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AMC Recap Written by

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Dusty sees Emily with a wad of cash, as she is forced to lie about where she got it. Paul has a vision; he sees a bracelet fall and then sees Meg’s face. Luke confronts Faith about making herself sick. Lily meets with two women from a start-up Company; Lily seems to be plowing ahead without thinking and when Lucinda questions her, Lily snaps at her wondering if she trusts her to work at her Company? Meg and Craig start to get intimate, but Craig pulls back. Meg wants to know what his game is? Faith claims she was just sick from the food, but Luke is keen to her. Dusty wants to understand why Emily blew the meeting off? Emily explains she isn’t ready and feels lost, but Dusty won’t stand for it. Emily gets a call from Steve about last night, and then he wonders if she minds him giving her number to his friend? Emily agrees and then agrees to Dusty that she will go to the meeting he has set up for her the next day. Luke calls Lily for help. Craig tries to explain that he did this for her and wants nothing in return. Meg wrestles with her guilt over the patient dying and Craig rewriting her diary. Craig wants her to sleep it off. Paul calls and Craig answers her phone. Lily rushes home as Luke lets her in on what is happening with Faith. Faith overhears Luke talking to Lily and is angry. Lily wants to talk to her, but Faith assures her that she was sick over something she ate. Lily takes a business call as Faith quietly leaves. Lily tells the women that Worldwide will front the money for their Company, all without looking at the proposal or doing research. Paul barges in to ‘save’ Meg, but she isn’t thrilled and asks him to leave. Paul has a warning for Craig. Faith is angry with Luke for interfering in her life and tells him off. Craig assures Meg all he wanted was to give Meg her freedom with no strings attached; Meg is genuinely moved.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget and Phoebe girl talk and Bridget realizes Phoebe has a crush on Rick. Phoebe has flashbacks and keeps gushing about the moment. Stephanie compliments Rick on his singing last night. He blasts her for ruining the company overseas by what she did to Jackie. She understands his anger, but thinks he is old enough to realize that life can get messy; get on with the past and on to the future. He states she has made two mistakes with Nick and lost, take the blinders off. She remembers the ‘get ya’ speech by Nick.

Evette comes charging in and warns Nick, Jackie and Storm that they may be very disappointed in bringing her here. She’s not interested in selling her boutiques. However, in the end, she signs. Stephanie pays a friendly visit to Nick and Jackie and gloats that she has more friends in the business than they. She just wants to be sure they aren’t up to something to sabotage the coming launch. Stephanie sees Evette before she leaves and she advises her not to believe that S.O.B. He will put inferior merchandise in her high-end stores. What is going on?

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Steve tries to have a romantic dinner with Kayla but those plans change when Steve spots EJ at Chez Rouge. Steve tries to get answers about his episodes out of EJ but EJ denies everything. Steve becomes enraged and holds a knife at EJ’s throat demanding answers until Kayla is able to calm him down. Kayla tries to get Steve to leave with her but Steve re-enters Chez Rouge and struggles with EJ until they fall through a window. Kate and Bruce set up a re-enactment of Lucas’ cabin rescue by using a real and heavy beam but claim to Sami that it’s a lightweight beam when they insist she lift it again on camera. Lucas blurts out that Sami is pregnant when he sees her struggling to lift the beam.

