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AMC Recap Written by

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Faith continues to be rude towards Lily. Kim wants to help Katie after her and Mike’s break up; she wants to give her job back at the station. Vienna is worried that Jack is pushing people away from him who care about him. Jack discovers Parker is missing. Parker goes to see Paul at the cabin. Meg wonders about Craig’s role in the supposed results of her patient’s death; Craig admits to doing something to protect Meg. Brad and Vienna continue to flirt. Faith continues to binge, as she admits to Luke that she hates her mom. Vienna and Katie have a run in. Parker is bothered by how his ESP use didn’t help him with his dad or his mom; Paul and Parker commiserate over their powers, but Paul supports Jack as a dad. JJ tells Jack that Parker snuck out of the window, as Jack worries where he went? Craig sees Meg’s softer side. Brad puts down Katie in order to defend Vienna. Parker comes home to an exasperated Jack. Luke confronts Faith with what she is doing to Lily. Paul cuts himself leading to another vision of a bracelet falling; Craig and Meg kiss on the couch leading to her bracelet falling off.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Phoebe gushes to Taylor about Rick, and Ridge overhears and becomes defensive. Taylor sadly tells Ridge that she and his brother have called it quits. He offers for Phoebe to stay on with her, in fact he would prefer it since Rick is staying at Brooke's too. Brooke asks Rick to sing at her party but he flatly declines. Eric is complimentary on Stephanie's handling of the party, and of Pam's new dress that he designed and she wears so beautifully. Nick is pleased that Evette San Julian will be flying in tomorrow and announces to his mother that she is ripe for the taking and the Forrester's will never know what hit them. Mainly though he can't take his eyes or mind off the paper announcing Brooke's engagement. Before they leave, Rick has to help Phoebe with a stuck zipper. At the party, Ridge warns Rick to stay away from his daughter. They have words about their father with Rick reminding him that Massimo is his father, Eric is his.

Nick is sympathetic when Taylor tells him it is over with Thorne and she asks if he is in the mood for wings? He retorts that heartburn is a better choice than heartache. Stephanie urges Eric to ask Pam to dance since she is all alone. Rick is coerced into singing 'Unforgettable', but he will only do it if Phoebe joins in. They amaze everyone, except Ridge who is seething. Everyone toasts the guests of honor. Phoebe and Rick go off to themselves until Bridget calls for Phoebe to come back inside. Ridge slips up and gruffly warns him again to leave Phoebe alone. And if he ever crosses the line, he will kill him.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Kate hires two private investigators to pose as a TV producer and director so they can convince Sami to re-enact her heroic rescue. Lucas decides to turn down E.J.'s job offer and E.J. bribes Will and subtly tries to get Sami and Lucas to reveal whether Sami is pregnant. Willow and Philip confront Shawn at the police station and Philip offers to pay for Shawn's bail in exchange for ratting out Belle and Claire's location. Shawn refuses so Philip gets the police to add kidnapping to Shawn's charges. Chelsea helps comfort Belle while Nick tries to bail out Shawn. Philip ignores the police's efforts and finds the safe house on his own.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Luke and Scotty argue outside the hotel. The thug,3, informs Maxie that it is possible that the briefcase's explosion could kill them. Tracy suspects something is wrong. The Drakes take Lorenzo into surgery before he can give Skye the code to keep the briefcase from exploding. Jason urges her to tell him what she can so he can help. Alan, Emily, and Liz want to help Robin, who has been shot, but One won't allow it. Sonny offers to let One shoot him, if he must shoot someone. Lucky and Cruz work on evacuating the parts of the building that the terrorists have not taken over. Thanks to Sonny's display of courage, Emily, Alan, and Liz are allowed to help Robin, and Carly manages to convince them to let her help Lulu, who was exposed to Robin's blood. Alan is shot when he insists that Robin needs to be in a hospital. Nik offers the hostage takers a million dollars to each of them if Robin gets treatment. Sonny one ups him and offers to make sure they get what they came for. They show no signs of giving in, and instead up the stakes, revealing that the hotel is wired to explode. Jason has to convince Patrick not to leave surgery and go to the hotel when he learns Robin is in danger. Sonny promises Carly she will survive.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Harley wants Daisy's help in keeping Sydney. Daisy goes for a walk and runs into two boys with bags of drugs. Grabs one bag and goes home. Billy and Josh talk about the events of the week and hope that Reva is ok. Not knowing what Reva knows about Jonathan and Sarah. Frank questions Alan, but first wants him to stew awhile. Meanwhile Cassie goes to the Police Station to do her own questioning of Alan and lets into him like never before. Cassie wants Alan to admit the truth. Cassie tells Alan that last night she couldn't sleep thinking she'd forget Tammy's Birthday, so she went online to Cassie's favorite store site to get her something, then reality set in. Again Cassie wants Alan to admit he is to blame for Tammy's and Jonathan's and Sarah's deaths. Billy and Josh talk about the deaths of Tammy, Jonathan and Sarah. Billy tries to console Josh. Billy talks about when Reva was sick how he almost couldn't get through it. Daisy tells Harley she can't help in the custody hearing. She claims she gets nervous when speaking to strangers and could slip up. Gus gives Daisy a friendly warning. Harley questions Gus what that was about. Doris visits Gillespie and brokers a deal. Alan for Gillespie's freedom. Alan still claims his innocents. Frank enters the questioning room to hear what Alan tells Cassie. Frank tells Alan all he needs is for Gillespie to wake up. Billy gives Josh brotherly advice about helping Cassie cope with the deaths. To be strong for her. Gus goes to question Alan, but Alan says it is a conflict of interest for Gus to question his father. Gus laughs that off by saying it's been months or even a year since they have been father and son. Gus starts the questioning asking about Gillespie. Gus wants Alan to fess up for the family's sake. Harley goes home to see Daisy there and the kitchen a mess. And Daisy is acting funny and questions her. Cassie tells Josh she went to see Alan. Josh is calm and caring. He listens to what Cassie is about to tell him. Cassie tells him that Alan told her that he was the one who tried to break them up for Reva. Josh says that's true. He knew. It was around the time of Reva's second lump that turned out to be an non cancerous cyst. Harley tells Daisy she does need her to testify and she will do it. Josh reminds Cassie of the time Reva held Alan at gunpoint that they made a deal. She let him go, he would try to find a way to break up Cassie and Josh. That this was during that second time. He and Reva got caught up in the moment of good news. But they realized what was happening and stopped it. Cassie gets upset. Josh promises that it is Cassie he wants, and he's not leaving her. Gus arrests Alan. Doris tells Gillespie to sign a statement that Alan is the one that hired him to get Jonathan, but got Tammy instead and he goes free. Gus goes home and holds Sydney. Daisy goes to Gillespie to tell him they have to leave town. Josh promises Cassie justice for Tammy, Jonathan and Sarah. Doris tells Gillespie to sign the statement that he was hired to kill Jonathan, but got Tammy instead.

