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AMC Recap Written by

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Tom wants to discuss Daniel’s future with Emily. Jack and Brad talk about his intentions about staying in town at the Farm. Casey struggles with what he has done and accidentally takes it out on Maddie, who assumes he is just dealing with the after effect of his dad’s heart attack and the robbery at Crash – little does she know. Gwen struggles to keep the faith after her demo is scratched because of the bonds being stolen; Will suggests she reenroll back at Oakdale University, as Gwen agrees. Adam and Iris form an unholy alliance when he gives her the stolen bonds to plant at Will and Gwen’s house. Adam calls and asks them to meet him to get them out of the house. Casey asks Elwood to hide the bonds at the dorm. Tom tells Emily that Daniel will be going to Boarding school because he wants to, plus they think that him getting away and being a normal kid again is for the best. Emily fights Tom on this, but Dusty’s direct words change her mind. Brad and Vienna playfully flirt as they do the chores. Jack interrupts them and finds them lying on top of one another. Iris lets herself into Will and Gwen’s house to plant the bonds, but she has trouble finding the perfect location. She is interrupted when Gwen arrives home forcing her to hide behind a table.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke and Ridge continue their lip smooches in the office, but remind each other they do have a showing and they better get rolling. They speak of their engagement party and everybody except Rick seems to be on their side. Brooke fills Phoebe’s head with years down the line of being her replacement. Nick tells Jackie that he has Harrison locked up, but he still has to talk to the other distributors. Jackie is still worried that he is over-extending. Mr. Chen surmises that selling to Nick makes him part of the vendetta against Eric Forrester, but a very rich man, so he signs.

Rick and Ridge have a heart to heart and Rick rubs it in that Ridge takes the blame. Ridge advises him to stop throwing all his resentment toward him, and start trying to make this company a success. Ridge tells Brooke that Rick is also afraid she will fall back into his evil spell, but they have nothing to worry about. Rick and Phoebe hit it off more and he loves her enthusiasm. Brooke drops in to see Nick, but is thwarted by Jackie and she’s infuriated that Jackie won’t let her see him. What is he up to? Jackie will only say that he will do anything it takes to win. Not seeing Brooke, Nick blurts out to his mother that the deal is done, they need to celebrate. Brooke asks what deal?

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Mimi and Max return the skeleton to Roman. Mimi admits that she found the skeleton in her backyard and that Connor and Bonnie had a part in how the skeleton got there. Mimi convinces Roman to have Nick do a DNA test on the bones before hauling in Connor and Bonnie for questioning. Max takes Mimi out to dinner and she admits to him that the bones could belong to her father. Max vows to stand by Mimi’s side. Steve returns to Salem but avoids Kayla’s questions about suffering any episodes. Chelsea decides to answer the phone and Shawn gets Chelsea to have Bo be at the pub to take his next call.

Roman learns that Steve was the one to steal the truck. Bo, Kayla, and Steve play dumb when Roman comes by the pub to question them about Shawn and Belle. Roman refuses to leave until he confronts Steve about the stolen truck. Steve claims he was home alone last night and Kayla corroborates the claim. Roman questions them about Kayla receiving a call from Canada last night but Kayla claims it was a wrong number. Roman agrees to tell the Michigan police that he was unable to find any suspects for the stolen truck charges. Shawn is uncomfortable having to share a cot with Belle. Merle gives Shawn and Belle a tip about stowing away on a freighter to Africa and they decide to do it. Merle escorts Belle to the pawnshop to sell her ring to pay for the trip. Belle returns to the shelter having been unable to sell the ring because Philip reported it stolen. Shawn asks Bo for the money they need and Kayla offers to withdraw it from her bank account. After a wire transfer and Steve hand delivering the money are turned down, Chelsea seizes the opportunity to please Bo and offers to take the money to Shawn and Belle.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Bobbi and Lulu talk Emily, Nik, Lucky, and Liz into attending the nurse's fundraiser at the Metro Court. Carly suspects Sonny might have had another option besides marrying her to stay out of jail. Jason tries to make it clear to Sonny that he will help Carly get the divorce she wants. Robin refuses to go home with Patrick, won't believe he loves her, and is hurt by Mac's refusal to let her stay with him. Mac tells Patrick why Robin resists love so hard. Sam takes her frustration about not being able to have a baby out on Spinelli, then apologizes. Liz and Maxie argue about Lucky at the dress shop. Sonny admits to Carly that he married her based on a lie. She is not happy and says she's on her way to get a divorce. Patrick's six month AIDS test results have a problem. Jason, not knowing the truth, tells Sam how much he wants a baby. Sonny asks Diane to stop the divorce.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Cassie gets call and information that it was Alan who is responsible for Tammy's accident. Remy punches Gillespie senseless sending him to the hospital out cold. Reva catches Jonathan torching the Spading Mansion. Josh comforts Cassie as she finds a way to tell RJ about Tammy. Beth tells Lizzie they are to blame for killing Tammy. Cassie overhears then walks in on Beth's confession. Mallet and Marina go to the chapel where Remy and Gillespie had their fight. They find Gillespie there and decide to search him for evidence. Marina finds something to link Gillespie to Alan. At first Reva wants to make it look like she is helping Jonathan torch the Mansion. Jonathan thinks she is there to stop him. Reva does throw a book onto the fire. Lizzie and Beth try to tell Cassie how much they liked Tammy. Cassie isn't buying it. Beth drags Lizzie away before she says anything more incriminating. Beth tells Lizzie she sounding selfish when telling Cassie how much she cared for Tammy. Mallet brings Gillespie to the Hospital. Jonathan wants Reva to leave. Reva pulls out an old picture of Jonathan saying he looks like Sarah. That she has had that picture in her purse since she first left San Cristobel. Reva wants Jonathan to stop what he is doing to the Mansion. At the Chapel Beth and Lizzie talk. Lizzie admits she doesn't want to be like Alan. She also admits that she may have had some to do with what happened to Tammy.

