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AMC Recap Written by

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Jack tells Simon to knock him out and handcuff him to the couch so that he (Simon) can get away with Carly. Jack's actions make Carly realize just how much he still loves her but she decides her family would be better off without her and leaves for a future with Simon. Lily accepts a job offer from Lucinda to develop a new product line for children. Faith is envious of her friend Morgan because she is so skinny. Morgan tells Faith she (Morgan) is just like her mother and these words haunt Faith who is determined not to be like Lily. Paul gets a vision that Carly got away when he touches Parker. Paul is even more upset when his vision is true Emily signs her shares of the paper to Mr. Tull who doesn't have Parker but once Dusty beats him up he calls his men and demands they find Daniel.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor’s wedding day – again she remembers what Nick told her. She needs to be honest with herself. The family discuss that Kristen couldn’t cancel her African trip; the airport is snowed in at Chicago so Stephanie can’t come, but the wedding will go on. Once again Jackie harasses Nick to not let this wedding happen, do something! Pamela finds the blacked out photos of Taylor, but Eric wants to put it aside and not ruin the wedding. Brooke offers Taylor help in getting ready for her wedding; she wishes her happiness……if this is what she wants. Taylor wants to ask Ally to help her dress, make her more part of the wedding and Phoebe doesn’t mind. Nick has a meeting and he reminds Clark, Storm, Donna and his mother of the Forrester’s showing tomorrow. He wants them to put their heads together to think of a way to diffuse this publicity attention. Jackie is ecstatic that he’s going to drop off a gift at the wedding; one more chance to see Taylor and perhaps stop the wedding.

Ally helps Taylor who is horrified when they find the wedding dress in shreds. Ally apologizes to her dad and says it was wrong, but she was mad. Taylor wants to go out the back way without making a lot of explanations. Thorne tells the group that they have decided to wait on Stephanie and the wedding will be another time. Nick slips his gift in and encounters Taylor who unloads her heart out to him and literally cries on his shoulder – Ally will never accept her. Nick advises her that everything will be okay. Eric decides to show Thorne the blacked out photos after all. Thorne wonders how he could have mis-read his daughter so badly.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Roman asks Bo to go down to Mexico to bring back EJ but Bo is hesitant to leave his new baby. EJ calls Sami from Mexico and questions her about the police’s plans to come after him. Lucas overhears Sami yelling at EJ to never call her again and forces her to admit that EJ was the caller. Sami gives in to Lucas’ insistence and calls Roman to tell him about the call. Steve flashes back to receiving electroshock therapy and trashes the hotel room. Steve calls Bo over and blames the mess on kids throwing bricks. Steve asks Bo for a job and Bo gives Steve the job of going to Mexico after EJ on the condition that he brings Kayla with him. Stephanie, still in town because her flight was delayed, questions why Steve and Kayla don’t have another child and Kayla tells Stephanie a vague overview of Steve’s recent health concerns.

Chelsea sends Lonely Splicer a message admitting that she knows his name and has feelings for him. Nick responds as Shane Patton claiming to be angry at having been found out so Chelsea blames it on Nick. Nick, as Shane, scolds Chelsea and breaks up with her. A co-worker advises Nick to swoop in as the comforting friend for Chelsea but Chelsea decides that she must be overly sweet to win back Shane.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

GL Recap Written by Beth

Fr Ray starts the wedding of Jonathan and Tammy. Alan threatens Josh with saying he is going to make sure Reva pays for kidnapping Sarah. Lillian calls Reva to remind her to make an appointment for her checkup. Reva asks Lillian about Cal. Lillian tells Reva Cal died during the night. Lizzie is at the church hiding in the wings overhearing Jonathan and Tammy's vows. She leaves to go to Reva's place. Alan suggests to Josh if he doesn't want Reva in jail to have her go to San Cristobel where there is no extradition with the US. Josh laugh saying there is no prove of Reva's doing. Why because Josh and Billy destroyed every bit of evidence. At home Reva is thinking of what Lillian just told her when Lizzie disrupts her train of thought by telling Reva her (Lizzie's) life is over. Fr. Ray asks Jonathan and Tammy to do their vows to each other. Reva tells Lizzie that Jonathan loves Tammy and has to except that. She also tells Lizzie that she appreciates the fact she was there when Reva was near death and named the baby after her mama, Sarah. Then Reva says she has to leave.

