Wednesday 1/24/07 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Casey learns that Barbara is giving Will and Gwen $10,000 in bonds to finish the demo. Daniel is suffering the affects of his trauma. Dusty gives Emily a pep talk about her parenting skills. Craig learns he still has one friend left – Lily. An irrational sounding Paul demands Meg stop the Blood Drive because of his visions. Meg finally agrees to help, as she talks to Bob. Will is unsure about taking money from his mother but it seems to come with no strings attached. Elwood tells Casey his parents found out about the money in his account; he has until tomorrow to put it back or they are going to call his parents; Casey is near desperation. Adam is convinced Will didn’t really want to take the money from Barbara so Gwen would always be by his side. Gwen and Will have a heart to heart. Adam tells Jade she shouldn’t stay at his family dinner. Daniel tells Emily he doesn’t want to go anywhere with her. Dusty asks Lucinda to buy controlling interests in the Intruder. She agrees to it in order to stick it to Craig. Lily secretly pops diet pills again. She also suffers from some mild side effects. Alone in Bob’s office, Bob and Meg are able to sedate Paul. He is hurt by her betrayal. When Barbara shows up later when they are alone, he mumbles for her to save Meg, to stop the Blood Drive because someone is going to die! Will puts the bonds in the safe, as Casey secretly watches. After he leaves, Casey sneaks back in and opens up the safe. A man suddenly whips out a gun on the people at the Blood Drive, as Meg seems to recognize who it is.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Jackie sneaks in and watches as Pam and Eric eat breakfast on the coffeetable. Let her offer her sweet, little, home-made cookies, Jackie has something much more appetizing for him. She leaves a trail of clothes, shoes leading to the sexy champagne and bubble bath while she lays back comfy and waits for Eric. Shocked, he sits on the tub and asks what are they drinking to? She explains how she got past the guard-dog Pam and asks him to join her. As tempting as it is, he remarks he is still a married man and he walks away.

Pam catches Jackie in the tub and the mousy little sister turns tiger and lets out the water in the tub and politely demands the ‘tramp’ put her clothes back on and leave before Eric returns.

Taylor doesn’t like Phoebe’s tone as she grills Taylor more why she is always with Nick. He suddenly shows up, making Phoebe even more suspicious. He gives Taylor a picture of her intended family even though he doesn’t approve of her wedding. He explains that he gave it before, but it fell out of the dressmaker’s hands. She thanks him for his ‘life support’ just as Bridget walks in and spies them in an embrace. She jumps to conclusions and confronts them about the situation. She announces that Taylor fell off her pedestal when she chose to drink and drive and killed Darla and then lied about it. Now she is engaged and embracing Nick behind Thorne’s back. What kind of woman would do that?

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Sami is hesitant to tell Lucas why she is truly upset about the new baby. While Lucas is out buying celebratory supplies, EJ calls Sami to gloat about being back in town. EJ walks into Roman’s office but denies having shot John. Roman has EJ booked and put in a cell. Chelsea has Nick, Abby, and Billie join her at the pub and announces her plan to start attending college. Billie gets angry and leaves when Chelsea teases her about her secret lover. Nick makes an excuse to leave and runs after Billie to talk.

Shawn calls Philip to taunt him about being close to the border. Music from the radio causes Steve to have another flashback to getting shock therapy. Police officers try to pull over the delivery truck but Steve has Shawn take the wheel while he throws packages out of the back to divert the cops following them. The cops pull over and Steve instructs Shawn and Belle to head for the border while he jumps out the back of the truck to serve as a decoy. Philip yells at Roman and accuses him of helping Shawn and Belle. Roman confronts Philip about his plans to take Claire out of the country. Philip reports Belle’s wedding ring as stolen so that he’ll be alerted should she try to sell it for money.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Skye freaks when she sees Lorenzo trying to get out of bed and leave the hospital. Carly completely blows her stack when she learns Max has been demoted and tells Sonny their marriage ends the moment his legal troubles are over. She then offers Max a job and he accepts. Sonny and Carly argue and he tells her that the marriage is for keeps, she explodes again, and Jason intervenes, telling them to think about the kids. Emily and Nik track Helena and Spencer to Greece where they learn she has the Russian mafia guarding the child. The father of Epiphany's son calls her, but she refuses the call and tells Liz to call the cops if he calls again. Lucky begins to realize that Ric might have harmed his relationship with Liz.

