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AMC Recap Written by

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

The Hughes family comes together to be with Margo and Tom at the hospital. Tom comes through the operation fine and the doctor is able to repair his clogged artery. Tom's close call makes Casey realize he must grow up and take his school work seriously. Mike also realizes that he misses Katie and that compared to what happened to Tom and Margo the things that happened to him and Katie don't seem important anymore. Mike stays with Katie at her house and the two later make love. Daniel is still missing and everyone in Oakdale who are friends with Tom and Margo distribute flyers with Daniel's picture. Carly persuades Simon to turn the plane around and go back to Oakdale so she can say Good-bye to her children. Carly arrives home to tell her children good-bye because she thinks Jack has left for work but Carly and Simon are shocked when Jack comes back home through the back door.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke demands an answer, if something is going on between Nick and Taylor? Taylor tells her it really is none of her business, and she’s making way too much of this. Brooke speaks to Nick alone and begs him not to get involved with Taylor. Nick gives Taylor more advice, walk away and not marry Thorne. That is what would be right and help that family heal more. Taylor suddenly doesn’t feel comfortable discussing her intimate feelings with Nick and thinks he should find someone else to talk to. Ridge is livid that Shane is still in Phoebe’s life and now he’s dragged Bridget into it as well. He doesn’t care to hear Shane’s excuses. He just wants him to stay away from Phoebe. Shane states that he cares for Phoebe and vows he will prove to Ridge that he is worthy of her. Brooke shares her doubts about Nick and Taylor with Ridge. Both see a catch with the divorce papers and why Nick wants it so quickly now.

Bridget apologizes to Eric for what Nick has done to him with the company. She’s uncomfortable with sharing her feelings for Nick. Eric warns her to be careful if she goes back to him. She calls Nick and issues an invitation to see him. Taylor suggests perhaps that is where he needs to be tonight. And they shouldn’t be focusing on her life. Thorne calls to tell her that he thinks Ally is better with the truth now. They don’t need to delay the wedding, they will get through this. Nick is still skeptical and rants that she needs to be a woman and step up, she can’t marry Thorne or go through with this.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Lucas turns down Kate’s offer to go home with her as he’d rather go home with Sami. Kate offers to help Lucas get Sami out of his life after voicing her doubts that Sami rescued Lucas on her own but Lucas threatens alienation from him and Will if Kate doesn’t stop interfering. Kate apologizes to Sami’s face but secretly vows to find out the truth about that rescue. Marlena has Sami tell John how she appreciates him now. Marlena finds the old Italian coin from their wedding ceremony in her change purse and places it on the nightstand after reminiscing with John. While she snuggles with John, the coin disappears.

Willow admits to Shawn that Victor paid her $10,000 to lie under oath. Willow offers to admit she was lying in exchange for a kiss from Shawn. Shawn reluctantly leans in to kiss Willow but she laughs in his face. Shawn and Willow make such a commotion that Maggie intervenes. Willow denies that Victor paid her when in front of Maggie but Maggie fires her anyway. Mimi tries to get Philip to drop the custody fight. Mimi likens Philip’s behavior to Victor when he remains steadfast in his decision. Mimi knocks over Philip’s bag and discovers Philip’s plans to take Claire out of the country when she finds Claire’s passport. Philip places the blame for the situation on Mimi. Mimi rushes over to warn Shawn about Philip’s plans and Shawn becomes determined to run off with Belle and Claire.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Carly bolts from the courtroom when it comes time for her to say "I do." Carly tells Jason she fears Sonny will end up wanting a real marriage and that she doesn't want to give up Jax. Carly marries Sonny but is unsettled by Sonny's seemingly genuine sincerity.

Maxie confesses her entire pregnancy charade to Lucky, including purposely falling at Kelly's to cause a "miscarriage." Lucky lashes out at Maxie and wants nothing more to do with her. Elizabeth offers Lucky her support and reminds him that he's not the only one who fell for Maxie's lies. Maxie tells Lucky that Elizabeth is only being nice to him because she feels sorry for him.

