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AMC Recap Written by

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Gwen's dream of a music career almost comes to an end but Barbara loans Will and Gwen $10 thousand to finish the demo. Adam makes Gwen think that Will is afraid of losing her if she becomes a star. Emily blames Craig for the trauma that Daniel is going through as a result of the kidnapping. Lily continues to worry about her weight while Jade confides to Lily she thinks she is losing Adam because he is interested in someone else. Paul warns Bob and Meg that he had a vision someone will die at the blood drive but they refuse to listen to his warning.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

To continue their conversation, Nick invites Taylor to Chuck's for a bucket of wings. She reminds him that she is engaged to Thorne, and their friendship is a little complicated. He says only if she lets it; ignore other people's concerns. They seem simpatico and to her embarrassment she finds herself spilling her guts to him about her past life. He understands her more now and why she went into psychiatry to help others. One of the biggest distributors, Arthur Harrison, only has moments to spend with the Forrester's but pledges his support to remain in their corner and carry their new line. Ridge and Brooke renew their lovemaking on the desk routine during working hours. This is almost perfect according to Brooke and Ridge pronounces that there is nothing Nick can do to ruin it or affect them.

Mr. Harrison calls and Nick talks him into meeting him at airport for a quick talk. Both Taylor and Nick find it hard to part. Phoebe grills Taylor that if she isn't actually treating Nick anymore why is she spending so much time with him. Is there something going on between them? Nick meets Harrison on the plane and corrects him that he doesn't want Harrison to buy his line, Nick wants to buy his boutiques. Everything has it's price, it's time to deal.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Lucas and Sami are making love but suddenly Sami becomes sick. They receive word that Lexie and Tek are missing and Sami fears that it’s at the hands of EJ who will be coming for them next. Sami discovers that she is pregnant. Steve calls Kayla to let her and Marlena know that he’s with Belle and Shawn. Marlena falls asleep and dreams that she has to fight through several drapes to get to John and hear his message. Marlena wakes and is sure that it was a message from John about Steve being the next target. Kayla asks for Marlena’s help in figuring out what is causing Steve’s episodes.

Philip finds Claire’s stuffed bunny in the snow and tracks Shawn and Belle down at the abandoned church. Shawn and Philip fight until Philip knocks Shawn unconscious. Belle does her best to hold Claire away from Philip until Steve sneaks up behind him and knocks Philip out. Shawn and Steve lock Philip in the basement before leaving in Steve’s stolen delivery truck. Steve argues with Shawn about not getting enough cash beforehand. The cops finally show up to the church and free Philip from the basement. The police get word about the stolen delivery truck.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Kristina is further traumatized as she watches Alexis being arrested for drug possession. Alexis realizes Ric will probably win in court and tells Sonny she's decided on the future of Molly. Ric shocks Alexis with other plans.

Jason finds evidence that Sonny had been targeted by a sniper. Jason demands to know who Alcazar is working with. Alcazar claims he doesn't really know who he's working for and warns Jason not to interfere with the arrival of the mysterious shipment. Sonny decides to lay low for a while and distance himself and Jason from anything to do with Alcazar. Sam reacts badly when Fr. Ruiz wants to keep some items for his upcoming charity auction in the vault at the Metro Court. Fr. Ruiz defends Sam to the hotel manager. Alcazar contacts the manager at the Metro Court to have his shipment placed in the hotel vault. Robin declines Patrick's offer to move in with him but later has second thoughts

GL Recap Written by Beth

Tammy is in critical condition after the car hits her. Jonathan is with her in her hospital room willing her to wake up. Cassie is in the hall on the phone. Remy comes by. Cassie is grateful for his coming. She asks him to stay. He says no that he's got something to do first and leaves. Gillespie gets a call too from someone. Gus visits Daisy and breaks the news about Tammy. Harley who has gotten a call from Gus rushes to the hospital to be there for Cassie. Cassie tells Harley that she has to call the rest of the family. Harley lends Cassie a shoulder to cry on. Lizzie sees this and knows it's not good. Jonathan spots Lizzie and drags her away to talk to her. Harley tries to comfort Cassie. Tries to get her to go across the street to the Diner. Cassie says no. Gus tells Daisy to tell him about Gillespie. Asks Daisy why did Gillespie steal his gun. Why did he run Tammy over. Why no skid marks on the road where Tammy was hit. Was it an accident or was it on purpose. Daisy says she loves Gillespie. Gus tells her otherwise. Why would she be hiding in a car while a felony is being committed. Gus also finds out that Daisy has been taking drugs. Jonathan drags Lizzie to the window of Tammy's room to show her what Tammy is going through, lying in a bed. Lizzie tells Jonathan that Tammy is her best friend and wouldn't want this to happen. She recalls when they first met when she came back to Springfield. Jonathan brings up Sarah and says Lizzie never should have left with her. Why didn't she come to the mill like he wanted. He says," Somebody meant to hit him and hit her instead." Dr interrupts the conversation. Jonathan warns Lizzie not to move from there.

