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AMC Recap Written by

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Adam and Will fight until Jack breaks it up. Barbara finds Paul’s hospital bed empty. Paul tries to defend himself to Meg, who now thinks Paul may have contaminated the well in order to play hero. Jess tells Carly she won’t make bail and there is not much she can do for her unless she gives up Simon, but Carly refuses. Simon has a plan to get Carly out, which he is not anxious to share with Henry though. Meg kicks Paul out not wanting to see him again since she isn’t sure what to believe anymore. Outside, Paul has a run in with Luke who is sure he put something in the well, but Paul soon passes out forcing Luke and Meg to rush to his side. Jack brings Gwen to the station hoping she can convince Carly to save herself; this tactic doesn’t work, as Carly won’t budge; she admits that Simon changed her life and that she loves him and one day will figure out a way for Simon, her kids and she to be together. Iris suggests to Adam that he can make Gwen’s dreams come true. She also hints about Will being volatile at the wrong time. Barbara arrives at the farm for a small showdown with Meg, who isn’t sure that Paul wasn’t involved in the well safety issues. Barbara defends Paul, but he promises Meg he won’t bother her again, as he wants to go back to the hospital. Luke wonders if Paul is setting up an insanity defense? Meg just wants things over between them now. Once Henry brings Simon some clothes, Henry waits to hear the plan, but is instead punched out by Simon, who mumbles afterwards that it is better for him this way. Paul wants the visions to go away, but Barbara sees them as a blessed gift. Paul is not convinced and just wants his life back. Barbara thinks he may be able to use these visions to help find Johnny. A police officer finds an unconscious Henry tied up and the officer now thinks Simon held Henry hostage in order to get away. Jack wants Carly to finally see that Simon is gone for good; he will wait until he has to for her to see this. Simon shows up at the farm to see Vienna.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric berates Ridge more for publicly humiliating Jackie, but Ridge reminds him that he deserves to get his company back and they are. It isn’t the triumphant victory that Eric envisioned. Nick reflects that it is all over with Marone and he trashes a sailing model and burns his dress whites. Jackie cries that it is all her fault, and she is so sorry. He states that the Forrester’s have no idea who he is or what he is capable of.

Thorne keeps defending his stance to Taylor though she sees this as ruining Nick’s career and Jackie’s life. She accuses him of being part of the media circus. Brooke brings over Hope to Taylor’s for the girls to have a play date. Brooke didn’t want to be a part of Eric’s take-over or Nick’s downfall. She has a suspicious hint that something might be going on between Taylor and Nick.

Nick interrupts the meeting between the Forrester’s and George. Eric promptly apologizes for what Stephanie did to his mother. Had he known, it never would have happened. Nick advises that not only is he not going to be CEO, he’s sold his Marone stock…… but bought the Forrester’s. He gloats that they won’t step into this place again. Thorne stays behind and warns him not to go near his fiancée again. Alone, Nick calls Taylor and wants to see her. Because of the girls, she can’t leave so promises they will see each other later. Hope tells Ally that a friend told her that Taylor ran over her mommy and killed her.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Stephanie takes Steve and Kayla out to dinner to announce that she has accepted another racing team job and will be moving to Dayton. Kayla and Steve decide not to tell Stephanie about Steve’s episodes because it would make her stay in Salem. Steve quiets Kayla’s fears about his health. Hearing the sound of Nick’s fixed holiday clock puts Steve in a trance and he breaks the clock. Steve neglects to tell Kayla about this recent episode. Nick denies sleeping with Billie but gives in when Abby persists. Abby agrees to keep Nick’s secret and advises Nick to wait for Chelsea to come crawling to him. Billie tells Bo about breaking her sobriety so he takes her to an AA meeting. Billie tells Bo that she had a one night stand with a young man and Bo makes her feel better by telling her a story about how he once was a young man in that situation.

Lexie is hesitant to make a positive photo ID of EJ so she calls Tek on her cell phone to confirm. Roman is skeptical when Lexie is then suddenly confident in fingering EJ for John’s shooting. Once the ID is made, Lexie tells Tek never to call her again. Max invites Mimi to stay with him when she complains about having to stay at the house with her family. Abe tells Max and Mimi that the ring they found on the skeleton was stolen from an elderly man about six years ago. Mimi doesn’t recognize the ring owner’s name but promises Abe that she’ll try and recall why the ring seemed so familiar.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sam tells Jason about quitting her job at the hospital due to having to deal with Ms. Sneed and Elizabeth.She is therefore considering working for Jason's family. Her interview with Tracy goes badly, but Edward is welcoming. He promises her that her child by Jason will be his heir. Sonny and Carly argue over the issue of her marrying and her testimony. Liz, Patrick, and Robin notice that Lornezo's IV has been tampered with. Dillon calls a family meeting to distract the clan so Lulu can investigate. In the process, he alienates his family by suggesting that they pay off all the Enduro users who were hurt by the defective merchandise. Maxie tries to bait Georgi and/or Professor Marquez into admitting that there is more to their relationship than student/teacher. Robin decides that she and Patrick should not work together so closely in light of their romance. Maxie fakes a fall into Lucky, making Liz suspect she faked her pregnancy and micarriage. Carly turns to Alexis for help with the Sonny situation, but gets little in the way of help. Sonny's lawyer also advocates her marrying Sonny, since Carly has been subpoenaed. Jason advises Skye, as family, to ditch Alcazar.

