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AMC Recap Written by Jennifer

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Barbara tells Paul his premonition was right. Craig struggles with the gunman, but Jack ends up shooting him. Casey gives Elwood the payoff he owes him. Mike reads the letter Simon sent Katie, which she hid in a book. Margo investigates the ‘break in’ at Crash; they find out that the alarm was never tripped, so it would appear someone had to know the code. Maddie accuses Jade. Adam seems to have an idea but may be plotting to use this information for his own benefit; later when he sees Elwood pay off one of Casey’s acquaintances, he buys the bonds back. Meg is guilt ridden about her patient’s death, as she shares this with Craig, which thrills him. Meg apologizes to Paul for not believing him. Paul decides to stay at the hospital and get all the tests he needs to find out what is happening to him, and to stay closer to Meg again. Mike and Katie talk about her feelings for Simon, why she kept the letter and the state of their marriage; they agree they can’t go on the way they are going. Mike and Katie break up and he leaves for parts unknown.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick spills coffee on his shirt and is changing when his secretary comes in, spies his St. Christopher medal, and remarks how pretty it is. It reminds him of Brooke who gave it to him and him saying that he will never take it off. Ridge and Brooke canoodle in his office and he confides that he overheard Rick and her talking last night. He knows that Rick still doesn’t trust him and probably would rather that she be still with Nick. He ponders if he will have to prove himself all over again, the way he did with Brooke.

Rick wastes no time in dropping in on Nick and accusing him of plotting his family’s downfall. But admits that he would have done the very same thing Nick did. And he hands him a list of international employees that might be helpful to Nick. He vows he loves his mother just as much as Nick loves his and he’s afraid it is only a matter of time before Ridge breaks her heart again and she and Stephanie will be going toe to toe.

The gang at the new Forrester are excited about sketches and designs for the new line showing soon. Rick meets Phoebe who he barely recognizes since she has grown up. In speaking of Nick behind his back, Rick warns them not to underestimate him. That the more you challenge him, the more determined he is to beat you. Eric just wants to forget Nick and concentrate on his showing in two weeks. The Forrester's are coming back with a vengeance! Ridge states the only thing that could make it better is a big old wedding and an extended honeymoon. Nick gets the affirmative he wants from Harrison and buys his boutiques even though it was more money than he originally offered and Storm is worried that he has over-extended himself. Even Jackie is worried that he is building this on a house of cards, losing his perspective. Two weeks, Nick surmises, then the Forrester’s will be crushed and destroyed.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Shawn and Belle befriend an older man named Merle who allows them to bunk in a warehouse he’s turned into a shelter for several runaways. Shawn and Belle consider heading for Russia next but are short on cash so Belle suggests selling her wedding ring. Victor orders Lucas to find Belle and Shawn and convince them to bring Claire back in exchange for not pressing charges. Lucas refuses when Victor adds that he is to bring Claire back by any means necessary. Victor decides that if Lucas won’t do as asked then he no longer works at Titan. Sami confronts EJ about shooting John and getting rid of Lexie and Tek but he denies both charges. EJ asks if Sami is pregnant and she lies about having used protection that night. EJ offers to let Sami have her old job back but she refuses. EJ is released from jail and calls Kate to meet up. Lucas and Sami argue about Sami getting a job but Lucas gives in.

