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AMC Recap Written by

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Parker sees Vienna hanging off of Jack and takes off. Faith continues to snap at Lily. Emily is blowing off her meeting with Dusty and Lucinda, as Dusty tries to find her. Meanwhile, Emily is upstairs with her new friend Steve. They agree to not talk as they take off their clothes. Adam listens while Gwen and Will fight over how the stolen bond could end up in their house. Adam pretends to play the neutral party. Will, with Adam’s gentle guidance, comes up with a plan to prove his innocence. Jack asks Brad to leave after his homosexual comments. Parker snaps at Jack. Jack and Lily commiserate over the unhappy children. Parker and Faith commiserate over their parents. Emily ignores Dusty’s repeated attempts to reach her. Steve seems very sweet to Emily but says something strange when he leaves after he gets her phone number. Brad and Vienna flirt, but she admits to wanting Jack. Brad offers to help make Jack jealous. Dusty tries to defend Emily to Lucinda. The banker verifies that the bond Gwen found was part of the collection that Barbara gave Will. Will doesn’t understand; Gwen is hurt and betrayed. Adam feigns hurt too, as they both leave Will. Will figures out this must be a set up. Jack asks Parker to go to Arizona with him to check out a Cubs game, but Parker blows up thinking Jack wants to take this trip for all the wrong reasons. Parker and Jack walk in on Brad and Vienna. Jack asks Vienna to leave. Lily thanks her diet pills. Will shows up at the Lakeview bar furious with Iris claiming the jig is up because he knows she set him up. Gwen is lying sadly on her bed when she feels a hand on her back; she hopes it is Will, but it is Adam. A shocked Emily finds money that Steve left for her after the couple of hours they spent together.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Lounging on the floor in front of a blazing fireplace, Pam and Eric share a bowl of popcorn. He confides he was originally very put out that Stephanie left him in her care, but he’s grown to like it after all. Stephanie returns a day early and muses perhaps she wasn’t missed at all. She asks but Pam says she doesn’t think she has to worry about Jackie. Stephanie tells Eric she knows what she wants to be when she grows up – the person that takes really good care of him the rest of his life. She asks if he is as angry with her as when she left? No, but he admits that if she wants to make this marriage a success, something has got to change, and it’s probably going to have to be her. Criticism he can take, contempt he can’t. Stop making plans without consulting him and stop the never-ending war with Jackie Marone. She vows she loves him, so shall they start again? Pam is jealous when she sees them embrace.

Brooke and Ridge have a special dinner for Rick and persuade Phoebe to stay, safety in number. He shows up a little worse for wear, torn shirt and bloody lip and makes very little excuses. Dinner becomes antagonistic when Ridge and Rick have differing opinions of Nick. He storms away from the table. Phoebe begs them to cut him some slack; she will talk to him. Tensions rise between Ridge and Brooke as he wants to go ahead and tell Rick the entire ugly story, that Nick screwed up by sleeping with Rick’s sister. Brooke doesn’t think this is a topic for dinner discussion. Phoebe and Rick bond while talking and looking above at the stars.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Philip and Willow follow Chelsea and Nick as they drive to the airport. Nick stops off at home and picks up a dagger. Philip slips into Nick’s car while Chelsea is alone to try and get information out of her but Chelsea remains tight lipped. At the airport, Chelsea distracts Philip while Nick hides the dagger in Philip’s bag. Airport security finds the dagger in Philip’s bag and arrests him while Chelsea and Nick get on the plane to Canada. Shawn confronts two guys from the safe house for playing their music too loud and they are almost caught by a cop. Shawn risks getting caught in order to get medicine for Claire’s teething pain. The cop returns but Belle and Shawn are able to keep Claire quiet until the cop leaves.