Emily and Nikolas are on their way to Greece in their search for Helena and Spencer. Nikolas apologizes to Emily for forgetting her birthday and later gets good news.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Cassie and Josh celebrate 3 months, 3 weeks together as a true couple at the Beacon. Josh surprises Cassie with an overnight stay and dinner.   Lillian tells Reva how bad Cal's condition is and that he is being readied for surgery. Reva goes in to visit him. Beth goes to the cabin to find that Lizzie and the baby aren't there. Jonathan and Tammy continue their romance.  Lizzie is driving around and finally stops and leaves Sarah in the car alone.  Jonathan tells Tammy a story of when he was little and living with his adoptive parents, father drunk all the time, mother crying all the time.  Reva and Cal continue their visit until they are ready for him.  Josh makes plans for an overnight stay at the Beacon, Cassie is impressed.  Lizzie visits Fr. Ray at the church. She wants advice from him on what to do. She lies to him as to the whereabouts of Sarah by saying she is with Beth. Meanwhile her car is being stolen with the baby, Sarah in the back seat in a baby car seat. Later she leaves and notices the car is gone and calls Jonathan on her cell. She has told Fr Ray about it so he is on the land line calling the police for an Amber Alert on Sarah and the car.  To make Cal laugh Reva she was having dinner with Alan Spading and it was to make a deal for Sarah. Lillian then comes to take Cal into surgery.   Cassie is pleased with the room at the Beacon looking so romantic with dinner and all. While they are making love the fire alarm goes off. A guy comes in with a fire extinguisher and sprays it on Josh along with the fire. Josh and Cassie have a big laugh about it.  Reva and Lillian have a heart to heart talk about Cal and friendships.  As Fr Ray was about to issue the Amber Alert Frank comes in with the car thief. Jonathan asks about baby Sarah. Finally he looks in the back seat of the car and finds her there ok. Holding her he tells Lizzie that she will never hurt Sarah again in this way. Lizzie starts to cry in Beth's arms.  Josh's surprise dinner is a bust when it comes and they cannot figure out what it is. They both laugh and wind up in a romantic kiss.  Just as Cal is wheeled away to the O.R., he tells Reva to go home. They debate this for a bit till she pecks him a kiss on the cheek and tells him she is staying right here. As he is being wheeled away Reva is being comforted by Lillian in a arm around the waist and Reva's head on Lillian's shoulder.  Later at home Reva is wearing an evening dress and is on the phone with ?. She makes a date with ?. While looking at herself in the mirror and flattening her dress near her breasts and arms she thinks she feels a lump.  Frank shows off the thief, it is an alter boy that Fr. Ray knows. By this time Tammy and Beth are at the scene. Jonathan tells Lizzie he is going for full custody.

OLTL Recap Written by

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Sam cut loose on Ivy and Eve, blaming them for Grace's death and swearing never to forgive either of them. He also told Ivy he wished she were the one who had died, not Grace. Kay listened to his tirade and felt he wanted to say the same things to her, causing her to run out of the room, with Miguel in hot pursuit. Fox, Ivy, and Eve all went after them, but only Miguel found her, and ended up in a passionate kiss, while Fox wondered where his wife was. Whitney demanded the motel clerk tell her where Chad was, but he said no one by his name was registered there, just as Chad had ordered him to. Whitney grabbed the book and saw Valerie's name, assumed she was with Chad, and burst into her room, demanding to see Chad. It turned out Val was with the tabloid reporter, and Jared managed to get Chad out of his room and back to the mansion before Whitney got back.

Sam heard Fancy screaming and rushed into her room to see her struggling with someone. He tackled the guy, then was shocked to find it was Luis, who had also come to check on the ruckus. Whoever she thought attacked her was nowhere in sight, causing them to believe she'd dreamed the whole thing, which she finally agreed was probably right. She refused to admit the other times were dreams, though, and got upset at Sheridan again for suggesting they were. Luis wanted to believe her, but realized it just didn't make sense. Jessica confronted Spike about being Fancy's rapist, which he denied, but when she threatened to tell her dad, he attacked her with a broken bottle. Sam came in, ready to throttle the scumbag, but Jessica said he'd done nothing wrong. He's reminded her about the Johns she supposedly killed, so she kept quiet.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Colleen goes to see Lily. She tells she almost screwed up. She left her notebook out and JT almost saw it. It is the book where she doodled Adrian's name. She knows if JT had seen the book, he would have freaked out. JT meanwhile is at the court when Adrian arrives for their one-on-one. JT is angry and it comes out in his game. Adrian tells him that it is important to be angry with the right people for the right things. Jack touches base with Ji Min over the phone and tells that he needs to treat Ashley like royalty in Hong Kong. That will keep her happy and not running to Victor about Jabot and who really owns it. Sharon is upset to hear that Ashley has gone with Abby who will miss the rest of her school year. She knows now that Jack will be all alone in that house now and that makes her sad. Sheila sits staring at Paul and Michael. It isn't until she tosses her shank close to where they are, and they have it, that they enter her cell to give her assistance. She did do damage to herself, even though the cut wasn't all that deep. She begs for medical attention but Paul and Michael are not going to fall for that one and tell her that she isn't going anywhere. They put Sheila in a chair and press her hand over her wound. They then leave the cell…unopened to go and talk about this new development. They can't take her to a hospital. That will just get them charged with kidnapping. They can't let her just run free. They know that she will run straight to Lauren and bother her. They can't have Lauren finding out that Sheila is alive and well. She would go into a panic attack that she wouldn't ever recover from. There is only one thing that they can do. They go to Sheila and tell her that she will have to treat herself. They order her to write down the things that she will need and they will get it for her. Meanwhile, Lauren has come to the boutique and insists on working. Both Amber and Lily are glad to see her and happy that she has been over her illness with just a pill. Colleen asks JT why he tripped Adrian when she arrives at the court and sees the end of their game. Adrian tells JT that he has won this round and walks off. Colleen demands to know what happened and JT says that he was talking trash with Adrian and it came out that he and Colleen had been making out. Colleen tries to deny it but finally, believing that JT is telling the truth gets the best of her and she admits it. She tries to throw sleeping with Victoria at him, but he wasn't even dating her then. He can't stand the sight of her and he leaves.

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