Gus tells Daisy about his drug addiction and what it almost did to him, Harley and the boys. Lizzie goes to Cassie to ask about Tammy. Jonathan then wants to finish the conversation with Lizzie. Cassie interrupts their fight, Jonathan asks Lizzie if she wants to tell Cassie about Tammy's hit and run. Lizzie freezes scared. Gus still questions Daisy about Gillespie. Gus leaves and Daisy calls Gillespie. Remy meets up with Gus. Gus asks Remy about the accident. Remy says Tammy called him before she left to find Jonathan. Gus tells Remy there were no skid marks. Gus advises Remy to go home. Gillespie visits Daisy telling her they need to leave town. He says that cops are all over him. Daisy tells Gillespie that the girl he hit was her cousin. Was it an accident or was he gunning for her. He says he was high and didn't know what he was doing. He tells Daisy he'd never hit her cousin. A knock on the door stops their conversation. It is Gus coming back for more info. Gillespie hides in the bathroom. Gus says he'll protect Daisy if she tells him everything truthfully. He asks for all her drugs to come clean. Gus leaves to find Harley. At the hospital Remy bumps into a rushing Lizzie. Jonathan gives Remy a look of what's going on. Cassie visits Tammy. Then goes out into the hall to find Jonathan there. Cassie realizes how much Jonathan really loves Tammy. Remy then catches up with Lizzie. He tells her he's going to get to the bottom of this "accident". Lizzie lies and tells him that some guys are probably to blame that Jonathan was involved with. Daisy and Gus go their separate ways. Gus heads for the hospital to be with Harley and the rest of the family. When he gets there he hugs Cassie. Jonathan figures out Alan is behind this accident. He says," He'll make him pay." Tammy wakes up.

OLTL Recap Written by

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Gwen decided she no longer wants to be married to Ethan after finding him making love to Theresa. Jared demanded Theresa have Ethan arrested for sexual assault, and when she wouldn't he decided they were through, too. Ethan and Theresa aren't sure what to think at this point, although she did admit that somewhere inside she knew she was really making love with Ethan, not Jared. Chad, Whitney, Sheridan, and Chris all tried to get Fancy to calm down, saying there is no proof anyone attacked her. She did have a bruise on her cheek, but they all agreed that could have been self-inflicted while she was thrashing in her bed. Later, when they all went searching for Luis, they found an unconscious masked person in the pantry, out cold. Removing the mask, all were shocked by who they saw, although we didn't get to see who it was.

Sam arrived at Tabitha's house looking for Kay because Fox was hurt badly in a hit-and-run accident. Things Miguel said made it seem he ran his foe down, so all went to check out his car for damage. Although he swore he did nothing and nothing is wrong with the car, the camera showed us it was badly damaged on the front fender. An anonymous call brought an ambulance to where Fox lay motionless in the street, and once he got to the hospital, Eve wasn't sure if he'd survive or not. His heart stopped and Eve worked hard to try to start it again, with no luck before the show ended.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Lucas Hollenbeck arrives to meet the men that Strovink and Rhyne have restrained. He is very confused. He knows that the art that Victor and Brad have brought is real; he knows that the art isn't stolen; but what really confuses him is why a businessman as successful as Victor Newman would come there with fake ID to put on a trick like this. Lily is at the table with Daniel, Cane and Amber. She gets upset and leaves when Cane and Amber tell how they met online. Daniel explains that Lily had a bad scare with the internet once and that is why she's upset. When she returns, she can tell that her hubby has told her secret. Jack talks to his sister over the phone to catch up on what's new. Jack then calls Phyllis who is out with Nick and the Baldwins. He wants her to come to work. Phyllis tells him that she can't do that and quickly hangs up. Jack calls Ji Min and asks him to back him up on something. Paul has finished making love to Maggie and now he gets his blanket and heads out. When he gets to the warehouse he finds Sheila on the floor bleeding out. He puts her on the chair. Michael gets there fast enough but he doesn't buy Phyllis's act. She admits that she stabbed herself to be sneaky, but she knows that if she dies, Paul and Michael will have that on their conscience and won't be able to live with this. She is sure that they will be found out and be put in prison. Sullivan has returned to Paul's apartment and she knocks on the locked door and calls out. She has forgotten her badge in his apartment. No one answers, and so she just turns and leaves. Lily and Cane are not at the table and so Amber takes that moment to ask Daniel what he thinks of Cane. He seems to like Cane but finds Amber is very courageous to be dating online. She did pretty good this time but there was a time when she dated a guy who called her 40 times a day. They laugh about this with their heads together and Lily frowns as she watches from the bar. Michael isn't as touched by Phyllis's condition as Paul is. Paul has done everything that he can for Sheila but still she is getting worse. Paul really wants to get her to a hospital but Michael knows that will be them giving up everything and getting found out. He isn't sure what they should do but he does know that Lauren needs to be told right away. Paul disagrees. Michael simply walks out and heads home to his family. He watches as Lauren rocks little Fen to sleep and puts him in his crib. Then he gets to the matter he needs to address. He first reminds her that he promised to never lie to her. "Sheila…Carter is alive

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