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AMC Recap Written by

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Will wants Gwen to see his bank statements to prove what Adam is saying is not true, but Gwen is on his side. Maddie is having trouble believing or forgiving Casey. Emily shares with Meg that she is worried about Craig seeking revenge on her, but Meg convinces her not to worry, but then Craig summons Emily to meet him right away. Paul has another vision and tells Susan that Meg is in danger. Will and Gwen talk about Adam, and Gwen agrees to talk to him about his spending habits. Paul hits a glass of water out of Meg’s hand claiming it is poisoned. Meg tests the water to prove him wrong, but is stunned to find it is contaminated. Adam tells Gwen about Carly and she appreciates this so she asks him to stay and help her. Craig tells Emily he is punishing her by selling his part in the paper; Emily doesn’t get how this is punishment until she meets Mr. Tull. He gets what he wants no matter what it is; he wants Emily’s shares of the newspaper now; Emily refuses and both Craig and Mr. Tull strongly suggest that she reconsider. Gwen and Adam start to argue about Will, and Adam decides to pull out of their venture. Gwen wants him to reconsider and in the process, Adam mistakeningly knocks her down; Will sees this and punches his brother. Casey tries to win some of Elwood’s money back and instead makes it worse, just in time for Maddie to show up admitting she should have forgiven him after everything he did for her and because he said he is not gambling anymore. Meg and Paul almost kiss after the near poisoning until Luke interrupts them. Luke tells Meg that he saw Paul looking and reaching into the well earlier; Meg surmises he contaminated her well to play the hero and lets him have it.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric is appalled at what Ridge and his mother did to Jackie for something that happened thirty years ago. George has it out with Nick and wants to sell Forrester before the value plummets. Nick assures him if any meetings are called, he will be the one to do so. Taylor states to Thorne she is not ready to talk about this yet while she is so angry. Nothing warrants what he, Ridge and his mother did to Nick and his mother. She gets him to promise to just let them be; they have been through enough. Ridge informs Eric that Stephanie is out of town; spending a few days in Palm Springs with friends. Eric sees it only as her escape to avoid him and this ugly mess for a few days. The press besiege the Forrester compound and are unrelenting. Taylor tries to make amends to Nick and his mother. She apologizes and declares she is such a fool for trusting Stephanie.

Jackie realizes she was wrong. There has not been a moment’s peace since they acquired the company. But Nick vows he will never ever give it back and give in to that family. Thorne spills his guts on live TV at a press conference when the press hounds them why they sold Forrester in the first place and what it has to do with exposing Mrs. Marone. George informs Nick that they had a board meeting and Nick is out as CEO and George is in. And his first duty is to diverse themselves from Forrester’s. Don’t fight him on this, he can’t win. Taylor feels this is all her fault and she doesn’t expect Nick to forgive her, but he says he does. She consoles him. The Forrester men are jubilant when Ridge gets a phone call telling them that Popeye has been thrown overboard and the Marone board wants to sell back to them.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Chelsea has no clue why Nick suddenly isn’t willing to help her and is sure that Nick will start doing her bidding again soon. Abby convinces Nick to pretend Lonely Splicer died so Chelsea will get to know the real Nick instead. Chelsea gossips to Abby about finding Billie’s lover’s belt and Abby makes the connection that Nick was Billie’s lover and confronts him. Billie has Chelsea meet her at the pub to hear the news about their new living arrangements.

Belle and Shawn meet with a lawyer. The lawyer warns that Victor has the stronger case and that Belle and Shawn need to get their lives in order so they can prove to be the best placement for Claire. Shawn is determined to get Claire even if that means running away.

Bo restrains Steve while Beverly calls for the police. Bo demands answers from Steve when he comes back to his senses and Steve tells him about the flashback and the new trances. Beverly insists that Steve be arrested but Bo convinces her to let Steve leave with him. Steve asks Bo to keep this incident from Kayla and Bo reluctantly agrees so long as Steve doesn’t hurt Kayla and that Steve seeks therapy. Kayla and Hope discuss Steve’s fragile health and the chance for more children. Kayla thanks Billie for being so graceful about losing Steve.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Skye puts her faith in Patrick, who is confident she's making the right decision. A mystery person lurks outside the operating room. Jason tells Carly she is going to marry Sonny whether she wants to or not as it is the only way to prevent her from having to testify against him. Carly believes she has a different solution. Sam warns Elizabeth to stay away from Jason. Elizabeth refuses to end her friendship with Jason just because Sam has a problem with it.

