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AMC Recap Written by

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Paul retreats to a cabin in the woods so he doesn’t have any more visions, and even Barbara can’t convince him to come home. Gwen offers support to Adam and then convinces Will to make up with his brother. Dusty can only find legitimate paperwork between Craig and Tull, as Emily continues to fear for her son’s life because of Tull and Craig. Carly and Simon come face to face with a furious Jack. He can’t believe the position Carly has put their kids in and the decisions she is making, as Carly tries to defend her actions. Adam and Will make up thanks to Gwen. Parker and JJ fight over his interference when Carly called, as Parker takes off. Dusty warns Craig; Dusty promises Emily if she gives Tull what he wants then he will bring Daniel home. Jade comes to see Adam and Gwen is actually nice to her. Casey can’t shake feelings of guilt and Maddie doesn’t understand what he is going through because she doesn’t know the real story. Iris tries to manipulate Gwen again, but Will won’t stand by and let this happen; he claims they have no more money thanks to the demo. Adam tries to use his physical relationship with Jade to forget, but Jade is worried and doesn’t want to get used. Simon offers himself for Carly’s freedom. Jack and Simon fight, and Jack pulls a gun on him. Parker runs into Paul at the cabin and when he goes to call Jack, Paul has a vision and says the words ‘your mother’ to Parker. Craig goes to see Margo and defends Emily’s accusations; Margo promises him that she will find who is behind Daniel’s disappearance and in a round about way find out who put her husband in the hospital. Carly wants Simon to stop making Jack the bad guy; she wants this to end, as she holds out her hands to be handcuffed.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thorne brings Ally by so the family can convince her that they have forgiven Taylor and they are all for the wedding tomorrow. A mention is made of Stephanie being in Chicago and helping start an abused woman shelter there, so she might not be back for the wedding. Ally still blames Taylor and wants to go home. Ridge reveals Brooke’s theory about Nick and Taylor to Taylor. Taylor comes over and explains to Ally that if she is still upset, this wedding doesn’t have to happen. Bridget visits Nick and is a little shocked that he’s finally going through with his divorce. He’s moving past Brooke and making it official. Jackie walks in and overhears. She’s concerned for Bridget and her family. Nick gives his opinion about why Taylor and Thorne should not marry and Bridget agrees with him.

Jackie is devastated at Nick’s divorce with Brooke. But, she urges him over and over to do something about Taylor. Do something, don’t let her marry Thorne. Give himself a chance. If he doesn’t, someone else will. Finally Allie comes around and okays the wedding; she wants her daddy to be happy. But, while coloring, she blacks out the face of Taylor in every picture.

Days Recap Written by Suzanne

Stephanie is excited about leaving for her new racing job in Daytona, but her parents are sad to see her go (especially Kayla). Bo drops by and they chat. Bo thinks that Victor paid off the judge so that Philip would win custody. Stephanie tells Steve that he should be out having adventures again. Meanwhile, Bo and Kayla talk about Shawn's problems. Bo worries that Shawn and Belle will do something stupid. Kayla offers to phone Shawn for him to see if he needs any help, so she does. They have a short conversation. Stephanie and Steve say goodbye. Steve has another headache and flashback. Maggie gives Bo a birthday cupcake in honor of his new baby's birth. Stephanie says goodbyes to all of the Bradys. Kayla and Maggie give Bo advice on how to help Shawn.

Mimi tells Max that Philip is planning to take Claire out of the country. They would like to help Shawn and Belle, but they can't think of any way to thwart the rich and powerful Kiriakis family. They decide to try anyway. Mimi gets an idea and phones Shawn and Belle about it. Shawn comforts Belle in the hospital while she visits John. Shawn tells Belle that they need to take Claire back. He visited Willow and found out that Victor paid her $10,000 to testify. He also tells her about Philip fleeing the country with Claire. Shawn thinks they should kidnap Claire before that happens, but Belle doesn't think it's a good idea. Mimi phones and suggests that Philip will need to get Claire immunized before they leave town. Shawn phones Kayla and asks her for help finding out if Claire is getting immunized. Kayla phones and finds out that Claire has an appointment to get immunized tomorrow. Shawn, Max, Mimi and Belle plan to kidnap Claire the next day.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Dillon calls a family meeting at which he proposes forcing Edward to retire. However, as the meeting degenerates into Alan and Tracy arguing over whose children are the favored heirs, Dillon admits he wants to direct, inciting Edward to say that Jason is the only grandson worth anything. Meanwhile, Lulu continues investigating. Robin buys Patrick a sofa, but forgets that it was going to be delivered and the delivery goes poorly. Pete warns Patrick that he could be hearing wedding bells if this direction continues and Robin realizes she might have gone too far. Lucky's gratitude to Liz for exposing Maxie's scheme makes her uneasy and she turns to Jason for an empathetic ear. Sam seems to consider asking Spinelli to help her erase Angela Monroe's identity. Liz goes to confession and tells the priest that her husband is not her baby's father, Jason is, and she loves him. Lucky is tempted by drugs during a raid. Sam gets a home pregnancy test. Patrick sends the couch back.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Jonathan and Tammy are in bed with Sarah. Tammy wakes to find them looking at her. Later Tammy helps Jonathan change Sarah. Then they go for a walk. A stranger sees them and thinks that Tammy is Sarah's mom. Jonathan then makes a decision to take a plane ride to make it official, but decides against the plane and goes for a family wedding there. But before he does that he has to end his fake of a marriage to Lizzie and goes to talk to her.

