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AMC Recap Written by

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Craig comes up with a way to make sure Meg isn't blamed for the death of a patent under her care. Paul offers to use his gift to help Meg figure out how the patient died but she refuses his help by telling him she doesn't need him to rescue her. Jack and Katie share their feelings with each other about losing Carly and Mike. Parker sees Jack comforting Katie and he gets very angry at Jack and Katie because he blames Katie for the fact that Carly left Oakdale. Barbara gives Gwen the money to replace the bonds that were stolen and this drives a bigger wedge between Will and Gwen because Will thinks that both Barbara and Gwen believe he stole the bonds in order to sabotage Gwen's career. Adam confronts Gwen when an angry Will hangs up the phone on her after she asks him if they can meet at Java to talk about things.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric is anxious for Stephanie to see his new office. Felicia, Bridget and Ridge welcome her and she is delighted with the new look, absolute confident in what their new success is going to be. Ridge for one can’t wait until they get started and ship Rick back off to Europe. He warns Phoebe to stay away from him. Brooke reassures Rick she is just fine and he says he will show up with a big smile on his face at her party tonight, that’s all. Ridge confronts Brooke about the relationship with Phoebe and Rick, and Rick seethes when he overhears his views about staying away from his daughter. Nick explains to his mom that he has the Harrison’s and Chen’s sewed up; he needs one area at a time; right now he needs Asia and she can help. Nick shows up at Forrester’s and puts Stephanie in the spotlight and vows that he will watch her every move and when she least expects it, he will get her. Thorne calls for Taylor and needs to explain to her about Ally, it’s slow going for her to understand, she needs a lot of more time. Taylor understands that Ally needs to come first. Their time together just wasn’t meant to be. He’s taking a little trip to get away and see his sister, Kristen.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Nick and Chelsea decide to take a quiz in a bridal magazine to pass the time but end up arguing over their sex lives. Victor arrives to bail out Philip and threatens to take away all of the Kiriakis money and power if Philip continues to seek revenge on Shawn. Philip agrees with Victor's ideas about thinking like a marine especially after Victor tells him about tracking Belle and Shawn to the Toronto safe house. Philip insists on taking Willow with him to Toronto despite Victor's objections. Shawn buys time when the cops come by pretending to be drunk but it backfires when Shawn gets arrested. Nick and Chelsea arrive at the safe house and assure a scared Belle that they have the money to bail Shawn out.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Everyone in the lobby at the Metro Court becomes Mr. Craig's hostage as he and his mercenaries storm the hotel. Mr. Craig and his cohorts force everyone to hand over their valuables. Mr. Craig orders his mercenaries "Three" and "Five" to search the vault and Maxie ends up being their hostage. Sam makes a daring move and pushes the panic button which results in Maxie being locked inside the vault with Three. Jason learns about the situation at the hotel and is soon joined by Lucky, Rodriguez and Mac. Sonny urges Mr. Craig to cut his losses and flee after Carly informs him that the vault is now irreversibly locked. Jason orders Spinelli to hack into the hotel's computer and learns about Alcazar's briefcase in the vault. Mr. Craig forces everyone to play a "name game" and involves Robin to prove he means business. Luke and Lucky share a bittersweet reunion when they run into each other outside Laura's room at Shadybrook. Scott contacts Bobbie, who tells him about Laura's all too brief return and that she remembered how Rick Webber died. Luke realizes that Scott visited Laura. Patrick warns Alcazar that something could be seriously wrong with him.

GL Recap Written by Beth

At the accident site Reva is standing on the cliff when Alan meets up with her. Next they are both being lead into the police station by Frank. Lillian and Lizzie are there to meet them. It seems Frank called Lillian and told her to meet him there and to bring Lizzie. That he had some news. But it is Reva that breaks the news of the car going over the cliff. When Lizzie hears that Sarah was in the car she totally looses it. And it is Lillian that comforts her. Frank has by this time come to them to tell them what was told to him. That there were no survivors. Frank comforts Reva as she starts to loose it. Reva starts to go after Alan, but Lillian gets in the middle. When Reva tries to leave, Frank stops her. Frank orders Alan to go home. Alan starts to leave, but stops to say a few words to to Lizzie. Reva goes to Jonathan's Bar. While there she picks up his old jacket and starts to smell it for his scent and starts to cry. She then goes for a drink, throws the bottle down the length of the Bar and picks the jacket up again and cries in it. Frank goes to tell others about the accident. He tells, Marina, Buzz, and Dinah who have all gotten together after the memorial service for Tammy. They can't believe it. Lillian finds Lizzie at the chapel. Lizzie is just staring into space. Lizzie think Lillian is there to take her home. Lizzie says she doesn't want to see Alan. Lillian catches Lizzie praying, Lizzie says she's not. Lillian says she knows better. They hug. Alan is on the phone giving an order to demolish Jonathan's Bar when Buzz interrupts him. Buzz goes into a rage saying, "That's enough!" As Reva is crying into Jonathan's jacket she swears she hears his voice over her shoulder. She cannot believe her eyes when she see Jonathan holding Sarah in the doorway. They come together and hug. Jonathan wants it a secret that he and Sarah are alive. He tells Reva that he remembered something Cassie said to him about Tammy and something Alan-Michael said about Alan. He tells Reva he's got a plan. He's leaving town. No one is to know they met up. They it may not be forever. Lillian is still with Lizzie. Lizzie says Lillian doesn't know all the facts. Lizzie tells Lillian she was part of Alan's plan, but that Alan went too far. That all she wanted was Jonathan and Sarah. Lillian can't believe her ears at what Lizzie is telling her. Lizzie can't figure out why she isn't dead as well. Buzz tries to reason with Alan, to try to stop all this retribution. Dinah and Marina are talking about Tammy and how she was the light of their lives. Dinah suggest that she do a a website call in honor of Tammy. Marina agrees that is a good idea. Mallet offers to take both Marina and Dinah to lunch. Marina says she'd be in the way. Dinah says no. It would be good to be together. Buzz gives Alan advice about letting people in his life and not pushing them out. Buzz leaves as Lizzie comes home. She totally ignores Alan. But what Alan tells her starts her crying. Frank goes to Spaulding Mansion to ask Alan to go with him to the station. Reva asks Jonathan to stay. That she can find a way to help him if he did. That no one would have to know. Jonathan says no that it wouldn't work. That his way is the only solution. That is may not be forever. They talk about how their lives changed when they got together. Alan tells Lizzie she is not to blame for this. Jonathan tells Reva he loves her and will miss her a lot. Reva wants one more hug with Sarah. Jonathan tells Reva he didn't make a will out, but that the Bar is hers. Jonathan tells Reva that he can take care of him and Sarah and that he'll never forget what Reva gave him or did for him.