OLTL Recap Written by

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

As Ethan worked feverishly to get bail for Miguel and Luis, Theresa planned to tell him Little Ethan is his son so they can start their new life together with a clean slate, even if it is without the Crane fortune. Later, when she learned Judge Riley refused to set bail for them, she used her Crane power to get him to reverse himself, and Miguel and Luis were finally set free. Before the word came down, tho, Pilar, Luis, and Miguel decided someone is out to get them, and that it can't be Alistair. After they were released, Miguel went to the hospital to stalk Kay, and walked in on her telling Fox to wake up so they can spend what's left of his life together. Luis went to Fancy's, unaware she and Sheridan had gotten into another argument when Sheridan accused her of taking advantage of Luis while he slept and letting him take the blame for raping her.

Chad told Jared if he still loves Theresa he needs to fight for her, backing up with Valerie had already told him, and Jared decided they are both right and he needs to do whatever it takes to get her back. He headed to the mansion where he surprised her with a passionate kiss before she could say anything. Chad received a call from his lover, and although he tried to live up to his promise to himself and Jared that he would not cheat on Whitney any more, his lover managed to make it so he couldn't help but go meet up with him.....yes, we finally got to see it's a "him", not a "her". Meanwhile, Whitney was proudly proclaiming that she and Chad will never cheat on each other for any reason.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

The Feds set Jack up with money and they fix his microphone and install a camera in the room where Jack is meeting Senator Bodie. This time when Jack meets with Bodie, things are a little bit easier. Bodie assures Jack that his issue for zoning will be dealt with on February 15th, and that they will meet again. Bodie sees the money and checks that the $200,000 is all there. He shakes hands with Jack and opens the door where he is promptly arrested! Sheila had Phyllis and the babies with her now. She has Phyllis carry one child while she carries the other. Sheila is dressed in an old lady's wig and glasses and she walks behind Phyllis to make sure the woman does as she is told. They get to a door and are about to enter when Dot comes running out. she is glad to see that her friend 'Betsy' has returned from her trip and she is glad to meet 'Betsy's' grandchild and daughter 'Susan'. Phyllis smiles dryly. Paul holds Maggie in his lap while they wait for the ambulance to arrive. Michael is with them now and he assures Paul that he EMTs are going to be there soon. Paul takes this time to ask himself why he did this. Why? Soon, Maggie is taken to the hospital and Michael and Paul have to face the cops and explain their story. An Amber Alert is put out for Phyllis and the babies and Michael and Paul get over to Nick's house as fast as they can. Phyllis gets put in a chair and tied up again and that is when she learns that Sheila was held hostage by Paul and Michael. Phyllis finds that hard to believe. Sheila turns evil for a moment and tells her that they tried to lock her up for the rest of her life but she was too smart. That escape was the easiest one ever for her, she shares. Everyone who comes up against her ends up in the ground, she boasts. "And you will too!" Phyllis tries to stand up to Sheila even though tied to a chair, but Sheila's response to that is to come over to the chair where Phyllis is and twist her wrists. "Too tight?" she asks sweetly. She tells Phyllis that she had better get used to the idea of being in that room with the babies for a very long time. Paul calls the hospital for information on Maggie's condition but she is in surgery and there isn't anything that he can learn right now. Lauren finally breaks down now that she is home with Michael. She feels that this is her fault. Paul and Michael wanted to take the psycho to the hospital but she wanted Sheila to stay there and die. She should have followed through on what she said and finished Sheila off. She vows that if she ever sees Sheila again, she will kill her.

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