EJ joins Kate, Sami, and Lucas at their table at Chez Rouge shortly after Lucas asks Kate for a job at Mythic. Lucas rescinds his offer when he learns Kate is still a partner with EJ. Lucas agrees to work at Mythic after all when he gets EJ to agree to move away and to stay away from Sami. Kate confronts EJ about his true motives but EJ claims to be a changed man. Secretly, he delights in using Lucas to get closer to Sami. Kate offers Sami a chance to have her rescue story be told on TV.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Robin tells Patrick that until he takes the test and finds out what is going on with his HIV status, they're done. Jason tries to provide encouragement for Liz. Luke returns home in time for a family meeting. Sonny promises to be on good behavior at Molly's custody hearing. Ric shows up with another search warrant. After Nik and Emily visit Laura, Scott Baldwin does as well. Jason asks Sonny to give Carly a divorce just as she is admitting to Bobbi that if Sonny honestly loved her, she would go back to him. Ric refuses Alexis' plea for unlimited visitations if she gives in on custody. Sam can't understand why Liz won't let Lucky share in her pregnancy. Sonny goes to the Metro Court and gives Carly her passport. Craig's men prepare to assault the hotel. Noah takes the testing choice out of his son's hands. Lulu steals Alan's PDA and when he confronts her, she asks why he framed Laura. As the show ends, armed robbers storm the Metro Court.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Everyone is seen getting ready for Tammy's Memorial Service. Fr Ray puts out the Memorial sign. While at the Spaulding's Alan says he's going to the service and so is Lizzie. Beth says they are 2 of a kind. Jonathan tells Reva and Billy he's not going to Tammy's memorial service. He tells them he's going to say goodbye to her in his own way. As Reva and Billy leave, Jonathan starts to cry. Josh and Cassie are first of the family to arrive at the church. Reva arrives shortly after. She says, "It isn't fair. It shouldn't have been her." Cassie scolds Reva for talking like that. Daisy arrives and Reva is glad to see her. Frank and Harley and Gus also arrive. Gus and Harley are talking about Gillespie and Frank overhears their discussion about Alan being to blame. And warns them not to do anything foolish to jeopardize the case. Jeffrey arrives and hugs Cassie saying he's is so very sorry. That he liked Tammy. Cassie gives him advice about Ava. Fr Ray then comforts Cassie in saying,"What a good girl she was." Alan, Beth and Lizzie arrive. Everyone is shocked to see Alan there. He starts to speak to Cassie and Harley interrupts him and speaks on behalf of Cassie saying, "He doesn't belong here." As Alan leaves he goes to Cassie saying, "He's sorry." Then Jonathan arrives, Reva is happy to see he changed his mind. He has Sarah with him. Josh shakes Jonathan's free hand. Olivia gives him a hug and kiss. Jonathan then looks at Remy thanking him for being there and for being Tammy's friend. When he sees Lizzie, he hands Sarah over to Reva and hugs Cassie saying how much he loved Tammy. Cassie tries to start the service but has trouble. Reva and Josh try to console her. Josh finishes what Cassie was trying to say by thanking Family and Friends for being there. Jonathan then thanks Josh for those words, but says there's more. He talked of Tammy changing his life. Giving him a soul, wanting him to believe. Taught him to love. Alan looks bored. Beth is crying. Jonathan continues by saying he is mixed with emotion, love, hate, etc. But that he loves his daughter that Tammy is the one who taught him that. The service ends with everyone putting a white rose on her casket and almost all the men of Springfield as pallbearer. Jonathan with Sarah and Reva return to the church. Reva takes Sarah while Jonathan goes to have a cry. Alan shows up and Reva gets angry. She looks at Sarah and praises her for being a good girl today. Alan says, "Of course she was good, She's a Spaulding." That gets Reva even angrier. Jonathan goes into Alan and Billy stops him from starting a fight. Alan says he'll get Sarah soon enough. Reva tells Alan to get out. Jonathan smiles over at Reva and for the first time he says, "Thanks Ma." Which shocks everyone including a happily surprised Reva. He says he loves her very much. That makes Reva's day. Josh and Cassie talk about their love for Tammy and hug. Later Jonathan is in his car waiting for Alan. He has Sarah in the back seat. When Alan's comes out with a cigar, Jonathan start his car engine. When Alan gets in his car and tells the Driver to go, Jonathan follows thinking back to when he asked Alan if he was a killer. Meanwhile Josh now knows Reva can take care of herself. He is proud of how she handled today. Olivia thinking of today's events tries to get in touch with Ava, gets her voicemail. Jeffrey does the same but for a different reason. He leaves a message about contracts that Alan-Michael gave her. Jonathan follows Alan for a bit then picks up speed to a chase. At the Spaulding Mansion Beth and Lizzie are having a meal. Lizzie gives her mother hell for what she went through. She tells her mother that she hates her and Alan. Meanwhile Jonathan's car goes off a cliff and Reva is there to witness it and is in shock. Car goes up in flames.

