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AMC Recap Written by

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Emily and Tom are both heartbroken when they say good-bye to Daniel and send him to Boarding school. Emily meets a handsome stranger while she is at the Lakeview waiting for Dusty and after a few drinks she goes upstairs with the handsome stranger to his room. Brad shows an interest in Vienna and when and when Jack gets mad and thinks he isn't being responsible Brad assumes jack is also interested in Vienna. Natalie tells Faith she heard her in the bathroom throwing up the food she ate and Faith asks Natalie not to tell Holden and Lily. Lily gets nervous when she invites Brad, Jack and Vienna to dinner so she takes two more diet pills during the party. Adam and Iris's plan works like a charm and Gwen and Will argue because Gwen thinks he stole the bonds Barbara gave him in order to sabotage her singing career.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke is in the garden cutting flowers when Nick brings Hope home. She asks her to take them to Katherine to put on the table. She rubs it in that she is surprised he could tear himself away from Forrester’s. What was it that was so big he had to celebrate; what was he up to? He’s not going to let her play corporate spy and feels he has given her everything she has asked, so what does she want from him? She offers that if she had gotten everything she wanted from him, they’d still be married. He can’t believe she is going to marry the dressmaker because he didn’t give her what she needed. He compares himself to Ridge and says he would never expose her to that circus. She admits she wishes they could have always had the beginning and never had to end. He confesses too that he is stuck here, he can’t get past it. He tells her don’t bother to invite him to the wedding, they make him cry. She cries that she will always carry him in her heart.

Eric and Pam share a Scrabble game and he encourages her to stay longer. She reminds him Stephanie is returning tomorrow and the last thing he needs is a third wheel at his ‘reunion’. Then she apologizes. She’s never been married so she shouldn’t be giving him advise. He muses that he respects her taking care of her mother all those years, but somewhere is a man who really missed out. His home feels like a home again with her there and the fabulous home-cooked meals she makes. He urges her to at least stay for Brooke and Ridge’s engagement party tomorrow. He’s delighted when she says she will stay and even fantasizes about a kiss from Eric. Phoebe practices walking the runway for Rick as he gives her some tips. They also commiserate over their parents, the triangle of Brooke, Ridge and Taylor.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Philip offers to finance Max’s new racecar if he gives up Belle and Shawn’s location but Max refuses. Willow announces to Hope that she is pregnant with Shawn’s baby and demands Brady family money but Hope turns her down. Nick stands up for Chelsea and Bo agrees to let Chelsea hand deliver the money on the condition that Nick accompany her to Canada. Hope isn’t thrilled to hear that Bo has entrusted Shawn and Belle’s fate to Chelsea. Abby seeks Jennifer’s advice before quitting her job at Max’s garage. Willow eavesdrops on Nick and Maggie’s conversation about delivering the money. Willow makes a deal with Philip to pass on the information in exchange for being able to witness Philip taking Claire back from Shawn. Abby spots Willow talking to Philip and alerts Nick and Chelsea. Nick decides to try and outsmart Philip. Kayla and Steve ignore Maggie’s warning call to talk through a compromise about Steve’s rage episodes.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Carly tells Jason that Sonny tricked her into marrying him. Carly wants Jason to take her to the Dominican Republic so she can get a divorce from Sonny. Jason thinks Carly should file for divorce in New York State and believes that if she loves Jax as much as she claims to, then Sonny won't be able to stand in her way. Carly checks into the Presidential Suite at the Metro Court and bans Sonny from the hotel.

Lucky is optimistic that Elizabeth will accept his marriage proposal. Elizabeth is confused over what to do regarding Lucky and Jason. Jason encounters a teary Elizabeth and offers to help her get what she wants. Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner's first airdate) checks into the Metro Court. Patrick learns there is a problem with the results of his HIV test. Robin makes it clear that she will stand by Patrick no matter what. Georgie declines Dillon's invitation to go to the movies in favor of honoring her commitment to help Pete. Lulu and Spinelli continue their investigation into Rick Webber's murder.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Jonathan puts a closed until further notice on the door of his bar. Alan-Michael tries to talk some sense into Lizzie about Alan. Harley goes to the hospital to talk to Gillespie about Tammy's accident. Gus doesn't think it's a good idea. Jonathan calls Tammy's cell phone just to hear her voice mail. Gus and Daisy have another talk. Gus thinks it's a good idea she leaves town before Harley gets wind of her connection with Gillespie and the accident. Gus also asks if Daisy has anything of Gillespie's to get rid of it. Gillespie talks with Harley, but she doesn't buy what he is telling her. Alan-Michael tells Alan to dig himself out of this hole. Lizzie visit's Jonathan again and he almost chokes her. Alan-Michael also visits Jonathan to make a deal. On the way to visit Gillespie, Daisy runs into Harley. They have a Mother-Daughter Reunion. Daisy lies to Harley about what she's been up too with school, boys, etc. Meanwhile Harley gets a call from Gus. She cutely scolds him for not telling her that Daisy was in town. They talk about Gillespie, then Harley begins to worry about Daisy. Lizzie visits Alan to tell him of her latest visit with Jonathan and Sarah. Alan tells Lizzie to calm down. Alan-Michael tries to reason with Jonathan about arrangements with Sarah and Lizzie. Jonathan makes a deal with Alan-Michael that if Alan-Michael helps Jonathan, "Get rid of Alan," he'll let Lizzie see Sarah on supervised visits/holidays. Ava tells Coop she wants space. After Lizzie leaves Alan, he goes for the baby pictures of his family. Daisy lies to Harley about school, dating, etc, saying she's been too busy. Gus visits Gillespie and tells him to stay away from Daisy. He doesn't want Daisy to be his next victim. Jonathan and Alan-Michael talk about the differences on how they were raised and of their "Dads". Meanwhile Alan does a voice over talking about Generations. Jonathan holding Sarah tells her as soon as they say goodbye to Tammy he is going to give Alan his due.

