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AMC Recap Written by

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Meg loses a patient, and it hits her hard. Tom comes back home. Margo finds Casey’s grades that he was trying to hide from her, and is upset to see how poorly he did this semester, but agrees not to tell Tom right now. Katie worries that because Mike doesn’t want to talk about having kids right now that he hasn’t forgiven her completely. Brad is back home, but is rubbing Jack the wrong way. Parker goes to see Paul again about the vision he had of his mother. Craig tries to comfort Meg. Vienna wants to move back in the farm. Mike tries to reassure Katie that he just needs time. Margo realizes her mad money is missing, as Casey stands by looking guilt ridden. Adam later confronts him, but Casey lies. Casey then lies again to Maddie when he logs onto, ‘just for one hand.’ Brad teases Jack about Vienna’s obvious flirtation. Mike seems bothered by something. Meg agrees to fill in for someone who was supposed to run the hospital blood drive. Paul sees another vision after burning his hand; he hears blood-curdling screams with waves of blood rushing down a hallway.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Media is calling Forrester Originals the hottest Couture House in the country. Eric snags both Phoebe and Bridget to model for him. Forrester Originals is a family business. He wants everyone involved. Ridge gloats no one will confuse the two, Forrester Originals will have quality, Nick’s won’t. Eric insists on only using the most opulent fabrics, one of a kind. Still Lauren Fenmore and others tell him that Nick will not give up without a fight. He scoffs when he hears Nick is in full production. Nick questions distribution. If they can control that, they can control the entire fashion industry. Jackie warns him that he can not buy all the distributors out. Just concentrate on the company, she will take care of the business. Jackie speaks with Lauren but Nick drops the ball and doesn’t follow through with asking if she wants to sell Fenmore’s. She’s too close to Eric and he doesn’t want word leaking back to him. Thorne says industry word is that Nick is not looking for a new designer, so he must have another tactic to try and beat them. Maybe something more personal with Taylor. Ridge doesn’t want him to ignore the problem, but little brother disclaims the advise and says their relationship is solid.

Taylor tracks down Nick to warn him the Forrester’s are out to crush him; don’t underestimate them. He quips she is taking a chance sneaking over here to the dark side. And that they don’t have any idea what they are up against either. It’s going to get ugly very soon and he doesn’t want her caught in the middle. The old man can draw all he wants. There will only be one standing at the end, and that will be him.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Belle and Shawn hide in the abandoned church. Mimi decides to stay at Max’s apartment while he delivers supplies to Belle and Shawn. Philip comes to Max’s apartment looking for Claire but instead confronts Mimi about Shawn and Belle’s whereabouts. When Mimi remains loyal, Philip grabs Mimi’s cell phone and calls Max demanding to speak to Belle. Max reluctantly hands over the phone so he can rush back to Mimi. Philip pleads with Belle for a second chance at being a family but Belle turns him down. Mimi tries to give Philip a fake location but he ties Mimi up and locks her in a trunk to force her to give him the real location. Max rescues Mimi and she thanks him by agreeing to make love with him.

Abe questions Lexie about her conflicting witness statement and she is forced to admit that she was with Tek that night. Abe declares their marriage over. Lexie meets with Tek to tell him the news and Tek begs her to run away with him. Lexie refuses and is arguing with Tek when an aggressive driver runs them off the road. Steve returns to Salem and hands over EJ’s wallet and cell phone to Bo. Bo brings the evidence to Abe. Steve tells Kayla how EJ taunted him about the episodes and Benji’s involvement but wants to question Benji on his own. Shawn calls Steve for help getting past the roadblocks and Steve gets Bo’s blessing before agreeing. Steve insists on helping Shawn and Belle without Kayla.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny and Diane do their best to fight Ric on the custody issues, especially following Alexis' arrest. Jason tries to find out from Lorenzo who is threatening him. Robin does not believe Patrick wants her to move in with him, so she refuses. She reminds him that she promised to refuse if he ever asked her to, so he applies more pressure to try to change her mind. Decorating provides them with humorous conflicts. Sam is rude to Father Ruiz, much to her boss' dismay. However, her job is safe due to her connections. Alexis offers Ric shared custody if he will drop the drug charges. He refuses, insisting on sole custody. Sonny decides to leave Alcazar's shipment alone. Lorenzo arranges for it to be store in the Port Charles Hotel safe.

