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ATWT Recap Written by

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke invites Donna to the new launch by Forrester’s. She supports Nick and hates the Forresters for what they did to her parents and to Nick’s mother and to Brooke. She doesn’t want to stand by and watch Brooke get hurt again. She realizes how special Nick is, he really cares. Ridge purposely drops Nick’s wedding gift to Thorne and Taylor and tells him to butt out of their lives. He gives reference to their company going down like the Titanic. Nick had never beaten him before, he sure as hell isn’t now. Nick likewise fires off a few rounds that Ridge’s new business venture will be over tomorrow. Felicia fumes when Donna has the nerve to show up at the launch, but Brooke tells her it’s okay she invited her. And Brooke wants Donna to join with them in a new job. Ridge is not pleased with this. The lawyer warns Eric he may have a lawsuit if he uses the name Forrester. Eric says it is HIS name and Nick can go to hell.

Watching on TV screen, Nick is worried, not so much about the name but his own designs. They may not measure up. They will have to exercise patience and do whatever they must to stay on top. Ridge tells the gang just watch, he has something planned for tonight that will bring the place down. The launch is huge success despite them calling it the Forrester Originals and Nick being incensed. Ridge manages to get a few digs in about the crusty old sailor and his rags, and if they want to reach for quality, reach for Forrester Originals. Eric introduces Our Miss Brooks – Brooke Logan as the Ultimate Forrester Original. After walking the runway, Ridge says a few words, bends down on his knee and in front of God and everybody proposes to Brooke and she giddily accepts. Disgusted, Nick vows they made a mistake. They have only high-end clients and he can corner the market. Spend every last cent on their precious collection and they will dig their own grave. That family will be crawling on their knees with no one to turn to but him!

Days Recap Written by Danielle

The bulk of the Brady family gathers at the Brady Pub for Sami’s award ceremony. Chelsea complains to Kate that her father Bo doesn’t accept her like Sami’s father accepts her. Chelsea doesn’t like hearing Kate call her ungrateful. Chelsea asks Sami for advice on how to go from ‘zero to hero’ and Sami advises her to seek out that opportunity to show the family who she truly is. Kate gripes to Will about Sami and he threatens to disappear from her life. Kate extends her hand in a truce to Sami.

Belle insists on saying goodbye to John before snatching Claire and ends up having to tell Marlena their plan. Marlena gives them her support. Belle convinces Philip to give her Claire to hold but then has Shawn fight him off while she runs with Claire back to Max’s car. Philip chases Belle and Shawn to the car but Max is able to drive away. Philip heads to the Pub to demand Claire and threatens to make everyone involved pay. Steve heads to Mexico without telling Kayla that she was supposed to go with him. Kayla finds this out when she surprises Bo by showing up to Sami’s ceremony. Steve confronts EJ but EJ denies having shot John or committed the black glove crimes. Steve serves EJ a warrant but EJ refuses to come back to Salem on his own. EJ taunts Steve about his current health problems and Steve tackles EJ ending up stealing his wallet and cell phone.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sam is thrilled to get the job at Jax and Carly's hotel. Patrick brings the sofa back to his apartment and adds a whole roomful of furniture to go with it. Robin suspects he might be setting her up for a break-up. Instead he asks her to move in. Ric continues to push the custody issue about Molly, citing Sonny's dangerous lifestyle. Sonny then visits Alcazar and offers to buy him out, but Lorenzo refuses and says that another shipment is coming, a big one, and if Sonny gets in the way, he'll die. Ric has Alexis arrested for drug possession.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Reva tells Josh she thinks the cancer is back. Josh says it can't be. She looks so good. Jonathan and Tammy spend a romantic night talking about Sarah, not knowing that Sarah is now in the hands of Lizzie and Alan. Alan talks to Lizzie. While she is there, Alan holds Sarah. Lizzie wonders how long it will be until they come for Sarah. Lizzie gets a phone call from Jonathan who wants to make a deal. He doesn't know that Lizzie has already taken Sarah and to Alan's. Lizzie and Jonathan make plans to meet. Lizzie wants to take Sarah with her. Alan says, "Why take her out in the cold weather again. Leave her with me." When Lizzie leaves, Alan makes a call. It is to Gillespie, Lizzie arrives to meet Jonathan, but without Sarah. Jonathan isn't happen to see Lizzie is alone. They talk about custody. Jonathan says Sarah is better with him right now until Lizzie gets the help she needs. That they are not family in the sense she wants them to be. He asks for Sarah. Lizzie tells Jonathan Sarah is with Alan. Jonathan says he is going to court to get custody. Reva's Dr. Colin things this mass could be harmless that it is too soon for the cancer to be back. And that sometimes a cyst can occur after surgery. Gillespie is hired by Alan to get rid of Jonathan. Remy sees Tammy crying outside the hotel with a sack of groceries. He offers once again to help her out of the situation. She tells him she married Jonathan yesterday. Remy is surprised and upset at the same time.