OLTL Recap Written by

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Sheridan and Fancy continued to defend Luis against Ivy, who thinks he's the one who raped her daughter because the DNA sample taken during Fancy's rape exam matched his exactly. Now she's angry at both Lopez-Fitzgerald boys, and makes no bones about it. She believes Miguel tried to kill her son Fox, also. Sheridan hired an attorney to defend Luis and told him to answer no more of Sam's questions, but he had to tell them what he remembered, which was Fancy making love to him in a cheerleader's uniform. Dr. Gasparo shot Miguel down during his gloating over Eve saying she found no evidence of disease in Fox by showing them a piece of the tumor he says he got from Fox while closing his incision. He will have it analyzed to make sure it's malignant. Later, Julian thanked him for his helped, and told him he will be supporting his clinic in Africa for years to come as payment.

Noah woke up in Paloma's bed and wondered how he got there. When she came in with breakfast and aspirin for his hangover, he got the impression he'd slept with her and apologized, but she told him nothing happened. He was relieved, not wanting their first encounter to be caused by his drunkenness. Theresa was ready for Ethan and Jane to move into the mansion and begin their life together, but Ethan wanted to try and win Gwen back in respect of his marriage vows, since he owes her that. Theresa said he owes her the truth, and the chance to find a man who loves her as much as he loves Theresa, and he couldn't argue, but doesn't want to live in the mansion with her. Once she let him know she is taking Jane to live with her, he agreed to come too, but only in a platonic way. Valerie tried to convince Jared to stay in town and fight for Theresa, but he wasn't really receptive, at least at first. He seems to be willing to try, though.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Maggie wakes and finds herself locked in the cell, with Sheila on the outside. Maggie reaches for her gun but Sheila has it. She has Maggie tied up and sitting. Paul calls Maggie on the phone and leaves voicemail. Sheila picks up the message. She can tell that Paul can't find Maggie, and so he will be returning soon. She has to get ready. She puts duct tape over Maggie's mouth gets ready. Paul arrives and sees the door off the hinges. He enters with his gun drawn and heads to the bars. His eyes grow wide when he sees that Maggie's is inside. He goes running to the bars and calling out to her but she can't answer. She has the duct tape over her mouth. She moves her eyes around, trying to signal to Paul but he doesn't get it. He comes up to the bars to look at her closely and WHACK! Sheila gets in him the back of the head with Maggie's gun. Paul falls promptly to the floor. Sheila drags him into the cell beside Maggie and tells her that her boyfriend is heavy and that he needs to ease up on the carbs. She takes Maggie's duct tape off her mouth and moves around getting busy. Maggie has lots of questions but Sheila doesn't tell her everything. "A girl has got to have some secrets." She has a radio and rigs it to a table near the bars. She tells Maggie that she wants to know what is going on in the cell while she is gone, and with this thing she will be able to hear everything. Sheila comes into the cell now and stares at the two on the ground. One is unconscious and the other is wide-awake. She tells Maggie that she will never leave this place. She thinks now if she should leave something for Paul for when he wakes up. Maggie wonders aloud what Sheila is talking about. "A dead girlfriend." Sheila raises her hand and shoots Maggie a little farther away than point blank and then she lowers her arm as if mechanical. She doesn't walk off immediately, but stands there and takes it all in for a bit. When Paul wakes he is groggy but sobers quickly when he sees Maggie slumped forward in her sitting position. He goes over to her and when he touches her, he gets blood on his hand. He revives her but that doesn't mean she is out of the woods and Paul knows it. He tries to keep her holding on and she tells him how she only wanted to help him with his work. Paul starts shouting for help, but the only one who hears him is Sheila. She is in a tiny dark room over a sink and she can hear Paul shouting as she primps herself in the mirror. She knows that his shouting is a waste of time. No one can hear them for miles…Finally, she likes what she sees. "It Show Time!"

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