GL Recap Written by Suzanne

Tammy got hit by a car while trying to save Jonathan and was rushed to the ER. Reva, excited about being cancer-free, hugged Josh and shared her thoughts with him, then kissed him later. Lizzie and Alan plotted about how to get Jonathan out of their lives. Cassie showed wedding pictures to Jeffrey and her real estate agent, optimistic about Tammy's future.  She planned to buy her and Jonathan a house. All of them then found out about the accident and rushed to the hospital (except for Alan, who talked to the baby at home). Rick told them all that Tammy's condition was serious and that all they could do was wait.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer

Nash makes it clear to Jessica that he knew he was kissing her, not Tess, when they were trapped in the cave. Jessica is unnerved when Nash accuses her of denying what she's really feeling for him. Nash pulls Jessica into a kiss. Rex is horrified when he realizes Spencer knows that Tommy McBain is really Todd's son. Rex tries to convince Spencer that Todd's son is dead. Spencer appears to be slipping further and further into his own world. Rex is determined to make sure Spencer never reveals the truth about Tommy. John and Michael express their desire to see Spencer pay for killing their father and regret not killing him when they had the chance. Vincent tends to Natalie after she sprains her ankle and tells her he misses their friendship. Natalie is affected by her encounter with Vincent. Cristian insists to Talia that he has no idea how photographs and blueprints of Vincent's buildings ended up on his computer. Talia gathers more evidence against Cristian and advises him to get a lawyer. Aaron tries to bait Antonio, who struggles to control his temper. Cristian tells Evangeline that someone is setting him up.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Jared and Gwen were furious at finding Ethan making love to Theresa in her room, but the two lovers were mystified as to how they got together. She thought she was with Jared, he thought he was still at the B&B, but neither Jared nor Gwen believed them. Jared decided Ethan is a sexual predator, although both he and Theresa denied that. Gwen cheered Jared on as he beat on Ethan. Miguel and Fox continued their battle while Kay and Simone confronted Charity. She denied being in Harmony during the reception as well as sleeping with Miguel, so the two friends wondered if Miguel was right about Fox.  Once Fox got the upper hand over Miguel, he left, heading to Tabitha's to find Kay and explain everything to her, but someone ran him down with a car. Miguel arriving at Tabby's, told Kay he'd taken care of Fox and he'd never give them trouble again.

Fancy fought with the masked intruder, although she lost the battle. When others finally heard her screams, they went running, but found her asleep in her bed. She screamed again, saying her attacker was in the room with them, but Chad and Whitney weren't sure if she was dreaming or not. Meanwhile, the attacker was in the closet, knife in hand. Paloma went to the bar to take a drunken Noah home, but he wasn't in the mood to leave. Seeing his sister there with Spike, the two tried to talk sense into her, but she determined to stay with her husband, scum that he is. Sam and TC talked about Grace's death, and Sam told TC what she'd said to him over the phone, wondering if she was killed to keep her quiet. She seemed to know something that she said would cause problems for all their friends in Harmony, but wanted to wait until she got home to explain it to him.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Phyllis is not faking Paul realizes. He is in the cell with Sheila now and she is getting sicker. He begs her to tell him what to do. She used to be a nurse. She doesn't seem to hear him as her eyes roll up in her head and she trembles. She says that she is cold. He hasn't got a blanket but he will get one. When he gets home, he finds Sullivan on the floor in the hallway of his building. She has been waiting for him. She has been worried about him since the last time that she saw him. That was the time he forgot about their date. She picks his brain again about what is going on with him. He has a dead look in his eyes and she wants to know why. He says that he is working on a tough case and she advises him to drop it. "I wish I could," Paul says. Victor and Brad are in Geneva. They have their fake identities set up and get to work meeting other people in the underworld of art dealing. The first man they meet leaves after he is told that he will not be allowed to take the art piece with him to try to do a deal. The woman Helene, who arrives next is at first willing to do a deal, but then she gets a weird feeling and leaves. Next two agents arrive. Agent Strovink and Agent Rhyne who are from Interpol. They ask Victor and Brad who use their aliases…Decker and Van Pelt…to present their passports. Victor has the fake documents and he presents them. Victor tells the men that he is there selling a reliquary for someone from the Silicon Valley. In about 60 seconds. Victor and Brad have a gun in their faces and are unable to leave the room. Jack comes over and helps Noah with a model airplane that he is building. Jack tells that living at the house alone is like a prison. He offers Sharon the opportunity to come live at his house and she is surprised by his offer. He finds that her house is quiet and Sharon might be uncomfortable staying there with all the things that have been going on with Dru. She says that she is fine. He also offers her a chance to come spend the night at his place but she has Noah to look after can't go with him. Paul has to get back to work and Sullivan offers to go with him but he says that won't help him to focus on what he has to do. She finds it funny that he is taking a blanket with him. He says that it is freezing cold on his stakeout. They start kissing and suddenly Paul doesn't care about the stakeout anymore. He and Sullivan fall half naked to the couch in a sweaty heap. Sheila is alone and crying for help. She groans as she removes her bandage and then digs her four fingers into the wound in her stomach! "Ahhhhhh!"

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