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AMC Recap Written by

ATWT Recap Written by

Casey steals money from Margo. Lily is sensitive about Faith’s growing distance from her. Emily can’t find Daniel. Vienna teams up with Simon, but won’t let him out of his sight until after they have seen Carly and have left the country, much to Simon’s chagrin. Jack tells Carly she is being handed over to the Leonia Consulate. Carly is starting to believe Simon has left her behind to take the rap. Craig is acting suspicious towards Emily with some veiled threats. Casey pays off more people he owes, but when Maddie questions him, but then apologizes and talks about how much she loves him and his family, he starts to feel more and more guilty; Casey leaves suddenly. Craig threatens Lucinda. An Amber Alert is posted for Daniel, as Emily and Tom start to really panic about the whereabouts of their son. Jack and Carly talk about their marriage and get some closure; later they share a kiss as Jack is dropping her off. Vienna sneaks Simon into the Consulate, and he is forced to knock out a guard who finds him. Holden catches Lily taking pills. An ecstatic Carly comes face to face with Simon. Tom collapses clutching his chest.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thorne and Taylor mull over the idea of Ally’s asking them if it was true that she ran over her mommy and killed her. They try to explain and why they didn’t tell anyone. She points fingers and asks how can he love her? How can he marry Taylor when she killed mommy? She wants to go to her home. Jackie gets Nick to reveal that he thinks Taylor is marrying Thorne out of guilt. Stephanie has last minute regrets about leaving Eric as things are between them. He confirms this is probably the best reason and time of all for her to go. She wants him to promise that he will be there when she gets back; she does love him. He says he will see. She gets Pam to promise to keep her eye on those ‘assets’ she told her about.

Nick takes the liberty of dropping in on Taylor and she ends up crying out her problems to him. He tells her she has to be honest with herself as to how she really feels about Thorne. She insists she can do this; be happy and be there for Ally. She needs to go see her. Thorne takes Ally to their beach house and later finds her missing. Pam settles in with Eric and wastes no time sewing on buttons and getting his supper, something he is not used to. Stephanie visits Jackie and announces she wants her to keep her sleazy hands off her husband while she is out of town, and warns her that she is having her watched. No sooner out the door, than Jackie goes to Eric's and walks on in. Assuming she is speaking to a reclining Eric in a darkened room, Pam surprises her, but Jackie vows she will be back. Taylor panics when she hears from Thorne that Ally is missing. Taylor has flashbacks of hitting Darla. As Thorne shouts for Ally, Taylor suddenly sees her in the misty darkness and all scream while she slams on the brakes.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

The morgue attendant reports the missing skeleton to Abe and agrees to provide a sketch artist with a description of Connor. Max suggests that Mimi move in with him but Mimi turns him down in favor of keeping things slow. Abe and Lexie visit Mimi and Max to tell them about the skeleton being stolen but Mimi still can’t remember why the ring seemed familiar. Connor gives Bonnie the idea of burying the bones in their backyard. Connor blackmails Bonnie to finance his motorcycle in exchange for helping stash the bones. Abe and Lexie stop by looking for Mimi but notice Bonnie’s nervous reaction to their visit. Hope tells Marlena about Belle and Shawn’s court date and Marlena vows her loyalty to Belle. Bo pulls Victor aside to ask for a compromise but Victor refuses to back down. Hope tries to offer her support to Marlena but Marlena doesn’t want to hear it. Belle and Shawn, along with their lawyer, do their best to counter every claim Victor brings up in his effort to prove Belle and Shawn are bad parents. Victor brings Willow in as a witness for his side and Willow denies any wrongdoing on her part. A bandaged Philip is wheeled in to the courtroom.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Tracy warns Dillon that if Sam has Jason's baby, he's out of luck inheritance wise. He's unimpressed. Skye does her best to handle Lorenzo's business. Liz tells Lucky they are over. A local cop shuts down Nik's vigilante quest when he and Emily reach the cabin. The police find and pursue Colleen's car, but her vehicle crashes into the river. No bodies are found. Helena cradles Spencer in her limo and plots Colleen's death. Sonny warns Ric not to use the tape of Carly trying to blackmail him. A witness says that Lorenzo paid her to hide a gun in the coffee warehouse. Ric no longer has a case and Sonny's attorney is convinced that they can get at most a suspended sentence. Liz and Epiphany find proof that Maxie's pregnancy was fake. Jason talks Carly into marrying Sonny in name only. Tracy has Sam investigated. Skye finds Lorenzo's home ransacked.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Reva gets a call then asks Lizzie if she'll be auk alone with Sarah, Lizzie says sure. Alan-Michael and Ava arrive in Paris, but not to a hotel like Ava thought. But to an apartment Spaulding Enterprises owns. She is not happy. While alone Lizzie gets a visitor, Rick. She asks Rick for a favor acting childish. Tammy alone at the church is looking back at what she saw at the cabin when her mom, Cassie arrives. They continue the same old talk. Wanda helps Josh in getting the goods on Sheila and showing Billy what Sheila was really after. As Wanda leaves Reva expectantly arrives startling Josh. Ava and Alan-Michael talk about the living arrangements in Paris. Then when Ava leaves the room Alan-Michael get a call. Josh and Reva have fight over Billy. Josh tells Reva what he is up too. Sheila calls on Josh's cellphone asking about check. Billy catches Josh in the act of framing Sheila and is mad and asks if Josh is spying on him and Sheila.

