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AMC Recap Written by

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Casey steals Margo's mad money to pay off the one thousand dollars he has borrowed from his college friends. Paul is even more troubled by his visions when he sees that Barbara will have an accident and then his vision comes true even though Barbara isn't hurt. Paul decides to go be alone somewhere so that nobody can find him. Paul thinks that if he stays away from people the people he loves won't get hurt by his visions. Jack tries once more to persuade Carly to turn Simon in to the police but she won't give up the man she loves even when Katie arrives to ask her to send Simon to jail. Carly is sure that Simon will find a way to get her out of jail and she is right Simon works out a way to get Vienna to help him by offering her half the stolen diamonds. Simon is shocked when Vienna agrees to help him with his plan but tells him she will never leave his side again.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Trying to overcome a very foul mood, Jackie welcomes Eric into the Marone manse where he assures her that her past as a prostitute is of no concern to him. That is not who she is now. While Eric is getting Jackie’s pills from another room, Stephanie comes to gloat about them getting the company back. Only the last laugh is on her when she finds out they didn’t. Eric surprises her by even being at Jackie’s and then he ends up berating her. Due to her schemes they will never get the company back, and she has no one to blame but herself. She tells him she is going to spend some time with her mother in Chicago and that Pam is coming here for a while. Jackie takes delight in stating that she will support Eric in her absence. Stephanie and Eric part in not so happy terms.

Jackie announces to Eric that she is so grateful to him that she won’t have to lead the rest of her life with a bag over her head in shame. She vows to him that she will do everything, anything she can to remind Eric what they once shared. Stephanie confides to Pam that she needs help with this brazen hussy, please help keep her away from Eric. Ally and Hope’s play date ends on a not-so-pleasant note and Ally confides to Taylor what Hope told her – that Taylor ran over and killed her mommy. Thorne apologizes again to Taylor, and she vows they can move past this and that the wedding is still on. She doesn’t feel she has any right to do so, but she does love him. Ally spies them kissing and is unusually quiet. Thorne gets her to confess what Hope told her that upset her so much.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Bonnie enlists Connor’s help in distracting the morgue attendant. Bonnie has to hide under a sheet pretending to be a corpse to keep from being caught while she steals the skeleton from the morgue. Marlena is sure John’s spirit is still there and asks Roman to be her sounding board. Roman convinces Marlena to get some sleep. A strong wind wakens Marlena and she is led out onto the balcony by the sound of John calling her name and the feel of his touch. Roman rushes out to keep Marlena from following the feeling right off the balcony and blames it all on a dream. Marlena convinces Roman to leave by promising to lock the balcony doors but heads back out onto the balcony when she spots the broken vase that was knocked over by the wind. Belle asks for a sign that John can hear her pleas and John’s finger touches her hand. Dr. Tucker insists that it was only a muscle spasm and convinces Belle not to tell Marlena and get her hopes up over nothing. Mimi and Max come close to making love again but Shawn interrupts them to ask that they be character witnesses in court.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Jason tells Sonny he has no right trying to keep Carly away from Jax. Sonny tries to justify his actions to Jason. Carly vents her frustration to Spinelli, who tells her about making the incriminating flash drive for Alcazar and its connection to Ric. Carly attempts to blackmail Ric into dropping the attempted murder charges against Sonny. Sonny and Jason arrive as Ric arrests Carly for extortion.

Emily fails to convince Nikolas to go public with his search for Spencer. Nikolas is optimistic he will find Colleen and Spencer. Colleen's friend is revealed to be in cahoots with Helena. Sam begins her job as Edward's personal assistant. Tracy hires an investigator to dig up dirt on Sam.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Mallet gets hugs by female fans. Remy visits Dinah acting like a star himself. Marina is on TV and Dinah and Remy catch it. Dinah is not happy with it. Ava and Coop try to say goodbye to each other. Jeffery has a talk with Alan-Michael about Ava and this trip. Daisy and Harley have a video computer talk. Gillespie then shows himself and Harley isn't happy. Daisy lies and says it's a priest and she is at a church using their computer. Harley is beginning to wonder about Daisy. Jeffery says to Ava that he looked at her contract and says Alan-Michael is being more than generous. Especially one with Ava's qualifications and experience which is none. Jeffery later doesn't buy what Alan-Michael tells him. Marina and Dinah have it out about Mallet and his love of being a cop. Mallet overhears and defends Marina. Jeffery now visits Ava to talk more about her contract and and Ava is about to sign it when Jeffery says, "No don't do that!" Harley and Gus talk about the conversation she had with Daisy while on the computer. Then they both notice the front door is open when earlier they both swear it was closed. Gus goes for his service revolver in it's box. It isn't there. Coop fights with Alan-Michael saying he overheard Alan-Michael on the phone. Remy stops the fight. Jeffery tries to give Ava advice about Spaulding Enterprises that it suck people in then throws them out. Marina gives Dinah a compliment saying she is smart, beautiful, etc. And Mallet is crazy for her. Remy tells Dinah to let it go and move on. Gus and Harley fight over who might have taken the revolver. Mallet and Marina show up at Gus and Harley's for a report on the stolen revolver. They all realize this could hurt chances of the adoption. Gillespie is seen with the gun while kissing Daisy. Ava and Alan-Michael are at the airport ready to go. Coop goes to see Jeffery and asks for help in getting Ava back. Jeffery makes a call and finds out that the meeting in Paris is not an overnight one but a week. Daisy notices the gun and asks Gillespie where he got it. He lies to her saying it is a gift. Harley emails Daisy.

