sauntering in and apologizes for missing class. Amber wants to go for coffee but Colleen says that she has some things to talk over with Korbel. Amber leaves and Adrian takes Colleen to his apartment to talk. He can tell that something is up with her. When they get to his place, Colleen wants to tell him what happened at his house and what the big secret is that she is keeping to herself about her family, but when Adrian sees how stressed out she is, he tells her to forget about telling him the secret. He doesn't want to come between she and her family. Instead, they fall into bed and afterwards, they wonder how and why they keep ending up doing the one thing that can get them in the biggest trouble ever.

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