Carly's manager balked at hiring Max until Sam intervenes. Nik makes a deal with a mobster to help get his son back, then arrives just as Helena is having him christened. Lucky gets Sam to help arrange a romantic dinner for Liz at the MetroCourt while Liz discusses relationships with Jason. Ric needles Lorenzo in the hospital. Sonny moves into Carly's.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Jonathan tells an unconscious Tammy he doesn't care about revenge. She then wakes. Reva arrives to be with Cassie and Jonathan. Cassie goes into her daughter's room to be with her while then Reva comes in. Tammy asks if Alan is responsible. Then Jonathan leaves to go to the church. Reva leaves to go see Alan. Reva asks Alan if he wants redemption for what he's done. She wants Sarah to take her back to be with Jonathan and Tammy. Alan says no. Meanwhile Jonathan is at the church talking with Lizzie. Which turns into another fight. He wants out with Lizzie once and for all. He knows what happen but he cannot yet prove it but he will. He calls Lizzie a liar. Her cell ring, it is Alan. Jonathan grabs the phone from Lizzie and makes a deal with Alan, Sarah for Lizzie. Alan says no because it was Lizzie who was responsible for Alan's being committed. Dr. Willis gives Cassie his diagnosis. Not favorable. Jonathan thinks Alan is outside the church when Beth comes with Sarah. Beth says no. She came on her own because she now realizes what Alan and Tammy were up too. Beth says she wants Sarah out of "that house". Jonathan thanks Beth. Lizzie goes nuts, crying and screaming. Cassie is now in with Tammy telling her to be strong and that Jonathan will be back with Sarah. Cassie tells Tammy that she is dreaming of all the grandkids including Sarah that Tammy and Jonathan are going to give her. Tammy asks her mother to take care of Jonathan for her. Jonathan comes with Sarah in time to see Tammy. Tammy starts to go in and out of consciousness. Tammy sees Jonathan and Sarah in his arms and smiles. Tammy is getting weaker. Fr Ray comes by and Jonathan is not happy. He thinks everyone is giving up on Tammy. Reva reasons with Jonathan saying that Fr. Ray is there as a friend. Jonathan then goes back to Tammy and she puts her hand on his head and wakes again. They talk about life. She then touches his face and closes her eyes and dies. Alan knows what Beth did and is not happy. He wants Beth out of his house. Beth tells Alan that Jonathan doesn't want full custody. That She believes in what Jonathan has told her. Alan is more angry and tells Beth to get out of his sight. When Beth leaves Alan trashes his dinning room. Lizzie is still in the Church holding a picture of Sarah and she is crying. Cassie prays with Fr. Ray as Jonathan is with Tammy praying also. He kisses her. Tammy mumbles Sarah's name and dies. Jonathan starts crying and then goes on top of her willing her alive as Reva is comforting Cassie.   Tomorrow is the 70th Anniversary. Wait till you see what is in store!

OLTL Recap Written by

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Jared and Gwen are still determined that their relationships with Theresa and Ethan are over for good, and Gwen even went so far as to smash her ring with a hammer. No amount of urging from Chad and Whitney or Rebecca was able to change their minds. Ethan begged Gwen to give him another chance, but Theresa saw the writing on the wall and simply gave up trying. Luis was the unconscious man in the ski mask that was found in the Crane pantry, but he had no idea how he got there. Fancy seems to think he could be the rapist and didn't want him to touch her, while Chris wasn't sure what to think. Sheridan is the only one who thinks he's innocent.

Sam, Kay, Simone, Charity, and Miguel found that even tho Miguel swore he had nothing to do with Fox's hit-and-run, his car's headlight seemd to point to the fact he ran the guy over. Kay doesn't want to believe it, but isn't sure what to think, and she's not sure whether to believe Fox set Miguel up or Miguel is lying about everything. She finally made it to the hospital just as Eve was able to bring her husband back from the brink of death. Julian and Ivy are beyond upset at their son's condition, and Julian swore to kill whoever hurt Fox. He heard Sam say Miguel is his only suspect and wasn't happy to see the guy tagging along with Kay and the others when she arrived at the hospital. Sam warned him to leave Miguel alone since there is no proof he did anything yet, but Julian wanted to tear him apart anyway.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Victor and Brad are tied up. Brad has a tiny knife and works on his ropes while Lucas drills Victor about why he is there. Victor continues to lie but Lucas doesn't believe. Suddenly, Brad starts a fight with Victor about being the reason they got caught. The men argue and spring into action. Brad's ropes are unable to hold them and he rises. He grabs one of the men and he gets control of the gun. He holds the gun on the man he has just overpowered and then on Lucas, their leader. The other man has his gun out and holds it on Victor now who remains sitting in his chair. Brad tells Lucas that if his man shoots, he will shoot too. Lucas isn't sure that Brad can actually do a thing like this. Brad tells him that if he kills them, it will not have been the first time that he has done a thing like that. Victor suggests that they just talk and come to some sort of understanding. Victor is ready to come clean and tell why they are really the. He says they are looking for the Grugeon Reliquary. "You have found what you have come to find," Lucas says. "I am the owner." Lauren tried to get her mind around the facts of Sheila being alive. She will not allow her husband to go to prison for this. She demands to be taken to Sheila now. She has to look this monster in the eye. She arrives with Michael at the warehouse. "Welcome to hell!" Paul greets. Lauren walks past him and goes to the bars of the cell. Sheila slowly turns her head to the bars. "Hi Lauren…" Colleen is at the professor's place and they wrap up their work. They order Chinese food and talk about their feelings for each other. She admits that she really isn't sorry about the time they spent together. He isn't either. They do the dishes as they talk. He talks of Barcelona and how romantic it is. She would like to see it with him, but he tells her that she has time to do all of these things in time. He tells her that sometimes things happen in life that seem like a mistake…All you can do is learn from the mistakes. "You can't predict the future, so you might as well live in the present!" he says. She smiles and while saying goodnight to him, they end up falling on the couch in sweaty kisses. Lauren sees the monster up close. Sheila tells her that she tried to get everything perfect for Fen. Lauren can see that. There was this one bunny that Lauren bought. Sheila had trouble finding another one but finally she did. Paul and Michael see it is time to go now. Lauren doesn't want Sheila taken anywhere. To her Sheila being free means her life restarting and theirs ending. "Let the bitch die!"

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