Nick is able to convince Officer Pete that Shawn didn’t kidnap Claire by law’s standards so Shawn was released from jail. Chelsea and Stacy help smuggle Claire out of the safe house when Philip breaks in. Belle distracts Philip by arguing with him about his true motives. Shawn and Belle miss getting on the freighter but Nick pawns his watch to give them money for a cruise out of town. Philip throws Willow out when he finds her stealing from him and Willow ends up meeting Merle at the safe house.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Lucky tries to keep Luke calm outside the hotel. The surgery Patrick and Noah perform on Alcazar is successful, though perhaps it could have gone better. Monica berates Skye for her siding with Lorenzo. When the hostage negotiator arrives, One plays a new game with the hostages. He sends Liz to the room where Alan is struggling with his panic attack. He pairs the other hostages off, saying whoever does not have a partner loses. Sonny and Emily wind up together, as do Carly and Robin. Max loses, but Carly insists she cannot help Robin unless Max helps her. When Carly nearly makes a potentially fatal mistake in caring for Robin, Emily calls out a correction, nearly getting herself killed. Sonny is able to talk One into not shooting her, then tells her if there is a chance, she's to sneak out and tell the cops the hotel is wired to explode. Jason plans to sneak in and take out the gunmen, one by one. Ric calls the gunmen, but makes no headway. Sam does not believe Father Ruiz is a kindly soul. Monica gets Mac to question Skye about Lorenzo's connection to the hostage situation. Trying to protect Emily nearly gets Nik shot. Sonny controls him, so they are paired while Emily is taken to the room with Liz and Alan. Liz is sent back to the group while Emily attends to Alan. Lorenzo does not know the code to the briefcase.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Lizzie is crying over Sarah and wants revenge. Beth stops her. Daisy is seen with Gillespie by Harley as she comes to question him. Harley has come by to question him. Daisy turns on Gillespie saying it was all his fault for Tammy's death. Remy goes back to work at Springfield PD. Mallet suggests it's too soon. Beth tries to convince Lizzie to stop this revenge. Lizzie says she tried the "Good Girl" act, but no more. Beth says she wants to leave town and take Lizzie with her. Get away from the Spaulding Mansion. Start a new life. Alan is at Doris' after being released from jail. Dinah overhears a discussion between Alan and Doris. Gillespie is shooting his mouth off and Harley wants him to stop. He says he wants to talk, but not to Daisy, but to Harley. Mel stops by the SPD as Frank as called her to talk some sense into Remy. Remy can't believe Frank would use his sister on him. Mel and Remy then go and have a drink and talk. Remy says he's a danger to the ones he loves. Look what happened to Tammy. He then stomps out of the Bar. Beth and Lizzie are later talking about Philip and what he used to say, which was to believe. Lizzie says she's a Spaulding and no one walks over her. Doris and Alan continue their talk. Alan tells Doris he had nothing to do with Tammy's accident/death. Alan thinks Doris is trying to break him. Doris warns Alan that if Gillespie talks, Alan looses all. There is a knock on the door. Doris sees Dinah in the doorway. Dinah loves what she sees and says she smells a conflict of interest for Doris. Alan tells both of them that he's innocent and he wants to leave to call a lawyer. Doris says,"All in good time." At the bar Remy starts downing shot glasses of booze like it's going out of style. Remy is in no mood when Lizzie arrives. Remy lets into Lizzie almost choking her. Mallet and Doris talk about Alan's involvement. Alan says they will find nothing on him. Daisy and her Mom (Harley) have a nice talk. Daisy says she feels she's in the way and wants to leave. A police officer talks to Harley as Daisy waits to finish their talk. Daisy faints, then comes too. Harley suggest a blood test to see if her blood sugar is low. Doris turns on Gillespie and has the police officer guarding him arrest him. Doris tells Gillespie no deals. Beth can't believe Alan is out of jail. Alan says he's hopeful of his release. Beth tells him to enjoy it while it lasts. Dinah stops Remy from joking Lizzie. Remy then takes off. When Harley goes back to question Gillespie, he's gone. She wants to know where. She then leaves with Daisy to go and get something to eat. Dinah tries to help Remy from getting any drunker. Dinah takes Remy back to her place. Mallet stops by and sees Remy in a t-shirt washing his face. He's doesn't know what's up. Beth and Alan talk about Lizzie and Sarah. Beth tells Alan she wants to leave town with Lizzie. Alan wants a memorial service for Sarah. Beth says she'll stay only until the service is over. Then they leave. Doris calls Alan to tell him Gillespie is in Australia. He's been extradicted on crimes there. Lizzie has memories of Sarah.

OLTL Recap Written by

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa was confused about whether to choose to be with Jared or Ethan, although the two men each knew they want to be with her. Fancy tried to believe Luis isn't her rapist, but just kept waivering, leaving him believing she thinks he did it. Once she came up with a decision that he couldn't have done it, she ran to tell him. He was being comforted by Sheridan at that very moment. Kay sat at Fox's bedside, telling him she loves him and wants him to wake up so they can spend what time he has left together, as Miguel eavesdropped and wondered where he stands in all of it. A talk with his flip-flopping mother convinced him to go ahead and break up Kay's marriage if that's what he wants, so he went back to the room and bullied Kay into choosing which man she wants, which was him, of course.

Chad and his lover had a fun time, and each time he decided he had to get home to his wife, he quickly changed his mind and went back for more. Whitney, after urging Ethan to go talk to Theresa about how he feels, went home and fixed dinner for her hubby, and was thrilled when he finally arrived baring flowers. She hasn't a clue what he's doing, and he continues to tell her she's the only woman in his life, which is technically true, since his lover is a man. Ethan realized he and Theresa are both free and can now be the family they've always dreamed of being, so he headed to her office to tell her what he's decided while Jared was trying to convince her to stay with him. Ethan and Theresa both dreamed about their life as a married couple and family, showing where each of their hearts lie.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Phyllis is tied up in the living room of the condo. Sheila has gone out to get groceries and she comes back thrilled that they can have stuff delivered and don't ever have to leave the condo if they don't want to. The baby is crying and Phyllis tries to mother Summer from her position, tied up in a chair. Sheila finds them both alike. They are both whiners. Phyllis says that she and Sheila are a lot alike. Sheila doesn't see it. Back at the ranch, Victor has the press, the police, friends and family all helping out in the search for Phyllis and Summer. Sheila gets angry when Phyllis makes a face much like she would and says, 'stop it, stop it'. Sheila hates that Phyllis is imitating her and gets angry saying that no one gets the better of her.

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