Rick tries to reason with Lizzie. Lizzie wants Rick to call Jonathan and tell him that he is needed. Tammy and Cassie are still talking at the church talking about Jonathan Jeffery and Olivia talk about that night at the Embassy so many years ago. Coop shows up in Paris and surprises Alan-Michael and Ava at the cottage. Josh and Reva finally get Billy to reason and get the goods on Sheila. Tammy feels a little better after talking with her mother until Lizzie arrives at the church and starts in on her. Lizzie wants to know where Jonathan is. Lizzie says she doesn't really know. Sheila tries to explain herself. Billy ain't buyin' it. Sheila calls Billy a broken down jerk and abruptly leaves. Reva then leaves but promises she wont go after Sheila, just wants to make sure she is gone. Then Josh and Reva go for drink and dinner. Jeffery and Olivia finish their talk on a good note. Coop walks in and starts in on Alan-Michael. Alan-Michael tells Coop Ava really is working. Ava walks in on them talking and Coop then decks Alan-Michael hitting him in the mouth. Ava tells Coop to leave and that she wants to be there. Coop won't leave, so Ava pushes him out the door. Lizzie an Tammy continue their fight. Lizzie says she hates Tammy. Tammy on the other hands says the opposite that she feels sorry for Lizzie for acting this way. While Josh and Reva have their drink Cassie arrives. Reva leaves. Cassie tells Josh that she didn't want Reva to leave. Reva hesitates then say she has to make a call anyway. Coop calls Jeffery for help. Reva calls a fellow cancer survivor for a meeting to talk. Guess who it is. Tammy goes to the cabin wanting Reva, but it is empty as she is about to go Jonathan shows up.

OLTL Recap Written by

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

The Bennett family, except for Kay, learned of Grace's death in the bus bombing, but none of them wanted to accept it's true. Kay and Fox finished with their reception and began their honeymoon, happy except for the fact he is dying before long....or so she thinks. Miguel continued to mope and whine, causing Noah and Luis to tell him to leave, which he wouldn't do. Even when everyone else was in bed sleeping, he still sat outside the mansion, drinking and threatening he would be married to Kay one day, even if he has to kill Fox himself. Fancy fought with her attacker, finally pinning him in her closet, and then called to Luis to come up and get him. However, will he find Spike, some other guy, or Sheridan in there?

Jared and Theresa celebrated their engagement in her room, although she saw Ethan's face instead of his. Ethan and Gwen made love, but he couldn't get Theresa out of his mind, and later even dreamed he killed Jared after he heard him beating Theresa. He is still determined to find out what JT Cornell had on the man before he was killed, much to Rebecca and Gwen's dismay. Sam tried to deal with the loss of his wife instead of their reunion, and finally came to the conclusion she really is gone for good. Jessica wanted to tell first her father, then later, Luis, about Spike having the ski mask in his pocket, but once she learned of her mother's death she began drinking, and by the time she remembered she was supposed to tell them, Fancy had the culprit locked in her closet.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Lily and Colleen see Sullivan is at the coffeehouse and they go over to her. They tell how Kevin is a bad and should be looked at carefully. They tell of the relationship that Lily had with him and how he was weird. Then they relate how Kevin tried to kill Colleen. Sullivan finds this all very fascinating but she doesn't see how she can use that to attach Kevin to the murder…Then again, there are cameras at the coffeehouse, and Carmen was parked there the night of the murder. Lily hopes that this information will get her brother off. Michael sits with Fen and thinks back to having his hands on Sheila's throat. It is the phone that gets him out of the clouds and back to reality as it rings. It is Neil he needs to meet with Michael about David Chow. Gloria is back to her old self, dressing gaudy and loud as ever. She has a date with Will that evening at the Athletic Club. He has never asked her out before and she knows that this night is going to be special. When she gets there he tells that he has something to tell her. He says that he met the Abbots under unfortunate circumstances, but it has led him to a wonderful woman…Jill! Gloria doesn't blink after his announcement. Throughout dinner, he can't stop talking about Jill and she subtly reminds him that there are other Abbot women worth paying attention to. He thinks that she means Ashley. He really wishes that he had kept in contact with her after they stopped dating. "There is another Abbot woman who is out there who is interesting," Gloria hints. Will laughs. He realizes that she means herself. "You know Gloria… It is so nice to have a woman friend who doesn’t make me feel like I am being disloyal to my wife." Gloria doesn't think this is funny. Neil and Drucilla want to stop David from moving in their building but Michael tells them that they can't do that. He has a right to live wherever he wants. At the Athletic Club David shows up and Drucilla and the others freeze. Neil and Drucilla go to the hostess and asks her to have David removed from the club. The hostess will not do that just because they want David gone. "Some others in the club think that you should leave." Dru unleashes her fury on the woman and soon she is shouting. Michael comes over to calm her and all the patrons stare. David smiles and waves his drink at her. Sharon is angry that her friend is being treated this way and she clinks her glass getting the attention of everyone in the club. She reminds them that they too have made mistakes and that they wouldn't like it if it were broadcasted on television.

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