OLTL Recap Written by

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa decided she will tell Ethan that Little Ethan is really his son, even tho it means her son will lose the Crane fortune. Whitney helped her figure out that it is the best way to handle things, especially since she and Ethan want to start their life together now that Gwen and Jared are out of the way. Kay sat by Fox's side, urging him to get better and wake up, but when Julian asked if she told him she'd be with him forever, she said no, that she still loves Miguel, too. Once the report from the lab came back showing the glass at Fox's hit-and-run scene was from Miguel's car, Kay began to wonder if she really knows him, tho. Across town, Julian told Spike he'd gone too far by running Fox down, he was just supposed to make it look like Miguel had tried to kill him, but Spike said Fox told him to make it real, so he did. Jessica daydreamed about a Spike who loves her and treats her gently, but reality is much different, no matter how much she wishes it weren't.

Luis wondered if he really did rape Fancy, since the evidence against him can't be explained away. He doesn't remember what happened, but he does keep having quasi-memories of making love to Fancy, something he's never done. Sheridan refuses to believe he did it, as does Miguel and Paloma, and Sam wants to believe it never happened, too, but he has to go by the evidence. Ethan is going to represent him, thanks to Sheridan, and when Miguel got there and he heard what had happened to him, he agreed to represent him, also, for free. Miguel and Luis wonder if someone has a vendetta against them and set them up, and in another part of town, a ski-masked stranger slashed their pictures, saying two down and many more to go. Hmmmmmm.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Phyllis is bound and gagged. Sheila is ready for action. She calls Lauren and isn't happy when Lauren says she's not coming over. Sheila tries to change her mind. Michael tells Lauren that she should go. Lauren tells Sheila that she will be over. Kevin comes over with Gloria and tells that Jana is missing. He is sure that he scared her off. Lauren knows that Jana loves him and will be back. Kevin goes to the coffeehouse and asks about Jana. He learns she was there the night before and was arguing with Korbel. That apparently was the last time that she was seen around. Kevin goes to the university where he finds Colleen and Professor Korbel alone in a classroom talking. He demands that Korbel tell him where Jana is. He denies having any knowledge of where the manageress could be. Kevin accuses him of doing something terrible to the girl. Adrian jokes about how he whacked her and Colleen laughs. Kevin threatens to call the cops and Colleen tells him to go ahead and do it. She would love to tell how Jana probably bought a ticket out of town and in the process revive the story of a certain someone almost being burned alive. Kevin decides not to make the call after all and walks out. Lauren shows up at Phyllis's place and is greeted warmly. She enters with Fen and when she goes to hang up her coat in the closet, she finds ANOTHER Phyllis bound and gagged on the closet floor. Phyllis runs to Lauren, quickly holding her in a chokehold and pointing a gun to her cheek. She gets Lauren tied up and gagged and she drags Phyllis out of the closet and back to her seat. Sheila goes through Phyllis's things and loves the clothes. She would love to the Newman married to that 'hot' Nick. She has to make her move. She knows that Nick is coming home soon and Michael keeps calling to see if Lauren has arrived. "Hmmm…now which baby do I take with me?" Phyllis says loud enough for the mothers to hear. Both Phyllis and Lauren sit quietly, waiting for Sheila's decision. "I think that I will take them both!" she says with glee. Both Phyllis and Lauren start squirming and struggling but that is of no use. Paul hears his cellphone ringing on the other side of the bars. He knows that is Michael and that if he doesn't answer, Michael will be right there. That is what happens. Michael shows up and is stunned to find Sullivan there with a gunshot wound. Paul tells that Sheila is on the loose! Nick arrives at the house and hears whimpering. He finds Lauren there. "She took them!" Lauren gasps. Nick doesn't understand. "Summer, Fen and Phyllis! Sheila Carter took them!"

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