Abby decides to take Chelsea’s offer of switching to full time status so they can fully immerse themselves in the college experience. Dr. Rebert asks for Nick’s help in finding a new lab assistant but Nick takes Abby’s advice and lies to Chelsea about there being no current job openings at the lab. Instead of being upset, Chelsea kisses Nick and they decide to go out to celebrate. Belle wants to try and call home and Shawn decides that it would be safe to call the pay phone at the Brady Pub. Chelsea and Nick hear the phone ringing as they are leaving and Chelsea considers answering it.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Emily, Nik, and Spencer make it home safely. Robin and her friends go out for drinks and get a little too rowdy, leading to their arrest. Patrick's lack of interest in the wild life disappoints Pete severely. Lorenzo gets out of the hospital and meets with the new mobster in town. Carly, stridently, tells Sonny that they will never kiss again and if he tries to make it happen again, she is gone. Alexis considers the options for the custody hearing and asks Carly to testify on her behalf. She agrees. Patrick arrives to bail out Robin and confesses to Mac how much he loves her. Emily tells Liz how it is possible to fall in love again. Sam learns she may never have kids. Sonny tells Diane that the case against him cannot be dropped.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Josh hugs Cassie, then she goes into Tammy's hospital room to be with Jonathan and tell him it's time to leave. Josh then walks in to try to comfort Jonathan. Cassie goes to Tammy's bedside to kiss her and say goodbye. Mallet and Blake are together when there is a knock at the door. It's Remy to tell them about Tammy. Mallet yells at him for using his name to get information on the driver. Alan gets a message and calls Gillespie. It is about Tammy. Alan tells Gillespie to leave town. Gus is at the church praying when Alan arrives. Gus asks Alan if he knows about Tammy. Alan gives Gus the protect the family speech. Jonathan doesn't want the nurse to touch Tammy. Jonathan covers Tammy's head and leaves the room. A nurse hands Sarah to him. When Josh comes out of Tammy's room Jonathan hands Sarah to him and leaves. He goes back in the room to comfort Cassie. Gus says Alan is to blame for this. Alan says he did it for the family. Mallet asks Remy what makes him think Alan is to blame. Remy say he got a call from Tammy to go and find Jonathan that she said Jonathan was in trouble. Remy goes on to say he brushed Tammy off. Remy says he blames Alan and himself. Gillespie tells Daisy a lie about Tammy's condition. Tells her she is going to be alright. Daisy says she wants to go. Gillespie changes his mind. They are about to go when Gus appears. He tells Daisy Tammy is dead and her "boyfriend" is to blame. Daisy can't believe it. Gus senses another presence in the room before he leaves. Cassie and Josh get back to Cassie's when there is a knock at the door. It is a funeral director. Cassie tells Josh she called him before leaving the hospital. The Funeral Director hands Cassie a listing of caskets. Mallet and Remy go to Alan's. They tell him Tammy is dead. Alan offers a reward. Mallet accuses Alan of paying off the driver. Mallet tells Alan about a call. Alan says he doesn't know anything about this that he was with Lizzie. Blake whispers something to Remy that sets him off on Alan and then storming out of Spaulding's Mansion. Daisy decides to go with Gus home. Cassie continues the funeral plans. Jonathan visits Alan to tell him about Tammy. Jonathan tells a play by play of how Tammy died. Alan hits his butler buzzer and the butler comes in to drag Jonathan out of the house as Jonathan screams, "Murderer!!" Cassie and Josh go back to the hospital. A nurse says Tammy has been moved. The room is empty. The nurse hands Cassie Tammy's things in a clear bag and says she is sorry for Cassie's loss. Jonathan trashes the Spaulding dining room and sets it ablaze.

OLTL Recap Written by

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

While Whitney continued to push Theresa to get Ethan back with Gwen so she can marry Jared, Ethan wanted to clear the air between them, admitting that although he had no idea how he got there, her bed was exactly where he wanted to be, and that he loves her with every fiber of his being. Theresa decided she needed to admit something to him, too, but it will be Monday before we hear what it is. Chad tried to talk Jared into staying and fighting for Theresa, but he wasn't really interested unless she shows she is totally over Ethan by having him arrested. He took the opportunity to note Chad's unfaithfulness to Whitney at the same time.

Luis felt he let Fancy down again by not being in her room when she needed him, but Sheridan let him know he has no reason to feel that way. Her loving gesture was witnessed by both Fancy and Chris, who challenged her on it when they were alone. Fancy's test came back, showing she had been raped and giving them a DNA sample to test, which they are doing quickly. Eve began the surgery on Fox that he needs to help him survive the hit-and-run, while Miguel tried to tell everyone he isn't the one who ran him down. He took the time to beg Eve to check and see if Fox really did have a disease he was dying from, though, and Julian and Ivy were upset when she said she would do that. Charity finally confessed to Miguel why she really came back: she knew Kay had chosen Fox and wanted another chance with Miguel, since she still loves him with all her heart. She ended her plea with a passionate kiss, witnessed by all except Kay, apparently.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Victoria can see by the look on Colleen's face that she has been with Adrian and Colleen doesn't lie about that when asked. Victoria feels that Colleen is making a terrible mistake by being with this man. She worries about the safety of the entire family. They know nothing about this guy and what he is really about. Colleen doesn't care. She is an adult and can make her own decisions. At the coffeehouse, Jana and JT sit at a computer researching Korbel. They don't find a smoking gun but there are some other murders that hold their interest and seem to make Jana think that Adrian might have had something to do with them. When Adrian goes out on the patio to take a call, Jana swipes the good professor's bag and takes it to the counter to inspect it. JT comes over to see if she found anything good in there and that is when Adrian comes up on them and sees that Jana has his bag behind the counter. Detective Sullivan has tracked the place where Paul was and she goes to the address. She finds a woman in a cell there. "Help me!" she cries. Detective Sullivan gets the keys from on top of the breaker as Sheila has instructed and opens the door to the cell. She then uncuffs the woman who then strangles her. Maggie falls to the floor of the cell as Sheila leers down at her.

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