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AMC Recap Written by

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Holden confronts Lily about her lying to him about taking diet pills. Lily tries to explain her feelings about her body; she realizes the risk of health issues from this medication is worrying Holden, so she throws them away. Emily confronts Craig about his part in the disappearance of her son. Tom suffers a heart attack, as Margo can’t find a pulse. Katie bails Henry out and the two renew their friendship. Jack wants the Prince to allow him to see Carly again to make sure she is getting treated fairly at the Consulate. Simon shows up to take Carly away from the Consulate; there is only one roadblock standing in their way – Vienna. Dusty returns to town knowing Craig was trailing him when he was looking for Lucy and his son. Craig threatens Dusty and Emily. Bob tells Margo that Tom’s artery is blocked, and he is going to need surgery. Mike shows up to see Tom, as Katie and Henry arrive. Jack and the Prince find Carly gone and Vienna tied up and gagged in the crate. Simon and Carly leave on Vienna’s plane. Faith sees her mother continuing to worry about how she looks; no one realizes this is affecting Faith, but after Lily leaves, she secretly throws away the sandwich Lily made for her. Carly realizes she is now a fugitive and can never go back to see her children ever again. Mike secretly listens as Katie offers emotional support to Margo by talking about the love she and Tom share. Dusty offers to help Emily find Daniel. Jack tells the Prince that Carly, Simon and Vienna’s plane are gone, maybe for good. Carly has a change of heart and tells Simon to turn the plane around!

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Searching for his baby girl along PCH, Thorne spies Ally seconds before Taylor’s car is barreling down on her, but she puts the brakes on in time. He admits he knows he should have told her about the accident sooner, he was only trying to protect her. That was no excuse for her running away. She cries that she hates Taylor because she killed her mother. Taylor doesn’t feel they can get married with Ally feeling that way about her. Thorne feels that in time she will come around. Bridget confesses to her dad that Shane stayed with her for a few days. She was able to keep an eye on him and Phoebe that way. She realizes Nick is a four letter word to Eric because he took away the company, but part of her loyalty is in his corner. She admits she still has deep feelings for him.

Nick drops in on Taylor and finds Brooke and he admits that he will be there for Taylor if she needs him. She scolds him for taking a company he doesn’t really have an interest in. He states that he is moving on and hands a stunned Brooke the divorce papers. She assumes there is someone else in his life – is it Taylor? Taylor returns and they have a free-for-all about Taylor’s feelings for Thorne and why she really is marrying him. Brooke thinks it’s none of Nick’s business, and accuses them of having feelings for each other. In her opinion, this is not a normal patient-doctor relationship. She demands to know the truth.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Nick decides to take Abby’s advice and pretend that Chelsea’s online beau has decided to go back to an old love. Stephanie decides to tell Chelsea what she really thinks of her since she is leaving town. Chelsea asks Abby to ask Max to give her a job at the garage. Roman announces to Sami that she’s been chosen to receive a Good Samaritan Award from the police department and Sami asks to have the ceremony at the pub so she can show off in front of the family. Kate complains to Roman that she’s been locked out of Mythic Communications since the police seized all of E.J.’s assets.

Bo grabs Claire out of Beverly’s arms when she refuses to let Claire spend time with Bo, Marlena, and Hope. Beverly gets a bailiff to order them to return Claire and when they readily oblige, the bailiff refuses Beverly’s order to arrest Bo. Judge Carlson listens to both Shawn & Belle’s side and Philip’s side of the custody case. He awards temporary custody to Philip while Belle and Shawn undergo court ordered parenting classes and family therapy for the next 90 days. Max and Mimi confront Kate about their kidnapping but Kate denies any involvement. Mimi decides that she must talk to Philip.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny warns his lawyer not to tell Jason or Carly that he does not need to marry Carly any longer, thanks to the new witness' testimony. Carly asks Lulu to babysit for her during the wedding and then proceeds to vent to her about her emotional turmoil. Edward continues to encourage Sam and defend her to Tracy. Sonny promises Jason that he will let Carly alone if she still loves Jax after this situation is past. Colleen shows up at Nik and Emily's room and tells Emily that Helena has Spencer. When Emily tries to get her to help them find Helena, she realizes that Emily's friendliness is faked. Skye wants to move Lorenzo, against medical advice. Tracy's P.I. seems to have found something on Sam, an alias of Angela Monroe. Epiphany encourages Liz to tell Lucky about Maxie's lies. Lorenzo wakes up. Helena ponders what to name Spencer. After considering Stavros and Mikos, she seems settled on Nikolas.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Reva see an old friend, Cal who she met while in support for her cancer. He doesn't in so many ways tells her the cancer he had is back, but she figures it out and is very sad. Beth and Alan have another talk about Jonathan and Alan threatens Beth. Jonathan and Tammy make up after a fight. Tammy tells Jonathan that Lizzie is faking her ppd. Tammy tells Jonathan she doesn't blame him for staying with Liz just because he loves his daughter, Sarah. Lizzie has another go around with Alan. Beth who was there at this fight with Lizzie and Alan tries to reason with the both of the in different ways. Lizzie tells Beth that Tammy wont back off. Reva's friend Cal says in a weird way his cancer is back. Cal says he regrets not making the moves on Reva. Reva laughs and cries at the same time. And tells him she can't take much more of this. Cal says to have a porter house steak and wine on him. Reva starts to cry as she leaves him. Lizzie spies on Jonathan and Tammy as Tammy leaves the cabin. Alan threatens Beth again. Reva runs into Alan and decides to sit an chat awhile. Remy and Tammy have another one of those Buddy to Buddy talks about Jonathan, and friendship. Lizzie comes home pretending she didn't see what she saw between Jonathan and Tammy. Jonathan then tells Lizzie it is over between them but that he'll be there for Sarah. That he knows what she has been doing to try and keep him. That if Lizzie is really sick then maybe he should admit her to a hospital and take Sarah. Lizzie says, "No don't do that." As Jonathan leaves Lizzie says, "Anything can happen to her or Sarah."

