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AMC Recap Written by

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

The Hughes family gathers for a family party to welcome Tom home from the hospital. Casey opens the safe at Crash and steals the registered bonds that Barbara gave to Will so that Gwen could finish her demo CD. Once Casey has taken the bonds he makes it look like someone broke into Crash and stole the bonds from the safe. Later Casey returns home to the party and considers returning the bonds but Elwood tells Casey that he must pay back the money he owes him or his parents will tell Margo and Tom about his gambling. Casey goes to java to give Elwood the bonds unaware that Adam has walked in and is watching everything. Katie gets a letter from Simon which she tries to hide from Mike but later he finds the letter inside a book of poetry. Craig saves Meg from being shot by the husband of the patient who died under Meg's care. Craig struggles for the gun with Mr. Shaughnessy and the gun goes off.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Missed the last four minutes due to a late-breaking news report about chemical leak at DuPont Plant. I'll try to add it later from transcript.

Bridget launches into Nick if this is the kind of man he has turned into? First taking the company and now going after the Forrester’s by pursuing Taylor. Nothing they say will change her mind. She tells them it ends here and now, sessions, meetings, whatever. Otherwise they are just being cruel and she can’t think of either of them as that. She thinks she finally has what it takes to let go of Nick and move on. Nick and Taylor admit their attraction and strong feelings but realize the timing is bad. It wasn’t meant to be; they will cherish each other’s friendship. Rick shows up on Brooke’s doorstep but he’s not sure they will be happy with what he has to say. Rick and Bridget reunite and Brooke offers Rick a job with their new company. Ridge looks less enthusiastic about this as Rick partly blames Ridge and Stephanie for most of Nick’s revenge.

Pam rails into Jackie and starts to show her the door. Shame on her for being in her sister’s house, naked in the tub and trying to seduce her husband. Eric encounters them and asks to see his friend, Jackie, alone. She puts on another little seduction act but Pam interrupts again making Jackie admit that she HATES her. Eric thanks Pam for her help. He mentions no one has given her credit for the thirty years she devoted to her mother. And she’s not resentful, but is this sweet, caring woman.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Mimi gets a police sketch of the teen that helped steal the bones and realizes that it looks like Connor. After confronting Connor and Bonnie, they admit that the bones belong to Mimi’s dad. Bonnie refuses to say how the man died so Mimi locks the bones in her room and gives Bonnie until tomorrow morning to tell the truth or she’ll go to the police with what she knows. Chelsea gets Abby to consider switching to being a full time student. Billie can tell that Nick has a crush on Chelsea and urges him to stick with it. Nick evades telling Chelsea who he was really talking to outside. Chelsea admits to Nick that she likes him and he agrees to seek a job at the hospital for her.

Roman visits Sami to let her know about EJ turning himself in and Lucas vows to protect Sami when she fears EJ will come after her next. Lucas gets Sami to tell Roman about the baby but they ask Roman not to tell anyone else. Sami asks Billie to cover for her while she goes to talk to EJ in person. Kate confronts EJ about shooting John and helping Sami rescue Lucas. EJ denies both accusations and gives Kate a deadline of tomorrow morning to tell him whether she is willing to stay totally committed in work and life before he dissolves Mythic Communications.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Carly accuses Sonny of trying to control her. Sonny is hurt when Carly says Jax has more respect for her than he does. Carly agrees to move into Sonny's house with the boys for everyone's safety and becomes exasperated when Sonny doesn't promise that he won't try to pull anything romantic on her. Sonny is certain that the love he and Carly share is stronger than what she could ever feel for Jax.

Sam anticipates having a family with Jason as she watches him with Michael and Morgan. Helena threatens Spencer if Nikolas doesn't allow her to go forward with her plans. Elizabeth agonizes over whether or not to tell Lucky and Jason the truth about her baby. Lucky pops Elizabeth an important question. Skye and Alcazar get confirmation that the shipment is on its way to Port Charles and that Alcazar has to receive it in person.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Guiding Light's 70th Anniversary Special started out with our beloved cast doing the show on radio as the original shows first characters, The Reverend, Bill Bauer, Meta Bauer. And it's creator Irna Phillips played by Harley. Alan plays Hugh Downs the announcer, who we know went on to be ABC's newsman. Irna Phillips dictates to her secretary daily episodes of the show which is to be on radio starting in 1937. She believed in her show and characters. Blake plays Irna's secretary and transcriptionist. Rick plays Howie who does the commercial. Beth and Lillian are actresses in the Soap commercials. Alexandra was the organist on this episode. Remy was the sound man on the radio shows. In 1956 Irna calls Jack at CBS to say it is time for Television. He tells her to wait just a little while, so in 1957 he gives his ok for Irna's beloved show to go to Television but also stay on radio. Then Jack decides to cancel the radio show. Irna wants out if he does. He agrees to have the show go on both radio and television. They will do the show first on radio then go over to the radio station and do it's 15 minutes. Though this doesn't last and they decide to drop the radio version.