Fr. Ray pronounces Jonathan and Tammy husband and wife. After the wedding Fr. Ray takes baby Sarah from Cassie as Tammy throws her bouquet to her Mom. When they leave, Cassie has baby Sarah in her carrier. Reva runs into Josh. They talk a bit about Jonathan and Tammy and Alan. Josh tells Reva that he and Billy took care of any evidence that Reva stole Sarah. Cassie brings Sarah to Reva's thinking she is there, but finds Lizzie with a cop waiting to take Sarah. Next we see Lizzie holding Sarah. Reva tells Josh about her friend, Cal. Josh is very sorry to hear the news and hopes Reva is ok. She reminds him that it's been 3 months since her recovery. But that she may have found another lump. Josh hugs her gently. Jonathan brings Tammy to a hotel room. They open the door to candlelight and flowers all over the room. They are both pleasingly surprised. At Alan's he gets out a family photo album and is thumbing through it when he sees Lizzie with the baby carrier and Sarah through a window. He gets up and opens the door to help them in.

OLTL Recap Written by

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Ethan, under the control of the gas fed him by the masked stranger, drove to Theresa's house to "save her", but when he got there, the stranger helped him climb into her bed and waited until they began kissing before leaving. Jared was meeting with Chad, complaining about Ethan's determination to cause problems for him and Theresa. Theresa had decided she is happy to be engaged to Jared and finally over Ethan, but his nocturnal visit may change things. Fancy and Luis tried to figure out how her attacker managed to cut up her sheets without leaving fingerprints on the knife, then put it into her robe pocket, somehow getting both her and Luis' fingerprints on it. She was afraid he thought she was losing it, but he was able to convince her he didn't. She asked him to read to her from her favorite book, one about a cheerleader, which he did, and she drifted off to sleep, unaware that her pile of stuffed animals hid her attacker.

Ivy tried to get Fox to forget about Kay and leave her to Miguel, but he refused, trying to get her to understand she's the woman he loves and he can't live without her. Nothing he nor Julian said got her to accept her son's love for a woman she considers unfit for him, which caused Fox to become more and more upset with her. Miguel and Kay made love on the beach, after which she finally remembered she's married. She wanted to go home, but Miguel wouldn't allow it, saying he will go get Fox and bring him to her so she can ask for a divorce. He has pretty much convinced her Fox has been lying to her all along, although she's really not sure it's true.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Colleen arrives at the loft and finds JT dumping her things into garbage bags. She wanted to apologize, but he tells her to tell it to someone who cares. Lily tells JT that they could fix things but he doesn't acknowledge what she says. She and Daniel take boxes out. Colleen tries to talk to JT again but he only tells her to leave the key when she is done. He walks out. At the coffeehouse, Amber goes to Adrian and tries to make sweet talk but instead Adrian tells her that things aren't working out. They agree to be just friends. Paul comes in to check on Sheila and finds her in the easy chair that he left her in. She says that she has gotten an infection from the wound and needs help. Paul doesn't believe her. She removes the bandage and shows the wound to him. "You can probably smell it…Just like I smell your fear," she tells. She is sure that Paul will help her but he warns her not to be so sure. He tells that he could just wipe his prints and walk. Someone would find her eventually, but by then it would be too late. He tells her to write a note to whoever is going to find her explaining that she is Sheila Carter and that she has gone to hell where she belongs. Mr. Arkadin has found the two pieces that Victoria has been looking for and so she tells her father that the plan is in action and they can start to implement their plan. Brad and Victor will be leaving for Geneva as soon as possible. Phyllis is suspicious when Brad starts pushing her to do a meeting ahead of time, and she figures out that Brad is up to his antics again. She tells him that there is nothing stopping her from calling the cops to report couple of murdered men. He warns her not to threaten him. She warns him that if 'Brad's World' ever overlapped with hers again he will have something to worry about. Sheila is begging for meds. Paul stops in the coffeehouse for coffee and Detective Sullivan is there and not too happy with Paul. He forgot about a date that they had. She finds him terribly mysterious. That mysterious bruise, his mind in the clouds all the time and now that look in his eye. While they are talking, Paul drops the bag in his hand and a prescription bottle rolls out. He hurries to retrieve it and says that it is just an antihistamine. He returns to Sheila and when he is convinced that she isn't faking feeling ill, he goes into the cell, with a big stick. She is cuffed to the bars but still he uses caution. He stands over her, feeding her the antibiotics. He told his doctor that he had an ear infection…Paul feeds Sheila the water and then…HER EYES FLY OPEN!

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