OLTL Recap Written by

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

With Kay and Fox's reception in full swing, Miguel can only droop around the fringes, wishing she'd picked him. He tried to press his case by making her dance with him, but after a few tries, she walked away from him. Fox had been upset when Miguel grabbed his wife to dance, but Julian warned him if he starts a fight, Miguel, who is now seen as the loser, might end up looking like the victim. Fancy and Luis decided to go back to her room when it became clear the guests were moving to the poolhouse for the reception, and got ready to make love in her bath. However, a call to him telling him of Grace's death stopped them in their tracks. In the shed, where Sheridan had gone to hide so she wouldn't be seen, she found a ski mask and some black clothing, getting the look of someone with a devious idea forming. In the reception, Spike decided to take a walk outside, but dropped a ski mask from his pocket in plain sight of his wife, Jessica. After Luis left Fancy, a person in black, wearing a ski mask, entered her room and stood at the foot of her bed. The question is, was it Spike, or Sheridan?

Luis told Sam that Grace had died, leaving his friend distraught at the thought his wife, who was on her way home to reunite with him and the family, will never come home again. Jessica wondered whether to tell her father about Spike's ski mask. Chad, Whitney, Ethan, Gwen, Rebecca, Jared, and Theresa were stunned for various reasons when the reporter from the tabloid, who'd been set up on a date with Valerie by Whitney, told them JT Cornell had put a memory stick in the envelope he slid under the door of the paper, but it was missing. Everyone is worried about who has it, and what they might do with the information contained on it.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Dru realizes that she could be in danger and she runs to the door. She bumps into Sharon who was coming in. Dru tries to drag her into the apartment to show her the damage but Sharon thinks that they shouldn't go in. They call Sullivan and she comes over to take a statement. Dru is sure that this is all David but Sullivan says that after the airing of the tape of Dru terrorizing Carmen, this could be anyone. She tells Dru to go and stay with a friend. The phone rings but no one answers when Dru picks it up. Detective Sullivan leaves the apartment. The phone rings again. Dru answers, but no one responds again. Sharon is getting the creeps suddenly and tells Dru that they should get over to her house and out of this place. When they open the door to leave, David Chow is there. Both ladies back up frightened by his sudden appearance. David is careful to keep one hand behind his back while he talks to Sharon and Dru. Dru is as over the top as ever. She immediately accuses David of being the one to break into her place and destroy her things. He denies all of it and says that he is only there now to see about getting an apartment. Sharon and Dru don't believe that for a second. "I know what you think!" Dru shouts. Sharon tries to drag Dru back into the apartment but Dru is hot to trot and can't be stopped. "You think that I went up to Carmen and hit her with the tire iron in the head!" David is quiet as she speaks. When she is finished, she tries to back up and close the door but David holds it and tells her that he knows that she is really upset right now. Later, Sharon and Dru try to leave the apartment again but David is still there. They go into the hall now and Dru tells him that he is to stay away from her. He says that she shouldn't take this personally. He is just there to seek justice for Carmen. Dru says that she doesn't want him near her family ever again. He says that is going to be really difficult. "I just took an apartment in the building," he shares. Paul and Michael are in the warehouse, hidden from Sheila's view. They are trying to figure out what to do with Sheila. Michael says that he can get Kevin to find some kind of poison over the internet that they can use on her. Paul says that whatever Michael wants to do is fine with him. It is his call. They could hand Sheila over to the FBI, but she always gets away. "I know what you are thinking," Sheila shouts to the men without being able to see them. "If you kill me, how will you get rid of the body?" Paul and Michael look at each other. They hadn't even thought of that.

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