OLTL Recap Written by

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Ethan, Theresa, Jane, and Little Ethan had a nice family breakfast, and are very happy to be together, or so it seems. However, when Whitney showed up she began pushing Theresa about why she still has Jared's engagement ring on, and Theresa seems unsure as to what she really wants. She ended up taking the ring off, but just didn't look sure about it. Paloma tried to convince Noah she is the woman for him after he tried to tell her she's too young and Luis won't like her going out with an older man. Words failed, but the kiss she laid on him had an effect. Jessica watched them and wished she, too, had a man who would love and respect her like that instead of Spike.

Ivy wanted Luis arrested, but Sam hesitated because he, Fancy, nor Sheridan believe Luis could have raped Fancy. Ivy went over his head, to the Mayor, who forced Sam to arrest him anyway. Ivy gained the instant hatred of Sheridan and Pilar, but left Fancy unsure of who is right. Luis simply doesn't remember anything more than his "dream" of making love to Fancy in her cheerleader uniform, but doesn't think he could have raped her. All the evidence says differently, however.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Maggie's doing better, but is in great pain from being shot. Paul leaves her and goes to the mobile over the crib. He breaks it apart and gets the long arm. He goes over to the bars now and pushes the plastic piece through the bars to the transmitter. He finally snags it. He fiddles with the buttons and Sheila's, voice comes through. She taunts the two for getting stuck in there. Paul tells Sheila that Maggie has nothing to do with this. Sheila couldn't care less. She signs off and Paul is left shouting at the transmitter. Maggie knows that Sheila is gone and won't be looking back. Paul tells all to Maggie and knows that when this is all over, he will be facing charges. He doesn't care. He wishes that he had done things differently now. Paul tells Maggie that she doesn't have to worry. Someone will be coming. When he looks over at her face, she has her eyes closed and is laying still. "Maggie? Maggie!" Maggie doesn't respond. Michael was going to go over to the warehouse but he doesn't have time. He goes to see the Winters. Phyllis is alone at the house and when someone knocks on the door. She is then staring into the face of ….herself. Soon she is bound and gagged and sitting in a corner. Sheila calls Lauren and asks her to come over for a visit. Lauren tells that Fenmore is sleeping but when Fenmore wakes, Lauren calls back to come over. As she is getting ready to go, Michael arrives. She wants to stay home mow. Michael is starting the Winters' trial soon and when that happens, Lauren will not get a chance to see him much. She calls Phyllis back and Sheila that she won't be coming over after all. "Not even for a little coffee?" Sheila urges. Lauren says that they will meet up the next day. Sheila has to settle for that. Sheila turns to Phyllis now and tells her that it looks like it is just going to be the both of them…and Summer… She takes the baby out of her crib and nuzzles her as a terrified Phyllis watches. Kevin confesses to Jana that the did in fact try to kill Colleen once, but that was a long time ago. Jana gets visibly uncomfortable and leaves quickly to get back to the coffeehouse to cover her shift. Kevin offers to go with her but she wants to be alone. She gets back to the coffeehouse and goes to the patio to be alone. Professor Korbel comes out there and starts shouting at her for opening her big mouth and pulling off the scab off a hurtful period in his life. When confronted about the information that he found a dead student at his old school, Adrian admits it. Kevin returns to the coffeehouse and can't find Jana anywhere.

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