Jonathan arrives back to the room to find a note from Tammy that she went out. Lizzie tells Alan that Jonathan got a court order for temporary custody. Alan hugs Lizzie tells her (became inaudible). Dr Colin puts a rush on the samples and tells Reva he'll call as soon as the results are in. Reva is shocked to see Josh still in the waiting room when she and Colin walk out. Colin repeats that he will call when the results are in so that Josh knows. Josh and Reva then leave. Josh suggests a movie. Then they really leave the hospital. Lizzie calls Jonathan, whispering she tells him she will bring Sarah to him. Although it is another setup.  Alan is overhearing the conversation on another line. Jonathan leaves Tammy a note. Remy helps Tammy with the groceries that she just brought home. Tammy tells Remy that she and Jonathan are married. Remy all of the sudden acts very cold toward Tammy. Tammy tells Remy to be happy or the friendship is over. Alan calls Gillespie, who is outside of the hotel. Tammy is around the corner when she overhears Gillespie's side of the conversation. She then sees him go. And then reads a note that Jonathan left. She calls Remy all upset. Remy, who is still cold tells her it's her problem he is finished. Josh, laughing tells a depressed Reva that he is not ready to let go of Reva Shayne. Josh continues by saying that they can all go somewhere, Reva, Josh, Dylan, Jonathan, Tammy, etc on long trip once this is over. Alan and Lizzie are talking and the conversation steers to Philip and what he in you kids. Reva wants to see a movie. Asks Josh if he does too. She wants to see a comedy. Josh then gets a call on his cell. It is from Dr. Colin. The result are back. Tammy tries to get in touch with Jonathan that he is being setup. At the hospital Dr, Colin tells Reva every test came back negative. That sometimes some polyps look and feel like the tumor. Jonathan makes a call on his cell as a car comes speeding toward him. He doesn't realize it is Gillespie who is about to run him down.

OLTL Recap Written by

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Ethan and Theresa made love in her room, while Jared hurried home from his meeting to continue his night of love with his fiancée. Gwen, on the other hand, woke up and couldn't find Ethan anywhere, finally wondering if he'd gone to Theresa yet again. She and Jared met when they arrived at the Crane mansion and continued upstairs together, worried about what they'd find. Needless to say, neither was happy to find their partners happily making love to each other. Miguel went to flaunt his tryst with Kay in Fox's face, ending up in a fist fight. Kay told Simone everything, and while her friend was aghast that she'd made love to Miguel after marrying Fox, they soon began to figure out the marriage might have been entered into under false pretenses.

Kay wished Charity would come back to town so she could find out whether she'd slept with Miguel or not, and who should appear at her door but her dear cousin herself.

Luis went to sleep on the sofa in Fancy's room while she dreamed a childish "I'm the cheerleader, Luis is the quarterback in high school" dream. The rapist, or someone who looks a lot like him, waited until Luis was asleep and then gave him a shot to knock him out. Inferences were that the person got a DNA sample in a condom from Luis, then dragged him away and went to take care of Fancy. She awoke to his hand over her mouth and her robe being stripped off her body.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Victoria welcomes Colleen home with open arms. Adrian calls and asks Colleen to come and see him She agrees to meet him just to talk. Victoria runs upstairs when she sees JT coming. Colleen looks hopeful when she sees JT but he has only come to return her charger. It isn't that she slept with Korbel that bothers him the most. It is that she lied for months! He tells her that she is crazy if she thinks that Korbel is going to come running with open arms to her. He is sure that Adrian won't want people seeing him dating his student. He heads to Newman. He finds Lily there and gives her a piece of his mind. Lily says that it wasn't her place to tell. JT disagrees and thinks that Lily got pleasure listening to all this. Daniel arrives and yells at JT to yell at Korbel for what has happened, and not at his wife. Victoria warned Colleen not to go Adrian again. She finds the whole thing weird and she is especially concerned about any pressure that Adrian may have applied to Colleen to get her to do this. Colleen says that Adrian didn't do anything to her to make this happen. Victoria says that she is glad that Colleen will not be going near the man again as she worries that he is too interested in the Grugeon Collection. As Colleen and Victoria talk the bug under the table picks up everything that the two talk about. The transmission travels to another location where someone gets all the information without being in the house. JT goes to see Victoria now. He talks to her about how he feels about the breakup. She understands and opens her arms for him to give him a hug. Colleen goes against the grain, once again and appears on Adrian's doorstep. He lets her in and they sit. She tells how she has moved to her father's place now. He needs her help, he says. He scared off his last assistant and wonders if she would help him out for a couple of hours. She is glad to do it and they get to work. Dru really can't deal with the strange calls where no one talks, and the strange calls where people just hang up. She sees David in the coffeehouse one time too many and FREAKS OUT. Sharon has to drag her out of there when David turns the tables and says that he might have consider the idea that Dru is now stalking him. In the car garage, Dru and Sharon are waiting for the elevator when the phone rings. They get on the elevator and Dru answers to dead air. No one speaks. She looks up as the elevator door is closing and she sees Carmen! She has her cellphone to her ear and she is wearing the clothes that she was wearing the day she died. The elevator door closes.

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