Irna fights it by killing a character named Cathy. Letters pour in of outrage. Irna fights back by writing on of her own letter to the newspapers. Telling how is a fact of reality. The Rev tells the story of how the show was named. Has to do with a lamp giving to his daughter when his wife dies and how it kept burning. Which explains a light never dies and come unto their own. The new opening of the show.

OLTL Recap Written by

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Ethan pleaded with Gwen to stay and work their marriage out, but she has had enough and wants nothing more to do with him. Meanwhile, Whitney was telling Theresa to get him a job in India or somewhere and let him, Gwen, and Jane leave forever, saying Jane belongs to Gwen. Amazingly, Theresa decided she's right, and tried to do just that. However, on her way to the B&B to tell them what she's doing, she stopped Gwen, who blew her off and kept going. Theresa tried to tell Ethan about it, hoping he could catch Gwen and straighten things out so she could go ahead and marry Jared, but he was so crestfallen over Gwen leaving she could only look at him and cry. Eve told Kay, Julian, and Ivy that Fox needs an operation right away, saying she has to do it since there's no time for a specialist to get there, and Julian and Ivy said she can't do it. However, it's Kay's choice, and after some thought, she signed the consent forms.

Miguel admitted he and Fox were fighting and that's where some of his injuries came from, and Julian demanded Sam arrest him right there. However, Sam can't do anything without proof, which angered Julian even more. Luis tried to figure out what had happened to him for the hour he can't remember, while Fancy didn't want him touching her. Sheridan was still sure nothing had actually happened, and when she and Fancy were alone she reminded her of the time she'd faked an injury to get Pretty's boyfriend to pay attention to her, took him away from her sister, and then dumped him a week later. Sheridan urged her to go to the hospital and get tests done for evidence on and in her body, but Fancy resisted, until Luis told them Sheridan is right. As all this was going on, the stranger in the ski mask watched from a window.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Sheila begs Lauren to get her out of there, but Lauren ain't budging. She wants Sheila to rot there. Paul and Michael want her to reconsider, but Lauren won't be able to forgive herself if anything ever happened to Fen. Lauren marches up to the bars and tells Sheila that she is staying. JT and Victoria are at the bar but this time JT orders coffee. He is drunk and needs to stop drinking. Jana arrives with Kevin and Jana goes over to JT asking where Colleen is. JT says that Colleen had other priorities. Kevin and Jana sit at their table, and JT and Victoria know they are being talked about. Kevin and Jana wonder where Colleen is right now. Kevin thinks that Colleen is probably with her father somewhere spending quality time together and nothing more. Jana goes over to JT and Victoria and asks about Colleen again. JT is annoyed but she tells that the only reason that she is asking is because Adrian has some traits like some psychos she has been reading about and she wanted to make sure that Colleen wasn't with him. She tells how she found the picture of Colleen in the same position that Carmen was found in. It was a picture that Adrian had drawn of Colleen. Later JT says that he isn't concerned about what Jana thinks. Victoria does find that there is a strange thing that seems to be going on between the nutty professor and Colleen. She thinks that if the man isn't interested in Colleen for serial killing, then he must want something else. Colleen calls Victoria to tell her that she will be staying at a friend's place. "What friend?" Victoria asks concerned. She will be staying at Lily's. Victoria is relieved. Colleen finds it funny that there is music in the background. Victoria tells that she is out for a bit but she doesn't let on about being with JT. Colleen tells Lily that she just came from the professor's place. She tried to stay away from him, but she just couldn’t. Daniel isn't happy when he overhears her talking and tells her that the guy's bad news and she needs to stay away from him. JT and Victoria go over to Jana and ask her about Adrian and if there is anything else that she can tell them about him. She says that she researched Korbel and turns out there was a dead girl from the other place he taught at. It 'looked' like she killed herself. Paul is left to watch Sheila for the night. Maggie calls him trying to arrange to get together but he says he has to work till dawn. They hang up and as soon as they do, Maggie calls a friend and gets him to set up unofficial tracking of a GPS device. She gives him the cellphone number.

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