Jason assures Elizabeth that he doesn't want to end their friendship. Sam looks forward to becoming pregnant with Jason's baby. Nikolas and Emily race to Colleen's address only to learn that it doesn't exist. Nikolas and Emily manage to find Colleen's real apartment but it is deserted. Lulu and Dillon have Spinelli trace the phone numbers from Rick Webber's date book that they found in the attic. Tracy catches a worried Monica eavesdropping on Lulu, Dillon and Spinelli. Monica goads Tracy into breaking up Lulu, Dillon and Spinelli's meeting. Lulu questions Tracy about Rick, Monica and Alan. Alan finds Monica stealing the date book from Lulu's backpack.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Olivia and Buzz have a meal at a restaurant that she thinks Buzz can't pay for so she goes and does so. Alexandra meets with Alan-Michael about business. Coop meets up with Marina and asks for a favor. Ava shows up and Marina leaves. Ava wants to see Coop before she leaves for Paris. Jeffery meets again with Harley and Gus about the adoption. There could be a problem. Though Jeffery does have some good news. He has favorful reports from Rick, Gus, Coop and others about Gus. The problem could be Harley Ava and Coop meet up before she leaves and tells him she can't breathe. Then Alan-Michael steps in and barks orders to Ava about the meeting in Paris. As Alan-Michael leaves, Coop says, "Not so Fast!" By this time Ava has left them. Later Marina gives Coop some advice on how to handle Alan-Michael. The advice, is try to read Alan-Michael before he does anything. It seem the problem Jeffery sees is in Harley, it is Susan, the daughter she gave up at birth and took back as an early teen. So Harley calls Susan to talk and cannot at first get through. So she leaves a message to call her. Alan-Michael and Ava have dinner to talk about Paris. Jeffery tells Olivia what he found out from a call he make, about the Paris job. It is a sham. The photographer is able to travel unlike what Alan-Michael made it out that he couldn't. In other words this trip is not needed and the photographer can come to Springfield.

OLTL Recap Written by

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

After Kay returned Fox's ring, telling him she can't marry a man who'd lie to her, imagine everyone's surprise when a very prestigious, well-known doctor shows up and says he's the doctor who's been treating Fox, and he most certainly is dying. Miguel refuses to believe it, but Kay isn't sure what to believe, and has no idea what she is going to do now. Ivy tried to convince Sam they still love each other as much as they ever did, but he made it plain he not only doesn't love her now, he can't stand her and never wants to see her again. She still can't give it up, tho. Paloma went to check on Fancy andhad the same reaction Luis and Sheridan did about her rapist being in her room. However, once Fancy told her what Sheridan has been doing, she was more than willing to believe her and urged her to get dressed, go downstairs, and fight for her man, which she did. However, as she was coming down the stairs, she found Luis and Sheridan in each other's arms.

Sheridan warned Luis about how Fancy is - a spoiled brat who is fine when she gets her way but goes into a rage when she doesn't - in an effort to help him deal with her, she said. She then told him she forgives him and doesn't hold him responsible for Marty's death, that she's sorry for the way she acted before, and hopes he will forgive her. He does, saying he never thought he'd hear her say that, although he had wished with all her heart she would have before. When they embraced, Fancy saw them, but decided to fight fire with fire. The people with the airline that Grace was using to fly home were trying to figure out what caused the explosion on the shuttle bus, and who the victims were. Once they got it straightened out, Grace's was the first name on the list of the dead.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Brad and Victoria think that it's a bad idea to go after the reliquary, but Victor disagrees. He has a plan. Kay remembers more. She remembers the baby was very small…an infant. She also remembers that the woman Violet was someone that Katherine met in a bar. JT will use that info and search for the child. Victor's plan is to get involved in the black market for art, and let some people know that he is very interested in the Reliquary and will pay anything for it. He figures that will draw some people to the surface. Ashley tells her brother that she will be leaving town. She will be going to Hong Kong. Abby will be staying with Brad. Jack knows that she can't be happy with that but she is. Brad is perfectly capable of taking care of his own daughter. Ashley goes to tell Brad the news that she is moving to Hong Kong and how he will be with Abby now and he doesn't think that is a good idea. He tells Ashley that he knows that she will really miss Abby and he suggests that the girl go with her mother. Ashley's face lights up. She never thought that Brad would allow that. She thanks him and rushes off to tell Abby the good news. Colleen is alone and she toys with the idea of asking Adrian out for coffee. She types 'coffee?' but doesn't push the 'send' button just yet. She waits a few seconds and then hits the button. In second she has a text message back. 'Crimson Lights, 15 minutes.' Colleen meets with Professor Korbel and shows him the picture of her that she found in the papers that she received from him last. He says that he didn't mean to leave that in her papers, but that she can have it if she wants. He tells her that he feels awkward. This all reminds him of the other school that he worked at before GCU. At that school the professor who cheated with the student caused a lot of problems. He had power and it was very difficult for the girl involved. She couldn't take it any longer and so she killed herself. Colleen soon leaves and Jana comes to sit with Professor Korbel and is fascinated by the likeness of Colleen that he has drawn. She suspects that he did the sketch using a photograph but he admits that he did it live. Jana finds it interesting that he does pictures of his students and asks if he has other pictures of Colleen. She says that she is reading a book about another man who liked to take pictures of the women he knew. She is referring to her serial killer book that Kevin bought her for Christmas but Adrian doesn't know that. She finds Adrian a lot like the men in her book. He tells him that he is charming and handsome…

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