Reva says that she does see good in Alan sometimes especially when she shows him a picture of Sarah. And talking about what Reva went through with her cancer. Then she reminds him of the hell he is putting Jonathan through. Tammy tries not to hurt Remy while talking to him. Remy tries to reason with Tammy about all of this. Jonathan tells Lizzie if she hurts Sarah that it will be the end. Lizzie lets it slip that she knew Tammy was there on their honeymoon. As Jonathan is about to leave he changes his mind tears off his jacket.... Beth tells Tammy she is right to say she is in trouble, what kind of trouble Beth doesn't say. Only to say she has bad feeling about Lizzie and Alan. And that this feeling is growing and could hurt Tammy. Alan and Reva continue their talk on Family, Life, etc. Jonathan says they will always take care of Sarah together, then calls Beth to come to the cabin. When Beth gets there he leaves. Reva just manages to threaten Alan when he leaves. Then Reva gets a call from her doctor about her three month checkup. Jonathan goes to Tammy's and says it is over with Lizzie as a married couple. While Beth goes to do something in another room, Lizzie puts on her coat, gathers the baby and her things and leaves.

OLTL Recap Written by

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Chad sneaked off to meet up with his lover, thinking the drug he slipped in Whitney's champagne would keep her out until morning. She woke up after a while, though, and began searching for him, soon realizing he's nowhere in the mansion. She got Jared and Theresa involved in finding him, although Jared knew where he was and went quickly to warn him to get home. (He was astonished to find out who his lover is, so having it be Valerie, as it seems to be, makes no sense.) Theresa and Whitney arrived at Chad's motel room a few minutes later, about to catch him in the act. Fancy told Luis and Sheridan that she had her rapist locked in her closet, but when Luis searched, he found nothing. Sheridan continued to try to cast doubt on her niece's sanity, which angered the girl and caused her to strike her. Luis had Eve give her a sedative, then commiserated with his ex about Fancy's apparent mental problems.

Jared and Theresa made love several times, and she seemed happy to be engaged, even saying she can't wait to marry him. However, he got upset when he found her looking at a photo of her, Ethan, Little Ethan, and Jane, wondering if she really wanted to be with him or not. She assured him she was only thinking they need to have a family portrait done soon. Fox and Kay were enjoying their first night as newlyweds, except for the fact he hasn't long to live. Jessica barged in, accusing Kay of murdering their mother, confusing the new bride. Once she realized Jess was telling the truth and not just ranting because of her drunkenness, she was distraught. Jess kept ranting that Kay killed their mother, while Sam did next to nothing to stop her. When Eve came in, she was attacked from all sides, too, making her grief even worse. Spike was happy to have someone else join him on their most-hated list.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

JT is in a foul mood this morning. Colleen comes out of the bedroom and is on top of the world today. She asks JT if he would like to walk out with her that morning but he says that he has things to do. She wants to hook up for dinner but he isn't sure that they can do that tonight and begs off. He thinks back to the doodling that he found in Colleen's notebook the night before when they were all at the coffeehouse. He was alone when he peeked in the book. She was writing 'Adrian' over and over again. After Colleen leaves, JT goes to her laptop and hacks his way into her email. He reads all her emails to Lily. He reads how she feels when she in 'Adrian's' class…and how she can't stop thinking about kissing him. At the Athletic Club, Colleen shows up for a morning shift and finds that Adrian is thereat a table. She is surprised to see him and she says that she doesn't usually work the mornings. He didn't know that. While he sits there, JT arrives and joins the professor. He asks the man if he is up for some basketball after breakfast. Adrian can't do it. He has a class coming up. JT will meet him then after class then. It is a date. Adrian leaves after Colleen serves them and JT tells her that he finds it interesting that she is taking yet another art history class and that Adrian is the teacher of that class as well. "What can I say," Colleen says. "He's a great teacher." Paul is having a time of it and asks Michael to come and meet him at the warehouse. Michael arrives and it pissed that Paul has gotten him involved in this. Paul says that Michael got himself involved by following him. How do you solve a problem like Sheila? Michael sees they have only four options. One: They can keep her forever… Two: They can arrange for her to escape. But knowing the authorities she would outsmart them for sure…Three: They could turn her into the cops…Or Four: That option has already been discussed. They could kill her. Paul leaves to get Sheila groceries, in spite of her hunger strike and when he returns, Sheila moves from the bars where she would normally get cuffed so that Paul can enter the cell. She pulls a shank out of hiding and holds it up for the men to see. They joke that one should tackler her while the other brings in the groceries. Suddenly, Sheila thrusts the knife into her stomach. She is hunched over for a bit and when she gets up the blood is visible. She slides to the floor and yanks the knife out with what energy she has left. Paul is horrified, but Michael wears the slightest of smiles. Sheila looks up at him and smiles back.

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