Marina needs consoling from Mallet. She still cannot believe Tammy is dead. She blames herself for not Telling Tammy to leave Jonathan. Cassie and Josh go home to tell RJ about Tammy. RJ shows them a picture he drew of the family. Cassie tells him that his sister is not coming home. Remy goes home to rest and finds the picture of him and Tammy on his desk. Marina follows him to talk some sense into him. Remy tells Marina that he's not going to stop until he has Alan. Beth and Lizzie are talking about Tammy, Jonathan and Sarah and Beth cannot believe what she is hearing coming from Lizzie. Lizzie says she now has a chance with Jonathan. They walk into the Spading Mansion to see the dining room torched. Beth is seen shocked. Lizzie takes off saying she know it was Jonathan. Reva goes to Cassie and Josh's to be with them. Josh's is devastated and tries to talk about Tammy being like a daughter. Reva feeling the same way finishes Josh's sentence. She hugs him. Then Cassie comes in and Reva hugs her. Jonathan is seen feeding Sarah and talking to her. He vows never to leave her. Lizzie goes to see Jonathan but leaves when she sees him with their daughter.

OLTL Recap Written by

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Although Whitney continued trying to force Theresa to tell Ethan to go back to Gwen so Theresa can marry Jared, she didn't want to do that. She and Ethan talked about their feelings, and ended up in a passionate kiss. Eve got a special assistant in Fox's surgery - Dr. Gasparo, who was still in town and came to help out. When it was all over, Eve told everyone that he made it through the surgery and would be fine, and there was no sign of any disease that could kill him. Miguel smugly told all "I told you so", while Kay wondered why Fox would lie to her like that.

The emergency room doctor who ran the DNA test gave those waiting a shocking finding - Luis was the match. Everyone but Ivy were confused as to how that could be, since he and Fancy never made love, but Ivy believed it meant Luis was the rapist. He couldn't remember what had happened, although he had flashes of making love to Fancy for some reason. Sheridan defended him, as did Fancy. Tabitha and Endora tried to use some magic truth sand to find out who is causing all the problems in Harmony now, but the sand wouldn't give them the answer. Later, they saw a huge pair of eyes watching them from a window or mirror, and Tabby knew things were worse than she had thought.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Katherine and Jill meet Will and he gives Jill the results of the exhumation. The boy wasn't Jill's son. Cane sees that Jill is upset and offers his ear, but Jill shakes her head. "This a family matter." Colleen knows that Adrian was at a school where a girl committed suicide, but she didn't know that there were murders in the area where he was staying. She hasn't time to talk about this with JT. Her father who orders her home right away. She will not go and realizes that Victoria must have told him. She shouldn't have trusted Victoria with her secret. She refuses to come home, saying that she is an adult. She goes over to see Lily and she tells of the pickle that she is in now that her father knows her secret. Brad calls over there when JT arrives at his house and fills him in on just how much danger Colleen could be in. she will not listen to him. She thinks that JT is just being jealous because of the break up. Brad and JT decide to go and look for Colleen. Brad finds her at Lily's house and drags her home. When they get there, Adrian is there. He wanted to talk to Colleen about her paper and her wanting to withdraw it. Brad only cares to have this man removed from teaching. Professor Korbel understands Brad's anger and assures him that it will end right now. He says goodbye to Colleen and leaves the house. Colleen immediately defends her teacher and what happened saying that Adrian didn't do anything to them or to her. She is a woman now and wants her family to look like that. Brad says that the man might be dangerous, but Colleen will not be controlled. She picks up her coat and heads out the door. Jack finds a piece of paper on a desk at the office and stuffs it into his pocket. He takes it to Nikki who is worrying over the zoning for her spa that Senator Bodie has been consisting refusing to allow. Jack has something, he says that might help in the matter. He shows her the piece of paper and they get Victor who reads the paper as well. It is something that could be used to blackmail Senator Bodie into giving them the zoning. Victor doesn't really want to use it but Jack wants to go ahead and feels the community needs to learn of this. Victor gives his blessing then. Colleen finds Adrian at the university and apologizes for the way that things went at her house… Brad goes to JT and tells him that he would like to hire the man to keep Colleen safe. JT won't take that case. Brad thinks that he will as it was JT's snooping that brought out the truth about his family and it is because of that snooping that Brad's family has been safe.

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