GL Recap Written by Beth

While holding the baby she and Gus want to adopt Harley daydreams about Susan. Later Harley and Gus are looking at a web-cam of Susan. Then Gus and Harley decide to go visit Susan and find an empty room with a computer. Gus thinks they have been scammed. Then Harley and Gus go to Susan's school. They meet Susan's friend Tiffany, who tells them where they can find Susan. Gus and Harley head back to Springfield and go to see Reva to see if she can give them a number to get in touch with Dylan. At which time Reva says she has seen Susan. Reva also tells them Susan has changed her first name to Daisy and she has a boyfriend. Gus and Harley then meet Jeffery and tells him what they found out about Susan/Daisy. He is not pleased. Harley daydreams a visit from Susan in where they talk about boys and other things. Gus jolts Harley out of her daydream to go to bed, leaving the little baby in her playpen. As they go up stairs the front doorknob moves. Harley and Gus are too busy to notice until they are upstairs making love. Then Harley does hear a noise from downstairs and sends Gus to investigate. There is a hooded intruder in the house that Gus fights with. The intruder escapes as Harley comes downstairs. Susan calls Harley a little while later to touch base. Susan now calling herself Daisy explains that she came to Springfield for a surprise party for Natalie and stopped by Gram's aka Reva. Daisy says she'll help with testifying. After the phone call, Daisy/Susan's boyfriend Guillespie shows his face and leaves the room.

OLTL Recap Written by

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Fox and Miguel badgered Kay to make up her mind and either marry Fox or go with Miguel. She couldn't decide what to do until Simone reminded her Fox has always been there for her, while Miguel left her and Maria alone to go chase Charity, and also that they saw them making love at her bridal shower. Ivy begged Fox not to marry Kay, and Julian to stop him, but Julian got the upper hand with threats, and she finally let it happen, then ran out in a snit. Paloma urged Fancy to get dressed and go down to be with Luis, which upset Sheridan, who had him to herself for once. Fancy won out, and she and Luis went to dance in the pool house, set up for Kay and Fox's reception. Sheridan kept an eye on them, however, and when Fancy would see her outside, Luis had to go out to find the person she believed was her attacker. By the time he got outside, Sheridan was hidden, so he never saw anyone out there.

To Gwen's delight, Theresa agreed to marry Jared once she saw Ethan give her wedding ring back to his wife. He continued to try to talk her out of marrying him, saying he is a bad guy, maybe a murderer, since he could have tricked the lie detector. Gwen didn't like Ethan's insistence that her rival not marry Jared, but having her ring back meant to her that he will never actually leave her, and once Theresa marries Jared, she won't leave him. Rebecca isn't so sure, but nothing can dim Gwen's delight at the moment. Downstairs, the wedding began, with Miguel and Pilar standing outside the window looking in, yelling at Kay not to do it. She did it, however, and they are now Mr. and Mrs. Fox Crane.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Neil and Drucilla turn on the TV and see Leanna talking to David about the case and how he knows that Dru did this. Leanna airs the tape of Dru attacking Carmen. Jack and Ashley are watching the TV... Victoria, Brad and Victoria are watching the TV. At the coffeehouse, the tape plays for the Winters teens and the patrons. Dru sees no need to do damage control. She feels that whether she did this murder or not, no one will believe her. Neil calls Michael. He is furious and will contact Neil when he finds out did this. Michael leaves Bardwell a message threatening repercussions for this travesty. Michael goes to see Paul who tells of how he got the shiner and who gave it to him. Michael is concerned about Sheila and how this could get out of hand. Without telling Paul, Michael goes to see Sheila and she taunts him from the moment that he got there. She tells him that she hates it in there and is being tortured. He can't understand how having all the comforts of home is torture. She suggests then that if he thinks that this is such a great set up, they should trade places. He wonders why she wasn't smart and just used her own face and ran off. She says that she likes this face because it terrifies him. She can see it in his face…even now. He tells her that he isn't terrified. He pities her. She says that he is actually the one to feel sorry for. "Poor Michael. Almost lost his baby…Almost lost his wife… If it weren't for Paul, I would be raising your son right now!" Michael shouts at her not to ever say his son's name again. She jumps at the bars, making a sudden scream to catch him by surprise, but Michael doesn't blink. He would really like to kill her. "No one's getting killed," Paul says walking up behind the two. Sheila smiles at Michael. "You can't kill me, and you can't keep me here forever…" Michael and Paul move away from Sheila and talk quietly where she can't see them. Michael says that the really preferred Sheila when he thought she was dead! The Winters are terrified. Dru looks up from her work and David is there. He won't leave town until he sees Dru brought to justice. She goes to the coffeeshop with Neil and David is there. He comes boldly up to the two and says that he knows that Dru did the murder. To him, she is clearly out of control. Devon rushes the man but the Winters family hold him back. When Dru arrives home alone she finds all her clothes…everything shredded and cut to ribbons. She looks over the items and then it occurs to her suddenly that she isn't alone. "Hello?" she asks quietly while looking about the room…

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