Jonathan and Tammy setup housekeeping with Sarah in toe. Tammy meets her mother, Cassie and they go for a wedding dress. Jonathan is a the bar and Billy is with him. Jonathan tells Billy he is getting married to Tammy. He needs Billy to lookout for the bar while he and Tammy are on their honeymoon. Billy is excited and says sure. He also gives Jonathan some advice on how to treat Tammy and her needs. Jonathan then calls Tammy, who is still with her mom, Cassie. After the call. Tammy says lets go look for a wedding dress and pulls Cassie along laughing.

OLTL Recap Written by

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Fancy slept through another visit from her rapist....or did she? The person dressed in black went into her room, picked up the knife they'd dropped earlier, and stabbed her bed, ripping her sheet. When Luis came in and found the mess, he moved her robe and the knife fell from the pocket. Analysis showed only her fingerprints on it....and his. Later, someone dressed like the rapist entered Ethan and Gwen's bedroom as they slept and released a gas of some kind under Ethan's nose, telling him Theresa is in trouble and he's the only one who can save her. In a trance, he got up and took off to help his true love, not even seeing the person in black. Earlier, he had dreamed about his true love, waking his wife by saying Theresa's name over and over. Needless to say, she wasn't happy about it. Theresa and Jared were making love and comparing notes on it, but she seemed to be fine other than when Jared found yet another picture of Ethan in a book.

Fox and Julian worried about where Kay and Miguel were, and what they might discover if they compared notes. Ivy couldn't figure out why they were so worried about her son's unworthy wife when his shortened life was all that mattered, but when she overheard them talking about finding a fake cure for the fake illness, she went ballistic on them. Meanwhile, Miguel continued to push Kay to be his lover and forget Fox, and when she told him she'd seen him making love to Charity, he said it had never happened and she eventually seemed to believe it. They were well on their way to making love when the show ended, while Fox worried about losing his new wife.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Dru arrives at her car in the Newman parking lot and finds that her tires are slashed. Sharon worries that the person who did this might still be around. They call Sullivan who arrives with officers to investigate the vandalism. Dru says that she knows that David Chow is behind this. JT is home alone and he paces like a panther. Colleen arrives but he isn't interested in talking. She keeps trying to get to him, but he won't let her. She tells him that she only had sex with Korbel once but he can't believe her now. He asks her if she loves him and she says that she doesn't know who she loves. Her phone rings and he tells her to go ahead and answer it. "It might be your boyfriend." She doesn't answer it but she does look at the display. Adrian leaves a voicemail for Colleen, saying that she has materials that he needs for class. JT asks if it was Adrian calling and Colleen doesn't say anything. He looks at the phone himself and sees that in fact it was. He dashes the phone at the wall and is furious. He leaves the apartment. Colleen calls Lily who is at work. Lily tells Amber that she will be back but she has to go right now. Amber doesn't like that she is being left alone, even though the store is empty. Daniel comes by looking for Lily for their dinner date. She isn't there and Amber fills him in. While she is trying on a dress in the change room, she overhears Daniel talking with Lily and being told that their dinner date has to be canceled due to an emergency with Colleen. He understands. Amber fakes a call pretending that she had a dinner date that has been canceled as well. When she comes out, she suggests that both she and Daniel go and eat together. He loves that idea. It's a date! Daniel and Amber go to the coffeehouse and while there, Cane arrives and joins them at the table. Lily goes to see Colleen and they worry when they don't know where JT is. JT has gone to the university and confronts Adrian about sleeping with Colleen. He says that just it just happened. Students are starting to come in for class and Adrian wants JT to stop shouting about this. "You can't hide behind your students!" JT shouts at him. He heads home and Colleen is there. She wants to talk but he tells her that it is over. David Chow is in the parking lot and he startles Dru and Sharon when they see him. Detective Sullivan questions him and lets him go. He can account for his whereabouts. Sharon wonders now if David is really behind all this. Dru gets a call. " You're going to pay for what you've done, do you hear me?" Dru drops the phone. "It's Carmen!"

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